1.0.61 / November 26, 2018
(4.5/5) (9082)


A new Ramboat Run & Gun shooter adventure, a new war where toprove you’re the hero metal soldier who will defeat the coronel andhis army! Discover a new action arcade shooting game experiencefull of weapons and bullets! Collect amazing weapons, upgrade andcustomize your metal soldier, drive military vehicles, get readyfor the combat and enter the best platform shooter action game!Escape from hundreds of enemies, jumping and dodging as quickly aspossible. Ramboat 2 is a Run & Gun addictive shooting gamewhere you can run, jump and shoot. Do you love jumping andshooting? Download Ramboat 2 - The metal soldier shooting game& discover the new Ramboat Run & Gun adventure! Survive anarmy of metal soldiers, paratroopers, rocket launchers and enemysubmarines, dodge bullets. During your run, get amazing power upsto increase your firepower and collect coins to upgrade your guns& craft new gears. Make Ramboat unstoppable! Craft and upgradeweapons and gears with the gold you earn in each battle: shotguns,machine guns, rifles, uzis, rocket launchers. Shoot your best gunand destroy the enemy army! Play Ramboat 2, the best Run & Gunshooting game, and help your friends to defeat the enemies armedfrom head to toe, you will quickly face the most dangerous combats.Customize your hero with the fight item you’ll find in thebattlefield, choose your outfit and improve your combat skills! Bea metal soldier legend! Beat your enemies and complete all themissions and challenges to increase your military rank! Gamefeatures: AMAZING RUN & GUN MISSIONS AND STAGES - OFFLINEACTION SHOOTING GAME -Rush through different STAGES and faceCHALLENGES that increase the difficulty and fun: Fight against theenemy camp! The best endless shooter game! POWERFUL ARSENAL TOUPGRADE -Tons of guns & weapons to choose. Collect blueprintsand buy potent weapons like the machine gun, flamethrower, classicpistol, laser and more! -Become a soldier and shoot! Upgrade yourguns and increase their power, shooting rate... Boost yourfirepower and hit the enemy lines! -Find epic gadget in the storeand go to war fully equipped like a real special ops militarysoldier! COLLECT ALL CHARACTERS AND BOATS -Try +12 unique bandmembers, each with their special equipment and skills. -Race with+12 speedy and mighty boats like a yacht, a pirate ship… or ashark! Can you collect them all? AMAZING RUN & GUN SHOOTINGGAME MODES -Classic action adventure ARCADE style with originaltwists. The ultimate endless shooting game runner. -Play with afriend in MULTIPLAYER SHOOTING GAME and double the fun. Who willend with more enemies? -Do you want a challenge? Try the ELITE MODEif you have what it takes. Shoot like a pro! QUALITY DETAILS -Veryeasy to play and completely FREE!! -Simple and intuitive interface.Jump and shoot with one finger! -Awesome 2D graphics, withfascinating HD effects of light and color. You’ll love this runnergame! -Great music and sound effects that make you run and jumpeven faster! HOW TO PLAY -Use the joypad to move -Tap jump buttonto jump avoid obstacles -Tap fire button to shoot -Tap Grenadebutton to make an explosion Sync with your Facebook or Google Playprofile and share your score with all your friends! Join thousandsof players in this exciting Run & Gun adventure! Shoot, jumpand kill in this addictive action and shooting game. Play now Run& Gun for free! Download Ramboat 2 - The metal soldier Run& Gun shooting game & start playing NOW! Facebook:http://facebook.com/RamboatGame http://generagames.com

App Information Ramboat 2 - The metal soldier shooting game

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    Ramboat 2 - The metal soldier shooting game
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    November 26, 2018
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Genera Games
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    Calle Cardenal Bueno Monreal Número 50, planta 2º, puerta 1 41013 Sevilla
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The Best Shooter in the Death RaceDo you have what it takes tocompete in this mix of weapons and adventure games? The only ruleis to arrive at the goal alive. Choose the fastest vehicle, themost devastating weapons and the most powerful defenses, yourenemies will have no mercy! Start the action in your car! Shooterin racing cars, live the movie Death Race in the best free shootinggame. Official game of the movie Death Race - Shooter Game inRacing Cars, fight for your freedom in one of the best free actiongames on the race track between speed and big explosions. Enterthis amazing shooting simulator and shots brutally destroying yourrivals!The race of death is to destroy the cars shooting, they cannot against all your weapons... the deadly race with weapons isabout to begin. Play as the protagonist of the film, competeagainst the rest of runners to reach the goal in this officialgame, just one more VICTORY! The most action-packed car and actiongame you've ever seen! Thought for real drivers wanting to shoot.Download it for free on your smartphone or tablet and let the showbegin. The race track is waiting for you! Choose the fiercestcars and the most powerful weapons to protect you while fightingother snipers in this shooting race. Drive powerful cars, shootgreat weapons, play with realistic graphics and spectacularexplosions, START THE DEATH RACE! GAMEFEATURES: INCREDIBLE GARAGEYou can choose between cars of allkinds and modify them! Among sports cars, trucks, SUVs and muscles,we have more than 12 cars waiting to be tuned and increase yourMORTAL LEVEL. Choose among all the amazing skins, modify theircolors and share your new car on Facebook! POWERFULARSENALBecome a car killer with the highest firepower! Choosebetween our weapons and equipment: missile launchers, assaultrifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns ... and many more!Have you tried slow motion to kill your enemies? POWERFULBREAKERSDestroy the rules! Tired of playing clean? Equip yourselfwith our power-ups and finish your opponent in seconds: X-rayshighlighting your weak points, increasing damage to your weapons,improving your defenses or carrying all the ammunition you can. Thefirst ones are FREE! GAME MODESDriving with DEATH RACE styleshooting. The ultimate shooting car game!Relive the careers of themovie with our HISTORY MODE and get your FREEDOM!Do you likeprizes? Compete in the CHALLENGE MODE, win 5 races in a row and youwill get a good booty, the greater the difficulty, the better thereward!Every day 3 DAILY RACES await you, overcome them and extendyour benefits!Scale positions with the RANKING MODE, will youmanage to overcome all the levels?SHOOTING SIMULATORImportantDeathRace is not an online shooting game / shoot games online orcontains multiplayer shooter mode, it is not a racing game as suchit is an action and adventure games where you will find a simulatorof shots on top of racing cars. Of the best shooting games you willfind! (Shooting games without wifi) FEEL THE MOVIEAwesome 3Dgraphics and realistic circuits! Among millions of jumps, drifts,explosions, weapons, power-ups ... Top best action games with a mixof the best adventure games since you'll live the movie! VISITUS:https://www.facebook.com/DeathRaceTheGamehttp://generagames.comDoyou like shooting games?In Death Race you will have to help win therace in a shooter game where everything depends on you. One of thebest action games awaits you in the race of death.
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Download now for free one of best offline shooting games onmobiles. Your duty is to lead the war and become the best shooterand sniper shooting! Try the new free zombie event! Shot and don'tleave any zombies alive!! Are you a survival hero? New mode: SniperFPS Ops. We have changed old skirmish missions for this new mode.Defeat all enemies before the time runs out. Each target adds 3seconds to survive COVER FIRE FEATURES - A New 3d FPS Shooterexperience. Join the resistance and command like a professionalsniper. Take action and survive on the frontline. Shoot to kill inspecial ops and survive in this 3d sniper shooting game 2018! -Modern control that bring you an fun and addictive combat. Shoot toKill and release the fury of this war! You received the call forduty of saving the people - HD Graphics with destructiblebattlegrounds. Shoot over a train, shooting missions onhelicopters, control drones, etc - Become best sniper in the onlinetournaments mode, shooting with non stop action against otherassassins players. Don’t stop shooting in offline missions with thecommando and sniper mission game. - Supply yourself with a hugereal arsenal. You have never seen so realistic guns in shootergames: pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers… feel like a realfrontline commando! - Face the battlefield from differentperspectives. Alternate among your mercenaries in realtime, findthe ultimate combination to win the battle in the ultimate killinggame. - Set up your assassin squad with their unique skills:hacker, sniper, assault man... Unlock new epics snipers andshooters like the bazooka-man or the gunslinger! Have you ever seenan inflatable dinosaur on the battlefield? -Take the control of thebattle and become the best shooter in the most addictive 3d sniperfps shooting game. Download the app free now and receive unlimitedfree updates! In Cover Fire ( CoverFire ) you will be the shooterwho lead a squad of veterans through sieged cities, deserts andfields taken by guerrillas, and defeat all kind of enemies