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Spin for Cash: Tap the Wheel Spinner & Win it! 6.4 APK
Tap, Spin, and Win FREE Paypal Cash or Bitcoin! Spin for Cash isunlike other types of lucky wheel games because you will neverlose! All you have to do is tap on the wheel and earn coins. Youcan exchange your winning and cashout for Pay Pal cash or Bitcoins.There are also other activities to help you earn more coins such aslogin daily, sharing our apps, and watch cool videos. If you arelooking for a legitimate real money games, this is it. All you haveto do is tap and play. Don’t underspin and you can collect yourspin wheel prizes soon! Everyone is looking for the next legitimatereal money games where they can earn Paypal money, Bitcoins, orgift cards as rewards when they are winning. We offer analternative to these real money games that you should choosebecause our method is easier and more fun! You can even pretend totest your luck in some sort of true luck games and get instant winwhen the number you choose appears. Don’t worry, you won’t lose anycoins ever even though your number doesn’t match the result. That’swhy you don’t have to have true luck to play. You can play everyday and earn coins that you can exchange coins for Pay pal money orBitcoin. That’s why you should never underspin. If you underspin itwill take a very long while before you can cashout. HOW TO PLAY: 1.Sign up with us. You can use your Facebook account to login too. 2.Spin to win! Tap on the spinning wheel and let the wheel spins. 3.The wheel will stop and you can see what you will get. 4. The coinsyou earn will be put in your balance. 5. Keep playing andcollecting spin wheel prizes. Additionally, you can get instant winby choosing the true Luck Number! 1. Go to Lucky number 2. Choose anumber 3. Spin to win 4. If your number comes up, you will getInstant win! 5. If not, just try again. Remember we don’t deductcoins whatsoever! You can also earn 100 Coins every day by pressingthe Daily Check-In code. Please invite your friends! In need ofentertainment? Watch videos and get some coins. HOW TO CASHOUT: 1.You can view the details of the coins you earn on Wallet 2. Onceyou reach the threshold you can get money cash from your winnings.3. Press Redeem and choose either you want money cash throughPaypal or Bitcoin. 4. Tap Submit to get your Bitcoin/ Free Paypalcash. 5. We will send you the money cash to your account. So, areyou ready to earn Paypal money or Bitcoin by playing our spinningwheel? If you do, download our app and start to earn Paypal moneynow! leave a rating & review on Google Playstore so we knowwhat you think. Please support us and leave a rating & reviewon Google Playstore. If you have problems when your play or whenyou redeem rewards for Bitcoin/ free Paypal cash, please inform usthrough our email (spintocashbtcbunker@gmail.com) so we can resolveit ASAP. cc: App icons credit : https://www.flaticon.com
Spin Cash - win real money 1.1 APK
Spin Cash application is the first ever honest spin andwinapplication on the play store, that pays you real cash forpointsaccumulated , all you need to do is keep spinning and youkeepwinning anywhere you are , at home , at work , in the busanywhere. Spin cash application allows its users to earn money byjustspinning a wheel. If you ever feel that you have a free timeandyou are feeling bored, Just open this spincash application,spinthe wheel and start earning money. the interface is easytonavigate and easy to understand.The cash you win on spincash canbeconverted to paypal or bitcoin in just two easy clicks.FeaturesofSpinCash App :1. Modern User Interface and cool graphics ,easytoplay.2. Choose your lucky number and and if you are lucky yougetmore coins.3. Refer your friends and earn more money foreachfriends you invite.4. You get Free Coins by visiting the appdailymore money for you.5. Its Easy to see your payment andwithdrawalhistory no cheating.6. We are the most Honest app , Youcan redeemearned coins into real money instantly into your paypalor bitcoinaccounts.Try SpinCash App once and you will get to knowthat thereis an application that really exist which gives you lotsof moneyby only spinning its wheel. To Earn Free unlimited cash,you justhave to use this application and start earning free bitcoinandPaypal cash. Download Now and Enjoy!
Refer.ng 1.1 APK
Nigeria's No.1 Refer & Earn Platform Now earning moneyhasbecome more easier than ever before. Simply register today onourwebsite and start earning money at home at just few touchesorclicks on your smart phone, you can earn more than ₦300,000monthlywithout stress by just inviting people to refer.ng and yeswe are100% trusted and registered company you can trust, check usout RC2737898.
Zig Zag Driver – addictive brain exercise game 1.0 APK
Zig zag driver is a brain exercise game that lets you tap thescreento control the vehicle , your response time is crucial thatis whythis is a brain exercise game .HOW TO PLAY:1. Tap to changethedirection of your car.2. Don’t let it fall down the cliff.3.Collectas many coins as you can.
