1.2 / April 13, 2016
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Tap to move upwards and avoid to collideagainst obstacles ,different varieties of obstacles are availablefor challenging game play.
Complete the challenge and earn the dimaond coins and selectdifferent jelly items as ride
Make a high score from the all

How to paly:
**Just tap to move up.
**Avoide huddles and pass through the same color obstacles
**Collect Diamonds

App Information Real Color Switch

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    Real Color Switch
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    April 13, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Smarty Apps Studio
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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    Email smartyapps007@gmail.com
    Office 25 | 25B, 54000 Lahore Paksitan
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Counter Force Attack is an action multilayer war game againstterrorism and terriosts. You are the Legend Assassin commando fromthe army force. Aim head shot. Knife attack the super new styleAnimation Action Player. Ambush and kill the enemies before theykill you. As well trained Commando, you have skills to find enemiesto clear the place. Counter Force Attack is the story of militaryshooter sent to enemy base for an counter operation. Stare downyour rifle scope, zoom in to find and identify the target. Take abreath...and pull the trigger to make the kill Shot. Base Attackgives you real action game to play with 3D rendered graphicsavailable free on play store. You has limited health and aunlimited ammo in hand to carry out these counter attack. Thismulti mission game has a lot of challenges which needs strategy andplanning to achieve the objectives.Use stare and pistol,rifle,grenade ,sniper to complete the mission. Furry persons infornt ofyou & you are elite commander.Game Features:✓ Amazinglydetailed 3d action game.✓ Realistic sounds + surroundingsvolumes!!✓ Explore your favorite Player in this environment tour!!✓Easy controls joystick simply looks where you want to go!!✓ ForceAttack Crisp cinema like HD visuals effects !!✓ Develop forhigh-end mobile phone, Tablets which smoothness!!Advance feature:.More advanced features of the crusade against terror allow yourchoice of ammo, like shotguns, Ak-47, Repeater, Knife, andmachine-guns from different places during action.How to Play:Moveforward, backward, left or right with joy stick controls.ExcellentEnvironment.Imax 3D Cinema Type sound effects.User friendly GuiEasy to operate All Devices customize Fully Supported Mobiles.SUPPORT:https://www.facebook.com/pages/IM-NinjaWarrior-of-Way/794942287241362https://twitter.com/SmartyApps007https://www.pinterest.com/smartyapps/
Live Alone 0.1 APK
Guardian of the ninja legend, Our mightiest hero of the story“Ninja”, rule and seize your victory from cannibalisticzombies,16-year-old boy starts this journey and become a ninja, AsMaggics transformation is sure to become erratic,” Zombieland” vs“Ninja”, In a stark desert landscape where humanity is crushed, andalmost everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life.Purely the ninja is a talented. Ticket to this journey a dollar. Anapocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches towards “Coursedlands”. Emperors of Emperors were captivated and poisoned in thoselands.****GAME FEATURES*******Thrilling and explorergame-play****Packs of Shelton’s on attack****Reveal the quest andunlock new ones**.**Achievement unlocks and earns magicalweapons.**captivating gamer of the spring****2015 storm FESTIVALgame!******How TO PLAY******Move you joystick to control theninja****Quest is in text on the screen, solve it****Find cage keyto reach nextmission**SUPPORT:https://www.facebook.com/pages/IM-NinjaWarrior-of-Way/794942287241362https://twitter.com/SmartyApps007https://www.pinterest.com/smartyapps/
I'm NINJA:Warrior Of Way 0.1 APK
