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Radio Virsa NZ Radio Virsa New Zealand or (RadioVirsaNZ) isaproject of an aper group based in New Zealand. Over time wehaveobserved with growing concern that, in the name of virsaandvirasat, creations of mediocre or even dubious artistic meritarebeing imposed on aper throughout the world, and New Zealand isnoexception. We have noticed that those who are being bombardedwithsuch creations, appealing to the most basic human instincts,tendto move away from Sikhi. We believe that this is due to thefactthat while Sikhi asks his followers to control (instead ofbeingcontrolled by) Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Hankar, thispost-1984"virso" openly and blatantly pleads for yielding to thesemostbasic human instincts. This is resulting in a growingdistancebetween the view of the Sikh world and the view propagatedby whatis being distributed in the name of "virsa". This is theopinionthat Radio Virsa's programming will be guided by and wewelcome aconstructive commitment on what we transmit and what werefuse totransmit. Radio Team Virsa The aim of Radio Virsa is toengage inan open and honest discussion of what the virsa is andwhat thevirasat of the Sikhs is. We will deal with this discussionfrom thepoint of view of our central belief that, as Sikhs, ourvirsa andour virasat are subject only to the principles of GurbaniandGurbani. We do not accept as Virsa any artistic creation (ofanyperiod, including the postmodern period) that defends avisioncontrary to the principles of Gurbani. We hope you like it.

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