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Real Car Stunt Challenge Experience the real 3D drive on bigcontainers with jumps and obstacles and perform amazing stunts,feel the breathtaking moves. Use boost to where ever you need along jump.Real Car Stunt Challenge complete the levels you need toavoid obstacles and reach the finish point. Start playing the funtracks right now, and challenge yourself.Features:*Real Car StuntChallenge 3D graphics and amazing backgrounds.*Real Car StuntChallenge Realistic car physics.*Real Car Stunt Challenge Beautifuldesign tracks in each level.Controls:buttons or Joy stick

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    Real Car Stunt Challenge
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    April 27, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    131 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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Real Car Stunt Challenge 1.1 APK
Real Car Stunt Challenge Experience the real 3D drive on bigcontainers with jumps and obstacles and perform amazing stunts,feel the breathtaking moves. Use boost to where ever you need along jump.Real Car Stunt Challenge complete the levels you need toavoid obstacles and reach the finish point. Start playing the funtracks right now, and challenge yourself.Features:*Real Car StuntChallenge 3D graphics and amazing backgrounds.*Real Car StuntChallenge Realistic car physics.*Real Car Stunt Challenge Beautifuldesign tracks in each level.Controls:buttons or Joy stick
Frenzy Farm Business 1.2 APK
Frenzy Farm Business is not a simple farmandit can be played any time of the day without internetconnection.So it can reduce your internet expenses and can improveyour gamingskills. You can build your Lush green farm and cancultivate andharvest various crops like canola, corn and wheat.Decorate yourown lush farmland in farm village games. In this gameyou can dolots of farming things such as Building Farm Factory andTown,Dairy Farming, Fish Farming, Farm hay and Goat Farming, etc.Youcan imagine a story by maintaining Factory Township along withthecity.Main Features of this Game• This is a very interesting Offline Game.• Here start creating your dream farm village, factory anddecoratewith various components.• Grow domestic animals and establish a dairy farm.• Initiate plantation of your favorite crops and proceed forcookingdelicious food.• Attractive pictures and well animated characters.• All tools are easier to control for managing the farm.• You will be able to organize a newly Country Farm Businessandvillage.• Get more crops harvested and unlock more opportunity with agreatexperience.• Enjoy the advanced World of Cattle growing and Dairy farmingandget award as best farmer of the Farm Ciry.You have to be totally involved in this Farm story andworkdifferent tasks such as Harvesting crops and growing livestocksand poultry farms.Dairy farm is a most important game that is integrated withnicequality pictures and attractive interface. Here, you can getsmallsize farm area for incorporating crop harvesting,livestockproduction. Enjoy the buying of breeding animals and makethemgrown by feeding agricultural products and then sell thelivestockproducts such as Milk, meat, etc. to Town.Really Dairy Farm Games create excitement and curiosity inthemind of the player with different soft sounds.Once Download now and play frequently offline to havefununlimited.Farm City is an exciting offline game for extension offarmoperation. Players can have a detailed experience aboutfollowingfarming activities:How to Play?• Food Crops: The instruction will be provided to players forthetillage sowing of food crops and harvesting of the same.• Farming: The players will get guidance to purchase seeds,buildshelter for farm and livestock.• Fruits: The agricultural and livestock revenue will be morefromthe purchase and care of improved seeds.• Production: Development of workshop in the city using itemsfromcrops and livestock and supply to the market forconsumption.• Players can extend their farming area and increase quantityoflivestock by performing well in cultivation and earningrevenuefrom selling of farming and livestock products.Download now and Start playing to have unlimited funanywhere@24x7 hours offline.Give a click on ---• Fresh Crops Plantation• Feeding to Lovely Pets• Delicious Food Cooking• Trading with other online farmers Worldwide• Friendly Greeting with neighbors• Completion of mission• Decorate your farm with attractive designsThe Farm Factory Township is one of the best Village Farmgameand the online players from around 150 countries are playingthisgame and enjoying this game a lot.When these games are mostly playedDuring your leisure period, long traveling, tiredmoment,holiday, vacation, you can pass or enjoy your time byplaying FarmFactory Township game with your dearest neighbor andother playersaround the globe.Download this Adventurous Farm Business and Village Gametoenjoy!
