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Reading Light turns your phone into a reading light or book light.Tap on the screen to select the color that of your choice. ReadingLight is perfect for reading a book in a dark room. Reading lightsbrightness can be adjusted using your devices brightness setting.Using your device as a light source will produce an "even" lightthat eliminates "hot spots" on the book page. Great for reading inthe car or on the go. Set this book light to any color (red, blue,white, green, purple, etc.) by touching the screen and using thecolor picker. Reading Light is simple, but it does the trick - it'sbetter than your average book light!

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    Reading Light
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    December 2, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Colorwork Apps
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    Books & Reference
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    4445 Corporation Lane, STE 264 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
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Sleep Tight Night Light 1.5 APK
Sleep Tight Night Light has many features to help you sleep atnight. In addition to a night light that allows you to choose anycolor that you can imagine, Sleep Tight Night Light has a whitenoise sound machine, digital and analog clocks, an alarm clock, andit displays the current weather and the weather forecast in threehour increments – perfect to help you start your day off right.Here are more details about the features of Sleep Tight NightLight: WHITE NOISE SOUND MACHINE: Turn the white noise soundmachine on and off using the Sound Icon (Row 1 on Left). You canchoose several ambient noise sounds including Pure White Noise,Rain, Thunderstorm, Waves, and a Slow Heartbeat. Each sound hasbeen carefully looped for perfect gapless playback. The white noisesounds will continue to play when you turn on the night light, orif you turn off your screen. The sounds will stop when you turn offthe Sound Icon or close out of the app. The slider bar allows youto control the white noise volume relative to the alarm volume.ALARM CLOCK: Turn the alarm clock on or off using the Alarm ClockIcon (Row 2 on Left). Touch the time to choose the alarm time. Thesmall play button allows you to preview the alarm sounds, whichinclude your phones default alarm, a Spanish Guitar tune, or abeautiful Piano Lullaby. Be sure that the app’s volume is not onmute. The alarm will sound and turn on the night light even if youclose the app or your phone is off. NIGHT LIGHT: Turn the nightlight on by pressing the Night Light Icon (Row 3 on Left). Changeor set your night light color by touching the large coloredrectangle. You can literally choose from any available color – red,orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, or violet, and everything inbetween. The brightness of the night light can be set using yourphones brightness settings. The night light will quickly drain yourbattery if not plugged in. The night light’s sleep timer is off bydefault. Set the sleep timer to 15, 30, or 60 minutes to turn offyour screen after the specified time. The sleep timer does notaffect the white noise sound machine or alarm clock, so both willcontinue to function as expected. There are two separate optionsfor clocks – both analog and digital. Turning one or both of thoseclocks on will display a clock on the night light screen. Touch thenight light or press the back button to turn off the night lightand return to the main screen. WEATHER: Want to know what to wearin the morning? When your alarm goes off or you return to the mainscreen, the weather will update with the current weather andtemperature. Scroll to the right to see the weather forecast inthree-hour increments for the next five days. Click on the WeatherIcon (Row 4 on Left) to see the weather in full screen view, whichdisplays your current city, a description of the current weather,the High and Low temperatures, the humidity, and the forecast inthree-hour increments for the next five days. Thanks tohttp://openweathermap.org/ for making this service available.UPGRADE TO PRO to: - Add the crickets chirping white noise sound. -Add five alarm sounds: violin, cello, flute, electric classical,and flute. - Adds the ability to rotate between random night lightcolors. - Removes all advertisements from the app. Sleep TightNight Light is the perfect nightlight, alarm clock, white noisesound machine, and weather forecast app to help you sleep right andget your day off to a perfect start. For more information, pleasevisit: http://colorworkapps.com/SleepTightNightlight.html
Jumpy Birds 1.5 APK
Jumpy Birds is a very easy to play game. Tiltyour device to help the Mother Bird deliver food to her baby birds.Easy, right?Mother Bird will flap her wings and bounce on the clouds to jumpinto the air. Collect bird seed to score points on your way up tothe baby birds who are sitting in the nest.Take portals to help you jump really high. Watch out forairplanes that will knock you out of the sky. And watch out forsome of the clouds that disappear after you jump on them.Help Mommy Bird flap her flappy wings and get home to see herlittle birdies. Enjoy!
Lemonade Stand 1.3.G APK
Lemonade Stand is a classic game where you purchase ingredients,set the recipe and price, and sell lemonade to try to make aprofit. Lemonade Stand allows you to control every aspect of yourlemonade business. If you can increase customer satisfaction, moreand more customers will come to your lemonade stand. Each of yourdays in a 30-day game of Lemonade Stand will follow this pattern: *Purchase supplies. * Set the price per cup of lemonade. * Set thelemonade recipe. * Use Star Power to advertise your lemonadebusiness. * Simulate the day to see how you did. Lemons, Sugar, andIce can spoil at different rates, so purchase only as much as youthink you'll need, but don't run out or your customer satisfactionwill plummet. Lemonade is made by the pitcher, so you'll set yourrecipe accordingly. Make sure you try different recipes to perfectthe lemonade taste for your customers! Be sure to check the weatherforecast for each day, as weather affects the number of customersyou'll likely have. Rent an umbrella with star power to mitigateagainst the affects of rain! And don't serve ice-cold lemonade on acold day. This game is integrated with Google Play Game Services toallow you to compare your high scores with others, and also totrack your achievements.
Newborn Baby Timer - TWINS! 2.4.0.Google APK
Baby Timer TWINS is a simple, easy-to-use timer that lets you knowhow long it has been since your baby has performed certainactivities, such as eating, sleeping, dirtying a diaper, and takingmedicine.Newborn Baby Timer allows new moms to set separate alarms foreach activity. These alarms will help you remember when you need towake your precious baby girl for a feeding, or your sweet baby boyfor another dose of medicine.Newborn Baby Timer has a lot of great features that make it morethan a simple baby care device, such as:SOUND MACHINE: The Sound Machine generates several types ofwhite noise that will help calm a new baby. The white noisegenerator includes plain white noise, thunder storm, rain, andwaves crashing.LED FLASHLIGHT: The LED Flashlight feature that turns the camera onyour phone into an LED Flashlight. The flashlight is very helpfulfor finding items in the dark, like when you when you lose apacifier under the crib in the middle of the night.GENTLE ALARM SOUNDS: Since alarms can scare babies, Newborn BabyTimer’s alarms are configured to gently alert mom or dad that it istime to focus on your new baby.BREAST FEEDING SIDE INDICATOR: The Breast Feeding Side Indicatorallows you to track the last breast you used to feed your new babyboy.SYNC WITH OTHER DEVICES: Allow another caregiver to pick upwhere you left off by sending an email to launch the app.PICK-A-COLOR NIGHTLIGHT: Transform your baby nursery or bedsideinto a softly lit oasis.MORE SOUNDS THAN THE FREE SINGLETON EDITION: For your baby'slistening pleasure.Perhaps the best feature of this device is that it is easy andsimple to use. Mom can synchronize her devices with dad, agrandparent, or your nanny and they will know exactly what needs tohappen next.This app is a "must have" for moms of newborn twins. If you arepregnant, download the app now and play with it before for you headto the hospital. It will surely help you keep track of things forthe first few weeks!DISCLAIMER: By using this app, users agree that the publisher isnot responsible for any app malfunctions. If you are using this appto track time extremely important medicine doses, please also use aback-up timer, stopwatch, and/or clock.---Thank you to all of the users who have providedfeedback---Ronnie Pierce on Aug 11, 2013: Everything in one place Great appfor organizing and keeping track of your babies ins and outs. Ifound its helps me learn his pattern and schedule. Plus its greatto see how much more sleep we are both getting a night.Susan Glass on Jun 26, 2013: Super convenient! Five stars...veryuseful. This has the same functionality as the ItzBeen and othergadgets (plus the sound generator) without the inconvenience ofhaving to tote around yet another gadget.
