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Racing Car Stunts On Impossible Tracks: Free Games: Show your superdriving and stunting skills in the city area! Door To Apps offersyou a real,dangerous and crazy impossible car stunt game on loftymounted breathe taking roads. So now it is time for you to prepareyourself for playing really challenging impossible car and becomethe master of car stunts which others might think impossible. Buttogether,Yes we can do and make you the hero of car stunts tracksand can enhance your skills to drive on extremely dangerous loftytracks. So now it is time ignite your luxurious car to show yourskill to drive on breathe taking tracks and explore ambitious 3Dtracks,charming environment. Vehicles used in this impossibletracks games are fully compatible with real physics. Cars aregenuinely real and branded with real physics of turning, brakingand driving. This high on fuel is racing car amazing which playsextreme stunt car. Yeah I have match games download and now readyfor dangerous stunts on the longest journey of extremely cartrails. Be hurl to play as you are good lucky person to have thiscrazy and fast city stunts car in your mobile. This is an extremelychallenging game of modern era. By playing the car stunt 3d tracksyou may feel that you are in real situation and driving. A realstunt car on extremely terrible and dangerous tracks that arebreath taking. Drive your vehicle carefully so that you may be ableto complete your challenge and task in order to be hero ofimpossible car stunts track. How To Play: It is very simple toignite your stunt vehicles. You just need to follow theinstructions displaying in the game. Be careful in initial levelsand drive slowly so that you may reach to your destination or goalpoint and be ready for next level. Once you may be expert you candrive too fast your stunt car but yet it requires care and toobserve cautions. Racing Car Stunts On Impossible Tracks Features:● Real Physics ● Collect your favorite cars. ● Realistic enginesounds ● Smooth and intelligent control ● Explore breathtaking racetracks and exotic locations. ● Sharp turns ● Narrow roads seems toimpossible to drive on them ● New tricks you not knew yet At DoorTo Apps, we always offer you free games so that you may enjoywithout any burden your pocket but yet we offers you in-apppurchases so that it may be ensured a quality joy for you.So hurryup and get "Racing Car Stunts On Impossible Tracks" totally freegames on Google Play Store today. We always welcome our valuablecustomers reviews so that we may improve our games.

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    Racing Car Stunts On Impossible Tracks: Free Games
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    September 30, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Door to apps
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    Door to Apps , Naveed Zafar ,P.O.Box 221, Saham 319, Oman
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Army Elite sniper 3D Killer:Here is the special gunman of thewarfare, no mercy and go to victory in battle!The training sessionis over. You have become a commando. The army has spent much tomake you best man. Now it is time to cash in your skills in thisgame. The missions are different with just one objective, todestroy the terrorists. There will be different stages to complete.You will play this game with more or less every weapon you havewondered. The tasks are very professional and interesting in thisgame. The realistic locations and flexible missions will never letyou get bored.The gameplay of this game is very interesting. Theclose to reality missions and tasks are the charm of this game.There are three different environments to test your skills to awhole new level. You have to complete the each environment tounlock next in this game. These include dessert, snow peaks andforest. The difficulty level of all three stages are quite same inthis game. But the tasks are different with different strategies.You will be wearing special uniform in desert to make you hard tospot. In the snow you will be wearing white uniform. This will keepthe element of surprise intact in snow in this game. Whereas, thecamouflage uniform is for forest mountain missions of this game.There is also a variety of assault guns to use in this game. Youcan also buy more rifles in this game. Every mission requiresdifferent strategy and weapons. So it is recommended for you to getused to all kind of weapons in this game.The controls of this gameare very smooth. The easy controls makes it easily playable forplayers of every age. There is a joy pad for movement of the playerin this game. The action buttons are on right side including fire,reload and aim buttons. The combination of easy controls with aninteresting gameplay makes it one of the best free time game.Bestof Luck…! Army Elite sniper 3D Killer Features:Realistic 3DgraphicsPowerful RiflesDifferent Sub Machine gunsDifferent gamemodesChallenging locationsReal story line for every missionEasy andsimple controlsIf you have no wifi, you still can play this game,absolutely free.So quickly download this interesting game of 2018offered by Door to Apps available on Google Play Store on yourandroid smart phones.
