1.0 / September 8, 2016
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Let go of tension and cultivate serenitywithrelaxing wallpapers inspired by nature's beauty!

In this fast paced world, we could all use a little reminder totakea deep breath and relax! The last thing you need is anotherflashy,distracting, stimulating wallpaper to add to the chaos andstress ofyour day. Instead, do yourself a favor and let yourbackground helpstrengthen your inner calm through any situation orbusy day! Withthese wallpapers, every time you look at your deviceyou'll begreeted with a relaxing, beautiful scene from nature thatis sure tohelp you slow down and smell the flowers (or look atthem, atleast!). These wallpapers feature breathtaking images ofearth'snatural beauty - from a sunrise over the ocean to a morningmistsurrounding the trees. When you're stuck in traffic,thesewallpapers will remind you of the relaxing feeling of layingon thebeach with gentle waves splashing on the sand. Or if you'restayinglate at the office to meet a deadline, imagine yourwallpapermomentarily transporting you to a field of wildflowersblowingsoftly in the breeze as the sun warms them from above. Youhave thepower to create calm in your life!

Find inner peace and relaxation with lovely naturewallpapersfeaturing soft colors and simple, relaxing images!

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    Relaxing Wallpapers
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    September 8, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    5,000 - 10,000
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Learn to identify elk vocalizations in the wild with thesehigh-quality elk sounds! Elk are a large species of mammal closelyrelated to deer. These large creatures typically live in forestedareas including mountainous regions and even semi-deserts. The maleelk is most well-known for its spectacular antlers, which they growand shed each year. Elk with enormous antlers are often spotted andphotographed in their natural habitats, representing the majesty ofthe wild. These large animals are also hunted in many regions forgame meat and prized trophy antlers. Male elk, known as bulls, arealso well known for their seasonal mating calls, or bugling. Thebugle sound is a loud vocalization that the bulls make in order toattract female elk and to establish their dominance over other maleelk in the region. While female elk, known as cows, do not bugle,they also communicate via various sounds such as barks or grunts.With this app you can gain access to high quality elk sounds suchas bugles and grunts! Hunters will find these sounds extremelyuseful for calling elk in the wild!
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