4.0 / October 1, 2016
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Restore the image
I want to return the erased images again!
I have erased the image in mistake!
Why don't you try to use this app?
You may be able to restore the erased images!
A special feature
Super easy!
Need not the knowledge!
Need not the PC!
Need not rooting!
Need not Backup data!
You can restore found image certainly!
You can also restore before installation image!
You can restore the image from the Device or from the SDcard!
How to use
1. Select folder
2. Select the images
3. Tap the start button to restore
That's all!
Q & A
Q. Why can you restore the image?
It is completely different from the traditionalrestorationmethods.
The App that deal with images such as LINE, SNS copies images,andsave and hide them.
This app display the images that are hidden.
So you might not find the image which have never used inanyapps.
You may be able to restore the image which was shared orwasedited.
Q. I lost restored image.
I restore the image from the cache.
If you delete the cache or have the app to delete the cache,youcan't restore because you don't have the cache.
Q. Images are small and rough.
Rough image also extracts what was saved by dropping theimagequality for thumbnail.
I'm sorry but this app can not correct it.
Q. The images which I have not deleted are displayed.
This app is not the app which stores temporarily withoutdeletingcompletely like a trash can of PC.
When the cache is stored or when the images are shared orareedited, the hidden copies of the images are made.
This app search hidden images from all folders, then choseandrestore the images.
You can restore the images that have been deleted beforeyouinstalled.
Although the images which was not deleted but was copiedaredisplayed, and the images which was deleted but was not copiedarenot displayed.
Q. Loading is lasted.
This app checks all the folders, so takes a lot of time.
If you have many apps or datas, it may takes more than5minutes.
Q. The date which the image restored is different.
Number book maroc
Since this app restore the images from the copy, so thiscan'trestore with correct date.
Thank you for your understanding.
Photo Recovery
Deleted Photo Recovery

App Information Restore Image(Super easy 100%)

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    Restore Image(Super easy 100%)
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    October 1, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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Al-Moazin (Prayer Times 2016) 1.5 APK
al Muazzin prayer times application, is amusthave companion for all Muslims. With al Muazzin, you will notmissSalat again even if you traveled to a totally newcountry.GPS integration feature will help you get accurate prayertimeswherever you are on earth!You don't need to ask anyone for Qibla direction anymore.withdigital compass integration feature, Al-Moazin will show youtheexact direction accurately.Application is equipped with a Hijri Calendar to be abletodisplay and check dates in Hijri or convert Hijri toGregoriandates and vise versa.Follow Me feature will initiate an automatic location updatewhenyou travel or change location.Multiple set of notifications related to Prayer times toplanwhatever actions you need related to Prayer times beforeorafter.Features list:* Islamic prayer times with different calculation methods:- Umm al-Qura, Makkah- Egyptian General Survey Authority- University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi- Islamic Society of North America- Muslim World League* Hijri calendar, and ability to correct it manually accordingtoHilal sighting.* Qiblah direction based on phone's compass capabilities* Follow me, update prayer time automatically while travelingusingwireless mobile capabilities.* Fajr wakup notification, additional to the defaultnotificationsset before and after Prayers.* Follow phone ringer mode which make Azan notifications areplayedas audio, visual or vibration.* Visual warning for the time left before the next Prayer comesin,using simple widget.al Muazzin application des heures de prière, est uncompagnonindispensable pour tous les musulmans. Avec al Muazzin,vous nemanquerez pas Salat nouveau, même si vous avez voyagé à untoutnouveau pays.Fonctionnalité d'intégration de GPS vous aidera à obtenir destempsde prière précis où que vous soyez sur la terre!Vous ne devez pas demander à quelqu'un pour la direction deQiblaplus. avec la fonction d'intégration de la boussolenumérique,Al-Moazin va vous montrer la direction exacteprécision.L'application est équipé avec un calendrier Hijri pourpouvoirafficher et vérifier les dates de l'Hégire ou de convertirHijridates grégoriennes et vice versa.Suivez-moi fonctionnalité lancer une mise à jour delocalisationautomatique lorsque vous voyagez ou changer delieu.Ensemble multiple de notifications relatives à des tempsdeprière à planifier toutes les actions que vous avez besoin liéàdes temps de prière avant ou après.Liste des fonctionnalités:* Islamiques temps de prière avec différentes méthodesdecalcul:- Umm al Qura, la Mecque- Autorité égyptienne Enquête générale- Université des sciences islamiques, Karachi- Société islamique d'Amérique du Nord- Ligue islamique mondiale* Calendrier Hijri, et la capacité de corriger manuellementselonHilal observation.* Direction de Qibla basée sur les capacités de la boussoledetéléphone* Suivez-moi, mettez à jour temps de prière automatiquementlorsd'un voyage en utilisant les capacités sans fil mobiles.* La notification de Fajr, supplémentaire pour les notificationsdedéfaut définies avant et après les prières.* Suivre téléphone mode de sonnerie qui font notifications Azansontjoués comme audio, visuel ou vibratoire.* Avertissement visuel pour le temps restant avant laprochaineprière arrive, en utilisant simple widget.- The application uses GPS technology to detect your locationforcalculating prayer times.- Showing Prayer Times and you can know the remainder time fornextprayer.- Showing the Gregorian and Islamic Calendar.- Azan alarm in each prayer time to remind you withtheprayer.- The application supports 6 different languages (Arabic - English-Hindi - Urdu - Indonesian - Punjabi ), where you can choosethelanguage from the settings menu.- 8 different ways to calculate prayer times, according totheGlobal Islamic calendars where you can control the methodofcalculation.
