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####A smartphone is required to play this game.#### Rat Race isalocal multiplayer game on AirConsole. The Bab’s are back andthistime in a frantic running game. The goal is simply to killeachother as much as possible and get to the finish linefirst.Throughout the game, you will encounter several obstacles intheshape of sharp spikes, massive wrecking balls andterrifyinggrinders. Each time you die, you come back to the game,but withfewer points. The player with the most points at the finishlinewins the game. Rat Race is a game for 1-8 players and getsmorehysterical the more players you are. This game is as much funforthe whole family as at your next party and will not leaveanyonebored. Join another grand adventure of the Bab’s in Rat Race.Howto Play Your Bab will run automatically. All you need to do istostay alive, jump and dash to push others into obstacles. Onyoursmartphone that works as your gamepad you will find two optionsinthis game: Jump - This button simply allows you to jumpwheneveryou see fit or necessary. Dash - This will make yourcharacter dashinto the player in front of you or make you get a bitmore aheadduring the run. Games on AirConsole Rat Race is anotherbrilliantaddition to Bab’s world here on AirConsole. Together withotherlocal multiplayer games such as The Neighborhood and TowerofBabel. AirConsole is a free gaming platform, with the option togeta paid subscription that removes ads and unlocks someexclusiveperks. All you need to play together with your friendsissmartphones and a browser.

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    Rat Race
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    November 29, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    N-Dream AG Löwenstrasse 65 8001 Zürich Switzerland
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AirConsole - Game Console APK
Play games multiplayer together! AirConsole isan instant entertainment system for friends. A full consoleexperience without the need to buy anything. AirConsole is fun,free and fast to get started. Play with friends and familyanywhere, right now!70+ Games Available. Play for free or get AirConsole Hero:- Racing Wars, Quiz, The Neighborhood, Silly World Series, Tower ofBabel, Cards and Humanity, ClusterPuck99, Karaoke, Youtube Jukeboxand much more.To use this app, you just have to visit www.airconsole.com on aDesktop, Tablet or AndroidTV to use it as your console’sscreen.How to get started:Go to www.airconsole.com with your Desktop or AndroidTV andexperience the next-generation online console. Then open this appon your smartphone and enter the code displayed.Play awesome games with your friends without buying extracontrollers. Your smartphone is the most powerful and uniquegamepad you can have.Available on AndroidTV:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.airconsole.androidtv&hl=enEverything is web based. No new hardware is required.
Silly World Series 1.02 APK
####A smartphone is required to play this game.#### Silly WorldSeries on AirConsole is a game collection - Get together with yourfriends and compete with them in a variety of minigames! The gamesare appropriate for children, but also a ton of fun for people ofall ages, making Silly World Series an ideal pick for your nextfamily reunion, office lunch break or home party. Choose one of 8different cute characters to play as and show your friends whorules. Will you choose the sparkly rainbow unicorn? Or maybe thesilly hammerhead shark? Silly World Series allows up to 8 playersat a time, giving you a unique local multiplayer experience,completely for free. Mini games available on Silly World Series: ◆Silly Run Valley ◆ Derpy Dancing ◆ The Hungry Games ◆ Cliff Hanger◆ Hide and Sneak ◆ New minigames coming soon! For more AirConsolegames, visit www.airconsole.com. About AirConsole: AirConsole is avideo game console that’s entirely web-based. It lets people playtogether on one big screen with everyone using their smartphones ascontrollers. How to connect your smartphone: Go towww.airconsole.com on your smartphone browser and insert the codedisplayed on your Android TV. You can connect multiple smartphonesby entering the same code!
The Neighbourhood APK
####A smartphone is required to play this game.#### Love yourneighbors!  From the makers of Tower of Babel on AirConsole,The Neighborhood is a team-based slingshot battle game where twogroups play against each other as feuding neighbors. Each neighboris hell-bent on destroying the home of the other by deployingcreative weapons in hopes of getting rid of the other neighbor. Thegame features single-player and local multiplayer modes supportingup to eight players divided into two teams. Like its predecessorTower of Babel, The Neighborhood is  a visually attractive 2Dgame with vibrant backgrounds and colorful characters. TheNeighborhood is perfect for mischievous casual gamers with anappreciation for beautiful visuals and a knack for knocking downproperty that doesn’t belong to them. Each player has a home withsix colorful but sinister characters residing in the home. Eachcharacter has a single offensive ability used to attack theopponent’s home. The abilities are: Catacow: One of your charactersinflates a cow and launches it at the opposing home. The cowbounces around and explodes after 4 seconds, destroying everythingnearby, including characters. Fireworks: A missile is launched butrequires the player to tap their screen with precisely the righttiming to direct the missile. Triple Canon: One of your characterslaunches a giant cannon ball that splits into three pieces afteryou tap. Stone Thrower: A large character throws a giant boulder.Sniper: Even the toddler of the family is lethal: this underagesniper fires a powerful missile in a straight line. It’s ideal tocause precise structural damage. Babzooka: The characterresponsible for this ability launches a rocket that explodesdealing massive damage. Death Bird: Throw a bird that jump everytime you tap. Perfect weapon to hit areas hard to reach. Playerscannot control the order in which  a character uses itsability. The order can only be skipped if a character dies. Theplayers use these characters to aim their weapons at sections oftheir opponent’s home. Between the neighbors is a neutral structurethat houses yellow boxes. If these boxes are destroyed, the playerresponsible for its destruction is rewarded with power-ups thatprovide  additional defense. A note of caution, players candestroy their