Dog Whistle 1.5 APK
Dog Whistle helps you train your dog to perform actions such assit, stay, come, and lie down. Dog Whistle lets you set thefrequency of the whistle so that your device emits a sound thatonly dogs are able to hear, which allows you to train your dogwithout disturbing others in the area. Dog Whistle produces soundsthat cannot be heard by human ears. Loud sounds can be harmful toanimals. Please test the Dog Whistle volume by setting thefrequency to something that you can hear before increasing thefrequency to something in the ultrasonic range. To begin: 1) Startwith a frequency that you can hear and configure the app volume. 2)Increase the frequency until you can no longer hear the sound.Children can hear higher frequencies than adults. Do not use 20,000Hz unless you have to, because some devices will only play soundsup to 18,000 to 19,000Hz. If your dog is not responding to thehigher frequency sounds, it is possible that your device is notcapable of emitting sounds at that frequency. 3) Press and Hold the“Blow Whistle” button to generate a tone, or select one of thecommands from the list. The list includes the following commands:sit, stay, come, lie down, off, stop, leave it, and no. Eachcommand is a sequence of up to four short, medium, or long“whistles.” The whistle icon indicates that pattern that is blowingso that you can transition from app to a real-world whistle. Howdoes dog whistle training work? Generally, before introducing thedog whistle, your dog must already be able respond to your voicecommands. Grab some treats and take your dog to a place with nodistractions. When your dog is not paying attention to you, pressthe “Come” button and praise your dog when he comes to investigateby giving him a treat. Wait until the dog is no longer payingattention, and repeat the process. Eventually, the dog will learnto come to you when you press the button. Praise the dog with atreat every time during training. Practice only a few times persession, and change locations for each training session. After thedog masters the "come" command, begin introducing other commands byverbally saying a command and then pressing the correspondingwhistle command. Dog Whistle Training Tips Do not over work yourdog. Dogs have good days and bad. Keep trying! Commands such asCome and Sit are easier than others. Start with those first. Alwaysuse positive reinforcement. NEVER use the dog whistle in a negativemanner. Be consistent. Make sure that all humans interacting withthe dog train the dog the same way. Have fun and please be nice toyour dog! By using this app, you agree that the developer is notresponsible for any injuries caused by the app. Please use commonsense.
Ruler! Ruler! 1.1 APK
Ruler! Ruler! is an extremely lightweight free ruler. Ruler!Ruler!dynamically calculates the length of your screen and shows afullscreen ruler in both inches and centimeters. It is the mostbasicand lightweight ruler that you will find for an Androiddevice. Andit's free!Ruler! Ruler! does not have any advertisements on the mainrulerpage, but it does show a full screen once you're finished withtheruler. Ruler! Ruler! has a wakelock to keep the screen onwhenyou're measuring.A lot of other free ruler apps have fancy bells andwhistles.This is not one of those ruler apps! Ruler! Ruler! is justa simpleand free app that turns your device into a ruler.
Christ the Redeemer Flashlight 1.9 APK
Christ the Redeemer Flashlight is notaffiliated with the Christ the Redeemer status. This is theunofficial LED flashlight of Rio de Janeiro.The Christ The Redeemer Flashlight starts with a night time viewof the Christ The Redeemer Statue in beautiful Rio De Janeiro,Brazil. When you click on the statue of Christ, it turns on thedevice's LED flashlight and reveals a daytime view of Rio DeJaneiro. You'll also hear the heavenly sound of angels singing.This LED flashlight app requires that your device has a flash onthe camera.This flashlight is for entertainment purposes only.
Light Alarm Clock for Toddlers 1.0 APK
Light Alarm Clock for Toddlers, also called "Alright to Rise," is asimple "alarm clock" that will let toddlers know when it is okay towake up. Light alarm clock is also helpful for hearing impairedindividuals or those who want to wake up to light instead of sound.Alright to Rise also has a basic white noise sound machine to helpyou sleep. Alright to Rise has two modes: *NAP MODE: Specify a timein hours and minutes. Use this during the day if you want yourtoddler to stay in bed for at least a certain amount of time (i.e.45 minutes) *OVERNIGHT MODE: Specify a time in the morning that isOK for your child to wake up (i.e. 7:00am). In both modes, the"alarm clock" is simply the screen on the phone/tablet coming on toa user-specified color. The screen is completely off while yourtoddler sleeps and only turns on at the specified time to conservebattery. Consider charging your phone overnight to ensure that itcomes on, especially if you are using the sound machine. Check outthe app screen shots for different ideas to really make the phoneglow. One of the screen shots shows what the alarm looks like witha sheet of paper folded over the screen. Water bottles look prettycool, too! It is a good idea to set your phone to silent mode sothat any emails or calls you get don't wake up your child. Thesound machine contains four sounds: Plain White Noise, Rain, Storm,and Waves Crashing. You have the option to set your alarm colorsusing a color wheel that includes a wide variety of colors. The appis free and ad supported. Obviously, the ads are aimed at adults,not kids. Please email the developer with any questions.