Media Converter: Video to Audio Converter, etc 1.0 APK
Media Converter is a simple but powerful tool that converts yourmedia files easily. You can convert video to GIF, Images to GIF,Video to audio, and trim videos or crop videos. With just a verysmall change you can get our media file & video converter thatyou can use anytime. Our tool is very different from many onlineconversion websites or tools that require internet connection. Ourtools work OFFLINE! Read more to find out all our powerful featuresin this app! Nowadays people get their music from Youtube videos,that’s why there are so many demands for Youtube to Mp3 converter.People need apps that can easily convert video to MP3. You mightfind lots of mp4 converter apps on the market and some of these mp4converters are free. However, these are online conversion app: youhave to upload and then download the files. It takes a longprocess, especially if you don’t want to use your cellular dataplan to do this. Why not find an app that can work OFFLINE? Youonly need to pay a change and the benefits outweigh the costhundred times over. Media Converter is super convenient! Not tomention we also have other powerful tools and features, ALL IN ONEapp. You can cut video, convert Image to GIF, Video to GIF, andpost the result straight to social media without fuss. We guaranteeyou won’t easily find other youtube to mp3 converter or mp4converter apps that allow you to do this!============================= FEATURES OF MEDIA CONVERTER:============================= - WORKS OFFLINE. Media Converterworks OFFLINE, which means you will SAVE DATA unlike the otheronline conversion sites because you don’t have to upload the filesand then download them. That’s what makes our app is lots bettercompared to other online conversion apps! - CONVERT VIDEO TO MP3 ORWAV. Video to Music converter enables you to download videosconvert video to MP3 or WAV. You can even select the quality of theaudio file! - IMAGE TO GIF. To use our Image to GIF feature justselect multiple images and convert them to GIF or animated format.You don’t have to perform many actions, just choose the images fromthe gallery and press the check button. - VIDEO TO GIF. Select anyvideo and convert them to GIF format easily. - TRIM VIDEOS. Asidefrom converting media files, we also have a tool to help you cutvideos or crop videos easily. You can select the Preset (ultrafastto very slow) and quality (from 320 x 160 to 1920 x 1080). Thismeans that you don’t have to install other app just when you needto crop videos or trim videos. - CAPTURE IMAGES. In any function,you can open existing images on your phone’s Gallery, or you candirectly capture new images with your phone’s camera from withinthe app. This saves you a lot of time and energy. - GALLERY. Weautomatically detect your image & video files. You can alsoview the converted files on our Gallery. - SAVE & SHARECONVERTED FILES THROUGH VARIOUS WAYS. You can easily share theconverted files through various means: save it to cloud storages(Google Drive, Dropbox etc), Bluetooth, Messages, Email, Facebook,Instagram, etc) These are the reasons why you should get our musicconverter and mp4 converter ASAP! --- We hope that you like usingour video converter app. Please take a moment to leave us a goodrating and review. If you have any issue when using our videoconverter app, please let us know via email and we will work hardto fix it!
Spin for Winning: Tap the Wheel for Lucky Reward! 1.0 APK
Tap, Spin, and enjoy FREE GAMING FUN EVERYDAY! Collect virtualcoinsto your virtual wallet to exchange for virtual currency orpayoutthat you need. Don’t worry because you will never lose! Allyou haveto do is tap on the wheel and earn coins. Aside from ourspinning inthe wheel in our gaming fun app, you can also logindaily, sharingour apps, and watch cool things. While you arelooking foropportunity for remote jobs, work at home jobs, or parttime job,you can spend your spare time to have some gaming funwhilecollecting coolest app rewards. You can redeem points incryptovirtual currency and also other types of REAL payout thatyou need.It takes time, effort, and skill to earn through parttime job,remote job, or to work from home. We offer a nice thingto do whileyou are waiting for the next opportunity to come yourway. Why notsure your spare time to play and collect app rewardsand redeempoints? You will get instant win when the number youchoose appears.Don’t worry, you will never lose! We want you toget your payoutsoon so we always add your coins. You can playevery day and earncoins that you can redeem reward for virtualcurrency. HOW TO PLAYSPIN TAP FOR WINNING: 1. Sign up with us. Youcan use your Facebookaccount to login too. 2. Spin to win! Tap onthe spinning wheel andlet the wheel spins. 3. The wheel will stopand you can see what youwill get. 4. Earn and collect the virtualcoins for better apprewards. 5. Keep playing and collecting spinwheel prizes.Additionally, you can get instant win by choosing thetrue LuckNumber! 1. Go to Settings 2. Choose a number 3. Spin towin 4. Ifyour number comes up, you will get Instant win! 5. Ifnot, just tryagain. Remember we don’t deduct coins whatsoever! Youcan also earn100 Coins every day by pressing the Daily Check-Incode. Pleaseinvite your friends! Share referral code to yourfriends. If yourfriends earn coins with your code, you will getcoins too. In needof entertainment? Watch cool things and get somecoins. How to GetPayout and App Reward from Spin Tap for Winning:- You can view thedetails of the coins you earn on Wallet - Onceyou reach thethreshold you can get reward from your winnings. -Press Redeempoints for payout or virtual currency. - Tap Submit toget thepayout - Check your balance and use them for fun things!For furtherinfo regarding what type of virtual currency and payoutthat weprovide, please install our app. It’s FREE! This app mightnotreplace your remote job, part time job, or work from home jobs,butSpin for Win is a great app to spend your spare time whileallowingyou to collect points for awesome app rewards that youdon’t want tomiss!