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A great way to blow off steam!Have you had a frustrating day atwork? Or did you get bad grades on your school work? Or maybe yougot into a spat with someone? No matter! Rage Room: Stress Relieveris here to save the day! This innovative game is here for you whenno one else is. Grab your power tools and SMASH! This satisfyingexperience won’t let you down! Smash various objects each withsatisfying collision effects and sound effects. Use your Hammer,Sword, Axe, Hockey and many more heavy weapons to causedestruction! It’s the ultimate demolition experience, except thistime, it’s hands-on! The special rage room is FULL of expensivehouseholds things we know you would secretly want to destroy… Takea hit at LED and LCD TV’s, fancy furniture, wooden bookshelves,immaculate glass tables, washing machines, and more! You may bestressed, but this game’s controls are not! Enjoy effortlessnavigation. The more destruction, the more coins! Unlock additionaldangerous weapons, and feel the satisfaction unfold in thisadrenaline rush. Each object in the house has a differentdestruction level to build up your strength. Release that anger andfeel the blood coursing through your veins!Everyone needs a sweetrelease now and then. SMASH, CRASH, AND DESTROY!Rage Room: StressReliever Features:• Anxiety & stress relief game • Engaging& interesting game play• Earn upgrades: sword, axe, hockey& many more• Smash everything and blow off some steam• Awesomebackground music • Smooth controls & easy to play

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    Rage Room : Stress Reliever
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    February 14, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    TapSim Game Studio
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