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Fun, addictive, challenging quiz app for android.Prepare Issbusingthis app.Prepare Etea Test Using this appUsing this app youcanprepare yourself for any kind of test like police test, ntstest,etea test, Matric Paper , Fa / FSC Paper.You can alsoincreasegeneral knowledge using this app.Pakistan all quizQuestions areavailable in this app.All Sports Quiz question ,Computer QuizQuestion are all also included.Best Quiz appinPlaystore.Bug/Suggestion Email @ [email protected]

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    Rashid Minhas
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    Tappi , Baqizai , Orakzai Chowk Near Highway Kohat
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Text to Image (Write Text on Images) Likh Urdu 1.0 APK
Rashid Minhas
This app will help you to convert your text to image likeconvertquotes to image, convert your poetry to image . ★ Urdu اردوandEnglish fonts ★ Multi-text and lines both for اردو and English★Variety of backgrounds ★ Nice Collection of Templates ★ WriteUrduText on images from gallery ★ Photext have its own Urdukeyboardand English keyboard ★ Infinite color selection for Textandbackgrounds ★ Change text color ★ Add shade on text withyourdesire color ★ Shade selection of your desired color ★Flexibletext placement ★ User friendly Text size modification ★Rotate textover 360 degree ★ Preference changeable from multi-textor objectsi.e. select image or font to show on front ★ Text sizeischangeable. ★ Text color is changeable. ★ Text shodowischangeable. ★ Text is rotatable. ★ Text stroke color and widthischangeable. ★ Text background color is changeable. ★ Letterspacingis changeable ★ Line spacing is changeable Now you candesign yourown photo on Photext: 1- Quranic verses posts 2- Ahadithpost 3-Poetry post 4- Funny post 5- Eid greeting cards 6- Signaturemaker7- Wallpapers 8- Ads campaign and advertisement 9- Loveletters 10-Invitation cards 11- Quotes of the day * User can accessanyPicture From Gallery. * User can click Picture From Camera. *Usercan get another picture by accessing from the gallery to writeonit. * Text can be write by using builtin new keyboard forwritingon images from gallery.- Sticker are available to usewithdifferent and beautiful sticker in categories like hearts,smiley,islamic and many others. * Color can be change by user'schoice inbackground color option. * save all your created photos inurdupost folder in SD card. * Text Editing Activity: Mean while intextediting you can simply change text color and can applybeautifulfonts with different size option. Text Feature: * Color:simply acolor dialog is open and you chose beautiful color for yourtext. *beatiuful gradient for the text, simple gradient,carve,anddeposegradient is available for user. * size: adjust your textwithdesired size . *font: beautiful Font is available for both urduandenglish font and text. *background: Urdu post providebeautifulwallpapers for writing beautiful posts.
Charge 2X 1.1 APK
Rashid Minhas
It is not like other apps it really speed up your charging .Becauseit block useless app which other apps cannot do
TestApp 2.93 APK
Rashid Minhas
This is a general purpose app used to show how Inapp paymentworkingdetail.
QuizApp 1.0 APK
Rashid Minhas
Fun, addictive, challenging quiz app for android.Prepare Issbusingthis app.Prepare Etea Test Using this appUsing this app youcanprepare yourself for any kind of test like police test, ntstest,etea test, Matric Paper , Fa / FSC Paper.You can alsoincreasegeneral knowledge using this app.Pakistan all quizQuestions areavailable in this app.All Sports Quiz question ,Computer QuizQuestion are all also included.Best Quiz appinPlaystore.Bug/Suggestion Email @ [email protected]
Convertor 1.0 APK
Rashid Minhas
BEST FEATURES OF UNIT CONVERTER APP Smart tool to convertdailyconversion measurement. Like convert metre to cm Like kg topoundTime in second Any kind of Conversion can be done using thisapp.Our Unit Converter is the highest rated Unit Converter AppinGoogle play store. Our app has over a Million user base. Ourunitconverter app has the likes of various users ranging fromstudentsto a high level Professional who use conversion tools fortheirdaily activities which serves their purpose. All this waspossiblebecause of the Simple and engaging user experience alongwith mostnumber of important and highly useful conversion tools. ADFree
Screen Recorder 1.10 APK
Rashid Minhas
Screen Recorder is a free, stable, high-quality screen recorderforAndroid that helps you record smooth and clear screen videos.Witha variety of features such as screen capture, video recorder,videoeditor and no rooting needed, Screen Recorder provides an easywayto record screen videos, like game videos, video calls, liveshows,and more - making everything simple!Advantages: TotallyFREE,WITHOUT any in-app purchaseNO ads, NO root needed, NOrecordingtime limitHIGH-QUALITY video: 1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPSKeyFeatures: ★Screen RecordingScreen Recorder provides stable andfluid screenrecording. With this screen recorder, you can easilyrecord popularmobile game videos; you can record video calls withfamily andfriends; you can also record popular programs on