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But with this app you can experience this venomous snake’s soundswithout the danger!Like other snakes, rattlesnakes can make ahissing sound using their mouths and tongues. However, no othersnake sounds quite like the rattlesnake once it starts to make itsunique rattling noise. This rattle is used by the snake to warn offpredators as well as innocent intruders who might not realize thesnake is there! The snake makes this warning sound by using arattle it grows on the end of its tail. The rattle is made up ofmultiple hollow segments that have hardened, unlike the rest of thesnake’s soft, scaly skin. The rattlesnake uses its muscles to causethe segments to move and vibrate together, which causes therattling noise. Rattlesnakes are venomous snakes, so their rattleis a helpful sound for humans to recognize. If you hear arattlesnake while hiking in the desert or mountains where thesesnakes live, be sure to back away to avoid a poisonous snakebite!

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