1.0 / June 23, 2017
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Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D is a new free arcade game for kidsand toddlers and grownups, you have to maintain the balance of thisred bubbly ball, be quick and smart with accuracy in this labyrinthbalance game of Red Bouncy Balance Pro 3D. You can smash and hitthe objects, unlock new challenges and missions and experience thereal red bouncy ball balance pro. Move and roll it down to thedestination. Enjoy a real 3D maze with twist and turns with lots offun, avoid obstacles, be careful not to drop or fall and cross towin. Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D is a tangle maze freestyle puzzle labyrinth game with an emphasis on realistic physics,3D graphics and top notch free puzzle gaming experience, roll andbalance free past walls, dough outs, holes and rotating objects andbalance your ball to real the goal. Challenge your aim, balanceball and hold your precision, push your puzzle solving and balanceskills to the extreme level, as this energetic 3D is a real crazyinsanely addictive game. The Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D willknockdown you in this new series with leveling new heights, thephysics based addictive and carnival gameplay with unique puzzles,adrenaline charged extreme challenging levels and explosiveactions. This free 3D classic bounce balance game is packed withchallenging levels to test the sharpness of your brains. The RedBall Balance Pro 3D has challenging levels to test skill forbalance and precision. Keep rolling and balancing in this mazestyle puzzle game and roll your way to the next level! You got tokeep rolling this bouncy free 3D to win in this free puzzle game.Balance and roll the ball on your way to the top of theleaderboards. Red Ball Balance Pro 3D will let you roll thebouncing in slide puzzles and unblocks the puzzle game will let youkeep playing. Balance the bounce, it will provide you fantasticgame play and accurate physics in this colorful balance addictivegame. Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D is the new game of balancebouncing free 3D game where all you need is to move the accuratelybalance free, maintain balance and do not fall. Roll, Balance andplay as a free in a puzzle to cross the obstacles and reach thedestination, every level is exciting and is full of puzzles, itrequires high level of balance and stay away from the edges or youmay fall. Feel the real extreme 3D balance and simulationexperience and excitement unraveling around you as you move in theexciting levels and don’t throw away . This Red Bouncy Ball BalancePro 3D game is not like any other bouncing and balancing red oryellow or purple balls or game like basketball, bowling, billiardor pool.

App Information Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D

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    Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D
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    June 23, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    The Games Flare
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Tuk Tuk Mechanic Auto Workshop 2.0 APK
This majestic city is full of traffic, the cars and buses arerunning all over the roads, the tuk tuk stand is loaded withcustomers and many of the rickshaw and automobile drivers arelooking for the auto workshop to repair the chingchi vehiclerickshaws gone out of order or have some starting problem. Here atthe grand city center is an amazing and legendary grand mechanicand rickshaw workshop and garage, tuk tuk drivers are in a rush torepair and fix it their tri cycle rickshaws in less time. Thisexpert and amazing garage engineer is also an automobile designerwho can design, manufacture and create awesome models of all typesof vehicles like rickshaws cars and bikes with repairing servicesfor all types of tuk tuk engines, it also have an vehicle showroomto display the ready products, this mechanic is providingprofessional workshop and garage services. An a car and bike expertrepairman, use your best car and bike repairman and builder withfix it skills to make brand new and repaired shinny rickshaws, useyour technique for customizing different models and designs.Takelightweight machineries to repair centers, overhaul body andchassis for denting and painting, paint the repaired body partswith elegant and stylish colors, take these tuk tuk into the garageworkshop, be careful and avoid any damages on body or paint. Workwith the best modern mechanic tools, be the best tuk tuk rickshawand chingchi Lets take these awesome and ultimate fast tuk tuk intothe workshop’s assembly line, fix the body, front glass sidemirrors seat and fixtures into the auto rickshaw, this section isfitted with automated machines and robots to avoid loose fittingsand fixtures on the chingchi vehicles assembly line, use weldingmachines to fix and join the rickshaw parts. Adjust your repairmachine and fix the three wheeler engine room carefully, gather allthe spare parts and assemble the rickshaw engine and connect theelectrical points with care, use the best and latest tools andgadget to detect the tuk tuk problem, fix nuts and bolts with ranchand use screw drivers for electrical points, moderns tools are thebest when fixing the engine, use the gear with efficiency, drag