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Stay motivated and inspired! Add your own quotes,positiveaffirmations or browse through tens of thousands of mostpopularquotes. Quotes Widget was created to help you stay motivatedday byday. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have tostart tobe great. -- Joe Sabah ✓ Explore popular quotes Browsethrough ourtop quotes, filtered by more than 80 differentcategories ✓ Staymotivated – Widget Read your favorite quotesstraight from yourscreen without opening the app, using our appwidget ✓ CustomizableWidget / choose what quotes to displayCustomize the quote appwidget to match your wallpaper design orhowever you want. You havemultiple ways to personalize your appwidget, such as: - Changetext size - Change text color - Changebackground colors - You canchoose transparent colors as well -Choose the source of thequotes: show a particular category only oradd your own quotes tobe displayed inside the widget ✓ Browse 80+categories of quotesChoose the quotes that match your style, suchas: - Motivationalquotes - Inspirational quotes - Confidencebuilding quotes - Dietand fitness quotes - Failure and successquotes - Friends andfamily quotes - Love, lust and sex quotes -Mindfulness andoptimism quotes - Money and wealth quotes - …andmany, many morecategories ✓ Add quotes to favorite Add your quotesto favorite andread them day by day or every time you feel to. Yourfavoritequotes can also be displayed inside the quote widget ✓ Addyour ownaffirmations Add mantras or your own positive or lifeaffirmationsto the widget to help you change your life. Youraffirmations canbe displayed on the widget, making it easy for youto read them dayby day ✓ Synchronize your data across multipledevices Now you havethe option to synchronize your quotes, mantrasor affirmationsstraight from the quotes app. Your content will besynchronizedacross multiple devices in real time or whenever youconnect to theinternet. Whenever you change your phone or somethingelse happen,make sure that your quotes are always there for you. ✓Easy way tocontact us We would like to hear from you how can wemake thisQuote Widget application better. Suggest features orimprovementsby going to the Settings tab and pressing the “Suggesta feature”button to send us an email. Privacypolicy:https://quwidget.herokuapp.com/ “The path to success is totakemassive action.” – Tony Robbins Start now!

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    October 15, 2019
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Thirty one 2.3.7 APK
Thirty one - 31 card game is a draw anddiscard game. The goal is to obtain a hand that totals thirty onein cards of one suit or to score more points than youropponents.Cross platform multiplayer game, available on Web browser, iOS andAndroid so you can play it in multiplayer mode with family eventhough they don't have Android. Visit out website:http://cardzygames.com/*** Thirty one card game rules and gameplay:* Game starts by drawing 3 cards to every player and place one cardfrom stock pile face up* On your turn you have the option to pick one card from stock pileor pick the faced up card* After picking one card you need to discard 1 card to have 3 cardsagain* After discarding game will continue clockwise until one playercall the end of the game* At the beginning of your turn, you have the option to "knock"(knock button will show up at the beginning of your turn). If youknock and you have exactly thirty one points you win instantly,otherwise you lose your turn and the users will have 1 more turnbefore round is over* When the game is over all cards will be faced up and score willbe compared.* If you have 31 points, then the game will end right away and youwin the roundExamples:♥K-♥8-♥5: value 23 (sum of all 3 cards)♣Q-♦9-♦8: value 17 (9 + 8)♣J-♥7-♦4: value 10 (the jack)Highest sum of suited cards wins (up to 31).✔✔✔ 31 Thirty One card game features:✔ Single player and multiplayer card game to play with family andfriends✔ Choose own nickname✔ Set number of players 2 - 5✔ Set round winner bonus (give x number of points to winner)✔ Set target number of points to reach in order to win 1 game("First to" option)✔ One game can contain multiple number of rounds or only one (foronly one, set "First to " to 1)✔ Thirty and a half rule (if on, player will receive 30.5 pointsfor any 3-of-a-kind)✔ Other options: Sound (on/off), AI gameplay speed.✔ Suitable for all agesDo you love card games ? Then this is a must-play.Thirty one is also known as Big Tonka, Schwimmen, Nickel Nock,Blitz, Clinker, Klinker, Skat, Cadillac in south Louisiana andMississippi, Cad in Pennsylvania, Whammy! in central Indiana, andas Skedaddle, Snip Snap Snoop, Schnautz and Schnitzel in othercountries.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-one_(card_game)Love this game already ? Or you want to add a new rule or improvethe game? Then consider leaving a review with your opinion.Enjoy the game.Please read and accept our privacy policy and also Google partnerspolicy before installing: http://cardzygames.com/PrivacyApps.htmland http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/
❤ Hearts card game 1.1.6 APK
