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Ram booster and Cleaner 2016 is a very simpleand easy to use application, Ram Booster is very important andnecessary for all users of Android devices, this application canclear the memory of your Android system, which increases theperformance of your mobile phone or tablet, el on top of that thisRam Cleaner is totally free.

And among the other benefits of our Ram booster and Cleaner, itcan also improve your battery life up to 20%.

Now you can speed up your Android phone with this Ram Boosterand Cleaner easily and without any professional knowledge.

* Accélérateur la mémoire Vive
* تسريع وتنظيف الهاتف والانترنت

App Information Ram Booster and Cleaner Xpro1

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    Ram Booster and Cleaner Xpro1
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    November 28, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
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    Luis Apps Pro
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Finger blood pressure prank 1.0 APK
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Prank blood pressure is a fun app thatsimulates a blood pressure check and diastolic heart beat and usingdigital scanner is a perfect application for those who want to jokewith friends and family.How to use this application:1- Press start2 - Place your finger on the circle3 - Wait 10 seconds4 - See the resultAmong the features:- Easy and simple to use- Free for all Android users.- Application to collect joke cheering time with your families andyour best friends- Scanner Realistic looking.Note : This blood pressure is not a real application, it is justfor entertainment purposes only.
Blood pressure prank free 1.0 APK
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This application of blood pressure is a PrankScanner for android to calculate your blood pressure, bloodpressure and diastolic of a human body and the heart beat usingyour smartphone, it is just for entertainment purposes only .The use of this application:1 - After you enter the blood pressure Prank application, pressthe red icon (START).2 - Place your finger on the circle (the fingerprint) and waitabout 10 seconds.3 - Congratulations, the application will scan your thumb and theapplication displays the final result.Main features :- Simple to scan and easy to use.- Application to collect joke cheering moment with your bestfriends.- Realistic looking Scanner- Totally free for Android users.- Works well on mobile phones and tablets AndroidNote: This scanner (blood pressure) is not a real application, itis just a Prank Scanner.
قاموس عربي فرنسي ناطق صوتي 1 2.0 APK
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مترجم وقاموس عربي فرنسي ناطق صوتي, سهلالإستعمال ويحتوي على عدد كبير من معاني العبارات والكلمات, يحتوي علىترجمة بالكلمة وبالجملة من العربي الى الفرنسي ومن الفرنسي الىالعربي, مع احتواءه على ميزة سماع نطق الكلمات المترجَمَة.بعض مميزات هذا البرنامج :* بسيط وسهل في الإستخدام.* يستطيع العمل في جل أنظمة الأندرويد الشيء الذي لا يتوفر في معظمالبرامج.* إمكانية حفظ ما قمت بترجمته في قاعدة البيانات.* إمكانية قرائة الكلمات بالصوت.* قاموس فوري للكلمات والعبارات المترادفة.* يحتوي على قرابة 84 ألف كلمة.* نسبة الأخطاء في هذا القاموس شبه منعدمة.Dictionnaire Arabe Français, translator arabic frenchقوموا بتحميل هذا القاموس المترجم, وإن نال إعجابكم لا تخلوا علينابإضافة تقييم خمس نجوم, من أجل تشجيعنا على العطاء أكثرArabic interpreter andFrench-speaking voice, easy to use and contains a large number ofthe meanings of words and expressions, containing the translationof the word, and wholesale of Arab to French and French to Arabic,with fit to hear the pronunciation of words translated advantage.Some advantages of this program:* Simple and easy to use.* Can work in almost all Android systems, something that is notavailable in most programs.* The ability to save what you've translated in the database.* The ability to read words sound.* Instant Dictionary of words and phrases tandem.* Contains approximately 84 thousand words.* The proportion of errors in this dictionary almostnon-existent.Dictionnaire Arabe Français, translator arabic frenchArise, download this dictionary compiler, and won the admirationwe have not given up by adding five-star evaluation, in order toencourage us to give more
جهاز إختبار الحمل بالبصمة 1.0 APK
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عزيزتي, هل تبحثين عن تطبيق عربي للكشف عنالحملبالبصمة فقط؟ إذن مرحبا بك, أنت في المكان الصحيح!سنقدم لك اليوم مجانا وبدون أي شروط,برنامج إختبار الحمل ـPrank,فانطلاقا من اليوم لن تعودي بحاجة للذهاب عند الطبيب, سنقدم لكهذاالتطبيق الرائع, الأنيق, والسهل الإستعمال, إضافة لكل ذلك فهومجاني١٠٠% ,جهاز الكشف عن الحمل بالبصمة ـ Prank , سيكون رفيقا لك أينماحللتوآرتحلت بون منازع, لآستعماله في أغراض التسلية واللعب والترفيهمعالعائلة والأقارب والأصدقاء.إذن لا تتردد, حمَل البرنامج وآستمتع الآن.بعض خصائص جهاز اختبار الحمل بالبصمة Prank :* مجاني وخفيف الوزن* سهل الإستخدام فهو يعمل بالبصمة فقط* لا يحتاج إلى آتصال بالأنترنيت (يعمل بدون أنترنت)* سهولة الفحص, وإعطاء نتائج فورية.* خلفية التطبيق جميلة, والألوان غير مضرة بالعين.* يشتغل في معظم أنظمة الأندرويد بدون استثناء.* استهلاك قليل جدا للبطارية.