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The electronic book “Renewable Energy Sources“ presents anintroduction to all aspects of electric energy generation usingalternative sources that are ever increasing in the electricityproducer’s energy portfolio. Water energy is still the most widelyused and known renewable energy source. However, power output ofwind and solar power plants has also exhibited a pronouncedincrease in the last few years. Apart from water, solar and windenergy, the book also covers sources using geothermal energy andbiomass energy. Brief outline of our publications • Water energy –types of water energy and its usability, dykes and dams, waterturbines and power plants, sea energy usability, … • Wind energy –airflow energy, history, wind power plants and farms, types of windturbines, … • Solar energy – solar collectors and concentrators,tower and farm power plants, photovoltaic panels, … • Earth energy– geothermal effects and systems, geothermal power plants, directuse of heat, … • Biomass energy – biomass processing, availabletechnologies, biofuel, biomass power plants, … • Future ofrenewable resources – growing energy demand, development ofrenewable resources, … Each renewable energy source is logicallydivided describing its history, working principals, technologicalprocesses, types of used equipment, as well as characteristics ofthe largest global power plants. Information is presented usingbrief and captive form and the text includes many illustrativephoto galleries. Important topics and objects are presented usinginteractive schematics and animated or interactive 3D models inorder to facilitate better understanding. Each chapter, apart fromthe explanatory text, also includes attached multimedia filescontaining didactic tests that make this publication not just amodern source of interesting information but could be also used forenergy education at schools. The final chapter containscontemplation about ever increasing global energy consumption,limited deposits of fossil fuels and future and prospects ofpresented renewable energy sources. The Renewable Energy Sourcespublication contains 220 pages of engaging reading including 450photographs, 68 illustrations, 20 3D models, 24 videos and 13interactive schematics. Undoubtedly, it is the most extensivemultimedia publication on renewable energy sources that you mayhave in your electronic library, in existence today.Privacyprotection • The application saves data in the internal storagedevice (internal memory or memory card) and therefore requirespermission of data usage in the device.

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Nuclear Energy 2.2 APK
The “Nuclear energy and nuclear energy industry” publication is amodern electronic publication that by engaging interpretationtogether with a number of interactive elements explains the basicprinciples and facts of the peaceful use of nuclear energy.Operation of nuclear power plants, an important component of theenergy mix in developed countries, is a frequently debated topic bydifferent social groups. Above all, it is very important to informthe general public about nuclear industry truthfully — about itsbenefits, technical solutions, but also the risks and implementedsafety measures. According to online survey, the “Nuclear energyand nuclear energy industry” publication is the most comprehensivemultimedia electronic publication in the world, dedicated to thepopularization of nuclear energy industry. Thanks to easilyunderstandable texts, interactivity and rich collection ofillustrative supplements it is certainly one of the moderneducational and informational titles nowadays. • Nuclear energy —Radioactivity, ionizing radiation, radiation sources, half-life,variables and units • Nuclear energy industry — Types of nuclearreactions, control, moderator, absorber, coolant, the largest powerplants • Nuclear fuel — Production, enrichment, fuel cycle, interimstorage, reprocessing, final repository • Nuclear reactors —Pressurized water reactors, boiling water reactors, heavy waterreactors, gas cooled reactors, high temperature reactors, fastreactors, thermonuclear synthesis • Radioactive waste — Productionof waste, types of waste, processing, waste final repository•Safety of nuclear power plants — Nuclear safety, external effects,the INES scale, accidents, the environment • History of the atom —Historic milestones depicted on synoptic timeline The entireexpository text (72 pages, 81,000 words) is complemented by anabundance of illustration graphic materials. The publicationincludes 336 photos in 60 thematic photo galleries, 45 illustrativediagrams and graphs, 31 interactive diagrams and 31 videos and 3Dmodels. During the presentation, readers are presented variousinteresting facts that will help them, in a visual way, to get acomplete picture of the discussed topics. Each chapter ends with ablock of tests in which the readers can test theirknowledge.Privacy protection • The application saves data in theinternal storage device (internal memory or memory card) andtherefore requires permission of data usage in the device.