thetuk tuk engine from the repair assembly and place it vigilantlyinto the vehicle engine compartment, use your latest and moderntools and equipment to fix the mechanism. Be sure to put the bestand new engine oil into for best running results. After successfulassembling by the auto bots and robotic machines, take rickshaws tothe automatic and manual paint shop, choose the best color andpaint the tuk tuk, hold the paint spray gun carefully as a littleslip of hand can ruin the paint job, use metallic or compactvibrant coating colors, use super cool textures and artwork to makeand give these vehicles a futuristic look, paint cars bikes busesand super chingchi in your garage’s paint shop, you are the bestpainting mechanic available in the grand city, this mechanic is awizard and a genius and an expert in vehicles tune-ups, take yourmotor vehicle to the motor saloon and spa service station, give ita buffy and soapy wash after the paint, wipeout the excess waterthrough the air gun and coat the vehicle body with the specialcolor protective polish for the best glow and shine to the tuk tukto give it shinny look. After completing all the tasks examine yourchingchi tuk tuk rickshaws like an expert pk doctor and fix it likea pro, take them out for test drive all around the grand city roadsand highways, give it a bumpy ride over the offroad hill climbmountains to test the powerful shock absorbents. Park the cars,motorcycle and vehicles into the parking lot of your workshop fortransportation to different cities and towns.This crazy andultimate auto tuk tuk repair and mechanic game is for the kids wholove to wash, repair and drive.
FireFighter 911 Rescue Hero 3D 1.1 APK
The city is on the emergency alert, some buildings are reported areon blaze, the 911 rescue fire department has informed the bravefirefighters heroes to rescue citizens and extinguish the flames.This is your chance to become an amazing and legendary modernfirefighter and a 911 rescue hero truck driver who saves lives ofcity people from furious flames, warning sirens and alarms arehooting and the brave fireman city hero and fire fighters at thebrigade engine station are ready to rescue and preparing the blazeemergency truck simulator loaded with water cannons, hose and superjetpack to blow out the flames at the location of disaster to saveinjured residents and individuals stuck in the burning citybuildings, call ambulance carrying doctors, nurses and paramedicsto save lives and historic landmarks from lethal fire out in thetown. Use all modern gadgets like airplane and helicopterambulance, fire engines and futuristic drones to eliminate theblazing flames.Get on the emergency 911 rescue mission and drivethe modern vehicle carrying wide range of firefighting equipmentloaded with aerial apparatus, ladders, emergency medical kits,first aid box and self-contained breathing medical gadgets to carryout successful rescue missions as the duty of the brave firefighteris not an easy. Dash your truck on the busy wipe out roads dodginglike crazy rider through the big city transport, hurry but don’tget clash with the traffic and be the first to reach the disasterzone fight the flames down to the last spark. Spot the location tosave people including kids and children from the blazing fire,combat your way into the wrecked structures of the damaged citybuilding and houses on flames and strike the water hose. AmericanFirefighter simulators are great heroes they are always there inthe time of emergency, a fireman’s life is full of adventure andthrills with challenging mission all around the clock, it’s a greatresponsibility to help and protect the public in crises, a goodfireman always responds to 911 emergency calls as and when needed,such as car accidents and clashes, chemical spills, flooding, waterrescue.Drive your fire engine truck 3D simulator around the bigdesigner and paradise city, suburbs, city builder constructionsites, county malls, bridges construction, parks and even the citybeach. It’s a crazy traffic and highway drive where a panicsituation is due to a heavy fire, people are running here and therein havoc and mayhem is created by the mob blocking the hallway ofunderground subway station, police and cops are called to takecontrol of the situation, get onto your emergency 911 rescue herotruck and become an ultimate city traffic modern racer, just keepan eye on the road and traffic, it’s a great chance to show yourheroic and bravery acts your duty is to fight for survival ofinjured victims, extinguish fire and prove yourself modern firemanand hero. The city 911 rescue helicopters and firefighter airplaneis already in operation trying to eliminate the fire in the areaand providing aerial services, modern drones are being used tomonitor the injured stuck in the buildings, show extreme braveryand courage in fiery situation as flames are blowing out from thedisastrous area, as specialist fireman pilot test your skills andfly over the flames, drop gallons of water to stop the blazingsparks from spreading to other buildings, call paramedics and 911ambulance to carry the injured to clinics and city hospitals forfirst aid and medical assistance. It’s no time to rest at the cityis depending on this rescue operation carried by air and land.Transport your firemen battalion team and police squad at thelocation before time runs out. 
Assault Hunt Terrorist Shooter 1.1 APK
Survive brutal attack, initiate critical counter assault huntoperation and shooter, crack down the terrorists and fanatics,defend your military base and secure your unit, attack enemies andbe an ultimate warrior commando battling to dominate the global warof the world, load your advance combat survival weapons and riflesand show your marksman assault sniper hunter skills in this specialops as modern SWAT contract crime assassin killer. Rogue shootersand fury terrorists have occupied the main cities and have detainedundercover combat secret agent, as a frontline battlefield shootingspecialist and hero of elite commander in the armed terroristassault brigade you have to escape and deal with enemies indifferent scenarios and keep the warhead secure to survive, strikehunt and eradicate criminals and enemy armed base as a lonecommando and get the medal of real honour as a high ranked contractbased sniper assault killer in the army battalion school andacademy of commandos.The battle between the good and evil isheating up, be prepared to face the war against terror and try tohunt and execute elite assault terrorists squad spreading immoralconspiracies against the nation. Trained and polished at the USarmy training academy and school of war you are the specialistescape plan survive assassin killer and sniper marksman hero andcan handle modern multiple combat weapons, you have been hired as afury SWAT hunter and shooter, with command on tactical weaponsstrike and strategy planning. Your job is to stop the criminals andassault terrorist syndicate, the gangster mafia and underworldRussian mobsters are transporting nuclear warheads as cargo intothe crime city, this is a real elite threat to the whole nationwhich will bring destruction and chaos to the outer world, you arethe chosen one and have assigned this special shooting task andoperation combat to eliminate the threat as an SWAT team member, becareful as the enemy is using advance rockets, machine guns, dronesand UAV fighters to hunt armed forces. Spy drones and helicoptersare flying and capturing images of armed bunkers, blowup the dronesto launch the frontline robot war battlefield attack againstsoldiers made of steel and iron.Let the crime scene pay off yourefforts as you have full support of the city police and copshandling the hard time fury jail break prisoners, gangsters, mafiasmugglers and thugs, guard the crime city and strike out thecriminals in this mortal modern battle, sniper duty survive beginswith action inside the crime town, begin the legacy as a truemarksman and sharpshooter assault, hunt terrorists from longdistances, use your scopes and silencers to conduct long-rangeassassination and killing, escape and survive using stealth coverto sneak into the enemy bases and launch devastating hunts, try torescue the soldiers taken as hostages and plan hard time assaultescape from the situation. In this first person shooting realisticgame use modern gadgets, maps, weapons like pistols, shotguns,assault and sniper rifles, machine guns, grenades for destroyingbunkers and hideouts secure yourself with the steel Armour andbulletproof vest. Prove yourself as a professional trained wararmed soldier, a real rebel against the evil enemies and anassassin death shooter with deadly lethal force sniper skills.Choose best commando and hero officers from special marine armedunits and bullet forces to survive the war and mastered in the artof tactical SWATs and SSG & IGI group who can hunt and shoot,terrorists and killers in aero strikes.
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Enter into the arena of the wipe out session, perform aerobatics asa professional stuntman runner in this amazing and crazy wipe-outchallenges and adventure. The amazing and legendary stuntperformance game in a new style, clear the obstacles, leap throughhurdles, don’t get wipe out from the slides or bouncing balls, beatthe contestants and race against the time to be the winner in thislegendary challenging competition. Show the audience theperformance of a pro parkour stuntman, avoid collision and crashwith the barrels sliding towards you, jump and run, leap or dragaway from the obstacles, avoid the wrecking ball, don’t try frenzyacts, struggle for the hard time to reach the destination to grabkeys of the castle door, there are no mermaids so take out yourfear and splash factor, reach the finish line beating the time. Letthe amazing daredevil adventure commence, run and enjoy thebeautiful stuntman wipe-out style environment power packed withawesome obstacles, dangerous hurdles, rollers and amazing swingingbouncy big ball, gather your stamina and jump for the fun. Feel theadrenaline rush as you dash, twist and tilt your way round thetight corners, clash through uphill rush and racing loops whizzthrough at lightning speeds in hybrid adventure combining wipe-outwater racing and swimming frenzy mania.Surviving here is not aneasy or simple task, enter into the water park and prepare for thestunning swimming pool, run, race, climb, jump or crawl, swim todive through various heights, survive as a parkour hero from thelegendary spiked shafts and rotating rollers, massive balls ofdeath and pits of sliding tubes, be careful for the twists andturns and wipe-outs, slippery slides, protect yourself frompunches, rolling circles go for the water park stunts in thisamazing daredevil simulator game where you are the American ninjato clear the dangerous levels to test your stuntman endurance andspeed, act and think fast and slither on the ground like a proninja warrior or dragon fighter rider compete and crest with yourrivals in this extreme elimination run adventure challenges likegladiators on the water ridges, this is a realistic pool runner notlike the bike pool stunts.Show your daredevil adventures and skillsin wipe out stunts bounce through rollercoaster-style corkscrews,loops back-flip, ninja warrior jumps, dive and obstruct hurdles.Wear your swimming gears, vest and helmet and gadgets. Performultimate crazy and real parkour aerobatics, show the audience thatyou’re the best wipeout rush racing and American ninja stuntmanlike gladiator runner in this water park, if accidentally you fellinto the water, don’t panic and keep tapping and flipping andattain rapid speed to reach for another wipe-out attempt, show yourlegendary swimming styles like backstroke, breaststroke andbutterfly sidestroke to get out of the swimming pool. Stuntman runsimulator is all about action, adventure and thrills of driving inthe world's most difficult wipe-out series.
RC Free Flight Helicopter Sim 1.0 APK
Remote controlled free flight helicopter simulator is an ultimateUAV drone and quadcopter which offers various exciting flying andaviation missions to control this RC aircraft and copter and carryout tasks that involve collecting objects, shooting, knocking overthe obstacles with toy guns mounted onto this drone copter. Everylevel has of this simulator flying game has unique challenges foryou to complete from takeoff to simulating and landing at thedesignated area. Fly this toy radio controlled helicopter flightsimulator and take a spin in the air practice your navigatingskills without crashing perform amazing and legendary air stunts,run all over the place to control your helidroid adventures in wideopen space of this huge and beautiful house. This simulator is muchsimilar as flying the delivery drones and will take back to yourchildhood years. This exciting remote and radio controlled copterflies high in the sky, take your toy cobra gunship flying machinesall over the place, but remember don’t go behind enemy lines andcross the red canyon, take your swagger over the hill climbmountains adventures and avoid the offroad flying, be careful asother kids are also flying Comanche helicopter through the hurdlesand waypoint to reach the helipad and clear the mission. Navigateyour free flight helicopter chopper and drone using super flyingskills in this 3D flying simulator game.These toy flying machinesare an extreme thrill and excitement, these quadcopters can holdsome stuff and can fly real high and can perform drone stunts andcan show the adventures as well. This game provides numeroussimulation experiences where you get to fly huge and epic ultimatecollection of amazing modern radio-controlled battlefield andfrontline gunship fighter helicopters in the house and outside inthe back yard!Complete multiple mission, fly as a flight simulatorand navigate all around the room, complete air cargo flyingmissions, transport toy cargo to way points and collect bonuses,take your air transport cargo heli into the air, fly military andarmy toy helicopters and enter into the battlefield, be the bestfrontline commando airship pilot and conquer the neighborhood kidswith your flying machines, fly 911 rescue copters as fire fighterpilot and hero of the city who can take water and dump it over thefire, this challenging mission is good and can prepare kids andtoddlers for rescue techniques.This RC helicopter flying simulatoris a fun for all game, its nonviolence and free with cool andaddictive flying missions, this RC helicopter game is not the sameas like most of the ordinary flight controllers planes or drones ordelivery drones, fly your passion with the best airships withpropellers and be the champion.