=> Test de grossesse gratuit=> Pregnancy Test Scanner proملاحظة : جهاز الكشف عن الحمل بالبصمة مجرد خدعة للتسلية منالأصدقاءوالعائلة ـ Prank , هذا يعني أنه لاHoney, Are you lookingforArabic application for the detection of pregnancy onlyfingerprint?Hello your permission, you are in the rightplace! Today we will give you free of charge and withoutanyconditions, pregnancy test program Prank, Proceeding of the dayyoureturn will not need to go at the doctor, we will give youthiswonderful application, elegant, and easy to use, as well as allofthis is 100% free,Detection of pregnancy Prank fingerprint device, will beanalyzedcompanion wherever you traveled and Bonn excellence, to beused forthe purposes of entertainment, play and entertainment withthefamily, relatives and friends. So do not hesitate, download the program and enjoy now.Some characteristics of the pregnancy test devicefingerprintPrank:* Free and lightweight* It is easy to use fingerprint only works* Does not need to connect to the internet (workswithoutinternet)* Ease of inspection, and to give immediate results.* Beautiful backdrop of the application, and is harmful toeyecolors.* Operates in most Android systems without exception.* Consumption very few of the battery.=> Test de grossesse gratuit=> Pregnancy Test Scanner proNote: The device detect pregnancy fingerprint is just a tricktoentertain friends and family Prank, this means that it doesnot
Quiz General knowledge - Q & A 2.3 APK
Luis Apps Pro
Try our quiz of general culture, offline(without internet connection) and 100% free.Test your general knowledge and your knowledge through our gameQuiz public general knowledge in multiple areas of historical,scientific, cultural, mathematics, Islamic, questions and answersin sport, art, philosophy, Questions to astronomy and various othersciences.We developed this application (5200 Questions and Answers - Ask)which contains many valuable cultural information andinterestingWe'll give you a set of questions and answers in the form ofQuiz general culture, and we will give you February-April responseoptions for each question, and you just have to choose one of theproposed answers. You should also know that this app contains 3levels of questions: easy, medium and difficult issues forchildren, youth and adults.* سؤال وجواب ـ مسابقة ثقافية, معلومات ثقافية
Call recorder automatic Free 1.0 APK
Luis Apps Pro
Discover the best version of professional callrecorder, free, simple and easy to use, now you can record all yourcalls that you want and choose the ones you want to keep.With this wonderful application you can set to record telephonecalls and those easily ignored and a single click,Some features:* Elegant, simple and easy to use* Enable / Disable automatic recording of conversations during thecall.* The ability to change the destination folder of the phone callrecords to your SD card.* The ability to record all your telephone calls in specific format...* Set the size of the inbox.* Save and delete records of calls a simple click* Unlimited recording of calls entered and outputs by phone* Share Call Records* Ignore the registration number or for a specific contact.* The ability to see the history of the caller.Note: There are some phones versions do not support the recordingof the telephone line. This is a manufacturer driver problem.
قاموس عربي اسباني ناطق صوتي 2.0 APK
Luis Apps Pro
قاموس ومترجم فوري ناطق صوتي, من الاسانية إلىالعربية ومن العربية إلى الاسبانية, هذا المعجم خفيف وسهل الإستعمال,كما يمكنه الإشتغال في أغلب أنظمة الاندرويد.قاموس ناطق فوري للكلمات المترادفة والعبارات القصيرة, كل ما عليك هوكتابة أو نسخ ولسق الكلمة التي تبحث عن مرادف لها، وعلى الفور يظهر لكمعناها.بعض مميزات هذا المترجم :* مرن, خفيف الحجم وفوري* مترجم عكسي (قاموس عربي إسباني - إسباني عربي)* سهل التعامل, لا يحتاج لأي خبرة مسبقة* إمكانية السماع لنطق الكلمة, لتفادي أخطاء النطق.* إمكانية نشر ما قمت بترجمته في الشبكات الاجتماعية والبريدالإلكتروني.=> Español Árabe Diccionario, Spanish Arabic Dictionaryاذا أعجبكم التطبيق, قوموا بإضافة تقييم 5 نجوم, لتشجيعنا علىالعطاء أكثرDictionary and aninterpreter speaking voice, from Alasaniya to Arabic and Arabic toSpanish, this dictionary is light and easy to use, and canFunctioning in most Android systems.Dictionary immediate spokesman for words and phrases synonymousshort, all you need is to write or copy and Lsag looking for a wordthat is synonymous with her, and instantly shows you the meaning.Some advantages of this translation:* Flexible, lightweight size and immediate* Reverse interpreter (Arabic Dictionary Spanish - SpanishArabic)* Easy to handle, does not need any prior experience* The possibility of listening to the pronunciation of the word, toavoid pronunciation errors.* The possibility of deploying what you've translated in socialnetworks and e-mail.=> Español Árabe Diccionario, Spanish Arabic DictionaryIf you like the application, Arise, adding 5-star rating, toencourage us to give more
Blood Sugar Detector Prank 1 1.0 APK
Luis Apps Pro
Our application allows for a Blood SugarTestscanner Prank and number of heart beats, we have designed tohelpyou do a test sugar (glucose) in your finger, without havingtovisit the doctor, now it's easy to measuring the proportionofdiabetes and the proportion of the blood pressure with easeandwithout an Internet connection.Some features of the application of blood sugar testprankPro* Simple and easy to use* Works without Internet access* Works in all Android systems.* Measurement of blood pressure and blood sugar levels and theheartrate.* Results may directly change after a few seconds* The application does not give you accurate results, it is afarcefor entertaining friends and family.Manual:The method is very simple, just run the measurementapplicationsugar and sex selection, (male or female), and then putyour thumbon instead of appearing in screen, wait a moment, andyour resultblood Sucre test appears immediately.Note: Here the application of blood sugar test Diabetes isaPrank Application for entertainment.