Hearts is trick-taking free game usually played by 4 players.Hearts has similar rules to Whist, Bridge and Spades trick takinggames, but the game is unique among these games because you need toavoid taking penalty cards (like any hearts and the queen ofspades). ❤ Hearts game features: ❤ ✔ Play online in multiplayermode or with AI in single player mode ✔ Login with Facebook orGoogle ✔ Access Google Play Games achievements and leaderboards ✔Change background color ✔ Change gameplay settings (number ofplayers, difficulty, speed, some game variations like Queens,Shooting the moon, Breaking hearts, etc) ✔ Statistics (gamesplayed, games won, and more) ✔ Chat (when playing in multiplayermode) This Hearts game can be played by 3 or 4 players in singleplayer and multiplayer mode with friends and family. When the gameis played in 3 players, the 2 of diamonds is removed from deck andeach player receives 17 cards. When the game is played in 4players, each player receives 13 cards. ❤ Cards passing: ❤ Beforeeach hand begins, players can change cards that they do not wantbetween them. Number of cards they can change can be changed to 3,2, 1 or 0 to disable this rule. In first round, your cards will goto player on your left, second round, your cards will go to playeron the right, third round, across (if there are 4 players). ❤Gameplay: ❤ Hearts game is played like the most of the other tricktaking game. Players must follow suit if possible, if not, they canplay any card. The first trick is lead by the player who holds the2 of clubs. ❤ Penalty cards: ❤ Queen - 13 penalty points Any cardof hearts - 1 point ❤ Goal of this card game: ❤ Goal of the game isto avoid taking penalty cards. The winning player is the one withthe fewest penalty points. When you discard all of your cards, theround is over, but not the game. The game ends when a playerreaches the target points, you set before game, and the winner isthe one with the fewest points. ❤ Other Hearts variations andoptions: ❤ You can change: - number of points needed in order toend a game - number of players 3/4 - number of cards to pass beforeeach hand - difficulty normal/hard - Shooting the moon variation -if you take all the penalty points, your have to options: - Newmoon - player substracts number of all penalty points (usually 26)from his score - Old moon - player's score remains unchanged andthe other players adds to their score the number of all penaltypoints - Queens variation - all queens are penalty cards and theyhave 13 penalty points - Breaking hearts variation - Hearts can notbe lead in the first trick unless someone "broke" them before. Whena player discard a heart on the lead of another suit it's called"Breaking the hearts". If you love card games from Whist's family,this is a must play for you. Please send us suggestions and ideas.We want to improve this game. There is also an in-game function tosend us your feedback.
Blackjack City 1.5.2 APK
Enjoy the casino's Blackjack 21 card gameexperience on your android tablet or phone."Blackjack with side bets" is free and you will never need to waitfor chips if you run out. You will always have chips in yourbalance."Blackjack with side bets" features:✔ Truly random shuffling and bonusses. We do not manipulateoutcome of cards or bonusses or side bets in any way.✔ Play with no internet✔ Achievements and Leaderboards (Google Game Play Services)✔ Possibility to count cards (deck penetration 60%-70%)✔ Different Blackjack tables (6 for now)✔ Variety of side bets (Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Royal MatchBlackjack, etc)✔ Random BONUS while playing (you can double your bonus over andover again)✔ Balance always higher than 500 points. If your balance is lessthan 500 points, you will get FREE 500 points right away. No needto wait "x" hours for free chips.Continuously updating and improving this 21 game. This game willalways be free, however, if you want to support developers you havethe option to purchase game upgrades and you will get extra pointsto balance.Please read and accept our privacy policy and also Googlepartners policy before installing: http://cardzygames.com/PrivacyApps.html andhttp://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/
♣ Euchre free card game 2.2 APK
** We thank all our players for the feedback they've sent (bycomments and by in-game feedback option) for helping to make thisEuchre free game better ** Euchre is a plain-trick game with trumpfor four players in fixed partnerships, partners sitting opposite.In Euchre free game, each player gets 5 cards and one card from thedeck is turned up. The Euchre name derives from a 19th-centuryAlsatian game called Juckerspiel. Euchre card game features: ✔single player free card game ✔ cross-platform card game (availablefor Android and iOS) ✔ change background color, speed, sound,nickname ✔ change game difficulty, target score, stick the dealerrule ✔ option to continue the game when you reopen the app ✔ statsHow to play: ***Round 1 - choosing trump - turn up a card In Euchrefree card game, players have the option to choose the turn-upcard's suit as trump, to pass turn or to choose the trump and playalone against the opposite team. If all players pass the turn, the"naming trump" round begins and turn up card will be faced down.***Round 2 - naming trump In round 2, players have the option toname a suit (other than turn-up card's suit), to pass turn or toname a suit and play alone against another team. If stick thedealer rule is on, the dealer (last one to make a choice) will beforced to name a trump in the round 2, else, if it's set to off,the dealer button moves to next players and cards will bereshuffled. ***Cards ranking for Euchre: 1. Jack of a trump suit -right bower 2. Jack of the suit of the same color as the trump suit3. Ace of trump suit to 9 of a trump suit 4. Non-trump suit Ace to9 REMEMBER: In Euchre free, left bower is loaned to the trump suitso it will no longer belong to its original suit. Scoring forEuchre: Bidding partnership (makers) wins 3 or 4 --- 1 pointBidding partnership (makers) wins 5 --- 2 points Bidder goes aloneand wins 3 or 4 --- 1 points Bidder goes alone and wins 5 --- 4points Defenders win 3 or more --- 2 points Euchre free is amust-play game for card game lovers. We want to improve this game,please send us your ideas and suggestions for a better game. Giveit a try now!