Car Demolition Derby Racing 1.1 APK
Enter into the ultimate smash arcade arena of destruction leagueracers, survive the brutal whirlpool demolition derby crash racingcars. This death car crash racer tour is a combat battle in classicvintage automobiles with epic power and force in racing action gamelet the mad and max turn the twisted extreme metal into debris. Sittight, buckle up and get ready and start extreme demolition of yourrivals and enemies on the vortex whirlpool tracks and be the bestmuscle car stunt derby battling driver, enjoy the derby thrill andfast adrenaline rush, engage into the furious mania racing cardestruction league and crash everyone, wreck your opponents againstthe side walls or throw them away from the VR dunes, demolitiondashing derby can be real dangerous but also it’s a fun to playfree game. Amazing grand auto motorsports for underworld driversand criminal gangsters engaged in theft and who loves to performdeadly extreme daredevil stunts by competing and colliding theirvehicles with each other, let the engine revive and dirt fly allover the brutal combat arena with tons of steel and metal on theground, smell the fumes of gasoline and start the carnage to be thevictorious driver of this deadly derby contest.The craziest racingdestruction war of the rebels in this undercover driving league isunderway, choose your favourite vortex demolition automobile andstart the adventure of the life time to crush your rivals in thisunique and ultimate wipe out muscle game, the rage of death is allaround, dodge it and become the extreme champion of this whirlpoolauto world, fight for your survival in lethal bleeding clash, startthis frenzy derby death racing arsenal challenge mania with daring,show and smash your car driving skills at the circuit racing tracksin this vehicular clash of the metal. This going to be thedeadliest fighting adventure to master the winning trophy. Getready to perform furious daredevil monster stunts. Get ready torumble up the thriller crash racers, prepare yourself of theamazing and legendary wipe-out whirlpool arcade survival game,start your engines and begin the carnage of the metal, start thehavoc and mayhem on the speedway as this demolition has never beenso realistic as this one. Testify your quest in muscle car racingskill and surviving this deadly devastation derby of max crash madracers. Choose the best automobiles 4x4 and monster wheeler ortransport trailer truck having tough body, strongest tires,chassis, safety sturdiest hood and the modest wildest engines,cruise into the demolition derby, smash and crash with speed and bea winner. Battle to ensure your crazy sports vintage carremains unharmed and the last one standing amidst the thrashing,crashing, and slamming of your opponents off the whirlpool. Realroad rage fallout the drift racer who can cause max destruction toenemy’s steel cars. Carnage race, unleash reckless fanatics to bash& tear the wrecking enemies and show no mercy to anyone. Thedust and debris of the arsenal is all over the arena, be careful ofthe blur visualization as the corners and turns are not visible dueto haze, smash into the xtreme racing muscle automobiles and be thechampion winner of this demolition adventure of 2017 race,experience the hi-tech 4x4 monster offroad vehicles andautomobiles, hit your opponents hard, smash, destroy and fight inamazing and thrilling adventure max action packed moto derby 3Dsimulator game.