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Olvídate de apuntar, anotar, o hacer memoria de quién tiene losobjetos de la empresa, de cuándo los ha devuelto, de si el estadode devolución es el mismo del de entrega, de si el recurso estádisponible… Quienlo es la app que te ayudará a gestionar cuando unrecurso está disponible, quien lo tiene y el estado en el que seencuentra.¿Cómo lo hace?Relacionando a cada producto unidentificador único, a través de código de barras, número de serieo código BIDI, que Quienlo es capaz de reconocer y trabajar conél.Escanea con la app el identificador del producto que quierespedir prestado y quedará automáticamente registrado a tunombre.¿Cuál es el truco?Para que ningún objeto se pierda, Quienloobliga a que todo objeto siempre esté vinculado a alguien, de talforma que esa última persona es la responsable de saber dónde estáel objeto prestado.Una buena práctica consiste en que una de losusuarios de la aplicación sea el encargado de tener asociado todoslos productos de la empresa, de tal forma que cuando alguien pidaprestado un objeto, el objeto deje de estar vinculado al encargadoy pase a asociarse al usuario que lo solicita. Cuando lo quieradevolver, el encargado tiene que volver a vincularse al objeto ypor tanto quedará registrado que el objeto prestado ha sidodevuelto. De esta forma sabremos siempre quién es la persona quetiene el objeto, si se ha devuelto, y cuando lo ha hecho.¿Cómopodemos saber si se ha devuelto en buen estado?Quienlo te permitehacer fotos de cada desperfecto que pueda tener un objeto,almacenando la fecha de cuando se hizo la foto, lo que permite alencontrar un desperfecto comprobar si es nuevo o si yaexistía.¿Donde se almacena la información?Quienlo está asociado aun backoffice accesible desde web, al que le envía toda lainformación que el móvil vaya recogiendo.El Backoffice ofrecemúltiples herramientas de gestión, como por ejemplo la importaciónmasiva de todos los productos de la empresa, así como lanotificación de incidencias, ver quien tiene un producto y muchomás.Quienlo facilita la gestión de inventariado de todos losobjetos sensibles de pasar de mano en mano por las diferentespersonas que conforman tu empresa.Forget point, annotate, or toremember who has the objects of the company, of when returned,whether the return status is the same delivery, whether theresource is available ...Quienlo is the app that will help youmanage when a resource is available, who has it and the state inwhich it is located.As it does?Relating to each product a uniqueidentifier, via barcode, serial number or BIDI code, which Quienlois able to recognize and work with it.App scans with the product IDyou want to borrow and automatically recorded in your name.What'sthe trick?For anything to be lost, Quienlo requires that everyobject is always linked to someone, so that the latter person isresponsible for knowing where the object is provided.A goodpractice is that a user of the application is responsible forhaving associated all products of the company, so that when someoneborrows an object, the object is no longer linked to the managerand go to join the user request. When you want to return, themanager needs to re-link the object and therefore be recorded thatthe borrowed item has been returned.This way you always know who isthe person who is the object, if returned, and when he has done.Howcan we know if it has been returned in good condition?Quienloallows you to take pictures of every damage that may have anobject, storing the date when the picture was taken, allowing tofind a flaw check whether new or already existed.Where is theinformation stored?Quienlo is associated with a backofficeaccessible from web, which sends all the information collected gomobile.The Backoffice offers multiple management tools, such asmassive imports of all products of the company, as well asnotification of incidents, see who has a product and more.Quienlofacilitates the management of inventory of all sensitive objectspassed from hand to hand by the different people that make up yourcompany.

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Nudos 1.1 APK
Ahora podrás recibir toda la informacióndiaria de tus hijos en tu teléfono móvil desde la Escuela Infantil.¡Olvídate de la libreta escolar! Conoce si tu hijo ha comido ydormido, comunícate con el centro desde una app en tu móvil.Nudos es una plataforma de comunicación entre EscuelasInfantiles y padres/madres. Sustituye las libretas, los whatsapp ycorreos electrónicos.Now you can receive allthe daily information of your children on your mobile phone fromthe Infant School. Forget school book! Know if your child has eatenand slept, contact the center from an app on your mobile.Knots is a communication platform between nursery schools andparents / mothers. Replaces the notebooks, the whatsapp andemails.
Lend ya! 1.0 APK
Can't you remember who took it borrowed thatbook you love? With Lend ya! you can keep track at any time of yourmost precious possessions. Save your lends or borrows and getnotifications when is time to recover them from that forgetfulfriend.Main features:- Clean and intuitive interface.- Add lends or borrows and keep track of them.- Get notifications when agreed lending time is up!- Match each item with a photo.- Choose person directly from your contacts.- Send email or Whatsapp from Lend ya! asking your contacts toreturn your items.