own home and accidently kill off their characters.Also, certain abilities and power-ups come at a sacrifice and riskof destroying your home in the process. Players must be strategicenough and savvy enough to balance their resources and charactersto destroy their neighbor. AirConsole Gaming AirConsole is trulyunique in the gaming industry because it offers its console througha web browser. Players simply join online, connect their smartphoneor tablets with the access code provided and play. AirConsole has agrowing library of games that accommodates groups. Its games canrange from 2 players and as high as 30 players. New games are addedweekly to give users more options and a better gaming experience.Players have the option to download the AirConsole app for easierplay instead of using their smartphone browser to connect to thegame. The app is available for iPhone and Android phones. All ofthe games provided and the browser software is offered to gamersfor free. Play The Neighborhood today and check out everythingAirConsole has to offer. Privacy Policy:https://www.airconsole.com/file/terms_of_use.html
Burnin' Rubber 5 Air 1.0 APK
####A smartphone per player is required to play thisgame.####Welcome to the most explosive racing game on earth!Burnin' Rubber5 Air is a massive 3D action racing game, jam-packedwith all ofthe destructive goodness that made the previous gamessuch a hugesuccess. The goal of the game is to collect as much carsandweapons to become the ultimate racing mercenary. It's beentotallyrebuild and optimized to run on the AirConsole platform.FEATURESSteer, brake, drift and fire your weapons to beat yourenemy! NEW:Local splitscreen multiplayer up to 4 players! 12original racingtracks to master. 16 awesome vehicles to choosefrom. 8 primary and8 explosive secondary weapons to try out.Incredible graphics andeffects. Adrenaline-pumping original racingmusic for each track.About AirConsole: AirConsole offers a new wayto play together withfriends. No need to buy anything. Use yourAndroid TV andsmartphones to play multiplayer games! AirConsole isfun, free andfast to get started. Download now
IRIS 1.2.8 APK
####A smartphone per player is required to play this game.#### TheeXo Research Lab is in turmoil. Its AI, the IntelligentRobotic Information System, known as IRIS has turned on itscreator, attacking and killing him. Now unstable, IRIS has begun todevour all organic life and has deployed a viral countermeasure toattack and kill all organic life.  The safety of the entireworld is at stake and only you and the rest of the GenesisCrew are its only hope.  The lab has equipment each member ofthe Genesis Crew with special gear to destroy the viruses and savethe world. Can you save the world? If you are excited, then it istime to play the new game, Iris. IRIS is a tacticalmultiplayer game where players must work together topush back the virus from taking over.   The 4 maincharacters are members of the UNS Genesis – an intergalacticprivate military group tasked with policing a number of offEarth research stations and bases. •“Red Pistol Class” – Deals1.5x red damage but is also vulnerable to red virus. •“Blue SniperClass” - Deals 1.5x blue damage but is also vulnerable to bluevirus. •“Green Shotgun Class” - Deals 1.5x green damage but is alsovulnerable to green virus. •“Yellow Grenade Class” - Deals 1.5xyellow damage but is also vulnerable to yellow virus. After yourteam has chosen their avatar, the players are taken to the radiotransmission that describes the main objectives of the game. Push back against IRIS and the viral countermeasure. Investigateits origins and how it managed to become so destructive.  Savethe Exoatmospheric Research Station. With this mission inmind, the Genesis Crew must travel level by level to gather theloot and destroy their enemies. Once human, enemies are now agrotesque mix of organic and viral overgrowth.  Players mustwork together within the rules of the game to defeat the virus andattackers and save the Research Center.  About AirConsole:AirConsole is a video game console that’s entirely web-based. Itlets people play together on one big screen with everyone usingtheir smartphones as controllers. How to connect your smartphone:Go to www.airconsole.com on your smartphone browser and insert thecode displayed on your Android TV. You can connect multiplesmartphones by entering the same code!
Final Goal 1.1 APK
####Smartphones are required to play this game.#### Choose from50national teams and take it to the turf with Final Goal-AirConsole’s premier soccer game for the 2018 Soccer Cup. Faceoffin a Quick Match and get right to the action. Control yourplayerswith ease using AirConsole’s intuitive design to pass andswitchplayer, or shoot and tackle. Still tied at the end ofregulation?Take the game to extra time and penalty shootouts todecide thewinner! Choose from 32 qualified top teams Shoot, pass,tackle andsprint all with your phone Perfect for 2-4 players Unlockextraplaying time and more teams with AirConsole Hero Set yourgoalsthis summer and enjoy the 2018 Soccer Finals with FinalGoal!Perfect for players with any experience level, Final Goal willhaveyou on the edge of your seat with its realistic play dynamicsandstunning 3d graphics.
Goroons 1.0 APK
####A smartphone is required to play this game.#### Morph.Act.Together. Save your planet! "These lovable creatures need toworktogether and stop the destruction of their planet!" Goroons isacooperative puzzle game, with clever levels and a lot ofteamwork.Features Join your friends and Solve the puzzles. Team up!Exploremorph powers! There are 4 unique abilities to use at anytime30challenging and clever levels to beat Fight against thegiantinvader from inside it Play the funky music purple boy!AboutAirConsole: AirConsole offers a new way to play togetherwithfriends. No need to buy anything. Use your Android TVandsmartphones to play multiplayer games! AirConsole is fun, freeandfast to get started. Download now!
Fling to the Finish 1.0 APK
####A smartphone is required to play this game.#### Acooperativeracing game where you are tethered to your best friendor worstenemy. You must coordinate your movements to overcomewackyobstacle courses faster than the other team! Watch out forbarragesof plungers, humongous anvils and other ridiculous attacks!AboutAirConsole: AirConsole offers a new way to play togetherwithfriends. No need to buy anything. Use your Android TVandsmartphones to play multiplayer games! AirConsole is fun, freeandfast to get started. Download now!