liveapps likePeriscope and Bigo Live! Screen Recorder is designed withthefollowing free features:------ Many resolutions, frame rates,andbit rates available; support for HD video ------ Recordexternalsound------ Display click operations in the screenrecording------Shake the device to stop recording screen------Alternative storagelocation: Internal storage / SD card------ GIFmaker: A GIFrecorder helps you record screen as GIF★ Screenshotsand ImageEditingScreen Recorder is not only a screen recorder forvideos,but also an app to capture screenshots and edit images. WithScreenRecorder, you can take a screenshot in just one click. Withjustone hand. No more double-press and hold. Quick and easy! Youcanalso share your screenshots or use in-app image editing toolstostitch and crop local images. Screen Recorder is the best apptorecord the screen of your Lollipop. It does NOT requirerootaccess, no time limit, no watermark, ad free and very easy tousewith one action to start and stop recording. This screenrecordingapp will let you make beautiful screencast videos byprovidingevery feature that you need in a simple and elegant userexperiencedesign.Screen Recorder lets you record your screen to HDand FullHDvideos and it is the only screencast app in the Androidmarket thatcan be paused and resumed while recording. You can alsorecordaudio from the mic and it is automatically muxed intothescreencast videos. That makes it very convenient tocreatetutorial, promotional video, comment about your game andgameplayor record video chat.The floating window always staying ontop willlet you snap at the exact moment on any screen. In thesettings,you can enable screen touches so the people who arewatching yourvideos will know exactly what you aredoing.Additionally, there aremany other features in this freescreen recorder such as settingvideo resolution, bit-rate, screenorientation, customized timer tostop, saving directory selection,view/share or delete yourrecorded videos... All of them are freefor you!Our goal is todevelop the best free screen recorder thatmakes everyone satisfiedbut if you want to support us and/or wantto upgrade to proversion, you can buy the donation package and getthe super cooland unique features that cannot be found from anyother screenrecorder in the market :★ Magic button : a button thatcontrolsyour recording without showing anything on the screen.Thus, yourvideo viewers will solely focus on the app, the game orwhateveryou want to screencast.★ Overlay front camera : you canrecord yourface and your emotions in a small overlay window, whichcan bedragged freely to any position on the screen and customizedto anysize and opacity.★ Countdown timer : is there something youhave toprepare before recording ? Don't worry, the countdown timerwillwait until you are ready to start and snap at the moment youwant.
Secret Call Recorder 1.1 APK
Rashid Minhas
This app have internal security system which will help you tokeepyour recording secrets. Due to security. This app use (BINDDEVICEADMIN) to protect your app & recorded voice call fromdeletionby unknown users only you can delete your personal data andalsoapp. Record any phone call you want and choose which calls youwantto save. You can set which calls are recorded and whichareignored. Listen to the recording, add notes and share it.Pleasenote that call recording does not work on certain handsetsand canresult in inferior quality recordings. We therefore suggestthatyou try the free version before purchasing the paid app. Ifyouencounter any recording issues or wish to improve voicequality,try recording from a different audio source, or use auto-onspeakermode. Recorded calls are stored in the Inbox. You can setthe sizeof the inbox. The number of saved calls is limited only byyourdevice memory. If you decide that a conversation is important,saveit and it will be stored in the Saved Calls folder. If not,oldrecordings will automatically be deleted when new calls fill uptheinbox. You can enable a Call Summary Menu with options toappearimmediately after a call. Search for recordings by contact,phonenumber, or note. There are 3 default settings forautomaticrecording: Record everything (default) – This settingrecords allcalls except for contacts pre-selected to be ignored.The best callrecorder, automatic call recorder, phone call recorderBy usingCall recorder, You can automatic call recording and saveany phonecall you want. You can set which calls are recorded towhite listand which are ignored. Listen to the recording, add notesand shareit. Synchronized to the cloud as well. You can set aconversationis important, save it and it will be stored in theimportant tab.If not, old recordings will automatically be deletedwhen new callsfill up the inbox. A lot of functions forcallrecording,all youneed is in this call recording app Functions:- Record your callsautomatically while calling. - Organize yourcall records. You canview all your calls with options such as listby time, group bynames or group by dates. - You can play back, orsave your call tomp3 files on your SD card. - Automatic callrecorder - Recordoutgoing call - record incoming calls - Record alltelofonnyhconversations. - Play audio recorded conversations. -Deleterecorded conversations. - Blocking