Downloader videos Tube Prank 1.0 APK
Video downloader tube app allows youtodownload videos on your Android devices.This app alsoprovidesinformation about the battery status of your androiddevices.This video downloader is for Free.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*FEATURES of tube video downloader :1- Play High Quality HD videos in any format like mp4, 3gp, mpegandother.2- The handling capabilities of hd video downloader are sogreatthat you enjoy so much using this Android™ application.3- The manipulation abilities of this app is so awesome thatyoucan play, pause, replay, playback, re-download your videos atanytime.4- Only restriction is that it does not allow youtubedownloadsbut it still gives you 100% satisfaction, guaranted !!5- Application's user interface is designed in such a waythatanyone can easily use it without any problem.6- Fully featured download manager with pause/resume/removeandconnection lost handling capabilities7- Fully featured file manager for easy video accessandmanipulation.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*CATEGORIES ADDED in video downloader hd plus:1.Video downloader hd.2..Phone,SIM,Battery Info.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*How to Use :1. Go to the search tab2. search for a videos you want to download,3. Then download the video format that appears.4. viewing is possible in offline also.You can download videos from the loader (when you haveaconnection) and Later without internet or network access youcanwatch videos in best hd quality. It supports format's likemp4,3gp, mpeg, etc...You can download videos from Videobash*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*Videos download PATH :=> sdcard/Video downloaded.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*NOTE:# youtube downloading is not supported due to their termsofservicePlease note that the downloading and violating of tubevideosprotected by copyright is prohibited and regulated by laws ofthecountry where you live. We assume no responsibility for anymisuseof this application.*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
دمج الصورمع الاغاني وعمل فيديو 3.3 APK
هل تعبت من البحث عن برنامج حويل صور الىفيديوبالموسيقىبرنامج تحويل صور الى فيديو بالموسيقى الإصدار جديد 2016 يوفرلكمجموعة كبيرة من المؤثرات الرائعة التي يمنكن إضافتها علىالصور،وكذلك العديد من الحركات المتنوعة في التنقل بين الصور، ويجعلكتحتفظبألبومات فيديو رائعة، وإضافة الى الميزات الموجودة في البرنامجدمجالصور مع الاغاني وعمل فيديو يمكنك إضافة مقطع صوتي أو موسيقيالىالفيديو، بحيث لو كنت تود تجميع صور لفرح أو حفلة وعمل مونتاجعليهاوتحويلها لفيديو جميل ورائع يمكنك أن تضيف إليها موسيقى رومانسيةأوأغنية مناسبة لهذه الصور وبهذا تحصل على فيديو و بمونتاج رائعدونالحاجة لخبير في تصميم ومونتاج الفيديو، كما ويمكنك البرنامج أيضامنالكتابة على الصور وبالطريقة التي تحبها. حول صورك الى فيديومعالموسيقىيعتبر برنامج دمج الصور مع الاغاني الإصدار جديد 2016 من بينأحسنبرامج المونتاج وتحويل الصور الى فيديو مع ادماجهابالموسيقىحيثيجعلك تكون من صورك الشخصية فيلم كامل مدمج بأغاني. ومن مميزاتهداالتطبيق انه يمكنك من عمل الفيديو بجودة عالية HD. بالاضافةالىاضافةتأثيرات وتقطيع الصور والكتابة عليها. البرنامج سهل للاستخدامويدعماللغة العربية و يستحق التجربة.★ مميزات برنامج تحويل الصور الى فيديو 2016 :✔ اضافة مقطع صوتي: البرنامج يمكنك من اضافة مقطع صوتي مناختياركاو. عند اضافتك للمقطع الصوتياو الاغنية تبقى جودة الصوت عالية جدا مع امكانية تقطيع الاغنيةواضافةاليها ثأتيرات.✔ اضافة ثأثيرات للصور: يمكنك اضافة تأثيرات للصور قبلتقطيعهاوتحويلها الى الفيديو.✔ دمج عدة صور: يمكنك البرنامج من دمج عدة صور من اجل عملفيلمواحد.✔ يدعم البرنامج اللغة العربية.✔ حول صورك الى فيديو مع الموسيقى .✔ من أحدث التطبيقات المشهورة و الأكثر إستعمالا في سنة 2016.✔ التطبيق يدعم جميع أنواع الهواتف الذكية. و جميعاصداراتالأندرويد.✔ يمكنك تشغيل التطبيق بدون أنترنيت و في أي وقت.✔ مساحة التطبيق صغيرة.✔ حول صورك الى فيديو مع الموسيقى حمله الأن !! و إجعل هاتفكمميز.هذه التطبيقات هي نفسها سمة من التطبيقات أدناه.محرر فيديو ►► صور عرض الشرائح صانع► صور لتحويل الفيديو► مشاهدة عرض الشرائح► عرض الشرائح صانع► موفي ميكر► صانع الفيديوكيفية أنشاء أفضل عرض الشرائح► حدد الصور كما تريد.