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About This App: - ➼ This App is for Class 12th Student, and itssome of Part is offline and for some of online internet required atones. its Helpful for solving Mathematics problems. Like : -Relations & Functions, Binary Operations, Inverse TrigonometricFunctions..etc ➼ There are all Chapters are included of Rd SharmaMathematics also Have Some Mathematics Formulas for yourPreparation. ➼ Previous Year Mathematics Papers Also are Have inThis App : (Sample/ Model and Board Papers from 2009 -till 2019). ➼For Good Knowledge we are trying to add NCERT class 12thMathematics all chapters book as PDF formats with Solution.inFormula section ( Differential Calculus,DifferentialEquations,Integral Calculus,Matrices Determinants,Probability..andMore)

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RS Aggarwal Class 7 Math Solution OFFLINE 1.7 APK
RS Aggarwal Class 7 Math Solution OFFLINE | NCERT Math 7 Solution |Book And Answers ____________________________________________Chapter 1.Integers Chapter 2.Fractions Chapter 3.Decimals Chapter4.Rational Numbers Chapter 5.Exponents Chapter 6.AlgebraicExpressions Chapter 7.Linear Equations in One Variable Chapter8.Ratio and Proportion Chapter 9.Unitary Method Chapter10.Percentage Chapter 11.Profit and Loss Chapter 12.Simple InterestChapter 13.Lines and Angles Chapter 14.Properties of Parallel LinesChapter 15.Properties of Triangles Chapter 16.Congruence Ex Chapter17.Constructions Chapter 18.Reflection and Rotational SymmetryChapter 19.Three-Dimensional Shapes Chapter 20.Mensuration Chapter21.Collection and Organisation of Data (Mean, Median and Mode)Chapter 22.Bar Graphs
RS Aggarwal Class 6 Math Solution OFFLINE 1.8 APK
WHAT'S IN IT * RS Aggarwal Class 6 Math Solution OFFLINE * NCERTMathematics Book * NCERT Mathematics Solution * NCERT Exemplar Book* NCERT Exemplar Solution * Sample Paper Chapters:- Chapter 1.Number System Chapter 2. Factors and Multiples Chapter 3. WholeNumbers Chapter 4. Integers Chapter 5. Fractions Chapter 6.Simplification Chapter 7. Decimals Chapter 8. Algebraic ExpressionsChapter 9. Linear Equations in One Variable Chapter 10. Ratio,Proportion and Unitary Method Chapter 11. Line Segment, Ray andLine Chapter 12. Parallel Lines Chapter 13. Angles and TheirMeasurement Chapter 14. Constructions Chapter 15. Polygons Chapter16. Triangles Chapter 17. Quadrilaterals Chapter 18. CirclesChapter 19. Three-Dimensional Shapes Chapter 20. Two-DimensionalReflection Symmetry Chapter 21. Concept of Perimeter and AreaChapter 22. Data Handling Chapter 23. Pictograph Chapter 24. BarGraph Chapter 1: Knowing Our Numbers Chapter 2: Whole NumbersChapter 3: Playing With Numbers Chapter 4: Basic Geometrical IdeasChapter 5: Understanding Elementary Shapes Chapter 6: IntegersChapter 7: Fractions Chapter 8: Decimals Chapter 9: Data HandlingChapter 10: Mensuration Chapter 11: Algebra Chapter 12: Ratio andProportion Chapter 13: Symmetry Chapter 14: Practical GeometryNCERT Answers Unit 1 (Number System) Unit 2 (Geometry) Unit 3(Integers) Unit 4 (Fractions & Decimals) Unit 5 (Data Handling)Unit 6 (Mensuration) Unit 7 (Algebra) Unit 8 (Ratio &Proportion) Unit 9 (Symmetry & Practical Geometry) Answers
RS Aggarwal Class 9 Math Solution OFFLINE 1.3 APK
