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!!! If you are passionate about retro music this application isforyou!Welcome to the application that will allow you to listentofree music of the 80s and the best music songs of the 70s 8090free and uncut!Do you like to listen to great old songs? Getonyour phone the best free music application of the 60s 70 8090.Ifyou are a musical maniac and love classic pop this istheapplication you are looking for. You will find all kinds ofmusicon the playlist, old 90s music, luxury collections andsongstypical music party of the 80s. All these featurestotallyfree.From songs of love to Christian music and music hits ofthe70s. This app includes refrains and lyrics from the golden ageofpop and great hits.We also have themes from drawings of the 80sandmusic from the television shows of the 60s and 70s.Enjoy thenewtrend when listening to Radio Musica of the 80s and 90s, withourclassic app of the 90's!Retro music from the 90s 80s 70s 60s.Ifyou like retro music (from the sixties, seventies, eightiesandnineties), this application is what you were looking for,sincehere you will find the best songs in the world specialized inretromusic, disco music, music of the 60s, 70, 80 and 90.Music ofthe70s 80 90 Free is an application with which you can listen tofreedisco music of the 70s and 80s, 90s classics, 80s radio, 90sradio,70s radio, 70s free from your cell phone.This application ofallmusical genres, with the best songs, allows you to share thevideosit contains, as well as the complete application throughsocialnetworks and messaging apps. In addition you will mark thevideosthat you have already seen, as well as the new ones thatareincorporated into the app.If you liked this free applicationwiththe most musical selection, your positive vote helps us tocontinuecreating free apps like this and many others that you willfind inyour store.Thanks for downloading our free applications, wehopeyou enjoy them !!!

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Easy portrait photography 1.0.0 APK
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Before I start, I have to warn you about something: once youenterthe portrait world, you will never want to leave. Theportraits areaddictive and easy to learn and, sooner or later, ifyou like totake a picture, you will fall. My theory is thatthis happensfor several reasons. Obviously we feel more empathy fora personthan for anything else, we are human, we can not remedy it.Anotherreason is because they are very handy when it comes topracticingwith a new camera and if you do not find anyone withapredisposition to pose for you, you can always turn to you intheforeground and realize your dream. These are some reasonswhythe portrait attracts, but the most important is the ability ofaportrait to move, to move. If you manage to capture the soulofthat person, the essence of your model, you will conqueryourviewer.There are several types of portrait:* General Plane: itisthe farthest plane and in it appears all of the body, withoutanyclipping.* Flat Three Rooms: is the one that cuts the person bythethighs or knees. As you see, we are getting a littlecloser.*Medium plane: collects approximately up to the waist. Asitenhances the beauty of the protagonist, it is used a lot infashionphotography.* Medium Flat Short: includes from the head tothemiddle of the chest, giving more prominence to the model.*Thefirst Plane: a much more intimate plane that only covers theheadand shoulders and some background.* The first Primer Primer:coversonly the face and bottomless (whole).  What willyou needto make the photograph of your portraits?- MODEL. Ofcourse, thisis basic. You can pull a family member and / or friendswho can notrefuse your offer because they love you so much.- LIGHT.Withoutlight there is no photo. That you must already know. Inaddition tobeing an essential element in the photo, it is anelement withwhich you can play to obtain very different results-OBJECTIVE. Ipersonally would recommend the king of the objectives a50mm 1.4-TRIPODE. This is not necessary unless it is aself-portrait-BACKGROUND. An inadequate background can completelyruin a portraitor give it much more life.The funds are essential tobe able tomake a self-portrait photograph with a close-up thatsurpriseseveryone.Discover the world of photography with thisfreeapplication with which you will not want to separate yourselffromyour camera. The tutorials contained in this application canbeshared on social networks and messaging apps. In addition youwillmark the videos that you have already seen of photography soyou donot repeat them.If this application has been of your pleasureyoucan vote from its menu, in addition to being able to accesstheother free applications that we have for you.Thanks fordownloadingthe free applications we have for you !!!
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Course of learning Masonry is an app that contains small coursestolearn a good trade, with explanatory videos step by step, withallthe techniques, materials and methods you need toknow.Thisapplication is a masonry course for anyone who wants tolearn thebasics and essential on the fundamental construction, bothforbeginners and professionals and perfect the trade, withexplanatoryvideos and easy to learn.Do you want to learn the tradeofconstruction and learn masonry easily and free and beaprofessional construction teacher?Do you like to seeexplanatoryvideos of all kinds of projects, materials, tools,courses,techniques and new methods to build?Then download this app"LearnFree Masonry" that we have prepared exclusively foreverythingrelated to construction and plumbing and you will getit.This appwith courses of learning masonry contains a lot oflessons to learnthe craft of bricklayer in their tutorials, suchas:* Learn tobuild a house from scratch.* Materials, tools andconstructiontechniques.* Learn plumbing for the pipeline approach.*Calculatethe materials that are needed.* Placement of scaffoldingandstrips.* Learn how to make new projects.* Types and kinds oftools*Flattening of surfaces and walls* How to learn to revokeeasily*How to use lead* How to build walls and walls.You willalways havenew courses to learn trades in our apps, such as learnmasonry,plumbing, carpentry, mechanics, electricity, with thelatestdevelopments, since all these trades are necessary fortheconstruction of a home. The content is periodically updatedandalso marks you the videos that you have already seen so you donotrepeat them, you can also share it through social networks andgiveus your opinion about the application, to study differentproposalsfor improvement.It also has the advantage that this appwith videosexplained step by step and courses of learning masonryand plumbinglessons is translated into several languages, withvideo tutorialsin Spanish, English, Portuguese, etc ...Downloadthis app withmasonry courses that contain the necessaryinstructions to performin the construction and explain how to usefrom the preparation ofthe mixtures and how to put the bricks, tohow to hold a ruler andplace the scaffolding. Everything you needto know about masonry,in a course, that provides methods and advicefor a new way outinto the working world.
