1.0.2 / April 13, 2016
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Have you ever wondered what it's like to become a proffesionalsupercar championship driver? Well now you have the chance to proveyour worth on the most hardcore contest out there in our newestawesome game called “RACING SUPERCAR CHAMPIONSHIP”. Upgrade yourcar, buy new and better hypercars to defeat your opponents.Now youare given the opportunity to show off in front of the most famouscompetitors that had ever existed. You must prove that you areworthy of their esteem so bring on those dusty skills and take thisrace into your hands. During your advancement in race you canunlock several authentic cars Can you do this or you're too scaredto face this race? How to play:Use the steering wheel to driveGamefeature:- Extremely fast and addictive gameplay- Kid friendly -Tilt and touch controls- HD display for high resolution devices-Drive in dangerous monster truck arenas!- Free!!Important notice toparents- Promotional material for VitalityGames products andtrusted business partners.- Links to external social networkingsites intended for users over the age of 13- Direct links to theinternet which may open the default web browser on your device.

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Drive a super monster truck through many intense levels and try toget over each obstacle. Take advantage of the powerful engine andbig tires and drive over ramps, school busses and jump over vans,piles of tires and holes.Prove your skills and set your goal to getto the finish line in one piece. If you ever dreamed of driving ahuge monster truck then this is your chance. Speed up when you haveto jump and brake down to avoid heavy collision with obstacles.Don’t forget to collect money for upgrades. Customize you monstertruck the way you like. Refilling your nitrous will enable you toperform awesome tricks and it can also help you overcome difficultobstacles, so use it wisely! Drive and balance your truck and usenitro to speed up your truck. What are you waiting for?GameFeatures:• Physics based 2D racing game• Realistic truck physicsand a dynamic damage system• Intense challenging obstacles frommany levels• Excellent visuals and a head-banging soundtrack•Various levels for test and demonstration of your driving skills•Speed up button to drive at ultimate speed• Smooth game control•Heavy powerful Monster trucksDon’t be late! DOWNLOAD now &Enjoy
Trial Lumber Park 1.0.0 APK
Have some good time and enter this trial competition. Prove thatyou are the best rider online. You’re in the perfect place for anawesome motocross ride, in a lumber park. Put your moto trialskills to good use, improve online to become the ultimate bikerider out there! Use arrow keys to steer and balance the dirt bikeand press space bar to do big jumps. Prove your skills online inmany intense levels and overcome every obstacle during the tracks.Try and perfom stunts and tricks when you jump over those huge logsand ramps. It will be lots of fun. So if you are looking after someawesome dirt bike games online you are in the right place. Be theultimate bike rider and have a blast!
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Are you ready to join the mafia crew in this new exclusive gamehere on BrightestGames? In Mafia City Parking you will receive somemissions to see if you are good enough to take part of their"family". Get behind the wheels of some of the most exquisitevehicles you ever touched and try to follow the instructionsclosely. There is a lot of driving and parking involved. Prove thebig boss that you are good "new blood". Your job is pretty simple,drive classy through the heavy traffic to requested locations. Forsure the wiseguys have some business to take care of there, so parkin marked spots to let them get out of the car. Remember the codeof silence and don't talk to anybody about your new carrier. Enjoythis luxurious experience and have fun with many levels of intensegameplay. Be the best mafia driver online. Good luck and have fun!
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Tractor Racing Championship 1.0.1 APK
Get behind the wheels of 4 tractors each one better than the other;one in speed, weight and acceleration and race in the mountainsalong with other skilled drivers. Put the pedal to the floor andrace your friends and defeat them in wining first place. To unlocknew powerful tractors and other cool new tracks you have to finishon first place and your tractor must not be damaged to much. Sosteer and accelerate your truck with the arrow keys and balance itin high speed just right to be able to survive. In the top of thegame interface you will have a life bar pay attention to it if youdamage to much your tractor you will die. And also, in the upperpart you will have a time that will get you more points if you getthe best time in each level. There are many amazing levels for youto play online and have fun and after each 3 levels a new tractoris unlocked. When you unlock new tractors your opponents will beupgraded. So new tractors and new more powerful skilled opponents.Enjoy playing online new driving tractor, truck and monster truckgame here on BrightestGames. Have fun and improve your drivingskills in becoming the best online driver out there, and be thebest driver from this new Tractor Racing Championship game. Goodluck and have fun!
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Sunshine City Parking is an amazing car parking simulator game thatrequires high precision. The game offers 53 parking spots in maneawesome levels for you to have fun. This game requires seriousdriving and parking skills to be able to finish it. Embrace the sunand follow the arrows on the street to find the parking spot. Also,there’s indicated on each parking space the way you have to parkyour car. If you are a very good driver, you will be able to unlockother cool cars in this game. Each car has different engine powerhandling and you must learn how to control each one in order topark in the fastest time. The game offers many levels with some ofthe most difficult parking spots you have ever seen. You have topay attention and avoid all obstacles, and of course, the mostdifficult one is the traffic. You will have to park on some parkingspots that require you to drive across the street and the parkingareas are very crowded. You will have to juggle between cars andtry not to hit anything. If you hit your car several times you willhave to restart the level, but don’t worry, if you are andexperienced driver you will make it and win this complex parkinggame. Also, you can chose which mode you want to play: easy, mediumor hard. So, why more thoughts? Download and have fun with thisintense and challenging game. Good luck and have fun!
Candy Motocross Crash 1.0.2 APK
Are you ready for the sweetest motocross challenge ever? It’shappening today here on VitalityGames!The most awesome candy landtrial challenge. If you like free motocross driving and racinggames then this is the perfect time and place for you. A greatmotorbike should face many tests and overcome every sweet obstaclewith this new model you will do it, it only depends on you and howskilled you are. Prove your skills in many challenging levels. Youhave to be careful and always maintain your balance in order not tocrash, or you will have to restart the level all over again. Try tobe as fast as possible because time is what determines the score.You will have to pass over candy, licorice,toffee and jars of sweetcandy. If you are brave and experienced enough you shoulddefinitely try the front and backflip when passing over the ramps.The public and jury will love it. So be prepared for the extremebiking thrill and enjoy the colorful and sweet environment. Thischallenge may seem pretty simple but you will see, you have to bereally skilled to finish all the levels. So give it a try, you maybe the new Candyland champion!Good luck and have fun!
Defense Alien War 1.0.0 APK
The game's mission is to defend the galaxy planets from the spaceinvading aliens, you are this Galaxy's last hope, so do your bestand defend the paths that lead to your base and to other planets.There are waves of spaceships rushing towards your base so buildmany types of towers to defend the well known path. Your success isbased on your money, lives and the way you think and build. Youstart the game with only 150 dollars and for each enemy you destroyyou will receive an amount of money. This amount depends on how bigthe opponent is.You only have 5 lives and your base wonft handlemore than 5 enemies. If the enemy spaceships get through you willlose and you will have to start the level over. Also, try to comeup with your attack plan with 2 or 3 waves in advance and manage toearn money so that you are able to improve your towers. You can dothis by upgrading the range, fire rate and overall damage. Becomethe best army space fleet commander out there and beat all thelevels Defense:Alien War has to offer.Good luck and have fun!