1.0.0 / September 2, 2015
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Break down the barriers to big wheels. Move quickly to high peak.RC car, you should check good. Because some parts of the mountainis the abyss. You can not careful accident. 4x4 monster truck itwill be very comfortable in this land. Enhance the experience andparticipate in the race.This game has a prize every success. RCmonster truck with realistic physics controls, you will love theanimation. The task is to collect gold on the road. The game has avery good garage in RC models. If you use the RC models in the raceif he has enough gold. It is as simple to customize your truck.Greatly simplifies the controls work on the screen. You canmaneuver with gear back and forth. You can enjoy a ride withawesome sound effects by listening to the gas. RC truck model,press the camera button to view from different angles issufficient.Game features- Gas, brake and transmission modules-Suitable for children.- Most used car physics- Check the steeringfor easy use- Yep with the most commonly used way to draw new wayseditor- Powerful optimization- Realistic vehicle models- Damagedetection mechanism- Monster cars- Yes, incredible Totally FREE!-Car garage with selection- Fun background fiction- Camera optionsfrom different angles- Customizable car models- Amazing soundeffects- Control the option to change the use accelomet- Levelsystem- Play flourish dozens of new section- 40 challenging Level

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    RC Monster Truck Simulation
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    September 2, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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You have to be quick to take its place in this race who wants toclimb mountains precision driving skills. The obstacles withouthitting the target is to reach the end point of the mountain. Ifthe camera is good enough you can play a regular game with the keyson the screen to change the camera angle did not get the image.Thissimulation game to climb the highest mountains, you'll pass throughthe gateway. The tricky to drive from the edge of the abyss. If youbelieve you can do this, it is time to take back control. Realisticmonster is ready to bounce away by car model. If you can finish thetour without damaging the hood deemed successful, and you'reeligible to switch to a new section.Game Features- Exciting extremeways- A big mountain- Realistic vehicle models- Realistic physicsrules- Smooth game- 40 levels lie spectacular sections- HD visualdesign- Success criminal system- A crazy monster car- Amazing soundeffects- For all phones- Completely free
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Check the images you see on television was a real education. Youwill love this game. Go there now to collect the gold on woodroads. You need to stop without falling over at dessert. You canstart by educating at it.The aim is to collect all the gold at thesweet part of the driving game. Reach the target jumping from thepier. Suggest a horse trained to participate in the great racehorses and run. Everyone is waiting for you at the farmhouse.GameFeatures- Excellent nature sounds- Realistic environmentinteraction- Realistic horse models and animations- 20 challengingtracks- The farm house model- Optimized for high performance-Replay option- Level system- Suitable for children.- Simpleinterface for easy control- Physics of great games- It isCOMPLETELY FREE.