Christian Adoration Music 1.0.0 APK
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With this application of Christian music of praise and worshipyouwill have the most sought-after sessions of the internetgatheredin a free application. The sessions of Christian,evangelical musicthat contains this gospel application areperiodically updated sothat you always have the best of thiswonderful genre of religiousmusic.   Christian musicis music and songs createdand executed as an expression ofChristianity for a long time. Thisexpression encompasses a greatdiversity of musical styles thatcontain letters with biblicalmessages or that involve differenttypes of prayer (of adoration, ofthanksgiving, of petition), andwhose main motivation is theChristian faith.  Thedefinition of Christian songs andthe objective of Christian musicvary according to the Christiandenomination that promotes it. Itis considered a useful tool, bothto evangelize the believer, andto deal with aspects of life that aChristian must lead.The hymnsare songs of praise and exaltation toGod. Its use in Christianpractice is mentioned from the NewTestament (when after havingdined Jesus Christ and his disciples,it is related that togetherthey sang a hymn whose name is notmentioned).Christian praise isseen as a form of music of worship toGod, which is usuallydeveloped through hymns and songs in a templeor church, as part ofthe religious service or worship of God, andas an act of presencein the act. of adoration, given by theChristian congregation anddifferent types of musical instrumentscan be used.Christian musicin Catholicism is that dedicated to thepraise of God and theexperience of faith from the perspective ofthe Catholic Church.This includes a variety of musical genres andmusical diversitythat is not limited to the deity of Jesus ofNazareth, but includesCatholic beliefs such as the sacraments andthe mystery of God inthe Catholic liturgy. This application ofreligious faith andChristian music allows you to share the videoscontained in socialnetworks and instant messaging applications, soyou can get them tothe people who matter most. In addition theapplication will markthe videos that you have already seen so youdo not repeat them,since the application contains a large number ofthem.If thisapplication of Christian music videos has been to yourliking, fromyour menu you can vote in addition to being able toaccess theother free applications that we have for you.Thanks fordownloadingour Christian videos apps, free !!!
Learn billiards with tricks 1.0.0 APK
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Billiards is a very technical sport and in the beginning onecanfeel very frustrated. In fact, it takes a lot of perseveranceand agood teacher to learn from scratch and reach a good level. Asweall like to learn fast, this free application brings you thetricksso you can begin to master the pool in a few months.Prepared? Gofor it.Simply learn the basic movements and the mostfrequentshots. 90% of the shots you will need are chopped (stop thewhite)or soft runs, so start there. In the same way, do not messwith thefine balls until you take the trick to the straights, donot fearto fail, the tricks and perseverance will make your shotsmoreaccurate.Learning means to fail, to try, to fail again, totryagain, to fail once more, to try again and finallytosucceed. During the learning you will suffer and it isnormal,it's just about enjoying the process and trusting that basedonwork and effort, all those small failures will one daybecomesomething good, the tutorials of this application will giveyou thetips to learn billiards in a simple but withconstancy. Followthe next steps:- Choose a taco suitable foryour height. Most areon average 147 cm long, but there are shorterand longer onesavailable- There are three standard sizes of a pooltable: 7, 8 and9 feet. The Billiard Congress of America defines abilliard tablein "regulation" as any table that is twice as long asit is wide-As for the billiard balls, there are odd and even, solidandstriped, and, above all, the 8 ball and the white ball. Thewhiteball is solid white, a little heavier, and should be the onlyballthat is hit directly during the game.- Use a triangle to"stack"the 15 pool balls.- A player breaks. If a ball enters thehole, itis the ball that will play The videos contained inthisapplication of tricks to learn table billiards are updated, soyoucan learn the newest techniques. You can share the content ofthisapplication through social networks and messaging apps.Ifthevideos that you learn about this application have beeninteresting,you can rate this application in addition to being ableto accessthe other free apps that we have for you.The white sphereis theone that is used to hit others in your shots, with constancyandfollowing the tricks of this free application, you will be abletobe a good billiard player, the important thing is not tostoptrying.Thanks for downloading our free apps !!!