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Interactive BAC tester. See when you can driveagain.Features:* Cool graphics* Intuitive (drag & drop) user interface* Interactive graph with results* Customizable beveragesOver 50 predefined beverages with cool icons:* Beers* Stouts* Wines* Rums* Shots* Brandy* A-Bomb* Bloody Mary* Blue Lagoon* Cosmopolitan* Flaming Lamborghini* Margarita* Mojito* Piña Colada* Sex on the Beach* Tequila Sunrise* Woo Woo... and moreThe BAC Alcohol Calculator allows you to edit your favoritebeverages, so you can customize it to meet your own particularconsumption. Do you like beer, distilled beverages or mixed drinks?Are you male or female? Calculate the current blood alcohol contentand the time when you reach zero.Residual alcohol is often underestimated. Why take the risk?DISCLAIMER:The app is designed for entertainment purposes only and thecalculation should not be used to determine whether person is ableto drive. Do not rely entirely on the outcome of thecalculation.Drink responsibly!
Dopravní výchova interaktivně 1.5 APK
Dopravní výchova interaktivně je vzdělávacíprogram pro děti ve věku od 6 do 14 let.Program je optimalizován pro 10“ tablety s OS Android 4.1 a vyšší sminimálním rozlišením 1280 * 720 px a podporou HW akceleraceHTML5.Obsahuje kapitoly: chodec, cyklista, cestující, dopravní značky,křižovatky, dopravní nehoda a první pomoc.Interaktivní program (aplikace) obsahuje texty, fotografie, videa,2D a 3D animace a kvízy.Smyslem projektu je efektivní začlenění dopravní výchovy doškolních vzdělávacích programů(v rámci oblastí RVP ZV Člověk a jeho svět na 1. stupni a Člověk azdraví na 2. stupni) pomocí interaktivních vzdělávacíchmateriálů.V rámci projektu vznikl interaktivní program, metodika pro učitele,pracovní listy pro žáky a internetový portálwww.jihocesi-bezpecne-na-cestach.cz.Projekt „Dopravní výchova interaktivně“, vznikl v rámci grantuOP VK, registrační číslo CZ.1.07/1.1.14/02.0017.Má za cíl prostřednictvím interaktivních vyučovacích metod přispětke zlepšení bezpečnosti dětí v silniční dopravě. Projekt bylfinancován z Evropského sociálního fondu a státního rozpočtu Českérepubliky, v rámci Operačního programu Vzdělávání prokonkurenceschopnost.Ochrana osobních údajů• Aplikace ukládá data do interního uložiště zařízení (internípaměť nebo paměťovou kartu) a proto vyžaduje povolení pro práci sdaty v zařízení.• Aplikace vyžaduje přístup k internetu.• Aplikace odesílá statistiky používání do Google Analytics.• Komunikace se serverem probíhá zabezpečeným protokolem.Traffic education is aninteractive educational program for children aged 6 to 14years.The program is optimized for 10 "tablets with Android OS 4.1 orhigher with a minimum resolution of 1280 * 720 px and support forhardware acceleration of HTML5.It contains chapters: pedestrian, cyclist, passenger traffic signs,intersections, traffic accidents and first aid.Interactive program (application) contains texts, photos, videos,2D and 3D animation and quizzes.The purpose of the project is the effective integration of trafficeducation into school curricula(Within the areas FEP Man and his world at the first stage andHuman Health and the 2nd stage) with interactive educationalmaterials.The project was an interactive program, methodology for teachersand worksheets for pupils and internet portalwww.jihocesi-bezpecne-na-cestach.cz.The "Traffic education interactively", was created under a grantECOP, registration number CZ.1.07 / 1 Jan. 14 / 02.0017.Aims through interactive teaching methods contribute to improvingthe safety of children in road transport. The project was funded bythe European Social Fund and the state budget of the CzechRepublic, under the Operational Programme Education forCompetitiveness.Protection of personal data• The application saves data to the internal storage device(internal memory or memory card) and therefore requires a permitfor working with data in the device.• The application requires access to the Internet.• The application sends usage statistics to Google Analytics.• Communication with the server is secure protocol.
