1.1 / September 10, 2015
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Before the Sensation of World largestfootballoccasion of 2016 become zenith of the age, we are here toboostyour obsession to the moon with the new soccer 3D /football3Dgame, REAL 3D FOOTBALL PLAY.
Are you a 3D football crazier? Are you really wanted to be asuperfootball player? Did you ever fantasized to become aprofessionalfantasy footballer or a Soccer legend? Do you everdreamt of makingyour own soccer team manager/ football teammanager.

World is underneath your feet now, fantasy is over, choose abestsquad from world renowned teams and become an amazing footballteammanager, play soccer in an interactively real football groundsofthe world. Use your football team managing skills to heartfilledand satisfy your thirst of being a legend soccer player ofthecentury.
Do you want to play with Legends in a free game? Or want to becomeanext sensation of 3D game of football world?
FANTASY 3D game! It’s in your hand, click the start buttonandexperience the world’s best real football play at world’sbestFootball grounds and world’s best football team mangers asyouropponents in a free game. Crush them up and become a toprankedSoccer team Manager of the time. Free games opportunity won’twaitfor long.
Many legends of soccer / Football are waiting for you to competeandmark the win in this 3D game, but you’re skilled enough totriumphover them and change the history. World renowned footballteams /soccer teams are putting their efforts to build a newhistory in theform of your name in this free game called REAL 3DFOOTBALLPLAY.

We're excited to bringing you a real feel in a 3D game,footballinteractive play, world’s best soccer teams / footballteams, allin one place and Yeah!! It’s absolutely FREE GAME. Comeon and makeyour Football / Soccer game experience more authenticandenthusiastic, you ever witnessed in free games.
REAL 3D FOOTBALL PLAY offers you two moods.
Click the install button, start your 3D game play by selectingfromtwo amazing football modes.

*Quick play: Hit the button and start the battle by selectingTopnotch football teams / soccer teams, select the Levelofdifficulties to judge your skills and hit the ground toexperiencefootball Play in real 3D game.
*Tournament: Yeah! We have foreseen your abilities to becomeachampion of Football world, Take the challenge, select toprankedsoccer team as a team manager and shoot out the Real playofFootball free game. Knock your opponent soccer team managerinGroup One of football, followed by group two and raise the flaginFootball semifinal with the best Football / soccer team managerofDate. Begins the War of soccer and Let us put your name at theTopof Leader board in 3D game. Score touchdowns by running,passing,and making big hits on D with intuitive tap and swipecontrols inan absolutely free game.
YEAH!! You Are Amazing Football Team Manager.
World class soccer 3D game
Free game in “Quick Football play mode” and “Tournament mode”
Level of difficulties to get mastered
Help support for new Users
Real feel football free game for Android Users
Real feel of famous football grounds in 3D game
Interactive and best touch for receptive play of football
Free game play with World renowned soccer teams managers andfamousfootball players
Close to actual Graphics and sounds
New football team managers, real ground and real footballsofupcoming events will be engaged for next update

App Information Real 3D Football Play

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    Real 3D Football Play
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    September 10, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    50,000 - 100,000
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    Visit website Email jgamesstudios@gmail.com
    Room#12 Mian Toufail Hostel Gulberg3 Firdous Market Lahore, 54000 Pakistan
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Hello Snooker players, are you waiting for aninteractive & intuitive 3D play of more than real snooker freegames with real 3D physics and amazing controls. Let’s play theexciting Pro Snooker 3D play games for free with the zeal and zestbecause it’s one of the amazing addition in google play store inthe genre of free Snooker games. We know very well snooker isn’tjust a game but addiction to get an insane play. JGames studio isproud enough to load our gamers with free 3D games having 3Dinteractive games with finest 3D graphics, attractive 3Denvironment & smooth 3D physics based controls.Now we are launching proudly, our new sensation Pro Snooker 3Dplay for free. Grab your 3D games app on your android device forfree as it’s compatible with all android devices e.g. Phones,tablets, PCs etc. we know you like to play snooker games at home orwith friends in a club. But if your mom won’t allow you to go toclub with friends to play snooker games, don’t worry we managed areal 3D snooker for free and feel for you in your hand. If you liketo play snooker games with your friends make them a phone call,invite them to your home tonight and rock the world of Pro Snooker3D play for free.Pro snooker 3D play games facilitates you with two gamesmodesPractice mode games: Learning mode of Pro snooker 3D play freegames, to teach you initially if you are not a very good snookerplayer don’t worry. First play Practice mood play and make a gripon all the skills of snooker play and become an expert of ProSnooker 3D play for free.Two player’s mode games: Two players mode play allow you to takeup the competition of Pro snooker 3D play games with your friendsor mates. You can show to the world how talented you are in 3Dsnooker play games and your skills must be admitted as top ranked3D snooker player.Game play: Select the flag of different countries to whom you wantto play games for. Select flag of your favorite flagWe’re updated with flags of top ranked 10 most playing snookernations of 2014Flag of AustraliaFlag of GermanFlag of England/Great BritainFlag of ChinaFlag of BrazilFlag of WalesFlag of ScotlandFlag of BelgiumFlag of IrelandFlag of ThailandSwipe your phone screen on the angle you want to fix it at yourease. Select flags of different countries you want to play for. Usechalk to make snooker stick efficient and point towards goal. Enjoygames play 3D snooker on regulation 10ft and 12ft rectangulartables. Play 3D 15 red ball snooker based on WPBAS rules. Fullyfeatured 3D ball control system which allow you to back spin, topspin, left spin, right spin. Use chalk on stick for playing propershots. All rules are applied in Pro snooker 3D play as in realSnooker play games.Features:Play games live with your friendsHigh quality 3D interactive environments and games playFull 3D physics based controls of Pro snooker 3D play gamesFlags of world’s best ranked snooker games playing nations2 Camera modes games: Ariel & 3D modePro Snooker 3D play Compatible with all android devices support 3Dgames.Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of 3D and freegames, Subscribehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Juggler-Games-Studios/881208905228695
Sniper Rescue Survivor Mission 1.0 APK
Mission Rescue Survivor StatementSniper rescue survivor mission, it’s time to be a survivor, it’stime for Rescue mission, hold your sniper and drive the 3D Rescuesurvivor mission. Get into the base camp of enemies hold thembehind the line of danger so that civilian could be easily rescuedfrom enemy’s base camp. It’s your duty to guide refugee towards thesafe point till the rescue mission complete, point the sniper andtarget the enemy who want to hit the rescuer civilians and finishthem to death.Sniper SkillsSurvivor what you have to do is keep a sharp eye on the enemiestrying to kill civilian survivors rescuing themselves from theanimal base camp, by holding the sniper pointing the danger andshoot them to death before it’s too lateBeing a survivor in Rescue civilian’s mission your duty willinclude racing against time, a few bloody headshots of terrorist inright there in their basecamps. Save the rescuer and kill only theright target hidden in the crowd to clear the mission in thrillingrescue mission of 3D Sniper Rescue Survivor Mission. You aretrained to be an angel to innocent civilians, elite hitman andgreat survivor.How to become a SurvivorAs Sniper survivor, you’ll take number of Rescue missions in real3D environmentsReal feel of 3D sniper as dreadful and thrilling as in realShoot the Enemies before they target the civilians you are tryingto rescued from enemy’s base campZoom in feature to take headshot, extensive feature of Real lifeSniperHit Sniper hard to let the Civilians to reach the Helicopter andmake Rescue mission successfulAfter completing the Survivor Mission, freshen up to proceed fornext rescue targets.Become a Survivor, Skillful Sniper ShooterWe are sure you are a survivor, have enough hitman sniper skills toshoot every criminal and rescue the refugees. Make sure you hitwith all nerves otherwise the Survivor Rescue mission will not becompeted accurately. Do your shoelace up, grab your gear, Aim your sniper, zoom in thetarget and pull the trigger hard and be a survivor with blastingHeadshot.Features:Dynamic 3D enemy base camp environmentReal 3D animated Helicopter for Survivor to Rescue civiliansDangerous 3D sniper and weaponsHD graphics and amazing sounds of hitting and shootingMultiple camera views with zooming invert and outSingle Survivor Rescue MissionsIntuitive physics based control of Sniper and become asurvivor.Unlimited ammunitions of 3D sniper commando survivor for rescuemissionsLeader board to tell the world your 3D sniper commando skillsRealistic 3D commando actions and Sniper to hit the RescueMission2 Camera modes games: Ariel & 3D mode.More survivor missions and 3D snipers will be introduced in nextupdate.Download Sniper Rescue Survivor Mission for Free and keep in touchfor more content in periodic updates.Sniper Rescue Survivor Mission is compatible with all androiddevices support 3D games.Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of 3D and freegames, Subscribehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6413688563279417474&hl=en
