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- Outline -Real Tag Online is an online free match-up actiongame.When two or more people connect to the room, the game playwill be automatically started.Since the game score will be halvedif the game is finished with yourself be a ogre,Let's catch otherplayers who run around.Just tap the mobile stick and button for theoperation!Anyone can feel free and intuitive to play.Let's aim forthe high score by winning the high score!- Features -< Chasingside (ogre viewpoint) >- Automatic trackingIf you can tap theopponent who run around, you can target the player.As long as youdon't operate, you can keep track of the target player.-TransparencyDemon can hide their appearance for a few seconds bytapping the transparent button.Let's approach and catch up quicklywhile other players are losing sight.< Escape side >-provocationWhile the ogre is in your sight, you can provokedemon.It is a high risk, but as it closer to the ogre you can earnhigher score.- Banana installationYou can set up a banana behindyourself. The player who stepped on the banana, slips and falls,and he cannot move for a while.Of course yourself too, so let's payattention to your feet.

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Tag Online 4.2.2 APK
At first, we'd like to notify you that This game is not really the"Tag play".In the past, we have just imitated "TagPlay online" butunfortunately our game received a tremendous amount of criticismreviews such as "This is NOT the Tag play!". And that is the reasonfor us to rename it "NOT Tag Online".ATTENTION: This game is also asimilar version of "TagPlay Online"Definitely , I can play heatedmultiplayer only !It is not difficult at all to say thatmultiplayer game. You can play a little gap time.In addition,compactors that appear in the game in was very comical, operationis also so easy, anyone can play feel free to young and old alike.[ Rules of this game ]Players are divided into two teams of allywith enemy. And You win if it is possible to bring them back to theposition of ally by rob jewelry on the other position.Of course,the enemy team so that in the same way, you may jewel friendlyposition would be taken by the enemy team. And if you can, totackle the enemy which had a jewel, you will be able to wrest thejewel.If you are deprived of your precious jewel to the enemy, thentackle the enemy feel free, and let's taking the jewelry.Thecharacter with a Blue or Red colored target mark, you can tacklewith a dash. It will out of breath exhaustion is violently if thedash or running. Let's heal the stop is still in such a case.Allyteam if you win, you can get the point. If you are able yourselfscore a goal, you will be able to get the point even more.
RC flight simulator RC FlightS 2.2.2 APK
This game enables you to fly RC airplanes in the beautiful 3Dworld!Enjoy the realistic physics of radio-controlledairplane!Feature- Realistic flight simulation. Realistic controland behavior.Perfomance is based on the actual radio controller.You can feel as you are in the real world because the 3D world ofthis game is made of elaborated physics engine. You can also switchto the cockpit view so you can feel as you are flying inside theplane and fly freely in the sky.Game modeThere are two modes inthis game:- Free flight mode- Balloon game modeFree flight mode:Enjoy the free flight in the beautiful 3D world. Practice thevariation of handling and landings and flying patterns.Balloon gamemode: You will see many balloons spawned from the ground. Diving inand hit the balloon and score will be added. Do your best to hitthe balloon as much as possible and aim for the higher score withinthe time limit.This mode is recommended for an advanced player.
This is a simple puzzle game in the frame of 10 × 6, will fill thepiece without a gap.In the puzzle of the type referred to as(pentomino) pentomino,There are more than 2000 pattern iscorrect,Finding a pattern of more purpose is.The little puzzle tokill time.1 pattern day! 1 Aim!
DoReMi de Voice - Humming 1.1.5 APK
Sing a song, select the instrument, and play the music!By usingDoReMi de Voice, your songs can play with your favorite instrumenttone.Let's convert your voice to your favorite instrument, and playthe music!When you are taking a bath, you will sing somehow"humming".If the "humming" is played in the tone of the instrument,don't you think it's nice?With "DoReMi de Voice", it would berealized!"DoReMi de Voice" will play by converting the humming thatyou sang in the tone of your favorite instrument!Instrument Type:-Alto sax- Clarinet- French Horn- Grand Piano- Reed Organ-Shakuhachi- Trombone- Trumpet- ViolinOperation is easy! 3step!First, Tap the Rec button.Second, Record your song.Third,Select the favorite instrument and play.⇒ Your song will be playedby the instrument!Please try it![Technology]The pitch extractionalgorithm implemented in "DoReMi de Voice" uses modern mathematicalengineering such as Fourier analysis and filtering theory. The nameis, "HUMMING".We will work to develop new apps such as orchestraapps or Karaoke-related apps use "HUMMING" engine.
Auto cruising tank: A.I.Panzer 1.1 APK
A combination of AI part, let's fight the tanks! Make a (thinkingroutine) AI puzzle sense, implements into a tank it. AI tanks havebeen implemented should work as designed for you. The AI createscreen, it can many ways to make the thing AI pattern by combiningAI parts. In addition, the combination patterns of AI that theplayer made are, can be switched freely in combat, you will be ableto use it properly to fit the situation. Of course, it is possiblethat players themselves also operate the tank, you will be able tofight in concert along with the ally tanks which are implementedAI. For the strategy, customize the tank, let's aim to win withallies!
Fuzzy Alarm 1.0 APK
This is a very unique alarm application.Many balls appear at thetop of the screen, and roll down on the slopes in accordance withphysical behaviour. There're many boxes at the floor, and the ballhit the box finally. The ball color is one of 7 random colors, andif the ball hit with a same colored box, you can enjoy the dynamicexplosion of the box.When all of the boxes would be destroyed,sound an alarm and random "Time's up" window will appear.Because ofthe result of the physical bahaviour of the several materials, thetime you set isn't exact time but you can enjoy only just watchingat the physical movement.This "Fuzzy" is the sales point of thisapplication.
Free Action Game ~Dodge~ 1.0 APK
Shade the bullet and make full use of dynamic vision and reflexes,Simple free 3D action game.Dodge the bullet light of various colorscoming towards, and then guard use the shield.Score will continueto be added each time the elapsed period of time.In addition, youwill receive a bonus score by either guard timely, to avoid.Bysimple operation you can do with one finger, It is recommended forthe person who does not like shooting games and action games.Pleaseenjoy the beautiful view of the simple 3D world!
Level Upper -Time killing RPG- 1.0 APK
★Free time killing RPGIt is the simple role playing game that youonly nominate a level for.Because you can fight with one buttoneasily, it is usable for time killing.Please come to the making oftopic with the friend.[game introduction]You give a level steadily,and it becomes strong, and let's defeat a powerful enemy!A monsterillustrated book is updated when you defeat an enemy.You defeatmany enemies, and let's aim at the illustrated book complete!Whenyou defeat an RAS boss,May anything be good? ?[how to play]Variousenemies appear in random.A stage changes, and a new enemy comes toappear when you defeat the boss enemy who rarely comes out.A theco-enemy becomes strong when you defeat a boss.Let's give a levelearnestly, and aim at the strongest![I recommend it to such aperson]・It fits in into the free RPG・Person want to play a simplegame・There wants to be a time killing game-- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - ※I keep us in mind every day to make the application that usersare satisfied with.If I attach "a symptom" or "the timing whenmalfunction happens" if there is malfunction and it is an email orcan hear in a review, I am happy.In addition, please contact mewillingly when there is a demand.We look forward to doing morebusiness with you.SaMaA Co., [email protected] - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -