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Create a random name and address with just a touch of a button.Thisrandom name generator will create random names and addresses frommany different nationalities. You can also choose the gender of thegenerated names and copy the names to the Androidclipboard.Supported nationalities are listed below:* Australia*Brazil* Canada* Denmark* Finland* France* Germany* Iran* Ireland*Netherlands* New Zealand* Spain* Switzerland* Turkey* UnitedKingdom* United States

App Information Random Name Generator

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    Random Name Generator
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    October 28, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    James Gilbert
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Train your brain and improve your reaction time, reflexes, and finemotor skills with this app.This app includes a reaction test inwhich you have to touch a square as fast as you can after ittransitions from black to red. The time it takes the you to reactto this change will be recorded and saved. Try to beat your fastestreaction time and lower your average reaction time.There is also agame included in the package. The aim of the game is to touch redcircles when they appear on the screen. The red circles will onlyappear for a brief period of time, so you have to react quickly. Toadd a challenge to your reflexes some of the circles are not red,try to avoid touching these as they deduct points from your score.The game includes 80 different levels which increase in difficultyas you progress through them. See if you can conquer all 80levels.All the moves you make in the game and reaction test wil berecorded and shown in the statistics screen. The statistics providean interesting insight into your progress. Information such asaccuracy within the game, number of times you've used the test,total number of red circles you've touched and many more pieces ofinformation are included in the statistics.This app includes: - Atest that measures your reaction time.- A game which includes manylevels. The levels progress in difficulty as you unlock them.-Statistics to track your average reaction time and accuracy withinthe game.- Clean and simple user interface.
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Take control of a helicopter and run itthrougha maze of obstacles in this Flappy Bird style game.Tap the screen to control the helicopter.Included are three different types of helicoptersandlandscapes.