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You love the Rainbow light filter, you love taking selfie picsandyou want your photos to be more than just simple selfie pics,youwant to have more highlights in the photo, then you should notmissout this Rainbow Camera - Rainbow Effect photo editingandabsolutely FREE Rainbow Camera - Rainbow Effect is aprofessionalphoto editing application, which created by the photoeffectrainbow editor photo Rainbow Camera - Rainbow Effect is asimpleselfie camera photo editor filter free and best app whichbringspretty sun flare & color overlay effect, rainbow lightCameraEditor frame that makes your picture look real with rainbowandrainbow light stickers, So If you think photo frames are cool,waituntil you see this rainbow lighting effect likeprofessionalphotographer. This Rainbow Camera - Rainbow Effect isintended asentertainment rainbow effects photo camera style.justAdd motion toyour still photo and turn them into magical rainbowlight photos,and you have a beautiful camera decorate effect withamazingexposure rainbow light face lens natural from real lighteffects,this Rainbow Camera - Rainbow Effect app is simple snap forgirlsand man, it a powerful retouch stickers rainbow faces lights,justtake your picture and make your self like aprofessionalphotography it is the best photo maker for all whoenjoy both photostickers and frames for pictures, this rainbowlight camera sparkleis a cute editor frames girl rainbow light goldand many stickersrainbow pink, this Rainbow Camera - Rainbow Effectis similar tophoto software apps that have bokeh camera or DSLRcameraediting,We are proud to provide all pretty style dressesandbeautiful collage editing filter and wonderful rainbow lightgoldimage photo camera sticker. Super Rainbow filter light effecthelpsyou to bring effects which the nature gives such asrainbow,skylight, window light, sunlight, and prism reflectioninstead ofartificial effects. Rainbow Camera - Rainbow Effectprovides you alot of handcrafted filters and the beauty of naturethat allow youeasy to put sensibility effect into your photosthemselves. Rainbowcamera selfie and rainbow light effect editorapp is a photoediting application, which is capable of applyingrainbow and lightimage with those following features and effectssuch as: 200+ sweetcolor filters; 100+ Sun Flare, Bokeh Light,Shadow Effects 100+Rainbow Overlay Effects & light leaks RealRainbow effect photoeditor . Effects similar to double exposure🌈Rainbow effect photoeditor . Sun flare overlay effects . 🌈Autofilter effect rainbowlight 🌈Color overlay effect rainbow filter🌈Effect rainbow LightLeak. In addition, the Rainbow Camera -Rainbow Effect applicationhas many other outstanding features suchas: + Dozens of impressiverainbow camera filter and rainbow stickersets . + ProfessionalEnhance photo editor editing tools. + Adjustthe opacity for eachfilter. + Share photos with friends on socialnetworks So what areyou still waiting for without downloading theapplication theRainbow Camera – Rainbow photo filter effect editornow to createyour own personal style pics by your smartphone today?We will dobest to make Rainbow photo editor easier to use andconstantlyupdate the functions! We are really looking forward toyourcomments about the effects, sticker and filters. And your 5starratings are always our Prides! It will be very appreciated thatyoushare photos in Instagram! Thanks for using our app and if youlikeour app, please rate and review Rainbow Camera app on playstore,we are also welcoming the suggestion of any complaint aboutthe appcontact on : cute-wallpapers-studio@outlook.com

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Sticker Maker for WhatsApp 4.1.0 APK
Funny Sticker Maker - Sticker Maker for WhatsApp is a builder toolto create personal WhatsApp stickers, images, text stickers forchatting WAStickerApps. Easily cut out the part of an image youwould like make a sticker of and share them with your friends. MainFeatures - Create custom sticker packs from your files - ErasingBackground of Image from gallery - Add Texts Stickers with manylanguages & fonts - Create meme or make emoji stickers of yourfriends' faces. - Use your camera to capture photos or select fromyour library - Draw the outline of the sticker with your finger -Rotate image to create most funniest stickers - Share your packs toother users Disclaimers The "WhatsApp" name is copyright toWhatsApp.This app not affiliated with any kind of messenger or anyother 3rd party app. This app only helps you to Add Stickers toWhatsApp app. All copyrights reserved to their respective owners.If you notice that any content in our app violates copyrights thanplease inform us so that we remove that content. Privacy Policy:https://sites.google.com/view/cutewallpapersstudio Contact Us:cute-wallpapers-studio@outlook.com
Rolling Icon - 3D Live Wallpaper & Launcher 2020 6.0.1 APK
This wallpaper is inspired by real world physics. It has realworldgravitational physics simulations. Icons and photos inthiswallpaper reacts to gravitational force. [Features] - The appiconand photo icon rolling width gesture and gravity, collisionandsparks, very cool - When you set it as the live wallpaper, youcanrock and roll the launcher - Gravitational force simulations.-Option to organize your apps according to your choice.-Customizable backgrounds to choose for wallpaper background.-Pinch zoom feature. - Multi-gravity box, change gravity - 3DThemes& Live Wallpapers [How to use] - Select app icons andphotoicons - Choose background - Apply Wallpaper [Disclaimers] -Allcopyrights reserved to their respective owners. - If younoticethat any content in our app violates copyrights than pleaseinformus so that we remove that content. PrivacyPolicy:https://sites.google.com/view/cutewallpapersstudio ContactUs:cute-wallpapers-studio@outlook.com
AutoCut: Auto Cut Paste Photo & Background Changer 4.6 APK
AutoCut is a free-to-use photo editor app that lets you easily cutand synthesize the background of your photos. AutoCut comes withmany professional photo editing tools like: - Smart Cutout - AutoErase: By simple taps, Auto Cut Paste will select and extractobjects through Detect AI, so you can paste that area on any ourexisting backgrounds. - Manual Erase: for finger rub (traditional)background removal. - Auto photo Background Changer: Change thebackground of your photo automagically. - Transparent photo editor:Making a picture's background transparent. - Text Stickers: Addtext and change font, style for text - Multiple Stickers: 500+funny sticker Download Now! The Best Photo Edit App Only for You.Edit, Share and Enjoy Your Life!
Sweet Camera: Beauty Selfie Camera & Portrait Mode 3.0.4 APK
Edit your photos automatically with Sweet Camera App - our brandnewapp powered by latest artificial intelligencetechnologies.AI-powered object detection: The app's neural networkis focusingmainly on humans, so it can work better in selfies andportraits.If AI crop is not fine, or it cut off something extra,you caneasily edit background mask. You can change background toanotheror blur your current background to hide sensitiveinformation orjust to have some fun, like teleporting yourself oryour friends toanother location, like…Paris! After backgroundremoval: - Changethe background and teleport yourself whereveryou'd like! - Blurthe background and make your photo look betterthan a DSLR portraitSweet Camera App key features: - AI SelfieCamera: selfie expertand photo editor, photo selfie editor, aiselfie, selfie portrait,teleport photo editor, art camera -Portrait Mode: portrait camera,portrait photography, portrait blur,portrait effect, portraitretouch, focus portrait and Auto Blurbackground DSLR - Make selfievideo, motion background - Applyfilters and effects, stickers. -Share or save result. Download Now!The Best Photo Edit App Onlyfor You. Edit, Share and Enjoy YourLife!
Handsome Man - Man Photo Editor 1.0.1 APK
Do you want to look handsome by using man hair styles,mustaches,beards, caps, sunglasses, four packs, six packs, eightpacks,tattoos, chest and all men suits in one app? Here we have Manphotoeditor : Handsome Man app which is a complete pack of boysphotoeditor with lots of men hair styles and facial hair totryhairstyle like classic hair styles, color hair styles, curlyhairstyle for men, regular hair styles, latest trendy hair stylesandspike hairstyles app to try on hairstyles for men. Handsome Man-Man Photo Editor is a all in one photo editor for men andmanmakeup app, which supports hair styles or hair style,mustache,abs, tattoo, hairstyles, six pack, face editing, beard,bodystyles, acne remover, hair color, filters, accessories andbeautyfeatures. Man hairstyle photo editor or man photo editor prois acomplete men beauty photo editor. Look stylish withamazinghairstyles, beard and mustache styles, using this mustachebeardstyles app, mustache photo editor, face editing app, freehairstyleapp for android and new hairstyle app online. Key Features: +Collection of beautiful hair, tattoo, sunglasses, mustache /Beard/mustash style, suits styles + All mustaches, hair styles,beardstyles designed to fit to any face + 90 + tattoo sticker andthistatoo app is the best tattoo maker app + 40 + trendingsunglassesadded + 40 + men chest is a man chest photo editor app +20+ turbancaps and many other hat and cap styles + 30+ man photosuits is thebest man suit app + 40+ image effects + 40 + fourpacks, six pack,and eight packs an men abs photo editor app + 40cool hair andmustache colors like blonde, brunette, red, brown,gray, blowoutburgundy chocolate cherry, golden brown + Differentstyles Male,Short, Medium, Long, hair cut, Beards and Mustaches +Unique flipoption to properly fit hair style into your face + Easyrotationand zoom + Share your beautiful hair style. Supportsmultiplesocial media sharing. Download Now! The Best Man Photo EditAppOnly for You. Edit, Share and Enjoy Your Life!
