1.1 / November 1, 2015
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Ultra realistic graphics, and real carphysicsthat will BLOW YOUR MIND!

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Alien Bang Bang 1.02 APK
★★Press & Indie Game Bloggers★★-"Alien Bang Bang Will Send You Into Overdrive".Indie Game Magazine.-"It valiantly recreates that arcade cabinet feeling onmobile".Super Game Droid.-"Feeling of nostalgia, sounds and art style will flowthrough you while playing this game!".AppGoodies.★★Quotes from players★★-"This is cool! Like the game and like the name. I usually find"tilt" games frustrating but this one works".-------------------------------------------------Game Description;-"Darn pesky evil aliens, here they come again!Commander, you are hereby ordered to take them out! All of them.Now!"Take on the role as a brave space pilot, and blast your waythrough hordes of invaders.Upgrade your ship with powerful weapons, collect loot, and fightyour waythrough seemingly impossible odds to save the human race!Intuitive tilt controls allows for fast paced action in thistribute tothe classic space shooter arcades of the '80s.Features 125 unique levels, boss fights, pixel art,old school computer game music licenced from the legendary Dr.Awesome (aka. Bjørn Lynne),and Google Play Leaderboard integration to compete with yourfriends!Pew pew! Ka-boom!
Musher 1.01 APK
Let your inner Musher come out and race withyour Huskies!Avoid hares, wolves and fly like a Top Gun with a rocket-poweredsled on the Arctic Tundra. If you can handle the wilderness longenough, maybe you´ll get a glimpse of the Northern Lights, but hey,don´t wave at it, it might come get you!
Racing Simulator 1.1 APK
Ultra realistic graphics, and real carphysicsthat will BLOW YOUR MIND!