1.6 / October 3, 2016
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JOIN MILLIONS OF PLAYERS RACING FOR THE WORLD CUP.Features:- 4completely different and engaging race tracks,- 5 various cars withtotally different racing models,- driving model which guaranteepositive feeling of driving,- leaderboards to compete andachievements to get,Experience advanced model of driving andaccomplish great things on racing tracks. Feel the real speed andneed for asphalt stunts. If simulation is what you are looking for,the simulator you will find - just let you immerse into racingworld and become champion of the world. Grab the steering wheel andbecome fastest driver on the leaderboards. Show them who is theultimately awesome driver.Try to win every race using differentcars from various categories: formula racing, GP, GT or real commonretail cars. Obtain grand prix and become champion of the allracing league categories.Every time you were watching real races,or exciting fastest competition I bet you dreamed about becomingrally expert. Then stop dreaming and become one - press the gaspedal and feel the real speed of dynamic acceleration, enjoy speedand adrenaline in your veins and show other players that you trulydeserve glory of being the champion.Make realistic drifts andexperience the simulation driving model which allow you to makeamazing tricks on the racing track. Need for speed will beabsolutely fulfilled and next time when you will experience theneed of race winning, you wouldn’t look for another answers - justfire up Real Need for Asphalt Speed.Chase your opponents on theasphalt road, shift your top gear and test the endurance of theengine, make fastest circuits and win thanks to your skills andcourage advantage.GT car have beautiful body designs and if you areamazed by those design you would also enjoy car designs from thisgame. Streamlined and futuristic shapes have not only great visualsbut also provide awesome driving physics.Improve your results oncircuits and achieve top positions on leaderboards. Receiveachievements from various and exciting things.But if you areinterested in arcade racing you will also enjoy driving in thisgame - scalable realistic model of driving allows you drive howeveryou like.Best racer game for arcade emotions. Also simulator gamestyle fans would find something here - drag races and fantasticdrifts at the every meter of the track. Every gamer interested infast and speed, in beautiful cars on street circuits or even in hotpursuits with underground stuff should without hesitation startdownloading and playing. Shift your mind in proper mindset, focuson first place in the race and begin your unique journey throughplenty of tracks and cars. Choose your favorite motorcar and startearning eternal fame and glory. Forza!

App Information Real Need for Racing Speed Car

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    Real Need for Racing Speed Car
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    October 3, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    ThunderBull Entertainment
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    T-Bull S.A. ul. Szczesliwa 33/2.B.09 53-445 Wroclaw Poland
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  • 1.6 (10200160) - Latest Version
  • 1.5 (10200150)
  • Real Need for Racing Speed Car 1.6 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /8/20
    Requires Android: Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 10)
    File Size: 42.0 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API: 24)
    File Sha1: 5b67bb90cfd762a62a64a18516c1dfc44ced0237
    APK Signature: ff2865e2fe0543b9686731b713d6cfab25367ad7
  • Real Need for Racing Speed Car 1.5 APK File

    Publish Date: 2015 /10/30
    Requires Android: Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 10)
    File Size: 41.7 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.1 (Lollipop, API: 22)
    File Sha1: a0e8ae1b20a68addca08d0c88d3abddb05df37a4
    APK Signature: ff2865e2fe0543b9686731b713d6cfab25367ad7