► تحرير الصور مع ميزات مذهلة.► اختر الموسيقى مع خيار التشذيب لإضافة في عرض شرائح الصور.► اختر إطارات مثل التلفزيون إطارات، سينما إطارات للآثار مذهلةفيالفيديو.► اختر تأثير فلتر لجعل الفيديو جميلة.► معاينة عرض الشرائح مع موسيقى في الخلفية قبل خلق.► اختر الوقت تلقائي لكل صورة.► احفظ القصص المرئية التي يتم إنشاؤها في الهاتف أو SD بطاقة► شارك الفيديو الذي أنشأته مع الأهل والأصدقاء عبرالمواقعالاجتماعية.► دمج صورك في أشكال رآائعة 2016► تحويل صور إلى فيديومع الموسيقى2016► إنشاء فيديو لصورك بالموسيقىصور لتحويل الفيديو هو التطبيق جاذبية ومتعة اللعب التطبيق عندماكنتبالملل وترغب في عرض أو عرض الصور إلى أصدقائك أو عائلتكبطريقةممتعة.تحميل هذا التطبيق صانع صور فيديو مجانا الآن وخلق جميلالموسيقىعرض ومشاركتها مع الأصدقاء والعائلة لأفضل مناسبات فيالحياة.إذا كنت مثل هذا التطبيق من لا تنسى أن تعطي معدل ومراجعة لمزيدمنالتحديث ...شكر✔ و لا تنسوا تقييم التطبيق و كتابة ملاحظاتكم, شكرا لكم.Are you tired ofsearchingfor images Huwail program to music videoConverting images to video to music a new version 2016providesyou with a large group of brilliant effects that Amenknadded tothe photo software, as well as a variety of movements inthemovement between images, and makes you retain albumsfantasticvideo, and add to the features of the program is theintegration ofimages with songs and video work you can add an audioor music clipto the video, so if you would like to assemblepictures of joy orconcert and work editing it and turn a beautifuland wonderfulvideo you can add to romantic music or an appropriatesong forthese images and thus get a video and a wonderful montagewithoutthe need for an expert in the design and video editing , astheprogram also enables you to write on the images and the waythatyou love. Turn your photos into video with musicMerge songs with a new version in 2016 among the besteditingsoftware and convert images into video with integratedmusicprogram is whereIt makes you be from your personal photos complete moviecompactsongs. It features Hedda application that enables you towork withhigh quality video HD. In addition to AddEffects and cutting images and write them. The program is easytouse and supports the Arabic language and worth theexperience.★ convert images into video 2016 program features:✔ Add your voice: The program section allows you to add anaudioclip of your choice or. When you add the audio clipSong or sound quality remains very high with the possibilityofcutting the song and to add to it Totarat.✔ Add Tothirat images: You can add effects to images beforecuttingit and turn it into a video.✔ merge several images: You can program the integration ofseveralimages for the work of a single film.✔ The program supports the Arabic language.✔ Turn your photos into video with music.✔ of the latest well-known and most widely used applicationsin2016.✔ The application supports all types of smart phones. Andallversions of Android.✔ You can run the application without access to the Internet andatany time.✔ Application small space.✔ Turn your photos into music video with him now !! Mark yourphoneand special.These applications are the same feature of theapplicationsbelow.Video Editor ►► Photo Slideshow Maker► Photos Video Converter► View slideshow► Slideshow Maker► Movie Maker► video makerHow to create the best slideshows► Select the images as you want.► edit images with amazing features.► Choose music with trimming the option to add images in aslideshow.► choose a frame frames such as TV, cinema frames stunningeffectsin the video.► Choose a filter effect to make a beautiful video.► View the slide show with music in the background beforethecreation.► Select Auto Time each image.► Keep visual stories that are created in the phone or SDcard► video, which was established with friends and family viasocialnetworking sites participated.► merge your photos into forms Raaiah 2016► converting images to music Vidioma 2016► create a video of your photos with musicPhoto to Video Converter is an app attractive and fun to playwhenthe application you are bored and want to view or show picturestoyour friends or family in a fun way.Download this application maker of video images for free nowandcreate beautiful music display and share them with friendsandfamily for the best occasions in life.If you like this application do not forget to give a rateandreview for more update ...thanks✔ and do not forget the application and write your remarksevaluate,thank you.
