1.1 / March 31, 2015
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- Free game ( Free to Play )
- Cute graphics, rich sound.
- Multiple levels.
- Game for kids and everyone.
- Tab rats to kill them.
- Don't touch white rats
- QUESTEK Media ( http://questekmedia.com)
TAGS: rat, slayer, game for kids, questek

App Information Rat Slayer

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Rat Slayer 1.1 APK
FEATURES:- Free game ( Free to Play )- Cute graphics, rich sound.- Multiple levels.- Game for kids and everyone.HOW TO PLAY:- Tab rats to kill them.- Don't touch white ratsSUPPORT :- QUESTEK Media ( http://questekmedia.com)TAGS: rat, slayer, game for kids, questek
Bruce Lee Martial Arts 1.1 APK
FEATURES:- Free game ( Free to Play )- Bruce Lee with the high kick, it very strong- The branches on tree can make Bruce Lee hurt.HOW TO PLAY:- Tap to high kick, cutting down trees- Tap left or right to change position- When cutting down trees, the branches will move down- Change position of Bruce Lee to branches don’t touch his- Time is not much, You try to help his as fast as possible- With 1 high kick, you get 1 point- Game over when the braches touch to Bruce LeeSUPPORT :- QUESTEK Media ( http://questekmedia.com)Tags: Bruce Lee, Martial Arts, Kungfu
Michael’s Journey 1.1 APK
FEATURES: - Free game ( Free to Play )- Dynamic soundHOW TO PLAY:-Tap left to jump- Tap right to run rotate- You try to run withouttripping rock or falling to the hole.- Try to avoid the big bird-Point is meter after you finishSUPPORT :- QUESTEK Media (http://questekmedia.com)Tags: Journey, Michael’s Journey
Color Balls Free 1.1 APK
FEATURES:- Free game ( Free to Play )- Cute graphics, rich sound.- Cool physics-based gameplay- Improve your sense of timing and reflexesHOW TO PLAY:- Open the lids with your tap and fill the passing cups withavariety of balls to reach higher scores! Be vary though, thelongeryou manage to keep up, the harder and faster it gets!SUPPORT :- QUESTEK Media ( http://questekmedia.com)TAGS: balls, 100, quested, color, free
Golden Eggs Free 1.1 APK
FEATURES:- Free game ( Free to Play )- Cute graphics, rich sound.- 3 Different worlds full of levels for the whole familytoenjoy!HOW TO PLAY:- Use beach balls, crates, sticks, bubbles, magnets and otheritemsto safely guide the eggs to the nest.SUPPORT :- QUESTEK Media ( http://questekmedia.com)TAGS: chicken, eggs, game for kids,
The thief king 1.1 APK
FEATURES:- Free game ( Free to Play )- Cute graphics, rich sound.HOW TO PLAY:- Hold you finger on screen to stretch out the stick- Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on theplatforms.Watch out! If the stick is not long enough, you willfalldown!- How far can you go?SUPPORT :- QUESTEK Media ( http://questekmedia.com)TAGS: thief, games, game for kids,
Escape Game 1.1 APK
FEATURES:• Free game ( Free to Play )• Cute graphics, rich sound.• The speed will be acceleratedHOW TO PLAY:• Control skis to him don't falling.SUPPORT :• QUESTEK Media ( http://questekmedia.com)Tags: escape, catch me, questek
Dice Game 1.1 APK
FEATURES:- Free game ( Free to Play )- Cute graphics, rich sound.HOW TO PLAY:- Control red dice don't touch white dice.- Don't touch outlineSUPPORT :- QUESTEK Media ( http://questekmedia.com)TAGS: dice, game, media, questek