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Cultivate, harvest do the real village farming for free. Do youwant your own US farm where you can pursue your tractor farmingskills? Would you want to experience some real twist from thehustle and bustle of best rural life? Now amplify your farmerpassion with this tractor simulator. Keep exploring the realfarming with this heavy tractor simulator. Have the real fun in thefarming game. Try American tractor with heavy cargo load now. ThisReal Tractor Farmer games 2019 takes you to the exotic rurallocations of cities where you can grow strawberries and othervegetables. This tractor simulator is a driving transport gamewhere the rural life is waiting for you. Leave the robotic life ofthe city for a while and avail this chance to get close to thenature. Enjoy the game now to get stimulating spirit of tractordriving in the farms. Your tractor is here for you to drive in thistransport game. Drive the most realistic tractors in this game. HOWTO PLAY: Cultivate the rice seeds in the farm. Be careful whiledriving the heavy driving simulator in this farmer game. Yourfarming land is now available and is highly appropriate to grow thecrops. The season is suitable for farming. Now use the seeder forsprinkle seeds. The young plants and seedlings require the water.Water the farm plants in this 3d game. Hurry up in spraying thepesticides with sprayer in farmer simulator. In this tractortrolley you will have amazing driving experience of tractor gameshave fun by drive it. The reward of a farmer is healthy crops whichhe delivers to market. Download now new farming game and enjoytransport challenge. Farming game features: 1. Realistic farms withtractor trolley driving 2. Thrilling cargo transport challenges 3.Amazing visual and sound effects 4. Smooth controls with hydraulicbrakes 5. Modern farm machinery

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    Real Tractor Farmer games 2019 : Farming Games New
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    Zact Studio Games
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Team Zact Studios is proud to present awonderful army truck game in a realistic war situation. You wouldhave probably played a number of army truck games. But for thefirst time you will feel like really in battle situation where as atruck driver you would transport army soldiers from base camp toborder line check post.GAME DISTINGUISHING FEATURES:★ Truck drive simulation with easy to difficult levels andmultiple scenarios.★ Truck driving in real war situation where truck driver is todrive at fast speed to timely drop soldiers in war arena.★ Realistic army hill camp with check post, road hurdles, flyinghelicopters and alert army forces.★ Great environment.. Particularly ice covered mountains, live snowfall and driving in rain are super beautiful scenes.★ Levels 9, 10, 19 & 20 are enemy attack modes on army borderline check post on mountain hills. The military driver is todeliver army commandos at check post in emergency and have to showtruck speed driving skills on mountains pulpy roads.★ The game calculates driver performance and gives score at the endof each level. So you can monitor your truck driving skills andenhance by playing once and again.Drive army truck at highest speeds, get a lot of bonuses and makehighest score. Challenge your friends to compete you....ARMY TRUCK DRIVER 3D GAME FEATURES:> Truck simulator free game with dynamic HD graphics.> Most realistic army cargo truck with jumbo tyres.> Realistic war situation with stunning sound effects.> Real 3D soldiers animations with guns.> Wonderful mountain snow, rain and night environments.> Live score board and level end score based on timely missioncompletion and efficient driving.> Multiple missions from easy to difficult.> Multiple steering options i.e. tilt, wheel and touchbuttons.> Multiple camera views... The best in truck drive mode.> Multiple beautiful day, evening and night truck drivinglevels.> Free to play game with addictive gameplay.