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Race through highway traffic in the new endless racing game andbecome the leader of the weekly leaderboards. Earn points andmoney, buy better cars and ultimately experience endlessracing.FEATURES:- extremely impressive graphics, - 7 highperformance cars to choose from,- participate in Police High SpeedRace mode,- 4 diversified asphalt highway tracks: forest, desert,snow, and city,- race through traffic in several completelydifferent modes,- pass real cars in extreme racing on highways,-avoid traffic in racer experience on real highway roads,- upgradeyour favorite cars with acceleration, brake system, and extralives,- tune your vehicle’s appearance - repaint body and slap onsome decals if you need to,- become the master of weeklyleaderboards,- collect achievements and XP points in your onlineprofile,- chase for the highest scores in a police car in dailyevents,DRIVING FEATURES:drive with tilt or using on screenbuttons,use your horn to clear your way and become fastest rallydriver,if you want to feel the speed, you need to push accelerationbutton all the time,don’t forget to use the brake, better safe thancrash into NPC automobiles,race on asphalt highways with four linesin one direction or two lines in opposing directions,RACE THROUGHWORLD FAMOUS ROADS:Push the acceleration and test your and your carlimits on suburb and highway roads racing through traffic. Becomeformula race professional driver on the standard road, earn moneyfor near miss hits, distance covered and speed above 100 km/h.Receive money for your rewards and spend them on upgrades, new carsor tune the body of your car and make it more individual. Performcrazy nitro drifts with drag astonishing cars. Rush your engine tothe limits and feel the simulator driving style. And remember -parking is not allowed, at least, when you want simulationexperience. Traffic: Illegal Road Racing 5 is a new milestone inthe genre of endless racing games. Many cars and a lot of tracksset in different locations in day and night, in winter and summerwill bring you hours of fast-paced fun. Racing games like this arethe ultimate test of skills and dexterity. Traffic: Illegal RoadRacing 5 has a unique difficulty setting made in an easy to learnbut difficult to master way. The player is rewarded for theaggressive and dynamic style of playing with more points. This wayseasoned players can win more while still having the time of theirlives even after countless days of playing.Think about the emotionsthat illegal racing in traffic can give to you. Crisp graphics,awesome and fast paced gameplay, the smell of gasoline and smoke...Feel the breathtaking speed as you race against the time throughstreets, autobahn and highways in rush hours. As an illegal racerand a passionate driver, you'll have to do your best to beat all ofthe challenges. The sheer adrenaline of racing in traffic is theway of endless entertainment.Use the acquired cash to upgrade yourcar so you can race even better and faster. Your skills anddetermination are the only limits. Become the best illegal streetracing professional in the world!Inspired by real-life illegalhighway racing and made with ultimate replayability in mind, thisgame is designed to give the player hundreds of hours of best fastpaced entertainment. Grab the game and play now!Company SocialMedia:Facebook: http://facebook.com/tbullgamesTwitter:https://twitter.com/tbullgames
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FEATURING:- drive, race and win on 16 completely different tracks,-many unique cars to drive and crash,- upgrade your car and becomethe fastest driver in the world,- buy better car parts, upgrade andcrush the competitors,- customize car according to your drivingstyle,- collect items on track and use them in the garage,- uniquemerge of racing and collection,- incredible speed feeling,- normalrace, duel, elimination, and checkpoints,- several game modes toplay,- become unique on the track by respraying your car,- racethrough cities and jungles,Start your career on the real racingtracks - start the engine and start winning fame and glory. Feelthe real speed and let yourself lost in the amazing experience ofthe best racer on the market.Explore beautiful environments withbeaches, palms, cities, and danger turn. Rise to the top in theauto and motorsport race series. With determination chase fast thehighest ranks in the real racing world. Your speeding addictionshould be fulfilled with this amazing rally title. Doesn't matterif you like shutter or asphalt races - you will find enjoymentanyway.A fast run through the race allows you to have hope being atthe top of the rank. Push the limits - rush the traffic and pursuitgreatness. Most wanted cup from the racing world could be yours,just accelerate and compete in real racing, experience the taste ofracing emotions.Become fast and become furious during the race,this will bring you the fortune on the track and worship of thecrowds. Participate in the fast race and own the competition byeffective speed race. Perform car chase by fast racing on asphalttracks. If you desperately need for speed, you’ll be satisfied byfeatures found in this free best racer title. Car chase around thecorner.Download Racing 3D NOW and join the MOST WANTED crew!
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BREATH-TAKING FEATURES:- 6 cars with completely different steeringmodels;- 4 unique tracks;- driving model which connect bestelements from simulation and arcade games;- leaderboards where youcan establish your domination;- unique system of matching opponentsin multiplayer which guarantee fun and challenging experience;- 8achievements on asphalt tracks,Everyone during watching racingevents on awesome asphalt tracks in TV wants to be rally driver, atleast for the short time feel the real speed, experience adrenalinerush which is exclusively reserved for formula racing 1 drivers.Imagine how they can feel during indycar or speed race.Stopdreaming, start “Real Speed” and immerse yourself in world offastest and skilled drivers who live and sometimes dies on amazingasphalt tracks.GT Motorsport is not for everyone - test your skillsin this simulation of grand prix races.Finally find the answer onquestion which bothers you - are you determined enough to becomeworld rally champion in asphalt races? Try out right now!