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15 minutes series: Arcade, casual, bullet hell!Source code isavailable at https://github.com/cnyaw/25940m

App Information Rainbow bullet hell 25940m

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    Rainbow bullet hell 25940m
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    December 11, 2016
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    Studio Weilican
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Rules:* use a pack of 52 cards plus 2 jokers.* compare patternsinclude (SINGLE, PAIRS, TRIPLE, FOUR, FLUSH)* number of cards offlush has no limit but at least 3 cards.* only compare numbers notsuit* smallest number is 3. 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8< 9 < 10 < J < Q < K < A < 2 < Joker.* whenone plays a FOUR, the numbers are reversed and 2 becomes smallestnumber. 2 < A < K < Q < J < 10 < 9 < 8 < 7< 6 < 5 < 4 < 3 < Joker* Jokers can be a wildcard tomake a pattern with other cards. Ex: Joker + 2 = 2 pairs, D2 +Joker + D4 = Flush 234.* first round: player has 3 of clubs playsany pattern that include 3 of clubs.* player should follow and playthe same pattern of previous player otherwise pass to next player.*if 3 players pass then you have a chance to play a new pattern.* ifall cards of 3 players are played, game ends.Source code isavailable at https://github.com/cnyaw/big3
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成語四則運算是一個結合數學四則運算的成語學習教育小遊戲,透過有趣的方式來學習和數字有關的成語,以及練習簡單的數學四則運算。*目前收錄464條數字成語,有超過1800種算數題型,組合超過1300萬種題目變化。* 數字成語複習:隨時查詢及複習。*四則運算練習:練習數學四則運算無壓力。* 成語四則運算:結合算數的成語遊戲模式,讓學習更有趣。原始程式碼可在此下載:https://github.com/cnyaw/idiomcalcIdiom four operations is acombination of four mathematical operations idiom learning gameseducation through fun way to learn about numbers and idioms, aswell as four practice simple mathematical operations.* 464 digitalidioms currently included, there are more than 1800 kinds ofarithmetic questions, more than 13 million kinds of combinations ofthe subject changes.* Digital idiom review: always check andreview.* Four arithmetic exercise: Exercise four mathematicaloperations without pressure.* Idiom four operations: arithmeticcombination idiom game mode, make learning more fun.Source code canbe downloaded here: https://github.com/cnyaw/idiomcalc
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小熊伯尼的特技是跳躍,為了挑戰世界記錄成為最會跳躍的熊,小熊伯尼離開叢林挑戰世界第一高塔,努力的往上跳...叢林之神正在塔頂迎接你的到來,你需要克服萬難,閃避各種障礙登上高塔之頂,獲得世界第一的稱號!遊戲特色:*簡單易懂的遊戲操作!*最輕鬆愉快的遊戲玩法!*逗趣可愛的遊戲風格!*身歷其境的聲光效果!*遊戲高分排行榜,記錄每一次的挑戰!*和全世界的高手一較高下!Bear Bernie stunt jumps,to challenge the world record for most jumps bear, bear left Berniejungle challenge the world's first tower, efforts to jump up ...God is the jungle overhead to greet you, you need to overcomeall difficulties, dodge obstacles boarded top of the tower, theworld's first to obtain the title!Game Features:* Straightforward gameplay!* The most enjoyable gameplay!* Funny, cute style of the game!* Immersive sound and light effects!* Game high score leaderboards, recording every challenge!* Master of the world and under a high!
Rainbow bullet hell 25940m 1.0.1 APK
15 minutes series: Arcade, casual, bullet hell!Source code isavailable at https://github.com/cnyaw/25940m
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Link chars pairs to get high score to train your eyes andreaction.- time limit mode- practice modeSource code is availableat https://github.com/cnyaw/charlink
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MimiCube is seemingly simple but memorable and addictive casualpuzzle game.* Score mode lets you challenge the highest on record.*Energy system POWER block allows you to save trapped.* There is notime limit.* Relaxed rhythm let you hone the skill, to fill theempty time.* Quests mode lets you challenge well-designedlevels.Source code is available at https://github.com/cnyaw/mmc