1.0.20 / August 10, 2015
(3.5/5) (34)


Do you like rainbows, cats, and tapping games?

This cat know how to tap into some amazing high flying rainbowadventure. You have to be pretty quick to keep up with this cat, doyou have what it takes? Tap the screen to fly rainbow cat through anear impossible obstacle course of cursed pipes! How far can youget him through the gauntlet of pesky plumbing pipes? Just rememberin this tricky game one false move spells disaster for your rainbowcat! This awesome game has lots of fun in store for you. It alsohas loads of amazing high definition graphics and hours ofaddictive play. Get in on the fun with Rainbow cat and watch himthrow rainbows of joy and fun! Download today if you have what ittakes.

Rainbow tapping cat Features:

• Free game
• Rainbows!
• Fun and addictive
• Great HD Graphics
• Impossible to finish
• Professionally designed
• Cute flying cat character
• Retro style background theme
• Awesome bonuses if you are quick

This professionally designed game was expertly created to bringyou the best in tapping game fun! It's intuitive design and easy touse functionality makes it great for gamers of most ages. Thehighly addictive game style offers you hours and hours of enjoymentand entertainment. Get you friends, family, neighbors, and all thecot lovers in your life to download and try to beat our high score!Download today for some of the best tap gaming that you could everask for!

Download today!

App Information Rainbow Cat

  • App Name
    Rainbow Cat
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    August 10, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email drtikov@gmail.com
    Spain, Sant Pol De Mar 08395 Jacint Verdaguer 9 p02 1 1
  • Google Play Link

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Hungry cat is hungry. Timothy the cat hastraveled to the wilderness in search of food to help GrandmotherSophia feed her hungry grandchildren kittens. Help the hungry catas he bounces his way through the forest hunting for food. On thejourney you will assist Timothy, the hungry cat, as he hunts downyummy cat treats like mice, milk, fish, and even ham! Hunting cattreats has never been easier, with finger swiping fun, you canfling hungry cat into action! Be sure to avoid the mega cat traps,holes, and angry dogs.Features:• Free• Fun game• Easy to play• Great graphics• Full function menu• Challenging obstacles• All ages cat flinging fun• Many wilderness adventures• Entertaining and addictive play• Engaging, CAThartic, and wonderfulThis professionally designed and wonderfully creative catfeeding game has been expertly developed for maximum gaming fun.Travel through the rough-and-tumble wilderness to complete eachlevel. Gain and collect massive points with Timothy the hungry cat.Find, collect, and use the bonuses and mystery items to help youalong the way. It's treacherous out there, be prepared for allsorts of danger. To finish the levels just send Timothy flinginginto the portal that looks like a buzzsaw and you will be promotedto the next fantastic level. Are you up to the challenge of feedingthe hungry kittens? Download this awesome game and find out if youhave what it takes to excel at cat wrangling.