anddefeat victims from hostage in this war survival game in the bestgameplay on mobile. As the leader of the rebellion, you will facethe army of the enemy corp: elite soldiers, lethal special units,mechs with impenetrable shields, powerful tanks… Take the controlof the battlefield, deal with the conflict as a real war machine.Become the legend of this world war in the most addictive fpsmultiplayer. - Free shooter and sniper experience. Take cover, aimand shoot. Don’t let the terrorists own the world in the best freeshooting game ever! - Challenging Story mode. Fight againstTetracorp and lead a mercenary riot on every mission. Best gameplayin the most engaging shooting game ever. - Feel the new experienceunique in shooter games. Press the screen, pull the trigger andshoot!. Destroy and annihilate all the bad guys with your powerfulweapons and your well-assembled team of heroes! Limitless shooterfps action! Welcome to the Resistance. Welcome to Cover Fire (CoverFire ) Cover Fire is a free game but it contains optionalin-app purchases for real money. You may want to keep away it fromyour kids and younger boys VISIT US:http://facebook.com/CoverFireGame/ http://coverfiregame.com
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Welcome to the best RPG soccer game! Become a football hero playingwith the best soccer stars in world! Go! Download now the bestsoccer game! It’s FREE!Play with Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar andbecome a world soccer star and lead your team to victory with withSoccer Heroes RPG. Take it up the middle, pass, dribble, shoot and…GOAL! Experience REAL SOCCER as you create your own football teamsigning new players. Choose your move in the soccer field, level upand evolve your players, and score amazing goals in thismanga-styled soccer game!Are you a soccer lover? Do you like Oliver& Benji? This is your game! Play online & offline!Stopdreaming! score your first goal in Soccer Heroes, download the appnow FOR FREE!Soccer Heroes emulates the classic sport of soccer ina new and original way. It’s based on cut scenes in which you seethe player crossing the field, and you decide if you want to pass,dribble, or take a shot on goal. Your moves impact the results ofthe match on the field and the number of goals you score. Play as astriker, midfielder, or defender in the most complete rpg soccergame ever!Train hard to improve your skills and abilities and nogoalkeeper will be able to stop your powerful shot! Recruit new topplayers for your roster and use your teammates’ special powers totip the scales in your favor. Evolve the skills of the team to winand reach the top of the international soccer scene! Who will bethe best defender, striker, or goal scorer? Who will shoot thehardest, dribble the fastest, and have the best technique? Youchoose who gets a spot in the starting lineup. In this anime soccergame you are both the player and the coach!Play various seasons,tournaments and cups to complete your professional soccer career.Overcome challenges, get rewards from every match and earnexperience to level up and evolve your skills. Will you be able torank among the top players in Versus Mode?Score goals and have funwith this awesome soccer game with amazing manga graphics, inspiredin great sagas like Oliver and Benji/Supercampeones or InazumaEleven (Super Onze). Launch your professional soccer career andbecome a star with the best football game ever!FEATURES:MANGA &ANIME STYLE GRAPHICS-Amazing cartoon graphics for manga and animefans!-Remember classics like Oliver and Benji, Flash Kicker,Inazuma Eleven (Super Onze), and Hungry Heart: WildStriker!-Spectacular plays animations and special powers from yourfavourite anime series!TRAIN & IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS-Train andevolve your team throughout the game to be the best squadever!-Unlock incredible and unique powers, skills, and abilitiesfor each teammate!-Gain experience to level up your players andimprove their magic skills.SOCCER MANAGER-Buy and sell players toimprove your squad. Can you collect all of them?-Improve yourplayers by earning experience match by match and get rewards!-Formyour starting lineup with charismatic characters, each with specialabilities and skills.-Goalies, defenders, midfielders and strikers…All they need is a great team leader to become score heroes!2 GAMEMODES: OFFLINE & ONLINE-Play soccer offline in the Story Mode:from humble beginnings to a world soccer star!-Challenge playersfrom around the world in the Online Mode and reach the top of therankings!-Special tournaments, championships, and cups with awesomerewards!MIX OF ANIME, STRATEGY & SOCCER-Choose wisely your nextmoves and see the effect they have on the game: Pass, dribble,shoot, score goals, hold your position, tackle and block or trapshots on goal!-Defend the attack, steal the ball, dribble theopponent, pass to a mate and score fantasy goals!-A never beforeseen combo of anime, strategy and soccer!Check out the excitingmanga soccer trailer for thegame:www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yCMkAm8RgUDOWNLOAD NOW & STARTPLAYING THIS AWESOME RPG SOCCER GAME!VISITUS:http://fb.me/soccerheroesrpghttp://generagames.com
