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You will have to fight your way throughswarmsof enemies and defeating them will prove a great challenge,butyour magic spear will grant you awesome powers.

The first power is called Flying Flame.
The player uses this ability by drawing a path from thecharacterand onto the field. When the ability is activated a flamewill flyin the designated path and damage enemies hit.

The second power is called Spirit Fan.
The player draws a half circle around the character on thescreen.When the ability is activated, a cone attack will damage,knockback and stun one or more enemies.

The spirits was the life of the temple. Without them thetemplehas closed itself off. You need the energy of the spirits tounlockthe path to the top tier of the temple. Alas! All the spiritshasbeen devoured by the evil spirit-eaters.
YOU MUST defeat them to free the spirits within and theirlightshall guide you on your journey through the vast temple.

Enemies drop spirit-orbs when they are killed. Theplayercollects spirit-orbs by standing in near proximity of themorwalking into them. These spirit-orbs return health-points totheplayer and fill a spirit-meter. The player enters the nextlevelthrough an elevator. The elevator is inactive untilthespirit-meter is full. When the elevator is active, a spiritappearsand guides the player to the elevator that transports theplayer tothe next level.
Your greatest challenge has yet to come. All your skills willbetested in the final battle for the fate of the temple. At thetopof the temple lies the source of the wickedness which corruptsallthe good spirits. This ancient totem used to bring balanceandharmony, but now it is infested with chaotic energy,spreadingdiscord and destruction.



- Kristine Behrmann Larsen, animator
- Jonas Bjerregaard, project manager
- Anja Elisasen Lumholtz Nielsen, game designer
- Nickie Hundevadt, QA & UR manager
- Quoc Viet Huynh, CG artist
- Mette Jakobsen, prorgammer
- Simon Jespersen, CG artist
- Kenneth Jürgensen, programmer
- Esben Ladekjær Gravesen, sound designer
- Kristoffer Lind Holm, programmer
- Anders Nørgaard, Lead programmer
- Nicolai Skovhus, programmer
- Daniel Svejstrup Christensen, programmer
- Mathias Utne Kærholm Svendsen, level design
- Nicolai Vielwerth, game director
- Mathilde Weien Jensen, art director

Business Developers
- Michael BundgaardChristensen
- Heino Frimann Højmark Pust

- Spilværkstedet
- Mikkel Agerskov Jørgensen
- Christian Andersen
- Mads Boelsmand Østergaard
- Rasmus Hoffensetz
- Mads Rune Holdgaard Halvorsen
- Chriss Mortensen
- Rasmus Nielsen
- Emil Styrbæk Møller
- Nikolaj Tønner Vanggard
- Camilla Mejlby Hansen
- Kiki Bøgh Larsen
- Asger Gitz-Johansen
- Allan Schnoor
- Lars Kiesbye Bendixen

Made possible with
- Wwise
- Unity Technologies
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Premiere
- Autodesk Maya

- Thomas Howalt
- Kristine Ploug
- Martin Ziir
- Mads Magnus Kristensen
- Simon Løvind
- Martin Pichlmair
- Simon Jon Andreasen
- Christian Ballund
- Denis Virlogeux
- Kirsten Skytte
- Jeppe Bisbjerg
- Michael Rose
- Søren Nøhr
- Dagbjört Jónsdóttir
- Astrid B.Z. Madsen
- Christoffer Wadum
- Aaron Granberg, A*-pathfinding

App Information Quest of the Guardian

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CLEANSE ASGARD FROM THE TAINT OF LOKILoki has kidnapped Idun and without her divine powers oftheapples of youth, the Gods are growing old and theirstrengthfainting. As a result, Loki’s forces have invaded Asgard.The Godsare in need a saviour; - fast! Brodir; a warrior of Midgardhearsthe call of the Gods and comes to their aid. With newlygivenpowers of the Gods, Brodir ventures forth to free Asgard ofLoki’staint and find Idun.A 2.5D GAME OF EXTREME CARTOONISH VIOLENCESaviour of Asgard is a hack-and-slash sidescroller wheretheplayer slashes and bashes his way through loads of enemieswithblood and limbs flying everywhere, where the player gets pointsforkilling his enemies and taking as little damage as possible togetthe best score he can.Split-Screen Controls• Tap on the right side to attack• Tap on the left side to block• Swipe to jump• Tap on the Fury Meter to Activate MjollnirKnow when to attack and when to block or Asgard will be lostforeverto Loki!A NORSE-INSPIRED SETTINGThe game consists of short, intense levels that featuresenemiesknown from the Norse mythology. Facing relentless vikingsandgiants alike, requires the player time his sword attacks andbashthem backwards with his shield to stop their deadlyattacks.However, that is not all – the Gods have blessed Brodirwith thepower of Thor to call down the mighty hammer of Mjollnir tounleashthunderous wrath upon his enemies.KEY PRODUCT INFORMATION• Release date: 12th of December 2013• Platform: Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 10.1• Target Group: Males 13+ and Adults• Developed by: Kettle Studios, DADIU 2013ABOUT KETTLE STUDIOSKettle Studios, is a part of the 2013 DADIU production. WithDoug& Lackey being the team's first game developed in just oneweek,Saviour of Asgard is the follow-up which is developed for atotal ofsix weeks. Both games were mainly developed for theAndroid platformon the Samsung Galaxy tablet, though an iOSversion will becomeavailable in the near future.