1.14 / November 6, 2016
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Its not easy to kill Ravana this time becausehe has to be shot in his head three times. Each time he dies, herevives with an extra head. To kill him, shoot all his heads. Letssee if you can kill Ravana

App Information Ravan Archery

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    Ravan Archery
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    November 6, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Virile It Solutions Pvt Ltd (bunnysgamezone.com)
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    10,000 - 50,000
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
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Ravan Archery 1.14 APK
Its not easy to kill Ravana this time becausehe has to be shot in his head three times. Each time he dies, herevives with an extra head. To kill him, shoot all his heads. Letssee if you can kill Ravana
Twin Dots 2.0 APK
In this exciting game, dots (balls) of samecolor are compatible. Make them meet to exploit the score. Thecolor of the target-dots, which are stationary in the middle of thescreen, can be rotated by tapping anywhere on the screen. The dots,which either pop up from below or drop down from above randomly,should hit target-dot of same color. Red dot must hit red and greenshould hit green. The game is over if red dot hits green andvice-versa. Your hand-eye co-ordination plays a vital role andkeeps increasing as you keep scoring more and more points. This isas much a game to kill your time as it is a crucial factor inimproving your skill which will undoubtedly be useful to you inalmost every walk of life.
Balloon And Apple 1.5.1 APK
This game contains three modes, Basic, Mediumand Expert mode. All the three modes consist of balloons, applesand lifes (heart shaped image) with various rules, exemptions etc.All the levels in the modes are preceded by the instructionsaffecting them. You had better read them carefully before testingyour skill and accuracy in playing the game.If you select basic mode you get five lifes and you have to hitapples only, not the balloons. If you successfully hit the appleyou get one life and 50 points in score. On the other hand, if youhit the balloon, you lose one life and score no points at all. Ifyou happen to hit apple first and then the balloon with the samearrow, you score 50 points and get one life but you lose the lifefor hitting the balloon. Likewise if you hit balloon first andapple next with the same arrow you lose a life but score 50 pointsand one life for hitting the apple.If you hit as many apples as possible with the same arrow you getas many points and lifes as applicable. If you hit a number ofballoons with the same arrow you lose corresponding number oflifes. Like this you are free to play the game for as much time asyou feel like, and scoring as many points as you are satisfiedwith. You can set your own target in scoring and try to achieveit.This medium mode has 10 levels which are a little tougher thanthe game in the basic mode. It is promotion to you for havingplayed basic mode well. It is only natural that the task becomestougher as you advance in the levels.This expert mode has 10 levels which are again tougher than thegame in the medium mode. This is the final phase of this game andis undoubtedly toughest as far as this game is concerned. You areadvised to pay more attention in playing this level.
Shoot It Up 1.0.2 APK
Here is an exciting game to let you enjoyyourself by playing the game which tests and improves your accuracyand concentration in hitting the target i.e. the bottle.Though the rules of the game seem a little tough, it is by no meansan impossible task. The more you concentrate, the less difficult itis to shoot bottles in spite of the obstacles.In the course of action, each level is a little tougher and youhave a challenging encounter. The precession and time will play apivotal role in acquiring points. Though some levels have onlybottles and others contain certain obstacles like balloons,parachutes, rings etc., with a little concentration, in no time,you can advance to higher levels. Needless to say, you will findyourself feeling ecstatic by playing this game.The interesting aspect about this game is, as you will definitelynotice, the task you are interested with. All the levels containbullets but their number is not same in all. Likewise even thenumber of bottles changes. The obstacles, which are put on thescreen to make scoring difficult, change two in their size andshape. In some levels you are constrained to play quickly andcorrectly so that the target bottles do not fall below and getcrushed or broken into pieces. All the above mentioned limitationsare incorporated to make the game more and more interesting. Youneed not be reminded that a true player of any game, including thisone, relishes challenge and prefers a hard-fought victory to aneasy victory with no challenges such as obstacles.Come on, you had better get started by reading the rules and startplaying.
CrazyShoot 1.0.0 APK
In this game the shooter charactercomeswalking casually on the platform and observes things. He feelslikeplaying. The player is required to make the character firetheballoons going upwards. He can use the shoot button to firebulletsand jump button to make the character jump up the screen.The rightupper corner of the screen has a Pause/Resume button whichthecharacter can use. The character cannot afford to waste asinglebullet as he has to score 500 points as each hit gets himonly 10points (50*10 = 500) that too in allotted 3 minutes. Oncehereaches the score of 500 either with using available 50 bulletsorless he stands victorious.
Fun School 1.0.0 APK
This game contains three levels. Firstlevelconsists of alphabets A-Z. In this level balloons withalphabetsprinted on them pop up from below. The right bottom of thescreenhas a button containing the target letter. The player has totapthe balloon with print of the same letter so that theballoondisappears and the pronunciation of the letter is heardandfollowing letter in the alphabet pops up. The player hasfivelifes. If the player taps a balloon with a letter other thanthetarget letter, he loses a life but the game continues. Where asifthe player fails to tap the target letter five times or iftheplayer does not tap the screen even as the target letter popsupand disappears at the top of the screen for five times thenthegame ends and the player has to restart the game alloveragain.Second level consists of numerals 0-25. The player has to taptheballoon with print of the same numeral so that theballoondisappears and the pronunciation of the numeral is heardandfollowing numeral pops up. The other rules are same aslevel1.Third level consists of words which are familiar to childrenandadults alike. The words starting with letters in alphabeticalorderi.e., APPLE, BALL etc., pop up. The player has to tapindividualletters of the word which are shown on right side buttonof thescreen. If the player succeeds in tapping all the letters oftheword, the word is pronounced and count begins. Then thewordstarting with the next letter in the alphabetical order popsup.This continues till the word with the starting letter Z. Iftheplayer fails to tap correctly or does not tap even after theletterappears for five times the word is not pronounced and countcomesdown to zero. Then the next word pops up. This continues tillZ.Since the total count is 26 the player has to again attemptthewords the player fails to tap correctly before. The playerstandsto win this level only after the count is 26.