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train simulator driving games 2017Be a real euro train driver andget to drive bullet monster train in city area!This train simulatordriving games 2017 Game is the latest train simulator play thatwill allow you to become the best train crazy driver. Detailedmaps, amazing new trains, wonderful features will make yourfeelings as like you are driving a real steam engine with highspeed. Complete all the routes in time, by driving bullet new trainor power engine with high speed. You will be able to drive steam,diesel or electric heavy engines. Become a transporter train driverand show your powerful skills on the railway track and become areal champion of this simulator. This crazy fast simulator trainsim game will take you on crazy ride with railway tracks. Becomeelectric train’s driver, pick up passengers and drop on the finaldestination in modern subway bullet train sim game.Fulfill yourbiggest childhood dream of being the heavy vehicles driver in thiscutting edge super fast mountain train game. Control the powerengine, pass through the stations and deliver the passengerssafely. This simulator mode has fun for both adults and kids whoare fond of rail engine and adventurous trip. Pick up thepassengers from stations, carry some freight if demanded, drive andcontrol your heavy vehicles perfectly with modern and new 3Dgraphics.Change the camera view as per your comfort; pick up allthe passengers to drop at their respective destinations. You willhave to drive an excellent experience of real engine with highspeed. It’s time to fulfill your dreams of becoming a rail engineoperator and engine crazy driver with this bullet free railengine.After completing the first sharp level you will forward tothe next futuristic level. After completing the level you will haveget coins and points as rewards. From these points and coins youcould purchase new steam engines and rail engine. After completingthe first mode you will permute to the next thrilling mode. Incrazy metro bullet train simulator 3D mode 2017 in app is alsoincluded for users interest, you could purchase the latest steamengine and many more. The environment of this mode is mostrealistic, incredible and thrilling. This super 3d train will passthrough the different environments as like mountains, hilly area,desert, greenery, snowy and city. During your journey you will havefaced many railway tracks and railway junctions. Be careful whenyou are crossing the traffic junction. Because due to your littlemistake a monster accident may be happened and many innocent peoplelike man, woman, especially children may be injured or dead. trainsimulator driving games 2017 Features: -Realistic 3D locations -Different heavy vehicles 2017 to drive (steam, diesel, electric)-Open and close doors- Animated people entering and exiting thesteam engine- Custom weather conditions- Amazing places: city,countryside, mountain, desert and snow- Intuitive heavy enginecontrols- Detailed InteriorsIts totally free to play.So get it nowfrom Google play store for your android devices.Quickly downloadthis train simulator driving games 2017 interesting game 2017.
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Unlike Animal Hunting games, motivating animalshooting ruthlessly, “Wild Animal: Safari Zoo” is a gift for animallovers, which promotes the protection of precious African Animalsby building a zoo. In this zoo, a school girl visits the zoo andenjoys realistic view of different wild animals in specifiedcages.There are 8 cages one for each of Deer, Zebra, Dangerous Beer, WildWolf, King of jungle the lion, fox,rhino and big elephant.Start visiting zoo and enjoy amazing realistic actions of wildanimals in stunning environment of zoo.Game Features:- Free, Fabulous, 3D game specially designed for androiddevices- Realistic animations, game play and environment- Fun & Learning for children- Variety of wild animals- Specified cage for each animal with beautiful home in it- Message of love for animals- Ability to move freely in whole zoo
com.door.offroad.modern.drive.rickshaw 2.0.12 APK
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Mountain Auto Tuk Tuk Rickshaw : New Games 2019: It’s time for funProve your driving skills with auto rickshaw in mountains area.Want to try off road driving on mountain tracks? Door to Apps cameup with something different more fun oriented stuff for you. Theauto cab base is now functional in the hill valley. The beautifulmountain pass and tuk tuk auto rickshaw is an awesome combination.The tourist are very excited to travel in the tuk tuk rickshaw. Theview is amazing yet dangerous. The zig zag track and uneven terraingives tough time to even an expert auto driver. Moreover, the lifeof tourists and passenger is our first priority in cab driving.That’s why, we have hired you to drive aut rickshaw and takepassengers on the mountain visit. Become a Skilled Driver: It’s atremendous opportunity for you to become a best rickshaw driver.You have a passionate ability to fight fear of heights. Moreover,you can show your rickshaw driving and parking skills on a wholenew terrain. Drive rickshaw as a pro off road driver. This willalso increase your fame among passengers. So more travelers willlike to travel in your offroad rickshaw. Beautiful Landscape: Thescenery in the rickshaw cab game is very amazing. The off road dirttrack is the only pathway in the valley. The road is surroundedwith high peak mountains which look very amazing as you travel inmountain rickshaw. Moreover, there is a river on the outskirts ofauto rickshaw track. It also gives a mesmerizing feeling as youdrive cab by the river. Addictive Gameplay: The gameplay of thistop rickshaw game is very amazing. The players cannot resist toplay till the end. The auto rickshaw is in the mountain tuk tuk cabbase. You have to start the free driving game from the base. Thedriver has an active GPS system integrated in the tuk tuk rickshaw.You can find your job shown in the mini map of the tuk tuk rickshawgame. Take The Ride: The job is available whenever you play theoffroad driving game. You have to drive rickshaw and arrive at thepointed area. There, you have to park rickshaw in the marked areaand let the passenger sit comfortably. Then you have to startdriving rickshaw cab to the destination. Drop Off Passenger: As youarrive at the drop off location, you will see the bus stop. There,park cab in the bus stop. If you drifted a little further, you canperform a reverse parking as well. Complete the tuk tuk driving joband move to next one. Dozens of Missions: There are tons of cabdriving missions in the game. You have to complete one to unlocknext auto cab riding job. Moreover, the difficulty level alsoincreases as you proceed further in the pick and drop game. FreeDriving: The amazing parking and driving game features free drivingin every mission. The auto driver is not bound with time limit orspecified with route selection. You can drive as long as you wantin the free games. Avoid Flipping Over and Drive Carefully: As, theoff road driving track is very dangerous and have blind turns aswell. So you have to be very careful driving on the steep hills inthe game. Controls: The best rickshaw driver game comes with veryeasy controls. You have buttons and gyro sensors to steer your hilltuk tuk rickshaw. Moreover, there is an accelerator with brakewhich also work as reverse button. You will definitely love to playthis cab driver game till the end. Best of Luck…! If you have nowifi, you still can play rickshaw games 2019, absolutely free. Soquickly download this interesting rickshaw new games of 2019offered by Door to Apps from Google Play Store on your androidsmart phones.
