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Match the years to historical events as quickly as possible.Threedifficulty levels. New puzzles every day. Compare timeswithplayers around the globe. Full list of historical eventsrangingfrom 1001 AD to 2000 AD. All historical facts are correctaccordingto Wikipedia. Note that Wikipedia does not endorse thisproduct.

App Information Quiztory Second Millennium

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    Quiztory Second Millennium
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    February 15, 2018
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Goats and Tigers
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    22 Branch Place, Leeds, LS12 5PT, United Kingdom
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Goats and Tigers 1.0 APK
Based on the national game Nepal bāgh cāl, ‘Goats and Tigers’ is apredecessor to Draughts or Checkers. This game was created as anexperiment into whether the Minimax algorithm could be used tocreate effective AI players in Bagh Chal. Some levels use theMinimax algorithm to pick the tigers' move, other levels do not. Wewill leave it up to you to figure out which levels do and decidewhether Minimax provides a good enough computer opponent.This is atwo-player strategy board game played all over the world. Piecesare placed at intersections of the lines on the board. The fourtigers start in the corners of the board. Goats and dropped intoempty squares one at a time. Tigers win by taking the goat piecesby jumping over them and landing in an empty square just as inDraughts/Checkers. Goats win by surrounding the tigers so that theycannot move.Beat seven levels of AI.The perfect way to pass yourtime on that tube or bus journey.
Criss Cross Craze 1.0.7 APK
Criss Cross puzzles are published in magazines and newspapers theworld over. Fill the grid with the clues provided so that wordsintersect as they would in a crossword or word search puzzle.Neweasy and hard puzzles every day.Compare best times with playersfrom all around the world.Choice of three colour schemes.
Logic Detective 1.0.7 APK
Logic problems require you to use and developyour analytical skills. Use the clues to fill in the logic grid.Each scenario requires you to deduce connections between items suchas groups of people, places, times and objects.What's that? You've solved all the puzzles already? Unlike otherapps, this one randomly generates puzzles so the same scenario canbe played over and over again with new sets of clues and answersgiving each puzzle unlimited playability.- Five difficulty levels for each scenario- 72 scenarios to play over and over again with new clues andanswers each time- Multiple grid sizes- Option to show mid-game updates of how many answers areincorrect- "Be Lazy" button saves you having to manually put crosses inevery square after you put a tick in that row- Saves games between sessions- Solution button which provides a logical breakdown of how to usethe current clues to solve the puzzle- I promise graphical enhancements are on their wayPuzzles generated by this app are for non-commercial use only.This is an on-going project and updates will include new puzzlesand better clues. Before you give this app a low star rating pleasecontact us on twitter @goatsandtigers.
Anagram Unjumble 1.0.2 APK
Unjumble the anagrams as fast as you can. This simple yet addictiveword game keeps your brain sharp and improves your vocabulary. Thisgame is ideal for fans of Boggle and Scrabble.Daily anagramchallenge allows you to compare times with other players around theworld.The app provides seven difficulty levels based on length andrarity of words.Hardest difficulty levels include 70,000+ words tounjumble.Each anagram has a unique solution.The app supportsrotation.
Hashi 3D 1.0.1 APK
The infamous Hashi / Hashiwokakero puzzle played around the worldhas a new twist. 3-Dimensional puzzles provide a unique type ofgameplay that enhances the 2-dimensional experience provided bynewspapers and puzzle magazines around the world.Compare best timesfor puzzles with players from all around the world.Progress on eachpuzzle is automatically saved so it can be resumed at anytime.Tutorial mode provided to ease you into the new way of doingHashi puzzles.
Number Unjumble 1.0.0 APK
Great training for your mind!The rules are simple. Create amathematical expression using all of the numbers provided and thearithmetical operators +, -, x and ÷ that equals the targetnumber.• Difficulty levels range from very easy (3 numbers) tofiendish (8 numbers)• Unlimited playability thanks to randomlygenerated puzzles• Daily fiendish puzzle challenge allows you tocompare times with players across the globe
Code Word World 1.0.6 APK
The infamous Codeword puzzle played all around the world. Alsoknown as Cross Reference and Cipher Crosswords. Fill in missingletters to complete words. Each letter corresponds to a number from1 to 26. Filling in a letter in a square automatically fills it inin all other squares containing that number. Solve the puzzle byspelling valid words in each horizontal or vertical line.The appfeatures- best times board giving you the option to compare yourtime taken to solve each puzzle with players all around the planet-four difficulty levels (with more difficulty levels scheduled forfuture updates)- your progress on every puzzle is savedautomatically so you can continue any puzzle at any time- allpuzzles are manually checked and all words are guaranteed to existon dictionary.com
Random Chess 1.0 APK
This is not a standard chess game. It is silly variation involvingmuch simpler tactics and less thought than traditional chess.Therules are simple:1. Both players begin with a random set of piecesof equal value.2. Pieces move the same way as they do in regularchess.3. The first player to take all the opponent's pieces is thewinner.4. If a player is unable to make any legal moves they lose.