3.0 / December 9, 2013
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Hello! We are presenting our long-waitedgameon Android! "REACT PRO" - the game built with two excitingmodes:1) "SPEED" - will help you test the speed of your response!So youcan compete with your friends! 2) "LUCKY" - this mode thegame willshow how much you are lucky today! And most importantly -newlevels on the way! Download and enjoy!

App Information React Pro +

  • App Name
    React Pro +
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  • Updated
    December 9, 2013
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 3.2 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    100 - 500
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    Visit website Email eight.bit.lion@gmail.com
    630098 г.Novosibirsk street Dinamovtsev house 1
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Hello everyone! Are you a fan of the heroes ofMarvell? You want the same as that of the hammer of Thor? This appwill turn your smartphone into a hammer of Thor! Lift up yoursmartphone and collect lightning bolt! And then headed hammer onthe object and "smash" him with a thunderbolt! Easy to share thisapp with your friends! :)_
Alien Motion Tracker 2.3 APK
"Motion Tracker" is a fun app designed toreplicate the radar nterface. This application responds to the tiltand movement! A little bit to lift the phone and Motin traskerincluded!
The program dubstep gun - intended for pranks,jokes, and just plain fun. Before starting the program, you can runyour favorite melody to do with this program dubstep mix. We wishyou good mood and good dubstep! In this application, there is noadvertising - and it's great!DIRECTION FOR USE :) :1) Includes dubstep gun!2) Run the main melody by clicking on the vinyl plate (press againto stop music).3) Use a 3 buttons of Dabstep gun.4) Point the phone at the subject.5) Joking with your friends! :)))))/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////In the following updates:1) A new skin for the new dubstep gun!2) New Rok-Gun!3) New Clossic-Gun!Accept your ideas for new kinds of musical cannons! To submitideas on e-mail - eight.bit.lion@gmail.com********************************************Legal Notices - The developers of this application be heldresponsible for the use of this application in the free orfee-based videos. Do not use the software for commercial purposes,and other illegal activities. The music in this program is designedfor personal listening.
Grow a Flower! 1.0 APK
Do you like flowers? And do you love togrowthem? This mobile application for those who want to grow aflowerin your phone! How is this possible? Download and click onthe potwith a flower, and it will gradually grow! Compete withyourfriends - who of you first grow a flower? Download this freemobileapp and enjoy! :)
MILLION 1000 000 1.0 APK
MILLION clicker,- typical time killer. Thismobile application will help reach new personal achievement in yourlife! Press the red button 1 000 000 times! Take screenshots ofyour results and send them to friends. Just our development teamarranges a competition for the first 10 winners of the game,"MILLION" - everyone who gets into the top ten are guaranteed toget two of our developed mobile applications! The one who will takethe first game will receive a gift this shirt! (T-shirt shown inthe screenshot)In order to take part in the competition:• Buy the game "MILLION"• Send us to e-mail a screenshot of the running applicationeight.bit.lion@gmail.com"MILLION" with the numbers 1000000, in a letter to select yournickname or name.• When you get to 0 - take a screenshot and send it to us at themail box eight.bit.lion@gmail.com• After confirmation of the results, and summarizing, we will sendyou gifts!
PLAN - it's boring? Many believe that -yes,but the program EPIC PLAN can change your idea of ​​planningdailytasks! But how?That you provide a mobile application Epic PLAN!- A standard set of functions of the standard Scheduler:★ create tasks for the day (at work or at home).★★ can remove you performed the task.★★★ Can you set a reminder for a meeting or any other event.★★★★ No advertising :) !!! .- Unique set of features ::★ In the program there are fantastic characters - Heroes (3mainhero).★★ perform the task you raise the level of your character andpumpedit, your hero, new skills and new elements of theappearance!★★★ In this program, as there is a unique story of the livesofthree characters - a RAGNARD, TRUNK Stammer and SAMBARIN,storiesof these three fairy-tale characters are intertwined!Therefore, tothe picture of what is happening was completely clear- you have togo through all the quests 3 Heroes!★★★★ You will experience a lot of emotions! Unexpected plottwistswill capture your imagination!★★★★★ Decorate program specifically designed epic originalsoundtracks.★★★★★★ quality rendering characters + original sound tracks+history - will create around you an interesting andfantasticatmosphere!★★★★★★★ you become a little epic;)!