♣ Catch 21 Blackjack Solitaire Game 2.5.2 APK
Catch 21 points on any column, in the given time to score pointsand win the game. Catch 21 game is a simple, yet very addictingsolitaire card game to play offline or online. The goal of thissolitaire card game is to earn as many points as possible in thegiven time. ♠♠♠♠♠ How to play: ♠You get 1 deck of cards (52 cards).Place the cards in the given columns so the column's value will be21. ♠♠♠♠♠ Gameplay: ♠ Move the cards by clicking the target column,clicking the "Here" button or dragging the card to its target.♠♠♠♠♠ If you don't need a card (from the top left box) you cansimply click that card or click the score box (bottom left box) todiscard it and get a new card. ♠ Every time a column has its value21 you earn points (see the pay table on top of the play screen) ♠Finish the game as fast as possible to get a bigger time bonus. --Cards higher than 10 count as 10 points -- Rest of them count astheir card value ♠♠♠♠♠ Catch 21 Blackjack Solitaire game ♠♠♠♠♠ ♠See your current leaderboard position ♠ Change background color ♠Sounds on/off ♠ Compare score with online players and earn points ♠The mix of skill, luck, and speed makes this card game veryaddicting ♠ Free solitaire game Catch 21 is also known as Speed 21,Four by 21 or Simply 21. We want to improve this card game soplease don't hesitate to contact us with ideas, bugs orsuggestions. If you love Blackjack or solitaire card games, this isa must-play for you. Give it a try!
♣ Last Card 2.8.1 APK
Last Card is a popular card game played in New Zealand. It hassimilar rules to Crazy Eights and Mau Mau. ♣♣♣♣♣ If you love cardgames, you should have this game. ♣ Last Card game features: ✔Single player card game ✔ (Very) Customizable rules to enjoy manyvariations of Last Card game ✔ Compare score in leaderboards andunlock achievements (Google Play Game Services) ✔ Card gamedesigned for phones and tablet ✔ Option to adjust speed, changebackground, mute sound ✔ Multiple languages: English, Spanish,Romanian and Russian Feel free to contact us for reporting any bugsand suggesting new ideas to improve this Last Card game, there isan option in game to send us your feedback. More details about LastCard game rules and variations here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Card
Thirty One - 31 Card Game 1.0.5 APK
Thirty-one - 31 card game is a draw and discard game. The goal isto obtain a hand that totals 31 in cards of one suit or to scoremore points than your opponents. The cross-platform game, availableon iOS and Android. Also known as schwimmen kartenspiel. ***Thirty-one - 31 card game rules and gameplay: * Game starts bydrawing 3 cards to every player and place one card from thestockpile face up * On your turn you have the option to pick onecard from the stockpile or pick the faced up card * After pickingone card you need to discard 1 card to have 3 cards again * Afterdiscarding game will continue clockwise until one player calls theend of the game * At the beginning of your turn, you have theoption to "knock" (knock button will show up at the beginning ofyour turn). If you knock and you have exactly thirty-one points youwin instantly, otherwise, you lose your turn and the users willhave 1 more turn before the round is over * When the game is over,all cards will be faced up and score will be compared. * If youhave 31 points, then the game will end right away and you win theround Examples: ♥K-♥8-♥5: value 23 (sum of all 3 cards) ♣Q-♦9-♦8:value 17 (9 + 8) ♣J-♥7-♦4: value 10 (the jack) The highest sum ofsuited cards wins (up to 31). ✔✔✔ Thirty-one - 31 card gamefeatures: ✔ Single-player 31 card game to play with family andfriends ✔ Multiplayer will be added soon ✔ Choose own nickname ✔Set number of players 2 - 4 ✔ Set round winner bonus (give x numberof points to the winner) ✔ Set the target number of points to reachin order to win 1 game ("First to" option) ✔ One game can containmultiple numbers of rounds or only one (for only one, set "First to" to 1) ✔ Thirty and a half rule (if on, the player will receive30.5 points for any 3-of-a-kind) ✔ Suitable for all ages Do youlove card games? Then this 31 game is a must-play. 31 is also knownas Big Tonka, Schwimmen, Nickel Nock, Blitz, Clinker, Klinker,Skat, Cadillac in south Louisiana, and Mississippi, Cad inPennsylvania, Whammy! in central Indiana, and as Skedaddle, SnipSnap Snoop, Schnautz, and Schnitzel in other countries.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-one_(card_game) Love this 31game already? Or you want to add a new rule or improve the game?Please consider leaving a review with your opinion. Install andEnjoy the game now!
