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A professional Transporter, drive the heavy duty Trailer Truck withamazing speed stunt cars loaded as cargo and park carefully. HeavyDuty Truck drivers, drive professionally specially when they have ajob to transport fast sports cars to the stunts arena. Your job isto drive the fast sports cars carefully, load them on the heavytruck and parked amazingly as your expensive cargo. Now transportthe heavy duty truck to the stunts arena where you will drive theextreme crazy cars fast & furiously to perform stunts and makethe crowd happy by winning their hearts. Are you ready for anamazing driving and parking simulator game to drive a transportertrailer truck to transport the crazy speed racing cars? Then letthe driving games begin. You need to speed up your ride to thelimit while you drive on city highway and mountain roads withtraffic cars. Witness the realworld extreme driving simulator truckgame. Test your real drift skills. Get behind the wheels, buckle upyour seatbelt and steer your vehicle. Stay safe! Racing CarsTrailer Truck is all new, exciting transport simulation game. Thefamous racer needs his hottest racing car to be transported to theracing tracks for the endless crazy races. You are assigned withthe transportation duty. Load the vehicle in your heavy dutytrailer truck, transport it to the destination and deliver it toits owner racer for daily highspeed racing sessions. Drive safelythrough the streets, boost your speed, drift recklessly, Avoidimpacts and do not crash. Be careful; don’t let the sports car falldown from your vehicle. Hitting into obstacles might end upcrashing cars and full body damage. Get a world class experience of3D truck simulator transport. The transportation duty involvesloading and unloading of heavy cargo and transporting it to itsdestination safely. Test your driver skills. Steer heavy locomotiveengine to carry out the transport mission. Racing Cars TrailerTruck Features• Dynamic Camera angles• Intelligent traffic system•Use brakes to park your vehicle on an offroad parking spot• Groundbreaking car driving physics• Smooth Driving controls• Challengingmissions

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    Racing Cars Trailer Truck 3D
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    February 15, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    3D Games Village
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Heavy vehicles driver, drive heavy trucks to excavate through andtransport the cargo to their destination in time. Farm animalsspecially the racing horses are your cargo in this game, nowexcavate the cargo and drive carefully the loaded truck on the roadto transport the wild horse to the destination. The horses thenhave to be trained in the training arena and then to be deliveredto the buyers. In this simulation game youtrain your horses forracing and then deliver them on the heavy trailer truck to thearena for race. It’s a simulator game to have fun with ridinghorses and truck driving as well. Transporter Truck Horse Stunts isan extreme heavy engine truck driving and racing game fever. Theking of racing and transport it to another city for stunts andracing. Transporter Truck Horse Stunts is the best transportationand horse racing game. Buy a horse from market that is alreadytrained and has a winner crown. Become a truck driver to transportit to its destination. Be a jockey, perform. Hit the tracks, battleyour way to win the race. Get behind the wheels, buckle up yourseat belt and hold your steering wheel. Get ready for a crazy ride,accelerate your speed and do not crash. Bypass all the traffic carsto reach your destination. The streets are full of traffic cars andbuses. You are assigned for a transportation duty. Load your cargotruck with the world’s best derby horse you’ve just bought andtransport it to the race tracks for the hottest race ever. Theracer derby horse is not easy to handle. With exhilaratinghighspeed, they get out of control easily. Are you ready for afearless fast ride for victory? Let your adrenaline fueled up! Takethe controls in your hand, don’t let the animal get wild till youreach the finish line. Transporter Truck Horse Stunts Features• Buya crown winner derby horse• Load and deliver the animal in a heavyvehicle• Ultimate horse racing simulation• Speed up to win therace• Endless racing and stunts• Ground breaking physics for smoothcontrol An exciting driving-racing game with endless chasing! Speedup, work hard for your survival & rush to the finish line towin the race.
Offroad Hill Drive Cargo Truck 1.13 APK
Offroad Hill Drive Cargo Truck is an extreme hill climbingtransport truck driving challenge. Avoid smashy pathways, do notcrash and burn on steep paths, drive ahead on the mountains, bypassambulance, public transport, schoolbus and cars to reach in time.Enjoy this truck simulator game for kids! Enjoy world craftexploration, show your skills as the ultimate pro trucker tooperate heavy duty transporter truck with trailer carrying cargowoods, luggage barrels, logs, vehicles, relief cargo and cars. Rushback for a total destruction. The steep mountain off-roads are fullof danger, drive & collect cargo, steer the offroad hillclimber truck with safety. Do not crush the people while racing tothe top. There is no traffic regulation. Escape the public crowdedareas, drive far away from the urban city environment. It has thebest hill climbing Truck driving simulator experience to fulfillyour driving fever with a beautiful hilly environment. Get readyfor an extreme adventure of craft driving simulation. Be asuperhero driver to drop the luggage safely. It’s a realentertainment for all the driving simulator fans with amazingconcepts physics behind for a smoother game play. Be careful ondangerous twists and turns and deliver cargo safely. Operate megatransporter machine and transport cargo to the destination areas.Rugged terrains are not easy to drive on so bring out the real hillclimbing driver inside you. Go through the mountains and hills withhigh speed. Land sliding could block your path anytime. Extremeweather conditions with rainfalls and lighting could make yourdrive even more difficult. Offroad Hill Drive Cargo Truck Features•Drive with extreme safety• Awesome hill climber truck drivingchallenge missions• Attractive 3D environment with hill climbing•Realistic animations• Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting &Lifting• Transporting Logs, Wooden Boxes, Cars, jeeps, barrels andMore• Thrill of Driving on Hills, Mountains and Steep Paths Roamaround the uphill area, collect luggage and drop them to theirdestination. Watch out for hill climbing and do not crush thepedestrians while you drive through the routes. Rush to yourdestination on scheduled time. Become a real uphill climbing racinggame driver and roam around the area.
Zoo Animal Transport Truck 3D 1.15 APK
Discover real driving adventure with Zoo Animal Transport Truck.The hunting superheroes have planned to craft their own zoo, anexotic world of animals with underwater marine, unusual species ofsky birds, adorable zoo animals, predators, habitats and forestwild animals for travelers and explorers attraction. The huntershave been chasing wild animals, hunt them down and loaded them in atransport truck. Rush them to the zoo in a fast heavy dutytransportation vehicle in the whole chaos. Buckle your seat belt,hold your steering, and let your crazy wheels moving in thisultimate transportation game. There are Elephants, Lions, Wolf,Fox, Rhinoceros, Zebra, Hippo, Deer, Bear and Horse. Drive throughthe streets, escape road traffic and reach your destination. Getready for a wild ride. Transporting these zoo animals to the townfrom various islands, forests, continents and tropical placessafely is going to be so much fun. This heavy truck drivingtransport simulator involves animal control. Take up this zooanimal transport challenge and show your drivers skills. Forgetyour fears. This is not a faint hearted person’s job. Handling alivestock cattle cow, goat and sheep is much easier thancontrolling the untamed king of the jungle wild cheetahs, hugeelephant, clever fox, ferocious bear, quick deer, heavy hippo andhungry zebra. Drive & deliver these creatures in a heavytrailer and unload them in the zoo where they belong. Be careful,these beasts are untrained, they can jump off the vehicle, attackpeople, harm them or kill them. Feel the thrill and adventure ofthe danger involved. Zoo Animal Transport Truck Features• Drivewith extreme safety• Awesome truck driving challenge missions•Attractive 3D environment• Realistic animations• Smooth Steering,Brakes, Drifting & Lifting• Transporting Lion, Elephant, Deer,Bear, Wolf, Fox, Rhino, Hippo, Horse & Zebra• Thrill oftransportation Driving on city roads and Steep Paths This big truckis like a cargo transporter used for delivery. Be the deliverydriver, load the wild beasts, drive through the streets, avoidoff-road places, steep hill climbing and unload them near theircages. It’s a tough job. Ensure their safe and sound delivery tothe city zoo. You’ve got a proper parking area to park yourheavy-duty transporter truck for off loading. The hunters chase andhunt these wild creatures in the jungle, shoot to catch them andtransport them to zoo.
Survival Island - Hero Escape 1.11 APK
Acquire Island in this epic hero escape mission you will have tofight the savage targeted missions & use all your skills forsurvive in this island! Plan the Mission to escape from thedangerous Island to survive and return back home. Hard time is notover yet show your brutal attacking skills to hunt down wild beastin the jungle and save yourself from their counter attacks in thissurvival island. Find out the tools hidden that might help you infighting use your weapons in the best possible way to kill gangsterand criminals. Make your super moves to get rid of the criminals inone go in this survival game! Survival Island Hero Escape reachinga new level. Fight with bear & wolf in the jungle, glidingtowards the village, crafting and build a safe place for yourself,robbed the shop for eating food, shoot & kill city police dutyofficers & crazy car driving while police car is chasing you.Defend yourself from wild animals and other dangers of the island.Hunt rather than getting hunted. Utilize your action, fighting andshooting skill to escape from rivals. It’s a deadly battle missionon deadly shores to survive. Plan the Mission to escape from thedangerous land to survive and return back home. Escape from junglelike a real survival hero to struggle for your freedom. Seek helpfrom your axe, guns and rifles expertise for escape day mission.Use all the possible tools and weapons to defend yourself fromwilderness creature. Let’s start super Hunting & Survivalvoyage. You are equipped with a sniper rifle to hunt the wildbeasts. As you shooting and killing the animals you will get moreguns that will help you survive from lost land. Show your shootingand hunting skills with First Person Shooting. You only managed tofind some simple attacking tools like baseball bat, wrench &axe. Strike with the counter attacks of these beasts with uniquecombos. It is a very exciting and thrilling hero escape game.Execute a rigorous plan to end this hard time. In this game youwill have to kill psychotic gangsters & criminals on theisland. It will not be an easy task to counter attack the viciousanimals. Let’s do it to end the hard times in the jungle. Protectyourself from gangster & criminals. Defend yourself from wildanimals, criminals, gangsters of the isle. Survival Island HeroEscape is new adventure simulator of jungle real world survivalwith adventure missions. Survival Island Hero EscapeFeaturesAmazing 3D Jungle & Island EnvironmentInteresting GamePlaySmooth and intuitive controlsStunning & High Quality 3DGraphicsThrilling and challenging MissionsFight with Angry Bear& Wild Wolf Craft & Build your own worldGliding from jungleto villageRobbed the Shop to remove your hungerShoot & Kill theGangster & Criminals
Russian Mafia Robbery Master 1.7 APK
Enjoy this epic fighting game you will learn these Russian streetsare hard. Streets are ruled by different criminals & mafiagangster. Gangsters group has planned a grand robbery to stealcash, guns and drugs from other gangsters. Play as a robbersagainst criminal squad to execute city grand theft. Be the skilledrobber and get out from dangerous crime scene. Grab your gun, shootat them and keep running to escape mission. Russian Mafia RobberyMaster is all about extreme theft in deadly criminal world ofRussia. Play this crime simulator to become thief mafia boss andtake revenge from ruthless mafia gods by ruling streets of crimecity. Play the most thrilling grand robbery master action packedgame. Professional mafia robbers have planned a new robbery.Prepare for grand clash of gangster and robbers in wildest mafiagods chase counter assault game. Keep firing rifle and kill allgangster of the enemy to escape. Beware of sneaky police dog chasein city of crime. A large group of criminal squad is going to rushthe russian streets. Being a member of gangster mafia squad weselected you to accomplish this mission. Exhibit skills ofprofessional criminals, gangster brawl and take advantage of thehostile situation in Russian city. After passing hard time inAlcatraz jail, you have successfully managed prison escape fromhigh security police squad cell. Spare no mercy on crooked gangsterwho ruined your life & arrested you. Make your gang stronger toexecute street crime & knockdown criminals in real combatfighting. Write your crime story in Russian Mafia Robbery MasterPlay this newest grand robbery master game and plot your runawayescape from crime squad. Seek dispute by killing criminals. Enjoyexciting robbery master missions and interesting story line as itunfolds mad crime mafia stories. Be cruel and involve thrillingaction pack missions. Prepare for epic clash of gangster androbbers in wildest crime chase. Keep firing rifle and kill allvegas gangster in crime city. Try escaping from even the narrowestways. Strike them hard to prison escape. You would need to take areal rival action with your weapons against these ruthlessgangsters in this survival game. Russian Mafia Robbery MasterFeaturesAmazing 3D City & Bank EnvironmentDifferent CombatingToolsSmooth and intuitive controlsStunning & High Quality 3DGraphicsAssault Rifle shooting and baton fighting Thrilling andchallenging MissionsEasy and fun to playInteresting Game Play
Off Road Tourist Bus Simulator 1.12 APK
Experience the most realistic extreme Offroad Tourist Bus Simulatorfull of thrill and adventure to pick up and drop off passengers totheir destination. Let’s play the most thrilling touristtransporter bus game ever. There are tourists from all around theworld; hill sides, mountain tops and suburban city environmentsespecially this summer season for adventurous and craziest offroadbus driving. They need safe and fast transports to feel the realoffroad bus driving to fulfill the duty of passengertransportation. Enjoy twisted turns, occasional hill climbing,breathtaking gameplay scenes and real-time physics. Be the furiousdriver to fulfill your transportation duty. Standout as the topdriver of heavy duty vehicles. Be careful while driving yourvehicle. Chauffeur around the offroad urban city tracks with water,hill tops, rocks and beautiful tourist attractions nature scenes.Drive bus on steep paths while picking up and dropping off thetourists to hill stations or city. Experience an ultimate off-roaddrive in this extreme hill driving adventure. Drive the off-roadtourist bus filled with passengers inside. Being a bus driver onoffroad mountains and hills is not an easy task. Enjoy hours of nonstop bus driving duty with multiple gameplay missions in touristbus simulator. Show your skills to transport the tourists safe andsound to their stops. Have fun all the way, drifting and climbing.Boost tourism in your area. Avoid heavy traffic, do not rush to theover crowded blocky places. Make sure you do not block the pathcreating a traffic jam. Off Road Tourist Bus Simulator Features• Acomplete off-road environment with hill station, mountains andsuburban city environment• Adventurous & Thrilling bus drivingride• Extreme & dangerous turns• Explore the huge rider map•Hours of driving fun with bus driver duty• Pick up and drop offtourists to their destinations• High quality graphics and mostrealistic game play This furious offroad hill climbing driving andracing game gives you many hours of nonstop gaming fun fever. Eachlevel has a unique challenge. Playing such speed driving games havenever been this much fun. Drive safe till you finish the level.Precision driving is most important factor for finishing theawesome game levels. Enjoy ultimate adventures of mountain, hillsand offroad tracks.
Taxi Driver: Hill Simulator 3D 1.14 APK
Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the thrilling drive as atourist transporter in this extreme taxi driver hill stationsimulator 2016 3D game. Tourist taxi hill climbing is full ofthrill and adventure to pick up and drop passengers to theirdestination. Taxi driving gets more electrifying with this all newhill station simulator game. Drive through offroad roads andexperience a gorgeous hill station like never before. Drive at highspeed and don’t let curvy paths and treacherous turns slow youdown. The passengers are waiting, SO SPEED UP! Transport passengerswithout the hassle and risk by tapping into various controls anddriving settings. Bring back the tourist from different hillstation to the city. Get the real feel of nature with realisticoffroad taxi driving on hills and mountain tops. Play as theextreme taxi driver to fulfill the duty of passengertransportation. Tourist always need safe and fast transportsespecially in summer season when people move to hill sides, so bethe furious taxi driver in your transportation duty. Standout asthe top driver of heavy duty vehicles. Adventurous and craziest offroad taxi driving with real-time physics, hill top driving, twistedturns and breathtaking gameplay scenes. Scenic 3D environment,different weather conditions and vehicles with detailed interiorsmake you feel like the master of your trade. Enjoy easy controlsand smooth game play while cruise through the offroad. Taxi Driver:Hill Simulator 3D is packed with thrilling and exciting pick anddrop missions where you have to pick passengers from distant placesand take them to their destination on time. The Sights of rocky,green and snow dumped hills adds enjoyment to the journey. Thegameplay revolves inside the mountains, hill tops, water, rocks andbeautiful nature scenes. Taxi Driver: Hill Simulator 3D Features•Adventurous & Thrilling taxi Driving• Amazing Environment withHills, Mountains Etc.• Pick and Drop Tourist to their Destinations•Amusing Visual and Sounds Effects• Summer and Winter SeasonSimulation. • Realistic Animated Passengers.
Offroad Snow Tourist Bus Drive 1.15 APK
Drive as the offroad snow tourist bus driver in winter season forsurvival, it’s a pick and drop transporter game with realistic snowoff road bus driving in multiple environments like hilly mountainand city for survival. Drive tour bus and transport tourists insnowy world. Off road snow tourist Bus Drive is filled withchallenging drive, drifting on slippery dangerous roads andpassenger transport driving. Control your bus race through thedifficult paths and Play as hill driver who can do some extrememountain bus hill climbing for survival. Tourists are waiting atthe hill top bus station so be quick to give them the transportservice they need in time. Be safe avoid hitting the mountains& bring your best driving skills in this challenging game ofoff road tourist bus driving survival game. It’s a survival game,drive carefully hills are dangerous, control your vehicle properlyand don’t let it fall off the cliff, keep the tourists safe.Survive your way to the snowy mountains. Tourists need a fasttransporter Bus driver for their pick and drop from the city to thehill climbing mountain tops covered with show, so be fast race andrush to your destination, you might face heavy snow fall whiledriving so be careful and drive safely with perfection. Holidays,New Year and Christmas are full of tourists waiting for the Big Busas their transport to get to their destination. It’s a RealisticBus hill racing game. Don’t let you vehicle Drift from the path butcontrol it as real driver. Be a bus driver fasten your seat beltsand drive extreme offroad snow bus tourist drive game. Tourist bushill climbing is full of thrill and adventure to pick up and droppassengers to their destination. Bring back the tourist fromdifferent hill station to the city. Get the real feel of naturewith realistic off road bus driving on hills and mountain tops.Play as the extreme snow hill bus driver to fulfill the duty ofpassenger transportation. Tourist always need safe and fasttransports especially in winter season when people move to hillsides, so be the furious bus driver in your transporter services.Drive bus carefully on hills with steep paths picking up touristfrom hill station and drop them in the city hotels. Also pick thestudent from school and drop them at hill station. Have you everexperienced an off-road drive? Be the bus driver to drive off-roadtourist bus in this extreme offroad snow hill driving transportergame. Offroad Snow Tourist Bus Drive Features • Tour Bus Driving ina Winter Snow Season• Multiple Environments Like Mountains, Hillsand City• Tourists and School Students Pick and drop with BusTransporter• Different Day and Night Time Environments • Explorethe city with Snow Tourist Bus Driver• Hours of Driving Fun withBus Driver transporter• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting•Adventurous & Thrilling Bus Driving• Extreme Bus Driving withDangerous Turns • A complete Hill Station Environment to Explore•Pick and Drop Tourist and students to their Destinations• Acomplete City Environment with Traffic System to Explore