Умное слово для Android Wear 1.2 APK
НА УМНЫЕ ЧАСЫ ВЫШЛА ДОЛГОЖДАННАЯ ПРОГРАММА !!!ЕЁ ПОЛЬЗУ УЖЕ ОЦЕНИЛИ БОЛЕЕ 1000 ЛЮДЕЙ !!! Ты хочешь бытьЭРУДИРОВАННЫМ?! Если да, то новая, красивая и набирающаяпопулярность программа "УМНОЕ Слово!" поможет тебе в этом! В этойпрограмме содержится множество незнакомых но, ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНЫХслов, которые ты сможешь узнавать каждый день!★ МОЖНО УСТАНОВИТЬ НА СВОИ УМНЫЕ ЧАСЫ (на Android Wear: Lg gwatch-100, Lg g watch-101, Moto 360, Samsung Gear)★ РАБОТАЕТ БЕЗ ДОСТУПА В ИНТЕРНЕТ!★ ВСТРОЕНЫ 2 ВИДЖЕТА ДЛЯ СМАРТФОНА - БОЛЬШОЙ и МАЛЫЙ !!!FOR SMART WATCHES longawaited PROGRAM !!! Its favor already estimated MORE THAN 1000PEOPLE !!! You want to be knowledgeable ?! If so, new, beautifuland increasingly popular program "buzzword!" will help you withthat! This program contains a lot of strangers but INTELLIGENTwords that you can learn every day!★ can be installed on YOUR SMART CLOCK (on Android Wear: Lg gwatch-100, Lg g watch-101, Moto 360, Samsung Gear)★ operate without access to the Internet!★ 2 Widget is built for smartphones - big and small !!!
★ ЮНАЙТ★ - Единственное в своем родемобильноеприложение, способное ОЧЕНЬ ПРОСТО, без посредниковобъединить техкому нужна помощь с теми кто может её оказать! Еслиты хорошоремонтируешь ПК, делаешь ремонт квартир, или пишешьпрограммы ихочешь ЗАРАБОТАТЬ но не можешь найти клиентов, то этоприложениепоможет тебе в этом, заяви о себе миру и люди узнают отебе ! Аесли ты тот кому нужна помощь специалиста, например, утебясломался компьютер, нужно сделать недорогой ремонт квартиры,илинужно создать веб сайт, то это мобильное приложение поможетнайтиподходящего специалиста! ЮНАЙТ - объединяет всех, специалистовиклиентов вместе, чтобы облегчить поиск друг друга!ПЛЮСЫ:1) Бесплатное мобильное приложение!2) Отсутствие рекламы!НОВОСТИ:В следующей версии:★ Виджет ВК.★★ Можно отправить специалисту почтовое сообщение.★ ★ ★ Добавим новые категории!UNITE ★ ★ - auniquemobile application capable of very simple, withoutintermediariesto unite those who need help with those who canprovide it! If youhave a good remontiruesh PC doing the repair ofapartments, orwrite a program and earn extra income but can notfind customers,then this app will help you in this, to declareitself the worldand people will know about you! And if you're theone who needsprofessional help, for example, you have a brokencomputer, youneed to make a cheap apartment renovation, or need tocreate a website, this mobile app will help you find the rightperson! UNITE -brings together all professionals and clientstogether tofacilitate the search for each other!Plus:1) Free mobile app!2) No advertising!NEWS:In the next version:★ Widget VC.★★ You can send a specialist e-mail message.★ ★ ★ add new categories!