On Bike Racer 1 APK
On Bike Racer 3D is the No.1 xtreme BikeRacergame with insane and stunt action! Bury the competition asyoudrive through a variety of treacherous tracks while enjoyingtherealistic bike physics and fast-paced gameplay.On Bike Racer 3D is easy to pick up but hard to master whichwillkeep you in the zone for hours. Race, jump and crash your wayandother mad rivals through the amazing frontier tracks as youmasterthe skills and the physics of motocross in this high speedracingadventure. Here is your chance to step up and prove that youarethe most intense and competitive biker!Game Features:- Authentic 3D physics and feel good graphics- Select bikes, ride how you want to ride
Aircraft military warriors 1.0 APK
Have interest in flying a jet or plane? Then welcome to the freegame show of the aircraft fighters.Focus on the aim of your enemiesand shoot them all. In the start of the game there are threedifferent levels and in each level, you will find somethingdifferent in the game of the helicopter strike.The levels are:•Invasion• Modern• ClassicThese are the missions whom you will haveto win and save the world from the dons, criminals and from badpeople. Prove that you are the brave and strong companion in thiswar of warship. It’s your responsibility to save the world from therivals in the apache helicopter game. Every stage of the combatstrike has its own charm and you will not get bore in it. Defeatall the competitors and win the game of free military gunship.Donot let your air attacker opponents hit your airplane, because ifthe missiles or rocket launcher strike on your power air force jet,then it will get damaged and there will be a chance of losing thegame instead of winning it. Don’t let your rivals, get dominant onyou, be a hero of the gunship battle solo and show them no mercy.Make sure that you kill each and every of your opponents and winthe battle of air crafting war.Choose any one from the threeincredible battles of the game of hitting the target and save theworld. You have the modern missiles, bombs and rocket launcher toshoot the enemies. You have top f18 and f16 aircraft to fly overthe sky. You will found amazing machinery in this army war forshooting the rivals like machine gun, rifles and many more stuff.These items will help you in killing the enemy because thismachinery is fast and have an accurate in focusing on theopponent.This game is for everyone. This is also a free army gamefor kids also. So, enjoy while playing it. Features:• Great controlon the aircraft• 3D camera view and rocking sound system of war andshooting• First person shooter and real battle war• Heavy modernmachinery• Easy to handle
Prisoner looker escape 1.1 APK
Let’s see how smart you are? And how you get yourself escape fromthe horrible and deadly prisoner. You as a prisoner have beenjailed for the crime you haven’t done and now you have to make astrong strategy that how you make your escape successful in thegame of the escaping the prisoner. For this you can also involveyour companion in the jail which will help you to win the challengeof the jailbreak out plan • Notice the timings of the guards whoare giving duties over there• Beware of the cameras and the alarmalert• Watch how many guards are walking around outside theprisonersIn this deadly game of escape runner, you have to saveyourself from the sniper guards and the police men in the prisoner.First of all observe all the atmosphere of the jail and make asstrong strategy after that because if you’re planning of jailrunner went flop then you will be trapped.All your technical skillswill be counted in this game; first of all you have to unlock yourprison locker and for that you have to be very careful and mustknow the key which will help you out in the mission of your escaperoom.After that, move towards your next level which is the way forthe survival escape. The game is full of adventures. Explore thehidden huddles and tunnels which only you will know about it andnobody else.If you got trapped in anything or else then thealarming signs got alerted and all the cops and the police willcovered the whole jail and then you will be failed and got counterkilled.Make sure that you do not make any mistake because if youdid that then this will cause your failure and your game will beover. A single mistake may harm and destroy your entire plan.Beware of such things otherwise you will have to face:• Thechoppers of the police with heavy machinery• The wild hunting dogs•The security guards• And many more So have a fun and enjoy the mostthrilling game of the prison escape game.Features:• Totally waratmosphere• Full use of the deadly and heavy machinery• Extraordinary 3D sound system and camera view• Many more exciting levelsto discover• And so on
Navy warship attacker 1.0 APK
