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Statistics of calls and minutes of today's entry and exit of themonth and all. Possibility to compare calls / minutes / out a yearwith a bar graph.

App Information Registro Llamadas 3

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    Registro Llamadas 3
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    March 24, 2013
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    Android 2.1 and up
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Phone Secure 1.2 APK
With Phone Secure will have more chances of recovering your phonein case of theft by sending sms. Receive information via SMS and /or e-mail. Settings The first time you start the Secure Phone showsthe configuration screen where you enter the security code toaccess the next time and to run operations through SMS. We mustalso enter a phone number and email address to which we want to getnotifications. Finally we have to enter the serial number of 1 or 2SIM so that if you put any other than these, we send a text messageindicating the new number. We can press the button to getautomatically Read SIM serial number of our SIM. After pressing theSave Preferences button and you're all set. The next time you startSecure Phone will get a screen to enter the security code. If weforget the same login screen can indicate that you send us an smsor an e-mail with the code. Options sms / call NOTE: To test theapplication without having to spend money sending sms, Phone Secureevery action executed after receiving a sms is equivalent toplacing a call to a number. -Lost Sending a SMS with the textcodigoPerdido Secure Phone will start to search the location by GPSand if it gets activated and tries WIFI antenna triangulation.Whenever I get the result send SMS to the number given in theconfiguration with the position (latitude and longitude) and ifconnected to the Internet we will also send an e-mail with theposition and a link to Google Maps. We can test this option fromyour terminal by calling the number 101. -Forwarding Sending a SMSwith the text codigoDesvio makes any call that is made from thephone is diverted to the number indicated in the configuration.Called equivalent: 102 -Nodesvio Sending a SMS with the textcodigoNodesvio cancels call forwarding. Called equivalent: 103-Avion Sending a SMS with the text codigoAvion puts the phone inAirplane mode preventing any other message we send, but forcinganyone with our phone to restart and change the SIM.Calledequivalent: 104 -Call Sending a SMS with the text codigoLlamamemakes the phone vibrate a few seconds, you hear the sound of asiren on screen displays a message indicating it will proceed tocall the owner of the phone and then calling the telephone numberlisted in the configuration.Called equivalent: 105 -Alarm Sent asms with the text codigoAlarma makes it sound a siren sound whenthe phone is silent. This option can help us find our phone if wesuspect it is close.Called equivalent: 106 -Borrasms Sending a SMSwith the text codigoBorrasms Phone Secure delete all sms frommemory. This option can be useful if you have data in sms kermesnot to see or simply delete all sms at once.Called equivalent: 107-Block Sending a SMS with the text codigoBloqueo launches a screenindicating the phone is locked to prevent any thing that thismessage no longer blocking visible at any time.Called equivalent:108 -Unlock Sending a SMS with the text codigoDesbloqueo unlocksthe phone. From the phone itself can unlock it by entering thesecurity code. -Permanent blocking Sending a SMS with the textcodigoBloqueoper the phone freezes even if you reboot. Calledequivalent: 109 -Permanent unlocking Sending a SMS with the textcondigoDesbloqueoper fully unlock the phone. Called equivalent: 110NOTE: Secure Phone should be excluded in the list of processes tokill in applications such as Task Killer.
Infoalu 1.5.0 APK
Se trata de una aplicación beta en fase de pruebas y no oficial queconecta con el servidor de Infoalu. En esta versión se puedeacceder a los siguientes apartados: Calendario, Mensajes, MisAlumnos, Aulas, Documentos y Novedades.La aplicación web es la basey está mucho más desarrollada que esta y también se puede accedercon cualquier navegador de un móvil o tablet.El motivo de crearesta versión simplificada para dispositivos Android es por agilizarel acceso e intentar estar siempre conectado de tal forma quecuando llegue un mensaje a Infoalu llegue también una notificaciónal dispositivo.En esta primera versión sólo se pueden consultardatos y no enviar salvo marcar un mensaje como leído que se hace deforma automática cuando se muestra enpantalla.------------------------Al iniciar por primera vez InfoaluMóvil hay que indicar el código de centro, usuario y contraseña deEducarm. Es posible que después haya que reiniciar la aplicaciónpara que todo funcione correctamente.-------------------------Nota1: Aunque sea una primera versión beta lleva muchas horas detrabajo y se trata de un proyecto relacionado con Infoalu perodesarrollado de modo independiente y sin ánimo de lucro. Por talmotivo la aplicación es totalmente gratuita en todas lasplataformas (Android, iPhone, iPad).Nota 2: Agradecería que sepuntuara y se comentara la aplicación de manera constructiva paramejorar en sucesivas versiones aunque no estoy seguro de podermantenerla al 100% ya que como digo es algo que hago para facilitarmi propio trabajo y estar conectado a Infoalu de una forma másdirecta y rápida.Nota 3: Repito que se trata de una versión betaque puede contener fallos.This is a beta application being testedand unofficial connecting to the server Infoalu.In this version youcan access the following sections: Calendar, Messages, My Students,Classrooms, Documents and News.The application is web based and ismuch more developed than this and can also be accessed with anybrowser on a mobile or tablet.The reason for creating thissimplified version for Android devices is to streamline access andtry to be always online so that when a message arrives Infoalu alsoget a notification to the device.In this first version only givesaccess to data and not send except mark a message as read is doneautomatically when displayed.------------------------When you firststart Infoalu Mobile must specify the facility code, username andpassword Educarm. You may then have to restart the application tomake it work properly.-------------------------Note 1: Although afirst beta takes many hours of work and it is a project related toInfoalu but developed independently and nonprofit. Therefore theapplication is free on all platforms (Android, iPhone, iPad).Note2: I would appreciate comment will be scored and implementingconstructively to improve in subsequent versions although I'm notsure I could keep it at 100% and as I say is something I do to easemy own work and be connected to a Infoalu more directly andquickly.Note 3: I repeat that this is a beta version that maycontain bugs.