Salatuk - (Prayer time) 3 APK
Salatuk is your Muslim Prayers Companion.By locating you automatically, this application gives youtheappropriate prayer times, indicates you the nearest mosques toyourposition as well as the direction of the Qibla.The Salatuk algorithm supports many calculation methodsadoptedby most Muslim countries. Depending on your location,theapplication choose the appropriate calculation method andFiqhischool.For an accurate location, please ensure that yourlocationsettings and your Internet connection or your GPS areenabled!Note about App features :-------------------------------If you are familiar with Salatuk in other platforms please notethatthis version DOESN'T SUPPORT some features like "Turn PhonetoSilent after Athan". Other features like "Full Athan" and"CustomAthan" are supported only when the app is ope. This isbecause oftechnical limitations. We will try to fix it once Andridsystemallows it.Note about Athan :-----------------Salatuk remind you that it's time for prayer with a "4takbeerats"instead of full Athan. Because of technical limitations,it'spossible to play full Athan only if the app is open.Also, if you have problems to hear the notifications, pleasemakesure to enable the following parameters in your device :1) Settings>Sounds>Alerts2) Settings>Notifications>Salatuk3) Your phone is not on mute and volume is correctNote about Prayers times :-----------------------------------Please note that we pay attention to ensure that the prayer timesofSalatuk are accurate. However, in some countries those times maybenot exact. In this case, please refer to the officialislamicinstitutions or mosques in your country and adjust manuallytheprayer times in the application settings.Salatuk 2016 supports currently 3 languages : Arabic, EnglishandFrench.Tips for a better usage
Restore Video (Super easy) 2.0.2 APK
Restore the VideoI want to return the erased Videos again!I have erased the Video in mistake!Why don't you try to use this app?You may be able to restore the erased photo and picture!Récuperer Images SuppriméesRécuperer Video SuppriméesA special featureSuper easy!Need not the knowledge!Need not the PC!Need not rooting!Need not Backup data!You can restore found Video certainly!You can also restore before installation Video!You can restore the Video from the Device or from the SDcard!Corresponds to jpg and png!Free tool!How to use1. Select folder2. Select the Videos3. Tap the start button to restoreThat's all!Q & AQ. Why can you restore the Video?It is completely different from the traditionalrestorationmethods.The App that deal with Videos such as LINE, SNS copies Videos,andsave and hide them.This app display the Videos that are hidden.So you might not find the Video which have never used inanyapps.You may be able to restore the Video which was shared orwasedited.Q. I lost restored Video.I restore the Video from the cache.If you delete the cache or have the app to delete the cache,youcan't restore because you don't have the cache.Q. Images are small and rough.Rough Video also extracts what was saved by dropping theVideoquality for thumbnail.I'm sorry but this app can not correct it.Q. The Videos which I have not deleted are displayed.This app is not the app which stores temporarily withoutdeletingcompletely like a trash can of PC.When the cache is stored or when the Videos are shared orareedited, the hidden copies of the Videos are made.This app search hidden Videos from all folders, then choseandrestore the Videos.You can restore the Videos that have been deleted beforeyouinstalled.Although the Videos which was not deleted but was copiedaredisplayed, and the Videos which was deleted but was not copiedarenot displayed.Q. Loading is lasted.This app checks all the folders, so takes a lot of time.If you have many apps or datas, it may takes more than5minutes.Q. The date which the Video restored is different.Since this app restore the Videos from the copy, so thiscan'trestore with correct date.Thank you for your understanding.Plagiarism are strictly prohibited
