0.3 / July 20, 2015
(3.9/5) (99)


Real Brave soldieris an exciting, new Great action shootinggame.Taking the role as a Lead army sniper soldier and defend theoasisBase.Intelligence received report that some Army attacks grouphaskept base at the East regions of the Oasis city. The base hasbeenheavily secured by guard, armed vehicles andterroristsoldiers.Last Hope is an Sniper placed in the desert Rock.Thestory takes you on a journey through a changed world,exploringfields in the oasis desert, Big villages and infectedcanyons.TimeEliminated the Sniper Shooter and Kill to targetingsoldiers.Nomore Life for Time To Time Attack.Your mission is to useyoursniper rifle and sniper skills to take out each enemy toprotectthe army base in order to get onto the next level.Join thespecialSniper force and finish mission impossible! become thegreatestsniper to defeat the enemy soldiers.

***How to Play***
*Touch and move the screen to aim the enemy Positionperfect!!
*The enemy will not attack you until you fire your first shotandbattle!!
*Use the scope to aim the enemy from far distances and easyZoomin/out Button Press!!
*Use fire button to shoot and hit the HeadShot Target!!
*Aim for the head, shoot once and accurately & Verysmoothcontrol!!
*The gun reloads automatically time is So Limmited!!

*Hint. The best way to kill them is head shoot and XpUnlock!!
*Headphone is Required game music and sound effect So cool!!

*Shooting game gives players a super cool rush Style!!
*Wide variations of Gameplay modes and Goals Achivements!!
*Upgradable Weapons easy Smooth Controllers!!
*Gorgious Rich and Beautifull shooting groundsEnvinrnoments!!
*war battlefield is calling for the best army!!
*A Great game if you are a First Person Shooter game fan!!

Please feel free to send us your valuable feedback andcomments.Your suggestions are important to us.Please rate us good.Your goodrating keeps us going. Enjoy!
This is perfect for those of you who are looking for ease ofaccessand installing.
and can enjoy play it anytime, anywhere.
Your Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us
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App Information Real Brave Soldier

  • App Name
    Real Brave Soldier
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 20, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    MobTouch Studio
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email hamptonbethan@gmail.com
    Office #336 Johar Town 54000 Punjab Lahore Pakistan.
  • Google Play Link

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**Devices WITHOUT root permissions and withAndroid >= 5.0 (Lollipop), can connect with this app but theyCANNOT view the WEP-WPA-WPA2****Devices WITHOUT root permissions and with Android < 5.0(Lollipop), CANNOT connect with this app and they CANNOT view theWEP-WPA-WPA2**Do you want to know if your Access Point is vulnerable at the WPSprotocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPSPIN.PINs are calculated with many algorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-Dlink+1-Belkin(root)-FTE-xxx-TrendNet-Asus-AiroconRealtek-EasyBox Arcadyan-ArrisAnd others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOT ALL AP ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App allows to do PINS BRUTEFORCE in a SMART WAY ( ONLY FOR ROOTEDDEVICES )Why SMART?Because, app will try 11000 PINs COMBINATIONS rather than10^8.In fact, AP tells to your device if the first 4 of 8 digits of WPSPIN, are correct and the last digit is a checksum of previous 7digits.NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.And, app allows to notify if WPS is in LOCK STATE ( ROOT AND NOROOT ).NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.WPS Lock state is a state when Access Point, for security reasons,does not allow no more PINs. THEN is USELESS to try othersPINs.App needs root permissions for devices with Android version <5.0 ( LOLLIPOP ).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you can test the PINs with thisapp and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEE WPA ( OR WEP ) PASSWORDWITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app only with your own AP for do not go against thelaw.Privacy Policy :https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8000344
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