1.0.9 / March 14, 2018
(4.2/5) (1883)


Get ready for exciting & dynamic gangster transport actionpacked simulation game. This open world free to play gangster mafiatransport incredible driver game will allow you to experience therisky gangster transport action car drive in Vegas lethal crimecity & danger of criminals driver. Enhance your driving skillsand select challenging missions escape crime of transport to proveyourself in this combat as a best car driver in real gangsterwarrior world. Now you can feel the thrill of drift & drivegangster car & boost up yourself to drive in the open worldcities. Transport cargo from one place to another is extremelyrisky. Drive different trucks and cars in this battlefield. Becareful regarding checkpoints and drive through the alluring Vegasrisky roads. Enjoy the gangster mafia transport and intuitivecontrols of this gangster Vegas city transport mission. You canfreely roam on modern curvy roads with the help of unique andsmooth controls of this action fight escape crime from the mafiaheist. You will definitely love to experience the gangstertransport city Vegas road challenges with distinct missions of thistrigger war game. Boost up your drive mode & become a territorymaster in this break attack battlefield to ensure your realisticdriving war physics to complete all city crime missions of drivingcars with weaponry simulation game. So, let’s drive & driftyour vehicle at this real gangster mafia transport fighting war toface the grand world auto trial. Unleash your fear of extreme riskytrigger drive & fast driving skills in heavy road traffic andbecome a driver’s action driver king. Just drive in furious waylike a territory master of this escape city crime to reach on nextlevel & win the victory. Compete with your friends like achampion driver in this gangster city challenge war. Get thecheckpoints position on navigation map to finish all selectedmissions first. Play with the realistic cars & transports inhuge Vegas city and be aware from the car damage, protect yourself& passed away from all different locations & checkpoints.The absolutely realistic missions of transport trigger war &car driving challenging experience are here for you!

App Information Real Gangster Transport Driver In Vegas City

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    Real Gangster Transport Driver In Vegas City
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    March 14, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Pocket King Games
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    Marina Residence, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
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