✓ Habitus: Daily Habit Challenge Tracker 2.7.0 APK
Inspired by Matt Cutts @ TED Talk: https://youtu.be/UNP03fDSj1U(3min video) *** A fun and practical approach to changing andlivingyour life. *** Do you want to stay on track with your newyear’sresolution? Are you trying to build new good habits and quitbadhabits? Do you want to track your goals? Are you lookingforstarting new habit challenges? This habit-forming and trackerapphelps you start with your new habits. Build new habits bycreatingchallenges and tracking your progress daily. If good habitsarescary, start by creating a new challenge of 30 days. Forexample,if you want to have the good habit of waking up early, thentrythis for 30 days and see how you feel after this challenge. Ifyouwant to get in shape, start a jogging challenge of 30 days andseta goal of 100 km/miles, then track your goals. JoinHabitChallenges Join group challenges created by other users. Orcreateand share your custom challenge. The challenges can help youcreatehealthy habits, quit bad habits, exit your comfort zone,start newactivities, challenge yourself daily. Track & CompareThe habitchallenge tracker helps you keep track of your progress.Compareyour progress with other challenge’s participants Analyzeyourdaily challenges and improve your routine. Check your weakhabitsand strong habits. Daily Challenges Tracker Daily challengescan bechecked once a day. E.g. early wake-up, cold showers, and soon. Wecall them everyday challenges or daily challenges.NumericChallenges Challenges that require you to add numericvalues. E.g.push-ups challenge (number of push-ups), book readingchallenge(number of pages), fitness challenge (number of squats,pull-ups,push-ups), and many more. Numeric habit tracker willgeneratecharts, habit goals, values heat map and more.AbstinenceChallenges Abstinence counter app for tracking the numberof dayswithout doing a (bad) habit. E.g. You don't need to check-ininevery day that you don't drink, smoke, etc, you just starttheabstinence counter. Goal Tracker Set your habit challenge goalandtake action! E.g.: running 100 km in 30 days, 1000push-upschallenge. Then you can track how close you are to reachingyourhabit goal. Create Challenges Create unlimited customchallenges.Join By Link Add participants one by one or share theinvitationlink on social media to let others join. Habituschallenge trackeris cross-platform. Auto Sync On Multiple DevicesYou don’t need toback up your progress. It is automatically storedon a clouddatabase, synced on your devices. Create UnlimitedChallengesUnlike other challenge tracker apps, you don’t have anylimits forthe number of challenges you can create. Most habittracker appslimit the habits to 3-5. This one has unlimited. NoAds, NoPayments, No Limits First 5000 users will get unlimitedaccess forlifetime. Other features: • Streak counter for dailychallenges •Graphs, charts, and stats • Chat – communicate withother users •Following other users • Creating new posts with textand images •List of habits ideas • Edit previous days values (onlyfor numericchallenges, at this moment) Habit Challenges Ideas *Quit smokingchallenge * Quit alcohol for 30 days challenge * Take 1photo for30 days challenge * Take cold showers for 30 dayschallenge *Meditate for 30 days challenge * Wake up early for 30dayschallenge * Read/study for 30 days challenge * Dailyaffirmationsfor 30 days challenge * NoFap challenge * …and manymore. You cancreate custom challenges, as well. “Success is nothingmore than afew simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn