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NOTE: This application is designed for Android Tablets and cannotbe used on phones.Quizard Word Search is a tablet puzzleapplication that creates a limitless number of word searches usingboth included puzzles and additional puzzles created by downloadinglists of words from Quizlet or Flashcard Exchange on the web. Eachpuzzle can regenerate in limitless variations to create new puzzlesfor your enjoyment. Options allow users to choose use of capital orlower case letters in their puzzle. Additional choices enable usersto pick background colors from three different motifs.Puzzles canbe collected, downloaded, grouped, completed, saved or deleted allon Quizard Word Search!Quizard Word Search includes 50 puzzle liststhat can be regenerated into countless variations. Each puzzle willcontain words appearing vertically, horizontally, diagonally, inreverse, and overlapping. Our personally created puzzles includePeople, Places, Things, and a special Student section.You also haveaccess to our ‘Puzzle Of The Day’. Download and enjoy a new puzzlefor each day of the year.

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    Quizard Word Search
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    March 12, 2012
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    GabySoft 2240 Encinitas Blvd Suite D-105 Encinitas, CA 92024
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com.gabysoft.oubliette 2.4 APK
If you wish to try the game before you buy, there is a Lite versionavailable which give you full access to the first 2 levels. Version2.1 of Oubliette is a major update with a number of new features: -It is now possible to have multiple users on the same device, eachwith their own set of game data. To create a new users simplyselect the 'Switch User' option from the main screen and enter anew user name. - You can now both buy and sell items in the shop.In addition, you can find random non-basic items for sale. - TheFireball, Lightning Bolt and Ice Storm spells now target only onemonster group, and no longer do any damage to the party. - Theinventory system has been reworked. There is now one master packwhich is shared by all characters. You will no longer need totransfer items from one character to another. - The upper levelshave been made easier, and the lower levels harder You will onlyget one monster group when you are on level one, one or two monstergroups on level 2, up to three monster groups on levels 3 through7, up to 4 monster groups on levels 8 & 9, and up to 5 groupson level 10. - The gold situation is much improved at the beginningof the game. You will start with less gold, but should be able tofind sufficient gold to be able to rest. - The aging has beenreduced. You now will age by weeks instead of months. - Specialrooms now yield new unique items with new powers as well as portalgems. - Dungeon level 11 has been added, complete with a finalboss. - Both phone and tablet devices are now supported. - Manyminor improvements have been made which are too numerous tomention. Oubliette is the classic multiplayer dungeon fantasy roleplaying game, finally available on Android phones. Build a party offighters, priests, mages and thieves to run deep into the dungeon.Test your courage and skill against groups of orcs, trolls,vampires and dragons. Earning its reputation as the thinking man'sdungeon game, Oubliette blends the thrill of mortal combat with thesublime challenges of strategy, planning and adaptation. Ratherthan testing your reaction speed and nerves, like a first personshooter, Oubliette challenges the player to do careful strategicplanning as well as make tactical decisions in the heat of battle.Each player (character) in the game is created from one of eightplayer races, which vary in attributes such as strength,intelligence, dexterity and durability. Elves are highlyintelligent and (potentially) immortal, Orcs are strong with shortlife spans, Dwarves are strong with high wisdom, Kobolds are quiteweak in most areas but advance more quickly. Depending on theseattributes, each player will be qualified to join a limited numberof player classes (occupations). More balanced players will havemore choices, including Hirebrand (fighter), Mage, Priest andThief. Less commonly, players may be qualified for a highlyselective class with special skills such as Ranger, Sage, Paladin,Samurai or Ninja. Unlike games which focus on a single playeragainst multiple opponents, Oubliette allows a party of up to 10players with complementary skills to face the various types ofmonsters found in the dungeon. There are more than 160 differentmonsters, and to deal with them, more than 150 different pieces ofequipment, which may be enchanted with special properties orskills. Oubliette is challenging, but forgiving. New playerscommonly have their parties wiped out by an unfamiliar group ofmonsters. In fact, your party can meet up to 3 monster groups atthe same time! Use the Temporal Chamber to save a Temporal Portalbefore dangerous trips. If things turn out badly, use the TemporalChamber to turn back the clock and try again. The trapeze is everybit as thrilling, but safer, with a net below. Explore the easierlevels of the dungeon to build your party and expertise. And then,when you are ready, feel the power of the game on the deeperlevels. Onward to Glory!
com.gabysoft.flippixzoo 2.0 APK
NEW! You will now be able to purchase and install additionalFlipPix Puzzles within this app using an in-app purchase. Restassured, however, you will still be able to purchase the puzzles asseparate apps if you prefer. FlipPix Art - Zoo has two scenescontaining 80 puzzles in a variety in sizes from 5x5 to 20x20. Alsoknown as nonograms or griddlers, FlipPix Art puzzles are designedspecifically for tablets, and range from easy to very challenginglevels of play. An old Japanese logic puzzle takes on a new lookwith FlipPix Art! Touch tiles to paint them or break them to formcolorful components of a zoo painting. Use logic to determine whichtiles should be filled to reveal a hidden picture. Sudoku fans willfind good use for their logic skills and feel right at home withFlipPix puzzles. A short tutorial on the basics of the game isincluded.