تطعيس السعودي 2016 6 APK
افضل لعبة تطعيس وهجولة من ناحية السياراتوالجرافك العالي تحتوي العبة على اغلب سيارات التطعيس في السعوديةوسيتم اضافة سيارات و مابات حسب الطلب فيافضل لعبة تطعيس وهجولةهجوله السعوديهجولة الخليج اونلاينملك المقاوماتتطعيس السعوديتطعيسالسعوديهجولة تطعيس السعودي 2016تفحيط وتطعيس درفت دبي driftلاتحرمونا دعمكم ب 5 نجومBest game Ttaas andHjulhhand cars and high Jeravk contain Alabh on most cars AlttaasinSaudi Arabia and will be added to cars and customizedinMapatBest game Ttaas and HjulhSaudi HjulhHjulh Gulf OnlineKing of resistorsSaudi TtaasTtaasSaudiHjulh Ttaas Saudi Arabia 2016Tvhit and Ttaas Drvat Dubai driftAthrmona for your support to 5 stars
Salatuk - Version 2016 1.4 APK
Salatuk - Version 2016 app indicates youthePrayer timing, the Mosques near you and the Qibladirectionwherever you are!The Salatuk algorithm supports a large Prayer calculationmethodsadopted by many Muslim countries. Depending on yourlocation, theapplication choose the appropriate calculationmethod, Fiqhi schooland Adhan.However, if you want, you can also change the prayer methodmanuallyin the "Settings" tab.alarme adhanFor an accurate localization, please Al Moazin ensure thatyourlocation settings and your Internet connection or your GPSareenabled!Note about Prayers times :-----------------------------------Prayer Times QiblaPlease note that we pay attention to ensure that the prayer timesofSalatuk are accurate. However, in some countries those times maybenot exact. In this case, please refer to the officialislamicinstitutions or mosques in your country and adjust manuallytheprayer times in the application settings.adan maroc
Prayer Times Maroc 1.4 APK
The most simple way to view Muslimprayertimes.With very elegant and easy today extension you can now viewMuslimprayer times so fast.Now you can see the times of prayer in a practical andveryefficient way, thanks to the new iOS 8 extensions, you willnothave to open special application anymore to give a glance attodayprayer times, all you need is to pull down Today menu andyou'llsee how it's easy to view prayer times.DescriptionAthan is the perfect prayer companion for Muslims to getaccurateprayer times and achieve prayer discipline in their busylife. Withthe help of Athan, you can keep track of your prayerperformance bylogging them in the PrayerBook in a fun and easyway.Trusted by millions of Muslims world wide, Athan is aplatformthat provides useful Islamic apps at one place. Fromgetting prayeralerts and logging prayers in the PrayerBook to theMosque andQibla Finder tools to the Islamic Calendar, Athan is arepositoryof useful Islamic apps.Features:- Prayer timings for thousands of cities worldwide- Finder of nearby mosques, organizations, schools andbusinesses,along with their contact information anddirections- Integrated Qibla direction for thousands of citiesworldwide- Ability to track your prayers by logging them in yourownpersonalized prayer book- Hear the Athan at every prayer time- A widget on the home screen allows you to keep track ofyourprayers on the go!- View the remaining time for each prayer and see the prayertimingsfor the entire day.- Track your prayer progress with detailed graphsandtimelines.- Islamic Calendar; to notify you of all upcoming Islamicevents(includes both Hijri and Gregorian dates)- All new Hijri-Gregorian date converter.- Your very own personalized Athan profile: add your closestfriendsand family to the Athan network.In-App purchases: Now enjoy a smooth Ad-free experience&SEVEN new Athan voices from all around the globe.