1.9.1 / September 15, 2015
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This is a PRO version of game. Support the development bydownloading this version. It features no ads ingame.This gamefeatures some ragdoll mini games, that are nice and enjoyable!Infirst game you need to drag the bus to make the character fly aheadand score more points.In second you can drag two characters aroundthe screen and play with you friends.In third you need to makecharacter fly ahead using your shotgun.And in the last but not theleast you should fall from above trying not to lose yourbodyparts!Pong Mode for ones that love olschool games.And anotherthree really hardcore modes - Flappy Rocker, Cut The Character andArkanoid!We're waiting for your responce, and will use it in futureupdates!Have fun!Remember to press sign in to google plus to useLeaderBoards and achievements!

App Information Ragdoll Minigames PRO

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    Ragdoll Minigames PRO
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    September 15, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Россия, Улица Пушкина, Дом Колотушкина.
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