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Run Forrest Run! - Endless Run is the best running game for all thefamily! Ready to have fun? Download this arcade runner game now andrun, do not stop, just run and dodge the different obstacles thatstand in your way.Welcome to Run Forrest Run! - Endless Run, theofficial runner game of Forrest Gump!Run like a runner! Jump like amonkey! Collect coins like a banker! And fly like a bird!Be carefulwith the cars, trucks, bumps, rocks, trees and other obstacles thatyou have to overcome on the way. Go through football Stadium anddodge the players. Run as fast as a dog runs behind a sausage andcatch the bubba gump prawns!Delve into dangerous forests ofVietnam... War zone! Take care and dodge enemy bombs andbullets!Join this addictive adventure and dash as fast as you can,overcome the levels and unlock new scenarios and characters.Youwill never get bored again, it doesn’t matter if you're on the bus,on the train or in the subway. Thanks to you do not need internetto play, you can run with Forrest anywhere, at any time. Say bye toboredom!This is the best adventure run game… Definitely! GAMEFEATURES:-Amazing runner game!Welcome to the new action game at topspeed, are you addicted to run, jump and dodge? You will need areal old school reflexes to overcome the challenge! Have fun withthis wild race, the best run and jump game, uniquely blends thegenres of arcade and action games.-Easy to play!Simple andintuitive control system, all the acrobatics moves with one finger.Swipe up on your screen to make a jump and escape from obstacles,press down your finger to slide under hurdles.Dash left or right toturn your runner. Can you dodge all cars and enemies?Activate thehang glider and fly over the blocks while collect coins in the airin this endless runner.-Missions reward system!Complete threemissions and level up your multiplicator rating, each mission isunique. Unlock amazing scenarios to play ‘Run Forrest Run’ withcolorful and fantastic graphics like Alabama, Route 66, FootballStadium or dangerous forests of Vietnam, all of them recreatescenes from the beloved. Welcome to a new 3D running game!-Challenge and beat your friends!Synchronize with your Facebook andGoogle Play accounts, compete with your friends, beat them andreach the top of the ranking. Enter in the competitive mode and runpast your high scores in the game and become the top runner. Showthem who is the best in this infinite running games.-Upgrade andcustomize!There are a lot of skins and helmets to customize yourcharacter. What do you prefer? A rugby helmet or a rocket helmet?Each item have special powers like slow down time, jump moredistance, multiply your points or survive one/two impacts with aobstacle. Non stop action in this never ending jumping game!Veryeasy to play and totally free, with its simple and intuitiveinterface, run and dodge with only one finger! You'll love thischallenge running action game at full speed!Do you like the cartoongraphics? Check out the official game video. There are thousands ofsurprises waiting for you in this third person runnergame:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWquL-NZrq8Start thisentertainment jumping game, you won't stop running, jumping anddodging! Free download ‘Run Forrest Run’ and start this wild racenow! Get all scenarios!Visit us and and enjoy our freegames:www.generagames.comDon’t miss our news and releases! Followus on facebook, twitter andinstagram:https://www.facebook.com/Run-Forrest-Run-2023800101232100/https://twitter.com/RunForrestRunTGhttps://www.instagram.com/runforrestrunthegame/Thanks,have fun, and remember: “life is a box of chocolates you never knowwhat you are gonna get”Enjoy the game ;)
Soccer Star 2019 Top Leagues · MLS Soccer Games 1.8.2 APK
Genera Games