The new amazing 3D action experience of policevs underworld criminals chase is going to be exciting action inUSA. 3D Police action no less exciting than battle filled withunderworld chase. Once again USA city need action to save it fromthe underworld criminals when everybody fails you are the last hopeof the USA city police and we are sure enough you won’t let anybodydown in this chase of latest 3D action sensation Police vsUnderworld chase. Whenever the evil hit the ground, goodness haveto chase the area and make it place to live peaceful. In USA citythis is a work that need to be done by city police of USA atfrontline to crush the Underworld criminals to end and USA a betterplace for people who want to live peacefully.Police vs Underworld chase action games, an exciting platformfor action 3d games lover to hit the top of the leader board byremoving underworld criminals names by their own blood in themiddle of USA city at frontline and mark the name in the legends ofaction in 3D world of action. So what are you waiting for? DownloadPolice vs underworld chase action game and mark the history ofaction police in 3D action world of games.The amazing experience of police chasing underworld criminals isgoing to be more exciting in USA To make Police fighting atfrontline more tempting the USA police will loaded police officerwith deadly weapons unlimited supply of ammunitions, USA madepolice tanks, Cobra police helicopters, USA technology basedmissiles and latest technology for USA police to get over all theevils in underworld, chase them and smash them to death. Shot yourunderworld crime city’s enemy with highly professional weapons likeprofessional police officer, chase the underworld crime city’sbuilding loaded with illegal weapons and underworld criminals.Radial view while using Police helicopters to chase the hiddenunderworld crime city’s criminals and explode the entire underworldcrime city in USA to play your part in making USA more happier andpeaceful place to live. Prove yourself a faithful USA citizen anddrive criminal nuts by thrilling actions of 3D Police Vs Underworldchase in city of USA.It’s a Chase of Action, Chase of survival, Chase of luck and Chaseof Passion. Take your enthusiasm at the top nerves because youbeing a Police of USA at frontline couldn’t it far better thananybody could in the world.Easy and smooth action play to make you feel like real police ofUSA. Interactive frontline 3D environment with clear actions tolive the dream of being a part of underworld criminal hunt.Features:- Play action as special crime officer of USA and become a legendin Police vs underworld chase in USA.- Interactive actions in 3D graphics- Well known 3D features specially for USA action players- Single player mode to smash the crime state of USA with typicalpolice actions.- Intuitive physics based control of weapons in Police VsUnderworld chase in USA.- Latest police weapons and fully equipped police cobra helicoptersand police tanks and much more- Unlimited ammunitions for continuing action in wholemission- Leader board to tell the world your policeman skills andpoliceman actions on the 3D platform of Police vs Underworldchase.- Realistic police cars and action controls.- Realistic chase of Underworld vs Police Environment.- Police siren & police lights to boost underworld chase.- 2 Camera modes games of Police vs Underworld chase in USA: Ariel& 3D mode- Police vs Underworld chase Compatible with all android devicessupport 3D games.Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of 3D and freegames, Subscribehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Juggler-Games-Studios/881208905228695
Trembling Witch 1.5 APK
Trembling witch is a arcade,flying, full ofthrilling and horror game.Flap the broom and help the witch to complete the adventure.Your aim to help the witch to cross the hurdles,just keep yourselfin the witch's black magic and keep fly her broom bytap the screen.Do the maximium score and become the part of this magicallyworld.-A most dangorous witch is waiting for your support.-Nice and cool Graphics in very Monstrosity Environment.-Deathly life Sound effects.-Challenge your friends and beat their scores.if you already play the Flappy bird,Floppy Bird,Clumsy Eagle,ClappyBird,Fatty Birdthen this game is definately be on the top of yours favouritegames.Don't hesitate to download this game.Download this game,be the part of dark world and help thewitch.Game Features:-Tap the screen ,fly the broom and keep brooming to avoid thefalling of witch.-Nice Graphics-Cool Sound EffectsHow to Play:-Easy and Simple just tap the screen any wahere any fly the broomon higher.-Feel free to play.-Beaware from the hammers they are dangerous for the witch.tags: Flappy bird,Floppy Bird,Clumsy Eagle,Clappy Bird,FattyBird
3D Hill Climbing 4x4 Race 1.0 APK