Fractions Calculator 1.0 APK
It is a calculator with some extra fractionsand simplify a fraction, to reduce common denominator set offractions and calculate the greatest common factor and least commonmultiple of a set of integers.
Stepper Solve two linear equations systems with 2 unknowns by themethods of substitution, equalization and reduction.Thecoefficients of the system can be integers, fractions and decimals,for example: 3, -5, 2/7, 8.23, etc.Once entered correctly thesystem coefficients can see its resolution by the methods ofsubstitution, equalization and reduction. This step by step as ifit were made into a book.In the case of the system indicatesincompatible application without any problem.If it is indeterminatecompatible system has infinite solutions expressed in terms of aparameter, is taken and put x = t versus t. In case it does notpossible backwards, ie x = ty takes places and according to t.- Inthe case of the substitution method first tries to clear theunknown x in the first equation to substitute into the secondequation. If this is not possible because the coefficient for x is0 then try and clear the.- In the case of matching method clearsthe unknown x from the two equations and then the resultingexpressions equal and solve for y. If you can not isolate x in bothequations tries to clear the y if this is not possible then itindicates that the system can not be solved by this method.- In thecase of the first reduction method that tries to eliminate thevariable 'and' multiplying the first equation by the coefficient of'and' in the second and multiplying the second equation by thecoefficient opposite 'and' the first. In this way by adding theresulting equations will eliminate the 'y'. Should be one of thesecoefficients used 0, analogous attempts to remove the 'x'.If truesystem can not be solved by a particular method indicates.Solve allcases of indeterminate compatiblesystems.-----------------------------------------------------UPDATESPENDING-------------------------------------------------- ---+Export to HTML, PDF, e-mail, etc..+ Integration with Dropbox.
Registro Llamadas 3 3.2 APK
Statistics of calls and minutes of today's entry and exit of themonth and all. Possibility to compare calls / minutes / out a yearwith a bar graph.
Sys2E 5.2 APK
Sys2E free version that contains no advertising and is fullyfunctional but does not have all the features found in the PROversion .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Solve stepper systems of2 linear equations with 2 unknowns by the methods of substitution,equalization and reduction.The coefficients of the system can beintegers , fractions and decimals , for example numbers : 3, -5,2/7, 8.23 , etc .Once entered correctly the system coefficients cansee its resolution by the methods of replacement, reduction andequalization . This step by step as if it were made into a book .Inthe event that the application is incompatible system implieswithout any problem.If it's an unknown support system has infinitesolutions expressed in terms of a parameter is taken and sets x = tversus t .- In the case of the substitution method the unknown x inthe first equation to substitute in the second equation iscleared.- In the case of the method of matching the unknown x ofthe two equations is cleared then the resulting expressions equaland solve for y.- Finally, in the case of the method of the firstequation by reducing the need to add the two equations to thevariable and set aside , being able to get the value of x and thensubstitute in the first equation is multiplied factor .The PROversion also :+ Option to choose the variable / equation to punt onthe substitution method .+ Option to choose the variable to clearthe igulation method .+ Option to choose to reduce the variablereduction method .
Registro Llamadas 2 APK
It is based on the call log to differentstatistics. Show listings sorted by minute contacts / out, no callsto exit / entry, dropped calls and missed calls. You can also see ahorizontal bar graph comparing the minutes of exit / entry,etc.There is version 3, called Record Calls 3 that adapts better todifferent types of screens.