Save the world from the enemies and be elite in your navy combatcommando war and destroy the enemies and win the battleship of thearmy navy warrior.The enemies have come to the sub-marine base andthey have attacked on your navy border through the modern f16 andf17, f18 and b29 apache helicopters and they are damaging your basecamp and slowly slowly they are trying to enter in your city. Youas an army combo soldier have to stop them and show them no mercy.The pirates are trying to weak your strength so you have to showthem the real power of a brave army combo attacker. This mission isassigned to you because are an expert and a professional IGIcommando agent and for this warfare we need a master of all themall in this navy gunship shooting game. There is a big clash of thebattleship so handle this with an iron hand and be the champion ofthis navy war.The enemies are fully loaded with heavy machinery butyou do not need to worry about you also have the modern rifles,rocket launchers and missiles and many more. The enemies haveattack with the navy war shooter and also with some motor boats andfighter planes.Make sure that the rivals do not get succeeded intheir mission and force them to face the failure in the navyshooting striking game. There are many more missions to discover.Make a strong strategy and defeat them all in the navy bloodshedwar mission pro. An assault gunner cargo ship game is waiting foryou. Do play and be a part of this ultimate sea battleshipwar.Features: • 3d graphics and sound system• Shooting mode• Greataim sniper assassin• Realistic war scene
Coach Bus Driving Expert 1.1 APK
To offer services for the people of citizen, then welcome to becomea public bus driver. A huge responsibility is given to you; let’ssee how much you get successful in this city bus driving game.Drive save and be careful that you do not harm the other people orthe things from your crazy bus driving.To perform the test of citybus driving stimulator pro:• Race against the time• Keep an eye onyour surroundings’ • Follow the traffic rules and do not harmothersThere are many types of buses for example school bus,transportation bus, tourist’s bus and many more. In this game, youas a real coach driver, will drive the fernbus from stop to stopand carry the passengers which are waiting for you in the busstand. Pick-up the passengers as much as you can and drop them ontheir desired destiny. Make sure that you perform this pick anddrop driving challenge on time because if you will get fail in itthen your game will be over. So, hurry..! Time is runningshortWhile doing this, do not make your carriers frustrated becausethat will give you negative points. You have to earn points in thisgame and avoid all those stuff which will harm others and youalsoFeatures:• Amazing views and fun driving• Lots of levels to unlock• Full 3D features of public transporter bus• Awesome soundtrack and camera view• Every level has changed off-road bus drivinglocations like town side or mountain etc.• Color your bus stop ofyour own choice • Great grip on the bus brakes, gears and steering• Direction arrows and mini map for your help• Indication lightsand many moreHave fun in driving the autobuses on excitinglocations and obtain points for the un-lock the next mission. Takecare of the traffic signals; do not break the rules and regulationsDrive safe.
crazy car race-Prado 1.0 APK
Have you ever drive a luxurious jeep in your whole life? If not,then get ready to drive heavy 4x4 Prado jeep. This game isdeveloped specifically for those people and kids who want to drivea Prado jeep on adventurous off roads. You could get a chance todrift in a busy traffic but now you can do some adventure on hillside by doing some stunts and drift. This is the time to proveyourself and to others that you are a skilled driver especially onhilly areas and show your competitors that you have the innertalent to drive on challenging roads. Challenge them and start therace with them. Be as fast as you can by keeping an eye on thesteep slopes so that you won’t fall.YOU AS A JEEP DRIVER:• Jeepdrive on the challenging hilly roads• So some exciting and crazystunts• Start a race with other mountain jeep• Unlock other Pradomodels by winning the race• Be skilled jeep driverLet’s enjoy thecrazy Prado off road race to sharpen up your skills. Enjoy thedrive of stunts racing vehicle among the different competitors.Reach at the finish line before running out of time and unlockother levels and models of Prado. Complete every race within thespecified time. Drive with care and don’t hit with anythingotherwise you will lose your game. Show your extreme driving skillswith crazy jeep drive.Amazing levels and on each stage yourcompetitors will going to be increased. Drag your speed to thecheckpoints and reach first in the finishing line. There aredifferent endless driving modes, so here is the chance toaccelerate your vehicle and stood first in your racing battle.Makea time record in this extremely speedy Prado race and gain more andmore points to un-lock the next level. FEATURES:• High graphicswith 3D effects• The controls are easy to handle• Adventurousenvironment• modern Prado models for driving• multiple levels andmission to unlock next levels