What's in it? * Rs Aggarawal Math Solutions * NCERT Math BookChapter wise * NCERT Math Solution * NCERT Math Exemplar Problems *NCERT Math Exemplar Solution * CBSE Model Paper * MAthematics NotesChapters- Chapter 1 – Real Numbers Chapter 2 – Polynomials Chapter3 – Introduction to Euclid's Geometry Chapter 4 – Angles, Lines andTriangles Chapter 5 – Congruence of Triangles and Inequalities in aTriangle Chapter 6 – Coordinate Geometry Chapter 7 – Areas Chapter8 – Linear equations in two variables Chapter 9 – Quadrilateralsand Parallelograms Chapter 10 – Area Chapter 11 – Circle Chapter 12– Geometrical Constructions Chapter 13 – Volume and Surface AreaChapter 14 – Statistics Chapter 15 – Probability 1(Number Systems)2(Polynomials) 3(Coordinate Geometry) 4(Linear Equation In TwoVariables) 5(Introduction To Euclid's Geometry) 6(Lines &Angles) 7(Triangles) 8(Quadrilaterals) 9(Areas of Parallelograms& Triangles) 10(Circles) 11(Construction) 12(Heron's Formula)13(Surface Area & Volumes) 14(Statistics & Probability)15(Probability) 1(Number Systems) 2(Polynomials) 3(CoordinateGeometry) 4(Linear Equation In Two Variables) 5(Introduction ToEuclid's Geometry) 6(Lines & Angles) 7(Triangles)8(Quadrilaterals) 9(Areas of Parallelograms & Triangles)10(Circles) 11(Construction) 12(Heron's Formula) 13(Surface Area& Volumes) 14(Statistics & Probability) Design Of TheQuestion Paper-Set I Design Of The Question Paper-Set II Answers
RD Sharma Class 7 Math Solutions OFFLINE 1.3 APK
* RD Sharma Math Solutions * NCERT Math Book Chapter wise * NCERTMath Exemplar Problems Chapter 1: Integers Chapter 2: FractionsChapter 3: Decimals Chapter 4: Rational Numbers Chapter 5:Operations on Rational Numbers Chapter 6: Exponents Chapter 7:Algebraic Expressions Chapter 8: Linear Equations in One VariableChapter 9: Ration And Proportion Chapter 10: Unitary Method Chapter11: Percentage Chapter 12: Profit and Loss Chapter 13: SimpleInterest Chapter 14: Lines and Angles Chapter 15: Properties ofTriangles Chapter 16: Congruence Chapter 17: Constructions Chapter18: Symmetry Chapter 19: Visualizing Solid Shapes Chapter 20:Mensuration I (Area of Circle) Chapter 21: Mensuration II(Perimeter And Area of Rectilinear Figures) Chapter 22: DataHandling I (Collection and organization of Data) Chapter 23: DataHandling II (Central Values) Chapter 24: Data Handling III(Construction of Bar Graphs) Chapter 25: Data Handling IV(Probability)
Rakesh Yadav Class Notes Math | Reasoning | Hindi 2.3 APK
➤This App will help you like this type of exams- ➸ BANK EXAMS-[BankPO, SBI-PO, IBPS, RBI Exams] ➸ ENTRANCE EXAM-[MBA, MAT, CMAT, GMAT,CAT, IIFT, IGNOU] ➸ SSC - [SSC Combined Preliminary Exam, HotelManagement] ➸ DEFENSE-[Sub-Inspectors of Police, CBI, CPO Exams] ➸Officer Exam- [UPSC-CSAT, SCRA and other State Services Exams] ➸Railway- [Railway Recruitment Board Exams] ➸ University/College -Campus Recruitment Tests.
JEE - NEET Chemistry | Physics Tutorial Notes 1.9 APK
Organic Chemistry Notes | Inorganic Chemistry | Textbook PhysicalChemistry Notes | Physics Notes for Medical and EngineeringEntrance Exams Contains :- 1. Hc Verma Solution 2. IE IrodovPhysics Solutions ( Both Parts 1 & 2 ) 3. Student Class Notes(Physics | Chemistry | Biology) 4. NCERT Books (Biology class 12 |Chemistry Class 12 | Physics class 12) &( Biology class 11 |Chemistry Class 11 | Physics class 11) 5. Chemistry Notes for JEE -NEET (and also other Medical And Engineering Entrance Exams) 6. andDaily Practice Paper (DPP) Chemistry and Physics The content makesthe theory quite comprehensive. It covers almost all the topics inthe syllabus which has a potential to be framed as a question inIIT JEE, NEET and other engineering / Medical examinations.this Appis Containing Physical Chemistry Notes, organic chemistry,Numerical Chemistry Also.