It’s the last match of the League and you are in a drawn. It’s yourturn to choose the destiny of your soccer team. Fit your boots, runfor the ball, make a powerful kick and… GOAL! Will you triumph as asoccer player and become the real score hero of your club? Will yoube the football legend of this season? Enjoy the best free soccergame. Download now Soccer Star 2019 Top Leagues for mobile ortablet FOR FREE! GAME FEATURES LEAGUES AND DIVISIONS Play in themost important soccer competitions in the world: League, Cup,League, Champions League… and lead your team to the top of theworldwide football. Could you win the trophies of all thechampionships? CONTRACTS AND SPONSORS Shine like a star and thebest sponsors will offer you succulents contracts, and will printtheir brands in your football boots and your soccer kits. MANAGERAND SOCIAL Jump into the stadium and lead your soccer team like areal football manager. LEVEL UP SKILLS Free kick, penalty shootout,assist the striker. Compete hard to reach glory with the bestfootball manager game. Free and easy to play soccer game: flick toshoot, flick to assist. Just one finger, go for the world cup! Fromthe creator of Soccer Star World Legend, here comes Soccer Star2019 TOP LEAGUES, the ultimate new soccer experience. Begin yoursoccer career from the bottom. Compete with the best soccer teamsand against worldwide known football players. Do you dare to faceCristiano or Messi? Improve your technique, shot and precision.That’s the only way to become a soccer player. Play in the soccerchampionships: League, Cup, League, Champions League… And lead yoursoccer team to the top. Will you accept the FIF World Cupchallenge? Live like the soccer star. Soccer Star 2018 Top Leaguesis the ultimate soccer simulator. Nobody will stop your kicks. Turnyourself into a soccer legend. World cup 2019 season has startedand your time has come. Become a Soccer Star!
Hoshi Eleven - Top Soccer RPG 1.6.0 APK
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Become a world soccer legend and lead your team to victory withHoshi Eleven Top Soccer RPG! Live the intensity and excitement offootball like never before, as you strategize, train, evolve,dribble, pass, steal, defend, attack, and score incredible goals inthis top addictive match 3 puzzle manga game!Match defensive and offensive gems to make the best play, scoregoals, and have fun with this awesome football puzzle game withamazing manga graphics. Launch your professional soccer career andbecome a star! Your moves on the board impact the results of thematch on the field and the number of goals you score. Play as astriker, midfielder, or defender in the most complete soccer gameever!Train hard to improve your skills and abilities and nogoalkeeper will be able to stop your powerful shot! Recruit new topplayers for your roster and use your teammates’ special powers totip the scales in your favor. Evolve the skills of the team to winand reach the top of the international football scene! Who will bethe best defender, striker, or goal scorer? Who will shoot thehardest, dribble the fastest, and have the best technique? Everyonemust train hard to get a spot in the starting lineup and win. Inthis manga puzzle soccer game you are both the player and thecoach!The exciting manga graphics will remind you of classics likeCaptain Tsubasa, Oliver and Benij, Flash Kicker, Inazuma Eleven,and Hungry Heart: Wild Striker!Live an epic adventure from humble beginnings to world footballstar! Follow your sensei’s advice to defeat your opponents,convince them to join your team, and avenge your father’s death.Together you can become the greatest player and world champions ofall time! Score goals, win championships, achieve fame, rule thepitch, and your fans will follow you to the end!Play various seasons, weekly tournaments, and cups to completeyour professional soccer career. Overcome challenges, get rewardsfor every achievement and win, and earn experience to level up,evolve your skills, and be a top player!Game Features:* Amazing manga graphics for manga and anime fans! Remember CaptainTsubasa, Oliver and Benij, Flash Kicker, Inazuma Eleven, and HungryHeart: Wild Striker!* Tons of different players to choose from and add to yourroster!* A never before seen combo of manga, match 3, and football!* Train and evolve your team throughout the game!* Unique powers, skills, and abilities for each teammate!* Special tournaments, championships, and cups with awesomerewards!* Free and easy to play soccer game!Check out the exciting manga soccer trailer for the game:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvcPsqJY96oPlay in the biggest championships in the world and win titles withyour team to become a soccer legend! Make history as a footballplayer in the best soccer puzzle manga app on Google Play!VISIT US: www.generagames.comFOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/hoshieleven/FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/HoshiElevenFOLLOW US ON GOOGLE PLUS: google.com/+Generagames/videosFOLLOW US ON LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/genera-gamesENJOY OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: youtube.com/user/generagamesTerms and Conditions: http://www.generagames.com/terms-of-use/Privacy Policy: http://www.generagames.com/privacy/Contact us: http://www.generagames.com/contact/