Léčivé byliny 2.1 APK
Atlas více než 100 nejvýznamnějších léčivých bylinek, které u násrostou a používají se pro léčení běžných nemocí jako např.nachlazení, rýmy, kašel, bolesti v krku, hlavy, žaludku,kloubů, záněty, vyrážky, ekzémy, revma, migréna apod., ale idetoxikaci, čištění organismu nebo jako pomoc a hubnutí (diety).Aplikace je nejen herbář bylin, ale také obsahuje tipy a rady prosběr a použití léčivých bylinek. Naleznete zde, na co působíjednotlivé bylinky, ale také obráceně, tj. na jakou nemoc je vhodnépoužít tu správnou léčbu (čaj, zábal, koupel). Přírodní medicína jevždy šetrnější než chemické léky. Vyzkoušejte léčení nemocí pomocíčeských bylinek jako např. bez, divizna, dobromysl, dub, heřmánek,hloh, jalovec, jeřáb, jitrocel, kontryhel, kostival, kozlík,levandule, máta, mateřídouška, meduňka, přeslička, řepík, šalvěj,šípek atd. Ochrana osobních údajů • Aplikace ukládá data dointerního uložiště zařízení (interní paměť nebo paměťovou kartu) aproto vyžaduje povolení pro práci s daty v zařízení. • Aplikacemůže vyžadovat přístup k internetu. • Aplikace může využívat funkcefotoaparátu. • Aplikace může ukládat data na server. • Komunikacese serverem probíhá zabezpečeným protokolem. Atlas of more than 100most important medicinal herbs, which in our grow and are used forthe treatment of common diseases such as e.g. common cold,rhinitis, cough, sore throat, headache, stomach, joints,inflammation, rashes, eczemas, rheumatism, migraine, etc., but alsodetoxification, body cleansing or as an aid to weight loss and(diets). The application is not only herbarium herbs, but alsocontains tips and advice for the collection and use of medicinalherbs. Here you will find what works various herbs, but also viceversa, ie. On what disease it is appropriate to use the correcttreatment (tea, wrap, bath). Natural medicine is always more thanchemical drugs. Try the treatment of diseases using Czech herbslike. Free, mullein, oregano, oak, chamomile, hawthorn, juniper,rowan, plantain, lady's mantle, comfrey, valerian, lavender, mint,thyme, lemon balm, horsetail, agrimony, sage, rosehip etc.Protection of personal data • The application saves data to theinternal storage device (internal memory or memory card) andtherefore requires a permit for working with data in the device. •The application may require access to the Internet. • Applicationscan use the camera function. • Applications can store data on theserver. • Communication with the server is secure protocol.
Autoškola - Bezpečné cesty.cz 1.12 APK
Autoškola obsahuje: • Zkouškové testy se statistikou úspěšnosti •Učení otázek s možností označování otázek, ve kterých chybujete •Dopravní značky – přehled, popis, test znalostí • 3D křižovatky –všechny požadované dopravní situace • Teorie pro získání řidičskéhoprůkazu skupiny BAplikace obsahuje testy podle aktuálního věstníkuMinisterstva dopravy (MDČR – etesty) pro řidičský průkaz skupinyB.Ochrana osobních údajů• Aplikace ukládá data do interníhouložiště zařízení (interní paměť nebo paměťovou kartu) a protovyžaduje povolení pro práci s daty v zařízení.• Aplikace vyžadujepřístup k internetu.• Aplikace odesílá statistiky používání doGoogle Analytics.• Komunikace se serverem probíhá zabezpečenýmprotokolem.Driving School includes: • Examination testsstatistics success • Learning issues with labeling issues overwhich they stumble • Traffic signs - an overview, description,test of knowledge • 3D intersection - all required trafficsituation • Theory for obtaining a driving license forcategory BThe application contains test the current Journal of theMinistry of Transport (MDČR - etest) for a license in groupB.Protection of personal data• The application saves data to theinternal storage device (internal memory or memory card) andtherefore requires a permit for working with data in the device.•The application requires access to the Internet.• The applicationsends usage statistics to Google Analytics.• Communication with theserver is secure protocol.