Quizard Flashcards 2.2.1 APK
Quizard is a smart flashcard application for your phone or tabletthat allows you to create hundreds of flashcards for your own useor download them from Quizlet, Cram, Course Hero, or Study Stack onthe web. Study material, quiz using multiple choice answers, andthen give yourself a final test! Quizard can be used by any ageusing any material that you can enter on your device. You can alsoadd photos to your flashcards from the photo sharing siteflickr.com, as well as upload your sets to Quizlet, Cram, orCourseHero.With Quizard's new Learning Modules, tablet users cannow generate Crossword and Word Search Puzzles, as well as studyand memorize your cards with Match and Scatter games.With Quizardyou will get complete:ABC/abc Flashcards - with audio1-20 NumberFlashcards - with audioDolch Word Flashcard sets - Pre-Primer andPrimer (92 Flashcards) with audioDolch Word Flashcard sets - First,Second, Third and Nouns (223 Flashcards) with audio104 No ExcuseSpelling Words with audioAddition Tables - 200FlashcardsSubtraction Tables - 200 FlashcardsMultiplication Tables- 288 FlashcardsDivision Tables - 288 FlashcardsStates, Capitals,and Map Outlines - 50 FlashcardsState Names and Map Outlines - 50FlashcardsStates and Capitals - 50 FlashcardsStates andAbbreviations - 53 FlashcardsOn tablets, Quizard Learning Modulesinclude Crossword, Word Search, Match, and Scatter to help makememorizing easier.Three different color schemes change Quizard'slook to fit your needs. There is even a simplified "kid's" version!
HexLogic - Zoo 1.3 APK
HexLogic - Zoo dabbles in the beauty and color that the animalworld brings to us.New HexLogic puzzles offer addicting logicchallenges with the reward of colorful graphics and rich eye candyto the puzzle app world. GabySoft, creators of the addictingFlipPix series of nonogram logic puzzles, has gathered theirresources once again and presented you with a unique new way toexercise your mental muscles on your smartphone and tablet! Playerswill enjoy using their deduction and reasoning skills to painttiles and reveal a hidden picture. A short tutorial is included.
FlipPix Art - Museum 1.6 APK
New! FlipPix Art - Museum is now designed for both phones andtablets!.Take a tour and check out the exhibits. FlipPix Art -Museum consists of 7 scenes containing 300 puzzles ranging in sizefrom 5x5 to 20x20. An old Japanese logic puzzle takes on a new lookwith FlipPix Art! Touch tiles to paint them or break them to formcolorful components of paintings. The goal is to use logic todetermine which tiles should be filled to reveal a hidden picture.Also known as nonograms or griddlers, FlipPix Art puzzles aredesigned both phones and tablets.A short tutorial on the basics ofthe game is included.
HexLogic - Undersea 1.3 APK
Join us on an undersea adventure as we drift through colorful oceanlife and explore aquatic scenes.New HexLogic puzzles offeraddicting logic challenges with the reward of colorful graphics andrich eye candy to the puzzle app world. HexLogic - Underseacontains 69 puzzles of various levels of difficulty, based on 23pictures.GabySoft, creators of the addicting FlipPix series ofnonogram logic puzzles, has gathered their resources once again andpresented you with a unique new way to exercise your mental muscleson your smartphone and tablet.Players will enjoy using theirdeduction and reasoning skills to paint tiles and reveal a hiddenpicture.A short tutorial is included.
FlipPix Art - Ages 1.7.8 APK
Many people have an era of history that particularly appeals tothem. Do the knights and ladies in their castles of the medievalages capture your imagination? Maybe the lightening fast changes ofthe industrial revolution impress you with human ingenuity. Ormaybe you are intrigued by what the future holds? FlipPix - Agestakes you from the Stone Age to the Future with 240 puzzles in avariety of sizes from 5x5 to 20x20.An old Japanese logic puzzletakes on a new look with FlipPix Art! Touch tiles to paint them orbreak them to form colorful components of paintings. The goal is touse logic to determine which tiles should be filled to reveal ahidden picture.Also known as nonograms or griddlers, FlipPix Artpuzzles are designed for both phones and tabletsA short tutorial onthe basics of the game is included.
FlipPix Art - Games 1.7.8 APK
FlipPix Art - Games tosses you puzzles from popular pastimes likechess, darts, pool, dominoes, and mahjong. Games contains 240puzzles in a variety of sizes from 5x5 to 20x20.An old Japaneselogic puzzle takes on a new look with FlipPix Art! Touch tiles topaint them or break them to form colorful images. The goal is touse logic to determine which tiles should be filled to reveal ahidden picture.FlipPix Art is designed for both tablets and phonesand incorporates a type of logic puzzle often referred to as anonogram or griddler.A short tutorial on the basics of the game isincluded.