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You are a silent assassin, who should never beseen by its target. You have to move from one place to other placesilently until you reach upon your enemy.You have joined the world of spies who operate below the radar,moving to different locations in the world to complete theirstealth missions.You have to move behind the lights, avoiding any attention; sneakbehind anything which you can find to be away from the sight ofyour target.You will need a complete training to sneak past an enemy and to beprepared for taking them down.Sneak upon them like a master commando avoiding the lights and thenslit their neck in one movement with your dagger.Get your weapons together and set out for your first mission tomaster your skills. When you gain experience in the art of stealththen you will be master assassin.You will be put on the Commandos blacklist to complete moredifficult and complex missions.You are a silent hit-man and you are never to be seen by enemiesotherwise you will fail your mission and could get killed.If you got caught then you will be discharged dishonored withoutany acknowledgement of your existence.You need to observe the movement and environment of your enemiesbefore making any choice; one wrong choice can end your life andmission instantly.Work your way up on the top charts by choosing the differentmissions and completing your given tasks successfully.When you became a professional and trained commando then you willbe able to execute most dangerous missions.Then the agency will set you out for some hardcore terroristmissions. You have only one job to do which is to kill themall.Use night vision mode to detect your enemies and kill them. Theywill not even know that what hit them.Good luck soldier on your missions!!HOW TO PLAY:Use joy stick to control the movement.Sneak up on enemy from behind and then tap the take downbutton.Tap crouch button to crouch.Tap jump button to jump.Tap weapon button to draw your weapon and then tap the shoot buttonto shoot.FEATURES:Unique idea having easy GUI and game play controls.Laser guided gun and just tap to fire.Use the night vision to detect enemies.Use different positions to your maintain secrecy.Use the knife cutter to down them with a silent action.Excellent game play environment.
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This real animal shooting game 2017 mode hasbeen developed for a brave heart hunter who loves hunting of jungleanimals in a natural Africa jungle environment. Shooting is a fastmoving target of running brute and it is a very difficult task.Hunting is a special art of an expert shooter. This army sniperanimal hunter game is for who crazy for brutish professional arehunting 3d games. Let’s play free simulator games with specialhunting gun. In wildlife hunting mode you will feel that you are inreal hunt life. An animal hunter or untamed shooter person isprovided with best shooting guns. In this best free wildlifehunting games enjoy the hunting of all wild animals. Set yourtarget at deer, gorilla and prove your sniper excellent skills insniper jungle animals shooter game. A deer hunter should follow thehunting rules in the scary forest. Hunt wild brutes like bear,loin, deer, rabbit and many others in wild brute hunting games.Shoot down wolf and realize the fun of hunter 3d simulator.Make the aim, shoot, Kill and become the perfect hunter as hero inthis wild safari jungle hunt game. Use your modern deadly 3d sniperrifles and gunship to take the exciting shoot. The wonderful killerweaponries are especially designed for delivered to best gun. Thesuper handgun has special controlling zoom and powerful piercebullets. You are equipped with many weapons like sniper gunfire.Use suitable handgun according to the situation. Prove that you arethe best professional hunter and show your killer abilities toshoot down the safari brutes. Some amazing safari animals arespread around the forest, destroy the freshly place and killing theother wild untamed. In this extreme animals hunt africa mode yourmission is walking alone in the green fresh Africa jungle,equipping with unique killing weapons and aiming at the powerfuldangerous big new safari animals. Safari brutish is very dangerousso the mission of the professional hunter is just about to killthem.After completing the first killing monster level you will permuteto the next further deadly mission level. In this game you havemuch wildlife like zebra, bear, loin, gorilla and etc. In firstlevel you have one prey and so on in next levels. In real sniperfury hunter africa simulator game in app is also included foruser’s interest, you could purchase the latest gunships and adsremove and purchase further brutes. The environment of this game ismost realistic and thrilling. Download this vivid graphics game toenjoy the hunting games for free in scary forest environment.Features: Addictive game play Action packed missions Smooth and steady controls Realistic assault and killer rifles Sniper scope views. Real HD graphics Natural scary jungle environment Real scary jungle and animals sound Best shooting gameIts totally free to play.So get it now from Google play store for your androiddevices.Quickly download this interesting game.