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Child's play, Rainbow magic lets your toddler discover the colorsof the rainbow at the touch of a finger.drag your finger across thescreen and watch the rainbow magically expand and change beforeyour eyes!*simple and fun!*No ADS*No out-bound links *No in apppurchase *100% FREE

App Information Rainbow Magic!

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Toddler ANTS 0.0.2 APK
(Touch & Tap Toddler App)Ants are in the kitchen! there afterthe cookie on the floor, oh no! Splat the ants with your finger!This is a simple fun app for babies and toddlers, no missions orscores, just music and funny noises! *Great for car rides!*Noscores or objectives*No "game reset or time limit" just keepplaying...... no monitoring or attention required on parentsbehalf. --- safe & FUN! --
Easter Egg Surprise! 3.0.0 APK
Baby and Toddler Style ANY-Touch Easter Egg Coloring Game.Touch thescreen and watch the magic!With every touch an eggs design changes.(Great for Babies and Toddlers)
Mr frog 0.0.1 APK
Fun Touch & Tap Toddler app, "Mr frog" is in the grass andevening is upon us.As the bugs come out... tap them with yourfinger and Mr frog will lash out his tongue to grab them up!Havefun!*Great for car rides!*Toddlers 2 and up*simple and safemoreapps like this at www.babyOnTheFRITZ.com
Walk Through The ZOO 0.0.2 APK
Walk Through The ZOO is a Touch & Tap app for **Toddlers andBabies**Start off at the Lion cage! Tap the screen a few times andhe waves and growls.After a few interactions with the screen thescenery changes. This version includes:The waving LionThe JumpingMonkeyThe Chomping AlligatorThe Snake That has a rattleThe dancingPenguins New animals will be added in future updates.Enjoy!
Kids BURGERS & Fries!! 0.3.0 APK
Kids Burgers and Fries! is a simple app designed for KIDS but funfor all ages.*create awesome meal combos!*build your burger masterpiece*save your creations to the menu0cd028fcc9
Peek-A-BOO! 0.0.1 APK
This is a simple Touch & Tap peek-a-boo app from James &Elizabeth Weatherford at BabyOnTheFRITZ.comJust hand the tabletover to your little one and watch there face light up when theytouch the screen and play peek-a-boo with the little boy! *Greatfor car rides*Audible child's voice saying "peek-a-boo"*Animatedhands and face*soft cartoon art work
American MONEY Clicker 0.0.4 APK
The AMERICAN Dream is a simple game with making money in mind.Tapthe bill until you get enough dough to buy interest. interestaccumulates all by itself! even if your not playing thegame.Advance to higher bill denominations and see just how muchmoney you can make.*Double click the items in the menu to buy otherbills and more interest *Great pass time that never gets ole
Chopper RESCUE 0.1.0 APK
This a Demo App for (App Crash Course.com)Learn to build your veryown android apps TODAY!!!**UPDATE** NOW YOU CAN BUY ... full range(flight) and missiles!!!