The Warrior of land across the Sea view oceans,3rd FPS controllerGame-play,Ninja Warrior with his blade and the dangerous missionsof Jungle and different Quest that are need to be reveal,Warrior iscoming for the Monsters and Skeleton that covers the whole junglein threat, this will make no sense how to overcome on those giants,Threat is large number of them that will surrounds you and huntyou down with their fangs ,Cunning Monster is watching you from theheights of mountains and he trap you inside the jungle , Controlover your emotions and fear, Over come on them with your blade andweapons given by your king ,Survive in the jungle and reach overthose lands that are need to be explore, Directional arrow willguide you to move in certain direction and the current Quest isshown oven the screen and achieved easily, Need is what ,How toAchieve ,That is all.Game Motive:Game Mission is to entertain theclient with healthy environment and challenging Tasks and let theuser think, how to achieve it. Challenging task for you as a NinjaWarrior and discover the lands and rivers.Game Features:** 3rd FPScontroller with player Ninja Added!!**Joystick Panel to handle theplayer of blek!!**Auto Camera Adjustment and Custom CameraAdjustment panel Defined!!**Five different Weapons Added!!**ThreeMagical Powers (Blue Thunder, Red Dragon Attack, Magic Kick)!!**Energy Juices for the Player health and to increasestamina!!**Different Missions and their Quest added!!**Coins to buythose magical Weapons!!**Earn Tokens to play the missions and buythose token from the panel!!**Radar is Present that will locate theEnemies over the screen!!**Directional Arrows will guide you aboutyour mission Goal!!**Different Achievements were added and give youcertain rewards and reveal the next Quest!!**Mission Quest areAchievable and Follow the Clear instruction’s!!GAMEMISSIONS:Mission 1:Quest: 1) Find three Diamonds.Quest: 2) Find OnePiece of Map.Quest: 3) Find three Escape Boat.Mission 2:Quest: 4)Find the Cage Key.Quest: 5) Find the Boat and Meet the MarketMan.Quest: 6) Kill 10 Skeletons.Quest: 7) Find One Piece ofMapMission 3:Quest: 8) Kill the 10 Monster.Quest: 9) Find One Pieceof Map.Quest: 10) Find Bow's Wepon!!Quest: 11) Find BowShelton!!Mission 4:Quest: 8) Find One Piece of Map.Quest: 9) Killthe 5 Monster,5 Skeletons.Quest: 10) Meet the Market Man.Mission5:Quest: 11) Find One Piece of Map.(Time Trail)Mission 6:Quest: 12)Find One Piece of Map.Quest: 13) Find the Second Boat.Quest: 14)Find the Warrior Girl (Time Trial).HOW TO PLAY:**Use JoystickController to move the Ninja Character!!**Find the First Quest andUnlock the next Mission!!**Achieve Your Quest and Get yourReward!!**Collect the coins and Buy the Magical Weapons and unlockTickets!!**Unlock Achievements in side the Adventurous island andexplore new ones.**Collect more points in the globalleaderboards.SUPPORT:https://www.facebook.com/pages/IM-NinjaWarrior-of-Way/794942287241362https://twitter.com/SmartyApps007https://www.pinterest.com/smartyapps/
Real Color Switch 1.2 APK
Tap to move upwards and avoid to collideagainst obstacles ,different varieties of obstacles are availablefor challenging game play.Complete the challenge and earn the dimaond coins and selectdifferent jelly items as rideMake a high score from the allHow to paly:**Just tap to move up.**Avoide huddles and pass through the same color obstacles**Collect Diamonds
Extreme Bike Attack Race 3D 1.6.3 APK
Extreme Bike Attack Race 3D is an action game with RacingChallenge,adrenaline rush,consist avoiding obstacles,shooting andracing game,Ride your bike with dignityfury road and death onhighway. Missions:Career mode:Different missions with bikeadventure1)Gang of bikers career mode2)time attack/knockoutchallenges3)Coins and bikers kicks/punches modes4)bike rideshooting 5)Police helicopter / chopper attack chasemissions6)zombie shooting missions7)Reach in time oncheckpoint8)Guns with limited stock of bullets9)collect Nitro fromthe Way10)collect coins and blue shields11)Unlock new bikes andbikes12)endless bike ride Challenges:-How to get rid of arash-shooting game 2-2 player shooting with strenuous-How toprevent fiebre-Motorcycles with heat-racing-Star trek intodarkness-shotgun action-Earn cash and become richer-Test bikeattack and extreme animation Riders-Smackdown bike gangers-Defy,fastbike,yolModes:Checkpoint modeTime Attack modeFree RidemodeEndless ModeFeatures:-Daily bonuses and Spin wheel-Real Bikeshooting,road adventure,firing and attack-Available bikes aremotogp,Harley Davidson,chopper motorbike,heavy bike,policescooter,three wheeler & raptor bike with high octane and roadwarriors-8 Different character for road raceHow to Play:-Defeatother bikers with kicks punches-Achive your mission Target with intime.-Tilt right and left while riding.-Use Nitro booster to extraspeed
US COmmando Mission Possible 4.3 APK
