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The enmity of police vs gangster takes a newtwist in the latest gangstar crime city game. Play one of the mostinnovative gangster town 3D game which include different policechase missions along with crazy driver gangster moving freely ingangster city. We are introducing a brand new gangstar crime citygame portraying the story of a crazy driver gangster on the runfrom police rangers. Enjoy five thrilling missions of chasinggangsters in gangster town and emerge as a real police hero in thegangster city. So, time to turn up your police radio and whip outall the gangsters in the modern RANGERS VAN: GANGSTERS CHASE game.

Now! Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the crime city inthe latest addition of police vs crime city. Gangsters haveappeared in the city and they rob banks, kill people, illegallysmuggle humans, do street crimes and conduct drug trafficking. Yourmission as a police ranger is to arrest every city gangster and getrid of all the gangsters. In different levels, you will be thepolice ranger and you have a bulletproof armored police metaltruck. You need to find out the gangster’s vehicles by following amap provided on the screen to chase and arrest them. Once therangers van will touch the gangster’s vehicle, the police rangerwill immediately arrest the gangster. Keep following the map andremember not to lose their sight as they are clever enough todeceive you. So play something different from a simple police chasegames or police vs thief games.

Clean the gangstar crime city and show the gangsters that you’rethe protector of the biggest gangster town. Stop the terrorism andchase the crazy driver gangster and prove to your citizens thatthey are safe and gangster city doesn’t exist anymore. Try yourselfin the role of a dauntless police ranger and enjoy RANGERS VAN:GANGSTERS CHASE!

App Information Rangers Van: Gangsters Chase

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    Rangers Van: Gangsters Chase
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    August 16, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Great Games Studio
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    10,000 - 50,000
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