A new exciting free 3D hill climbing 4x4 racegame is now in the market with a bang. 3D hill climbing 4x4 race isthe latest sensation for every 4x4 racer out there in the 3D worldfree games. Unlike other traditional race games of Hill Climbingwith 4x4 vehicle, free 3D hill climbing 4x4 race game gives you thepleasure of more than real Hill Climbing tracks and tricky tracksof hills and best real physics based 3D controls which gives youthe feeling of world’s most awesome steering of 4x4. We know youlove to steer 4x4 and make your best climbing experience with your4x4 vehicle on the hilly tracks.So to make free 3D hill climbing 4x4 race game more temptingmore thrilling we have added amazing 4x4 vehicles, if you don’thave enough to buy a 4x4 vehicles to steer across the amazing hillclimbing tracks, don’t feel your heart bad, the real and free 3DHill climbing race game along with amazing 3D 4x4 racing vehiclewith more than real physics based controls refreshing 3Denvironment of hilly areas is here to brighten up your 3D world offree games.Choose your best 4x4 3D vehicle and Drive at your finest 3D hillclimbing tracks for free. Yesss! It’s Absolutely Free!! Come on 4x4gearheads and 4x4 racers nerds steer it the way you do in real lifebecause 3D Hill Climbing 4x4 Race game is not only free but nearestto Real.Real racers don’t put their 4x4 vehicles in the garage in factthey love to steer them on the road by racing, crushing and puttingtheir name at the top of the leader board of 3D hill climbing 4x4race without wasting money because it’s free for you. People usedto say fun is not free but I guess you won’t agree with this aftergetting indulge in craziness of new exciting free 3D racing game 3DHill climbing 4x4 race with your favorite 4x4 vehicle.Wait! Are you falling down? Press Break button hard and makeyour 4x4 3D vehicle your slave by jamming her on the middle of thetrack. Restart giant 4x4 with a slight reverse BOOM! Your vehicleis again crazy to steer along the 3D hilly tracks of 3D ClimbingHill 4x4 Race free game. Take a deep breath and hold your nerves;climbing on a twisted and steep 3D hill top needs moreconcentration balance the suspension of giant 4x4 vehicle, shot outwith real physics of making 3D race with 4x4 vehicle over achallenging hilly yet beautiful 3D track.Caution:Fuel is limited! Collect the fuel by putting your paddle andaccelerate your 3D 4x4 vehicle and reached the fuel tank beforeit’s too late.Twist the Ignition and Starts 3D Hill Climbing 4x4 race freegame!Features:Fuel refill for 3D 4x4 vehiclesFree intuitive game play with Basic PhysicsBeautiful 3D Hill Climbing environment.Real 3D graphicsTilt to steerEnjoy Controls and Suspension with Real Physics.3D Vehicle Jamming featureRace fast for Highest score & achievements on LeaderboardTurbo sounds of engine and brakes of 3D 4x4 vehiclesMore tracks and vehicles will be added in next Update3D Hill Climbing 4x4 Race is Compatible with all android devicessupport 3D games.Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of 3D and freegames, Subscribehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Juggler-Games-Studios/881208905228695
Need More Speed Car Racing 3D 1.1 APK
Are you ready to rock the world of RacingCars? Fasten your seat belts; here comes the sensation of theRacing season *Need More Speed Car racing 3D*It’s time for racers to manifest the pleasurable and sizzlingexperience of Racing, Drifting, Dragging, Crushing the world downand knocking down with the craziness of world’s fastest racing CarsBUGATTI, MCLAREN, LAMBORGHINI, FERRARI, AUDI. Choose the excitingtracks and leap for an amazing journey of laps.Strike the speedy piece of metal, justify the credit, grab thebonus, and upgrade your cars to beat the other contender that havemore heavy metal than yours.We are sure enough at your racing skills that you are going to rockthe world of speed and Car racing mania. Show your aspirant Whatyou are up to in racing the world’s famous cars, the cars one coulddream of and the tracks one cold wish to be a part of, followed bythe trans of speedy racing.More stalking towards Fastest Racing cars, sensationally asphalttracks and much more about racing would be encountered in comingupdates soon.Features:- Stunning 3D graphics- Five best speed Racing cars of the age- Realistic car handling- Four Sensational tracks more than real and less thanfantasy- Much more awaited
City Runner 3D In Paris 1.4 APK
City Runner 3D in Paris is an endlessrunninggame. If you enjoy the physics and game style found in otherrunnergames, you'll absolutely fall in love with this game.Run asfast asyou can and dodge the oncoming obstacles!Features:-Stunning visual paris city graphics-Swipe touch-based controls-Endless game-play-4 Power-UP item-Multiple Obstacles-Custom Audio-ShopControls:Swipe up to jump and double jumpSwipe left or right to switch lanesSwipe down to land faster and roll!This game should be compared to those in the category ofSubwaySurfer, Temple Run,Agent Dash, minion rush, rush meron,Endless runand Crazy Run 3D