Personal Sticker Maker & Sticker Store 2020 2.0.0 APK
Best FREE editor to make your own sticker for WhatsApp withfeatureto auto remove background from photos, Add multiples photos,Addtext, emoji, sticker and more! You can make you own customstickerin just a few easy steps 1. Open Sticker Maker 2. Add photoswithfree auto remove background feature 3. Add Text and Sticker 4.Saveto your own sticker packs 5. Publish and Enjoy ! You can choosethefavorite Sticker from Sticker Store 1. Choose your Stickerpack.You can navigate between the categories by clicking SEE MOREorusing the search to find the Stickers. 2. Click on "ADDTOWHATSAPP" button. 3. Publish and Enjoy ! Disclaimers The"WhatsApp"name is copyright to WhatsApp. This app not affiliatedwith anykind of messenger or any other 3rd party app. This app onlyhelpsyou to Add Stickers to WhatsApp app. All copyrights reservedtotheir respective owners. If you notice that any content in ourappviolates copyrights than please inform us so that we removethatcontent. PrivacyPolicy:https://sites.google.com/view/cutewallpapersstudio ContactUs:cute-wallpapers-studio@outlook.com
Glitch Effect: Glitch Photo Editor & Glitch Camera 1.0.7 APK
Glitch Effect: Glitch Photo Editor & Glitch Camera istheeasiest app to add glitch effects to your photo and videos injusta few clicks. Just choose one of the many Glitch Effects andholdto apply it in video recording, taking photos. Besides,manybeautiful filters and powerful editing tools make your clipsorimages sparkle. [Main feature] ✔ 50 Super nice photo filter,photoeditor grainy effect ✔ Photo editing with VHS effects forpictures,axis effects, motion effects, time... ✔ Photo editing andsaving ofhigh quality in photo effect apps with vaporwave videofilter ✔Record video, take photos or take from Android device. ✔Specialeffects for video, photo ✔ Filters applied to photos andvideosmake it a unique variety ✔ You will be a real artist, locatedoutof the epic retro movies, magic ✔ Super nice Time filter:VHSeffects for videos, trippy, sketch, grainy effect, vaporwaveeffectvideo, read beam, video glitcher, Ripple.... ✔ 3D effecthelpsvisually and lively videos ✔ Mix and blend two or more imagewithadvanced blending tools. ✔Edit pictures like professionalswithmany editing tools. ✔ Remove background from photo. ✔ Applyeffectsto make pictures even more beautiful. ✔Apply overlay to givedoubleexposure. ✔ Rotate, resize and zoom picture so that itfitsperfectly ✔ Add text and change font, style for text ✔ 800+Layoutsof photo frames or grids to choose from! ✔ Make photocollage withFree style or Grid style. ✔ Save photo in highresolution and sharepictures to Social Network. Disclaimers: Allcopyrights reserved totheir respective owners. If you notice thatany content in our appviolates copyrights than please inform us sothat we remove thatcontent. PrivacyPolicy:https://sites.google.com/view/cutewallpapersstudio ContactUs:cute-wallpapers-studio@outlook.com
3D Glitter Effect - Glitter Photo Editor 1.0.5 APK
3D Glitter Effect can instantly beautify your photos withmindblowing Glitter Effects. With Glitter Photo Editor app you canmakephotos more beautiful and romantic by decorating themwithfantastic free Glitter Overlay, add text and amazingstickers.Features: ✔ Easy make light effect on photo. ✔ A lot ofSparkleEffect. ✔ Apply amazing photo effects. ✔ Apply effects tomakepictures even more beautiful. ✔Apply overlay to givedoubleexposure. ✔ Rotate, resize and zoom picture so that itfitsperfectly ✔ Add text and change font, style for text ✔ 800+Layoutsof photo frames or grids to choose from! ✔ Make photocollage withFree style or Grid style. ✔ Save photo in highresolution and sharepictures to Social Network. Disclaimers: Allcopyrights reserved totheir respective owners. If you notice thatany content in our appviolates copyrights than please inform us sothat we remove thatcontent. PrivacyPolicy:https://sites.google.com/view/cutewallpapersstudio ContactUs:cute-wallpapers-studio@outlook.com