Al Coupone 1.0.9 APK
Access the largest catalog of discountcouponsentire network, free and immediate, with the possibilityofincreasing the discount sharing them with friends.Exclusive discounts on top brands, services, travel,clothing,accessories, food, beauty, health and more. Discounts willactuallyuse, located in the place where you are and allow you notonly buyproducts and / or services but also stay informed aboutexclusiveoffers from top brands and companies instantly.Al Coupone is the app that lets you receive mobileoffersdiscount of market leaders.Al Coupone classifies and manages all coupons discountsthatreceives and sends you only and only those discounts thatmightinterest coupons.We raw simplicity and speed of communication, as a newofferappears we reach all users of the app via push notifications,soyou will not have to be looking for new deals every 2x3there.Different coupons for different needs:- Coupons you only get when you pass next to the propertythatoffer- Coupons in which you can increase the percentage discounttoinvite yourfamily and / or friends- Coupons for information on products and / or services thathavereductions in price- Coupons last minute, you will have 24 hours to redeemEach coupon offer discount information applicable shows next toitsname, description, and in some cases, a PDF document whichseesupply extra information or product offered.View all discounts orderly and categorized, facilitatingaccessand viewing through simple actions with sliding fingersandtapsDo not print it, do not waste paper, take your coupons inyourphone and redeem them through the various options offered bytheapp, such as through QR code, bar code or numericidentifier.Register easy and comfortable, friendly andintuitiveenvironment, developed in native language.Find the offer you need, join the family.
Corporapp 0.3.40 APK
Corporapp will keep your company members closer, using a singleapp, allowing them to be informed about the latest news and managethe company documentation and paperwork from a single place.Itsfeatures will make the management process easier:Directory andorganizational chart: a single tool to manage both human resourcesand documents.Speed up all the administrative paperwork: make iteasier for your workers to know their duty rosters and assignedholidays.Complete Dashboard: private zone, where you will be ableto intuitively manage all the app’s content. Here you will managehuman resources, monitor the departments and edit relevantnews.Instant messaging system: it helps to have a better and directcommunication between coworkers in order to improve the work’senvironment and quality.Resource booking: using this app, youremployees will be able to notify when they use a specific resource,if they lend it to a third party or if there’s any type ofmalfunction.Each module will make the managing process easier andevery company member will benefit from the advantages of this tool.Work environment will improve and so will the happiness of yourcoworkers.Download Corporapp and benefit from all the advantages ofthis intuitive and user-friendly app.
The easiest way to locate any kind of transport vehicle and knowits location at anytime. Have you ever been waiting eternally forthat bus without knowing where is it now?. Guapp allows you toeasily generate a tracking code for your desperate passengers.Share it with whoever you want to know where you are. So simple, sofast. You’ll never use any other tracking method as easy andintuitive as this one is.Guapp helps two users to find each other.The first one wants his friends to know where he is. By the otherhand, his friends want to know is their buddy. By means of trackinginvitation tickets, you can make othersknow where you are atanytime. This app allows you to generate a tracking code that letsyou know others where you are. Guapp is a fantastic solution forsituations like these:- Want to know where is your son’s school busat this moment?..It’s is solate¡¡. The bus driver just need toactivate Guapp and share its location with a tracking code, that’sall¡¡.- Want your friends to follow you to a party that no one elseknows how to get there ?. Just create a new tracking code withGuapp, share it with them and let all follow you.- Want yourfriends to know where you'll be having party time tonight? Sharewith them your Guapp tracking, and let them track you all thenight.Don’t waste your time with other methods, and let Guapp do itwhen you need to betracked.
La aplicación tiene como objeto dar apoyoalproyecto LIFE- LAMPROPELTIS cuyo objetivo es reducir la densidadyabundancia de la culebra real de California, Lampropeltisgetulacaliforniae, en la isla de Gran Canaria con el fin deminimizar suimpacto en la biodiversidad de Gran Canaria, y enconcreto en susprincipales presas, el lagarto de Gran Canaria,Gallotia stehlini yla lisa de Gran Canaria, Chalcides sexlineatus.Culebra, Culebras, real, rey, serpiente, serpientes,invasora,invasoras, reptil, reptiles, invasor, invasores, grancanaria,california, alerta, temprana, Kingsnake, snake, snakes,Kingsnakes,alien, invasionsThe application aimstosupport the LIFE project lampropeltis aimed at reducing thedensityand abundance of California real snake, Lampropeltisgetulacaliforniae, on the island of Gran Canaria in order tominimizetheir impact on biodiversity in Gran Canaria andspecifically inits main prey, the lizard Gran Canaria, Gran CanariaGiant lizardand smooth Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria skink.Culebra, Snakes, real, king, snake, snakes, invasive,invasive,reptile, reptiles, invasive, invasive, gran canaria,california,warning, early, Kingsnake, snake, snakes, kingsnakes,alien,invasions
Weengo - App for your sales 2.2.3 APK
Weengo is the perfect Sales Force Automation App for extend yourSales Team and improve your Sales Performance. With Weengo all youremployees will rise into out-and-out salesmen 24/7 ready tofinalize the sales.With Weengo all your employees will always havein their App the latest version of your products and servicescatalog ready to “Advise” their Friends and/or acquaintances in thepossibility of acquiring any of them. Once they show the interestfor any, Weengo will send their data to your official companycommercial staff in order to achieve that sale.So, with Weengo youcan:- Automate your Sales Force- Exponentially extend your SalesTeam - Motivate your Sales Team thanks to Gamification of yourSales Process- Improve your Sales Team PerformanceAnd..Increaseyour Sales!!Discover, thanks to Automation and Gamification of yourSales Force, the potential of your employees when they take thecommercial role in their Social events.
Frijol Constructor 1.95 APK
This platformer game is also a level sandbox! Create and share withyour friends and challenge them to beat your score! Use traps,ground, mobile platforms, balls, spikes... everything you need tobuild a exciting level to challenge your friends (and enemies). Ifyou enjoy building levels you will have so much fun with FrijolConstructor. ¡Frijol Constructor is your game!