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This App is different from all other apps available here. Keyfeatures :- 1. Biography 2. HD Photos 2. All songs are listed 3.New Movie trailers and teasers 4. Filmography is available 6. Livefeed More options are available . Download Now !!

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Youpost.gr 2.1 APK
Σας έχει τύχει να πηγαίνετε σε μια δημόσια υπηρεσία και να έχειτόση ουρά που σίγουρα σκέφτεστε ότι δεν θα προλάβετε ναεξυπηρετηθείτε; Να πηγαίνετε σε ένα ΑΤΜ να βγάλετε χρήματα κιεκείνο να είναι εκτός λειτουργίας; Το YouPost μας δίνει τηνδυνατότητα να ενημερώνουμε και να ενημερωνόμαστε από τους πολίτεςτης πόλης μας δημιουργώντας ένα δίκτυο πολιτών ‘’Postr’’ καιαπολαμβάνοντας μία ελεύθερη ενημέρωση. Κατεβάζοντας δωρεάν το Αpp ήμπαίνοντας στο youpost.gr τώρα μπορούμε να απαθανατίζουμε τογεγονός και να το ποστάρουμε χωρίς φίλτρο.
SR Technician 2.5 APK
SR Technician App includes various features for technicians Like:1.Technician Can View all Complaints2.Technician can Accept anyComplaint3.Technician can call on Customer Care Number4.Techniciancan give status of Complaints .and many more features.Designed& Developed by Young Decade IT Software Solution
Kailash Vijayvargiya 1.1.0 APK
Kailash Vijayvargiya (born May 13, 1956 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh)is currently serving as National General Secretary of BhartiyaJanta Party, starting his political career in Indore Bhartiya JantaParty and was Mayor of Indore city, a six-time legislator who hasnever lost an assembly election, Mr Vijayvargiya had been a cabinetminister in the state government for over 12 years before he waselevated to the party's central leadership.Vijavargiya wasappointed BJP's election in-charge for Haryana's Assembly Polls in2014,after which BJP romped to an absolute majority in the assemblyelection. This victory ensured that he would be given moreimportant roles in the near future on central level and was provedwhen in June 2015, he was appointed as National General Secretaryby Party President Amit Shah.And as expected, after his performancein Haryana, he was appointed as the new in-charge of the party inWest Bengal.
Sumitra Mahajan (Tai) 1.0.0 APK
Sumitra Mahajan (born 11 April 1943) is an Indian politician who isthe Speaker of the 16th Lok Sabha.She belongs to Bharatiya JanataParty. In 2014, she got elected to the Lok Sabha for the eighthtime, one of three members of the 16th Lok Sabha to do so,and iscurrently the longest-serving woman member.She has represented theIndore constituency of Madhya Pradesh since 1989.She served for atime as a Union Minister. She was minister from 2002 to 2004,holding the portfolios for Human Resources, Communications andPetroleum. She is the eldest and senior most among woman Members ofParliament in the 16th Lok Sabha. She is the second woman afterMeira Kumar to be elected as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Anactive parliamentarian, she not only headed important committees,but has also been a keen debater and avid questioner in the house.
SR Customer 1.2 APK
SR Customer App includes various features for Customers Like:1.Customer Can make Complaints2.Customer can ViewComplaints3.Customer can call on Customer Care Number4.Customer cancheck status of Complaints and many more features.Designed &Developed by Young Decade IT Software Solution
Ratnesh Mendola 1.1.0 APK
Ratnesh Mendola Constituency : Indore (Madhya Pradesh) Party Name :Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP)Actively and consistently involve for theall-round development of the rural poor, farmers, workers anddowntrodden.
Indori Salon 1.9 APK
Indori salon is the first application in the indore, which offersits users free reservation for salons, where the applicationresides in a regular Android, smart phones and tablets. The usercan through the application book an appointment with one of theservice providers in less than five steps.
com.yd.rajeshsonkar 1.1 APK
Rajesh Sonkar Member Type : MLA Party Name : (BJP) Bharatiya JanataParty Constituency : Sanwer