of the calls listed totheautomatic removal. - Send calls to listed to email. -Showconfirmation dialog for saving the recorded call. Askimmediatelyafter the call and set up in the options. - Favorite -Search -White list - Black list - And much more ... - Set source(Mic,voice call, a video camera) Auto call recorder is a the bestfreecall recorder application with these features Features: -Recordincoming call - Record Outgoing call - Favorite - Search -Markingrecordings as important - Multi select, delete, send -Displayingcontact name and photo - Excluded numbers - Set passwordto protectprivacy - Lots of recording formats - Set source (Mic,Voice call,camcorder) - Ability start delayed recording - Differentrecordingmodes by number, contact, non-contact or just selectedcontacts -Enable/Disable call recording - Records all your phonecalls - Playrecorded audio - Delete recorded items - Lock recordeditems toprevent from auto-cleaning - Share recorded items -Confirmationdialog: Would you like to keep recorded call that isshown justafter the call (only in Pro version). - White list -Blacklist -And many more... Share files: - Dropbox - Google - SMS -Skype,FaceBooks... If app doesn't work for your phone or quality islow:1. Try to change different recording file types: ogg, mp3, ar,mpgin settings. 2. Try to change Source: MIC or VOICE CALL insettings
Urdu Pushtu Keyboard 30.0.3 APK
Rashid Minhas
Urdu Keyboard or Pushto Keyboard or Afghan Keyboard are youlookingfor it. Urdu Keyboard allows you to type in Urdu language.You cancompose emails, post on social network and write some onemessagesthrough Urdu Keypad. With Urdu Pushto Keyboard you canwrite allUrdu Alphabets, letters and words. Urdu keyboard is theeasiestkeyboard to write in Urdu language. Urdu keyboard for all ofus wholove Urdu language. You can use this keyboard to write inUrdutext. No need to copy and paste Urdu text. This app is usefulforany people and Urdu speaking people across the world. UrduPushtuKeyboard is a great tool and must to use app for your daywithdifferent types of features. Features: ★ Optional Urdu layout.(ا بپ) ★ اردو الفاظ والا کی بورڈ ★ Next word suggestions ★ اگلا لفظخودبتائے ★ Works offline most of the time. (Requires less internet)★انٹرنیٹ کنیکشن کی کم سے کم ضرورت Shows Urdu as you type. ★ٹائپکرتے ہوئے اردو دیکھئے ★ Ability to disable keyboard ★ جب چاہیںکیبورڈ دس ایبل کر دیں ★ English Keyboard with Dictionaryandcorrection. ★ انگریزی کی بورڈ دکشنری اور اصلاح کے ساتھ ★EMOJIkeyboard added ★ اموجی کی بورڈ ★ Easy Paisa payment optionforPakistan ★ پاکستان کے لئے ایزی پیسہ کا آپشن Urdu KeyboardNastaleeqwith Photo Background is best android typing app to writeEnglishand Urdu messages for Urdu Language Fast Urdu Keyboard. UrduKeypadNastaleeq the typing system got a new version of Englishkeyboardwith Urdu keys in Urdu keypad english, Urdu keypad PhoneticOldtype writer is remake due to the dire necessity of doublelanguagefor local and international users for urdu Language.FastUrduEnglish keyboard. Urdu Keyboard Phonetic. Nastaleeq keyboardUrduEnglish is the most demanding English-Urdu easy typing keypadtowrite in both languages (Urdu, Eng) with single multifeaturesemoji keypad Urdu. Urdu Keyboard Alphabetic. Urdu keyboardforandroid mobiles. Urdu Keypad Alphabetic the hesitation towriteUrdu Language texts and make long detailed Urdu documents willnomore freeze your hand typing, Urdu Nastaleeq Keyboard AsanUrdukibod is for multiple texts emoji keypad English, UrduNastaleeqKeypad upgraded with rich Urdu vocabulary, Googlesearching contentand swipe input. Urdu Taxt typing Keyboard dualexpression ofwriting from English to Urdu and Urdu to English so onis enhancingthe usability of classical Urdu English languagekeyboard at dailybasis with customizable keypad English urdu. Urdukeyboard wihPicture change. Urdu Taxt typing Keypad lovers have abest solutionof sharing Urdu content at social media with all Urduspeakers.Soft Urdu Keypad Native Urdu keyboard App is finest toolto bringyou close to Urdu English readers and your problem ofhaving chatwith non English speakers has fixed by a smallest UrduMobile Urdukeyboard with emoji. Use this App for Urdu to EnglishDictionaryand English to Urdu Dictionary. Urdu Keypad with faceemoji. TypeUrdu Keyboard with Urdu typing keypad. Urdu keyboardwith smileythe orderly placement of English as well as Urdu Phontickeyboardalphabets helps you to- type letters... Important messages.Englishurdu keypad with emoji making of vital documents,...writeinteresting stories, ...communicate with friends. UrduEnglishkeypad with smiley the asan Urdu English kibod has someextra partsto serve rather than just typing like * sending of Emojiin chatswith Nastaleeq Font * Conversation through stickers andGIFs *Beautiful backgrounds and colorful vision * Addition offavoritepic in the background view * Different stunning keyboardstheme toenjoy the typing of keys * Compatible to all socialnetworks * useit for Urdu-Eng. searching content Best Urdu Keyboard2018 BestUrdu Keyboard Urdu Keyboard Pashto Keuboard PushtuKeyboard UrduKeyboard with beautiful fonts and latest themes. Addyour Pictureas theme. Beautiful backgrounds themes and fonts areavailable. Youcan customize your image as keyboard background.