RD Sharma Class 8 Math Solutions OFFLINE 1.2 APK
About This App :: In This App Have RD Sharma Math Solutions forclass 8th CBSE and ICSE Student, Which is Offline and Also HaveSome Mathematics Notes and Sample Paper. And In Online Segments -Means Need Internet at Once : - NCERT Math Book Chapter wise AndOther Subject also have in this App ( Like : English | Hindi |Social Science | Sanskrit | Science) with Solution. - NCERT MathExemplar Problems and Also Have Other Subject Of Exemplar Book andNotes Mathematics For Class 8th Chapters :: Chapter 1: RationalNumbers Chapter 2: Powers Chapter 3: Squares and Square RootsChapter 4: Cubes and Cube Roots Chapter 5: Playing With NumbersChapter 6: Algebraic Expressions and Identities Chapter 7:Factorization Chapter 8: Division of Algebraic Expressions Chapter9: Linear Equations in One Variable Chapter 10: Direct and Inversevariations Chapter 11: Time and Work Chapter 12: Percentage Chapter13: Profits, Loss, Discount, and Value Added Tax (VAT) Chapter 14:Compound Interest Chapter 15: Understanding Shapes I (Polygons)Chapter 16: Understanding Shapes II (Quadrilaterals) Chapter 17:Understanding Shapes III (Special Types of Quadrilaterals) Chapter18: Practical Geometry Chapter 19: Visualizing Shapes Chapter 20:Mensuration I (Area of a Trapezium and a Polygon) Chapter 21:Mensuration II (Volumes and Surface Areas of a Cuboid and a Cube)Chapter 22: Mensuration III (Surface Area and Volume of a RightCircular Cylinder) Chapter 23: Data Handling I (Classification andTabulation of Data) Chapter 24: Data Handling II (GraphicalRepresentation of Data as Histograms) Chapter 25: Data Handling III(Pictorial Representation of Data as Pie Charts or Circle Graphs)Chapter 26: Data Handling IV (probability) Chapter 27: Introductionto Graphs Mathematics Solution Chapters :: 1: Rational Numbers 2:Linear Equations in one Variable 3: Understanding Quadrilaterals 4:Practical Geometry 5: Data Handling 6: Square and Square Roots 7:Cube and Cube Roots 8: Comparing Quantities 9: AlgebraicExpressions and Identities 10: Visualizing Solid Shapes 11:Mensuration 12: Exponents and Powers 13: Direct and InverseProportions 14: Factorization 15: Introduction to Graphs 16:Playing with Numbers NCERT Answers Exemplar Books With SolutionChapters :: Unit 1(Rational Numbers) Unit 2(Data Handling) Unit3(Square-Square Root & Cube-Cube Root) Unit 4(Linear EquationIn One Variable) Unit 5(Understanding Quadrilaterals &Practical Geometry) Unit 6(Visualizing The Solid Shapes) Unit7(Algebraic Expression, Identities & Factorization) Unit8(Exponents & Powers) Unit 9(Comparing Quantities) Unit10(Direct & Inverse Proportions) Unit 11(Mensuration) Unit12(Introduce To Graphs) Unit 13(Playing With Numbers) Answers
ICSE CLASS 6 SOLUTION : Selina Concise Publication With SamplePaper These subjects are included in this app. 1.Math Solutions2.Physics Solutions 3.Chemistry Solutions 4.Biology Solutions5.Geography Solutions 6.History Solutions 7.Civics Solutions SamplePaper Mathematics Sample Paper - 1 Mathematics Sample Paper - 2Physics Sample Paper - 1 Physics Sample Paper - 2 Physics SamplePaper - 3 Physics Sample Paper - 4 Physics Sample Paper - 5Chemistry Sample Paper - 1 Chemistry Sample Paper - 2 ChemistrySample Paper - 3 Biology Sample Paper - 1 Biology Sample Paper - 2