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Raytroniks, Inc. is a California Corporationhome to the Scoot-E-Bike by Raytroniks. The Scoot-E-Bike is the newwave transportation. Some of the features promised by Raytroniks,the company selling the $1,599 Scoot-E-Bike, are a wireless keylock and the ability to charge your smartphone via USB port.According to the Raytroniks website, the 39-pound device cansupport a person weighing up to 264 pounds, travels 15.5 miles perhour, needs three to five hours to charge and can travel 30 mileswhen fully charged.

Walk-in orders at the company's Los Angeles store began on April1,and Internet orders will be shipped April 25.

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My Pro Mechanic 4.1.1 APK
Great work, done right, at a fair price!" Thisis a "Like" page for an app. It's an app that allows consumers tointeract and find "A" rated mechanic shops in their local area.It's a FREE downloaded app for consumers. It's also an allinclusive app with "live" customer service to each shops with GPS,promos, and coupons. This app is available in limited locations fornow. We are a "Start-Up" company based out of Memphis, TN. Pleasebare with us, we are expanding daily to different citites andstates. For additional questions or comments, please contact us at:mypromechanic@gmail.comCustomer service reps: Saray 901-598-6771 office, Marnie901-690-0729 customer service, Chris 901-691-1340 techsupport
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Rap-A-Thon Television is a television showthat airs on WACH Fox 57, Columbia SC every Sunday morning at 1am.The show caters to independent artists in every genre of music:Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Country, Christian, etc. As with radio,this visual platform broadens opportunities to expose their work tothe masses. Rap-A-Thon Television is hosted by Hdub, a radiopersonality from Hot 103.993.9, Columbia SC. With over 20 years inthe industry, Hdub brings the edge and persona that listeners arealready familiar with and captivated by. As host of “High SchoolHolla” (a shout-out segment for high school students in SouthCarolina) and a highly popular on-air personality, his voicecaptivates audiences every day. His fan base is phenomenal, with abroad range in age (6 – 60) and background. Hdub has rubbed neckswith both major and independent artists alike, from DJ Khalid, RickRoss, Future, P Diddy, Nelly, Silento, Fetty Wap and a variety ofindie artists in between. As host of Rap-A-Thon Television, he issure to attract a large audience very Sunday morning.
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Inner L.I.G.H.T. is a youth andcommunityoutreach organization in Memphis, TN. The organization isa 501c3certified (Tax-Exempted). The mobile app will allowindividuals todonate, join, view events as well as communicate withother InnerL.I.G.H.T. members.-Donate-View Events-Fill out volunteer form-Follow Memphis News-Communicate between Inner L.I.G.H.T. members-Community Service Tracker-Location-Submit Photos
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Founded in 1991 by Charles Hudson, TheMid-South Junior Golf Association (MSJGA) started as a grassrootsinner city youth program for juniors ages 5-18. Originally based atthe Pine Hill Golf Course in Memphis, where founder Hudson was thegolf pro, the program attracted youths, their parents and thecommunity and taught children not normally exposed to the game ofgolf. More importantly, golf would be used as an educational toolto provide the young people time with parents and role models thatwould teach them the importance of hard work, patience, character,etiquette, discipline, community involvement and self-esteem. Thegood work of the fledgling organization caught the eye of PGA Tourplayer Loren Roberts.
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VISIONTo organize like-minded individuals of all ages, races,nationalities, regions and religions who empathize with andadvocate for the advancement and freedom of African descendantswhose ancestors were kidnapped and enslaved in America (NewAfricans).MissionTo help repair, unify and free African American people (NewAfricans) through education, ownership, nationhood and selfdetermination.
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Cool jazz is a style of modern jazz music thatarose following the Second World War. It is characterized by itsrelaxed tempos and lighter tone, in contrast to the bebop style.Cool jazz often employs formal arrangements and incorporateselements of classical music.
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