Hill Taxi Driver 3D 2016 1.0 APK
Hi Zact Studio fans.. Here is the mostbeautiful taxi driving game for you.So get ready to enjoy high speed driving game on difficult hillymountain tracks. This is an awesome mountain taxi driving game forthe mountain driving lovers.Become city taxi driver, hold the steering of a beautiful 4x4 taxicar specially designed for high mountains hill climb. Drive taxifrom hill top city to mountain villages. Pick passengers from theirhotel and drop them at city shopping mall. Have long journey withpassengers travelling on your taxi from capital city to deepmountain valleys.WHAT IS UNIQUE IN THIS GAME:The most amazing feature of this free car game is multiple musicoptions. It is natural that people get bore of same music all time.So we bring an exciting feature that every car have differentlyrics sound. So go on unlocking the cars and enjoy followingmusic:★ Pleasing Asian folk song similar to Indian Punjabi music.★ The Americans favorite pop music and heart of the youth.★ Rock music, hot favorite all over the world.GAME PLAN:In this mountain taxi game you perform the driver duty and pick thepassengers and drop them on their destination. Driving taxi is afun but taxi speed drive on bumpy roads is challenging and the realfun as well. Driving on mountain is a very dangerous so take careof your self & passengers with you. Like a crazy driveraccelerate taxi to furious speeds to reach early and earn more cash& bonus.Passenger are waiting on hill station stop so hurry up to pickthe passenger. Drop the passenger on its destination within a timelimit otherwise you fail in the mission. I hope you enjoy thebeautiful and dangerous mountain tracks and hill climb driving in abeautiful snowfall and rainy weather.Hill Taxi Driver 3D free game consists of 20 levels with lots offun and challenge for taxi car racing lovers.Multi featured luxurious yellow taxi cabs are ready to make yourjourney splendid.The first five levels are easy to play green mountain taxi drive.These are taxi simulation levels you can complete easily and makehigh score. Unlock amazing new cars with collected money.Next five levels i.e. 6 to 10 are rain drive on slipperyoffroad. Taxi off-road drive on mountain is the most thrillingtask. So let us who meets the challenge of transporting passengersin cats & dogs rain. Are you ready to meet this crazy taxidriving challenge.Levels 11 to 15 are gorgeous snow drive tasks in ice coveredmountains. So drive taxi in snow and enjoy most beautifulweather.The last five levels are off course most difficult one. Here youface stunning taxi night driving challenge where you have totransport passengers in night.GAME COOL FEATURES:> Taxi simulator free game with high quality 3Dgraphics.> Multiple music options with hours of fun.> Multiple steering options i.e. steering wheel, tilt steeringand touch buttons.> Multiple camera views i.e. third person view, detailedinterior cockpit view and adjustable top view.> Multiple levels in beautiful realistic environments.> Multiple cars with stunning features.> Multiple hill stations with auto door.> Real 3d driver in taxi and realistic animatedpassengers.> Lots of missions.> Award of cash and bonus on efficient driving.> Very easy to play game for all age players.> Music mute option.
Tractor Thresher Simulator 2019: Farming Games APK
AN EXCEPTIONALLY FRESH FARMING SIM GAME: Are you being fed up withthe monotonous and artificial city life? We are presenting arealistic farming simulator in the form of this tractor game. Justdive into agriculture world featuring the beautiful farms &modern farming machines. You are great admirer of pure rural lifewho loves tractor farming 2019. But due to city’s bustle you can’tfind time for your hobby. The Rural Tractor Threshers game for fansof village farm game 2019. Don’t go for other ordinary farm simgames. Cultivate wheat, corn and many more crops in your villagefarm. Unlike other tractor cargo games, this tractor threshermachine game presents you the stunning farm model. Be reaper inthis crop harvest driving game. HIGHLIGHTED MODES: • Farm Guide Inthis mode you will have complete guidance pertaining to farmingtasks. From driving tractor sim to harvesting challenges, you willbe helped to complete the levels successfully. • Farming SimulationTrails In this mode, your 3d farming skills will be tested. Youwill be given the multiple farm machines and you need to select itas per the requirement. Select your vehicle to attach with thetractor otherwise you will lose the task. Tractor Farming Duty gameDistinguishing Features: 1. Advanced farming vehicles (thresher) todrive as distinct from farm games 2. New farming tasks likethresher operations and ……. 