I has started Like a happy day of Summer, murshad has arrived,lifeis clean and calm,then killer kart have arrived and slaughtered .Afury of war has start. A modern combat inside blood-line ofStrikers, game beyond Limits of FPS,it’s a military game, your dutyat a call center and your enemies are navy soldiers, a sniper squadis far behind ,Your game of stratagie show be clean and precise,You are army hero,Your mission is impossible in a kill shot .Deltaforce is at on base camp,black water is front force,Do you agreefor this contact?They have taken 3 regions under control,save usfrom their slaughtered kiler.Game Features:@FPS(First personcontroller with with land mines,naval mines and explosives andguns)*GAME MISIONS:* Avenge the ulton.*Save the region and weopnsunlocks .*Get highest rank than otherWeapons detail:*s-arockets*AK-47 range(1500 miles)*kalibr –NKE weapon system.#MP-442Grach*Bury class corvetteHow to play:*Selcet you gunner and walk.*Kil the enemy and explore new regions.*Clear the regions.SUPPORT:https://www.facebook.com/pages/IM-NinjaWarrior-of-Way/794942287241362https://twitter.com/SmartyApps007https://www.pinterest.com/smartyapps/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2_4Z3s8X8A
Hunting deer inside safari jungle, Animal ofAfrica, wild beasts are hunting with their claws.Start visiting with the wild life of Africa, like Bear/Deer/Boar/lion/Hippopotamus/Rayno/Fox.Live Animal hunting with VR Play and many more that are waiting foryou.Tree Animals: Birds like crow, owl, and eagle.Bear Reservation: Stay away from a certain distance other theyattack on you.**BECAREFUL WHILE MOVING TOWARS WILD ANIMALS OTHER THEY ATTACK ONYOU**Game Features:**Realistic African environment with the wild animals.**Realistic Sound of an African animal.**View a wild life story of Jungle.**Desert view of Gameplay with a lots of Tree animals.HOW TO MOVE:**Look at the feet’s in order to move forward.**Look down towards feet’s in order to stop move.**View 360 degree.Support:https://www.facebook.com/pages/IM-NinjaWarrior-of-Way/794942287241362https://twitter.com/SmartyApps007https://www.pinterest.com/smartyapps/
Deadly Counter Shooter 3D 1.0 APK
Deadly Counter Shooter 3d is a helicopterneavyaction game that combines stunning 3D graphics with flightcontrolsimulation.This game takes is the best gunship helicopter games you'veseenbefore. Here you will have different missions of wars to attackonarmy base camps.Destroy all enemy battleship entering your vicinity in the navywargame.Deadly Counter Shooter 3d, you are in the state of air navy warandyour only task is to win the world war.The enemy fleets are approaching and firing missiles at the airnavyand you have to fight this naval warfare and navy gunshipbattle allon your own by experiencing an air fighter and armyhelicopter waradventure.These camps are real view of 3D army camps based in mountainandrivers. You will have to clear the base camp of enemies by allyourbattle skills.The air battle for glory will not be easy it will be anultimatemodern air combat and gunship war between you and thecounterterrorists.But beware for next time you are launching a counter attackarmyhelicopter air strike you will have to showcaseimmenseskills,and extreme helicopter combat precision to destroy the enemyfleet,ensuring minimum self-damage in the modern air combatA remote enemy base camp has been spotted at the north regionofcountry. As a best army Officer, you have been given a missiontoclear the enemy base camp.How to Play:- You can drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate your gunleft,right, up or down- The weapons will reload itself and you have unlimited numberofbullets- You don’t need to control the helicopter, it will give youaroundview of ship- Targets will auto lock whenever to close the enemies- Tap Fire button at bottom right to fire- The weapons will reload itselfGame Features:- Complete army remote camp with real looking 3Darmyenvironment.- Amazing Movie Quality sound effects- Easy GUI and controls- Enemy AI- Efficient weapon control- Efficient weapon controls & movement.- You can enjoy the best views in both tablets and Phones.- Very engaging and challenging game play.- Fully free to play.- Great top view from helicopter- Complete Battlefield real looking 3D environment of sea.- Enemies will attack through missiles and your life will reduceandmission failed- Efficient weapon controlMission:Your mission is to kill all the enemies.You might be attacked by enemy machine guns, encounter minesorbooby traps.Shoot the target at will.Go & win the fight;