3. Step by step learning of cropsfarming processes 4. A complete farm game with cargo transportchallenges 5. Adjustable color painting of tractor; make unlimitedcolors and shades of your choice START YOUR AGRIBUSINESS NOW: Makethrashing and farming memorable with thresher machine game. Weassure you that you haven’t seen adventurous tractor drivingbefore. Drive fantastic tractor simulator over large farmland. Getmesmerized with tractor farming simulator and lorry driving all inone farm game. Play this Village Tractor Thresher game to cultivateand harvest in countryside farming fields. This is real farminggame in which farmer drives his tractor across the village &takes farm cargo to market. So produce more agriculture crops &earn more money. Make your more exiting with harvester thrashersimulator. Have best of rural town farming and cargo games.Addictive Game play of Tractor Thresher Sim: This Tractor ThresherSim 19 is most remarkable farm game. You are about to unveil theadvanced farming and transport challenge with the real villageranch house. Just pull off the entire trailer simulator andcomplete farming tractor simulator 2019 Game. So select your besttractor and ready for thrashing journey. You can select mode whichwill directs you to farm. Cultivation and farming procedure: Ploughthe seeds in your farming land. Water them in regular intervals.You will be fascinated with the thresher simulator which is used toseparate the seeds. You will witness real threshing machine soundsas you are present in this best tractor farming games. Preventyoung seedlings from insects. You have sprayer for sprayingpesticides. Take harvester and harvest crops. Load the crops introlley to derivation twisty mountain roads. Any damage to the farmcargo will lead to level termination. In this thresher tractor2019, if your tractor simulator gets exhausted don’t worry! A newfarm tractor with high power engine will reach to take you todestination. What are you waiting for! Just hurl into tractorfarmer 2019 game now! Don’t forget to give your valuablesuggestions and comments.
Turbo Car Rally Racing 3D 1.0 APK
You would have probably played a lot ofcarracing games on Android devices and PC as well.The new era is of Andoid games so we have made a racing cargamewhich is ahead of the PC racing games. It exceeds PC gamesinreality as well as features.So all racing game lovers must try this one.......!!!We are proud to present "Turbo Car Rally Racing 3D" which isresultof developers excellent team efforts.So hurry up to enjoy the world hot favorite highway car racinggame.Download 100% free game from Google Play Store and start thenonstopfun right now.GAME PLAN: THE REAL CHALLENGE:Feel like you are participant of car racing championship gamesofOlympic Games. There are a lot of competitors whom you have tofacewhile racing in car.The championship consists of a number racing contests. Startingfromeasy car race challenge i.e. one lap to most difficultchallengesi.e. multiple laps.As an excellent car driver you need to drive speed car preciselyandat fast pace. So go on playing and unlocking all new car games3D2016.THREE IN ONE RACING GAME:Three very beautiful environments:> Car racing in dessert highway with rising sand windsandstunning visuals.> Real mountain car racing highway with beautiful bridges,curvyturns and mountain tunnels.> Race car in real snow fall mountains. So beautiful thatyoufeel like racing on ice.Three beautiful cars to race:> Beautiful sports car with customize colours.> Racing car with realistic racing physics and structure ofcarlike Mercedes.> Stunning Ferrari car for ultimate racing.AMAZING & CHALLENGING GAME PLAY:Super beautiful highway with realistic road effects.Curvy turns with real like mountain car driving experience.Stunning collisions and impact-crash sounds.Multiple camera views i.e. cockpit view, third person view andtopview.Compete against many cars , beat the opponent car racers and winthetitle.Compare you score with opponents and in time target achieving.GAME EXTRA COOL FEATURES:> Car simulator free game specially designed forandroiddevices.> All three steering options i.e. wheel, tilt andtouchbuttons.> Multiple sports, racing cars in option to drive.> Time bound challenging missions.> Free mode for learning and practice.> Lots of beautiful highway surrounding environments.> Free to play & easy to play game for all age gamers.> Very pleasing background music with mute option.> Fast & furious speed racing of turbo engine cars.> Very realistic road physics.> Car headlights for real night driving.JUST FEEL LIKE YOU ARE REALLY RACING IN CAR ONACHAMPIONSHIP....
Public Bus Duty Driver 3D 1.1 APK
Congratulations dear fans… Your dreams havecome true. Here it is the most unique bus driving simulator gameyou were waiting for.This coach bus game has been designed in a very fantasticmountain top village and town environment.Become transport public bus driver and drive beautiful bus frommountain city to the mountain top village. Pick passengers fromcity terminal and drive bus on mountain top hill stations. Keep onpicking passengers from small towns and villages and see mostbeautiful natural scenes.AMAZING NEW FEATURE: ANIMALS ON ROAD:The game contain very unique and new game feature. There areanimals running here and there on grassy mountain landscapes.Sometimes animals like Cow, buffalo, goat and dog come on the roadand sit on it. While speed driving bus you have to take care ofanimals on the road.The game will end if bus strike with any animal. So give bus hornif you see animal so that it may run away. Be a good driver andsave animals.SO DRIVE BUS IN BEAUTIFUL NATURAL PLACES, SEE ANIMALS&ENJOY DRIVING BUS GAME.GAME COOL FEATURES:> Absolutely free bus game made with High quality HDgraphics.> Bus simulation game specially designed for Androiddevices.> Multiple beautiful environments with snow, rain, beautifulgreen mountains, villages etc.> Realistic bus with powerful engine for bus hill climbchallenges.> Multiple camera views i.e. cockpit view, third person view andtop view.> Wonderful bus driving in rain on slippery road.> Time bound challenging passengers pick & dropmissions> Top game for young boys and girls who love bus simulatorgames.> Free to play, easy to play and fun to play game.
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Off Road Jeep Adventure Free Games Off Road Jeep is a very uniquemountain driving game with double fun.. Enjoy Jeeps hill climbchallenge and racing as well. You are awarded lots of 4x4 Jeepswhich not only run fast on difficult curvy tracks but also runoff-road on mountain rocks. An amazing offroad track is made onvery beautiful green mountains & snow covered mountains for youto feel like real speed driving on mountains. If you are lookingfor best racing games in world then here is what you are lookingfor. Get jeep games free download without any in-apps. 💖 GAMEDISTINGUISHING FEATURES 💖 💙 Difficult hilly road with high ups anddowns. 💚 Check points with XP to bring charm in racing. 💛 Landsliding and falling rocks to challenge the road racers. 💜 Mostrealistic Jeeps driving controls and multiple jeeps. ❤️️ Off roadrocky drive and offroad race with the choice of path. 💖 AMAZINGGAME PLAY 💖 There are a number of expert jeep racers participatingin the championship. To challenge the crazy jeep drivers, adifficult curvy mountain track on hilly areas is ready in this jeepgames. You have the choice of driving 4x4 hummer jeep and theclassical SUV jeep. There are a number of checkpoints on the road.Cross check point timely and get bonus points. You will passthrough landsliding area. So be attending and do careful driving.Don't worry if you fall off track because you are driving 4x4 jeep.Drive off road through water lakes and on mountain rocks. Enjoyjeep driving on mountain rocks and get back to track. So passinitial levels to unlock loads of jeeps and tons of amazingmissions. Fast speed driving jeep on mountain hills is an amazingand thrilling experience you can get from this jeep racing battle.Play all levels to simulate your racing skills and win the battleof racing from crazy car racers. You will love furious speed jeepdrive if you like drifting games. Download 100% free from GooglePlay store to enjoy off road jeep adventure in a beautifulenvironment. 💖 JEEP GAME SALIENT FEATURES 💖 ✔️️ Jeep simulationfree game with HD 3D graphics. ✔️️ Multiple Jeeps to drive. ✔️️Multiple CheckPoints with extra points (XP) for qualifiers. ✔️️Hill sliding and falling rocks to create the thrill &challenge. ✔️️ Multiple environments i.e. beautiful greenmountains, snow covered hilly areas. ✔️️ Multiple challenginglevels with lots of fun. ✔️️ Multiple Steering options i.e TiltSteering, steering wheel and touch buttons. ✔️️ Multiple cameraviews with detailed interior view. ✔️️ Realistic jeep physics andsmooth driving experience. ✔️️ Amazing and thrilling gameplay withoffroad mountain drive, waterfall and land sliding stones.