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Hunting a gigantic and larger than life beast of immense danger andstrength is an expensive task in itself, let alone survive theonslaught of the fierce beasts in the wilderness of the deep anddark forests. The game is designed, bearing in mind the bravest andmost talented sniper hunters in the world. Do you have the talentto hunt in the forbidden lands and walk out in one piece.RhinoAnimal Hunter gives players an opportunity to test their huntingskills in the lush green forests, with dangers and threats loomingon every step. Hunt furious rhinos, lions, tigers and horses whoare here to attack and take you out of the forest for good.COMPLETESNIPER HUNTING EXPERIENCEYou are equipped with a professional gradesniper rifle with advanced zooming and night vision attachments,the rest of the task is up to you. You are dropped in the middle ofthe African jungles, where you encounter the nature's finest. Gearup your arsenal and weapons to take down the animals, who willattack you with speed if you miss the shot.GAMEPLAYFEATURESNumerous sniper hunting missions with more to followsoonsmooth and realistic sniper fps controlsunique forestenvironment 3d design built to provide a real challenge to hunters

App Information Rhino Hunt Sniper Gun Shooter

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    Rhino Hunt Sniper Gun Shooter
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    March 1, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    ImpTrax Games
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    275 Madison Ave FL 6 New York, NY 10016
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Gorilla Animal Hunting - Free 1.0.4 APK
ImpTrax Games
Gorilla animal hunting games free is a sniper gorilla shootinggames for people of all ages. It is a free animal sniper huntershooting game for kids in which they can experience the wildernessof jungle and play different levels of gorilla hunting simulatorfor their survival. It is an ultimate hunter adventure which trainsyou to be a animal hunter for wild animal hunting by letting youusing different animal sniper hunting techniques in this animalhunting simulator game.The hunting grounds are all set to put theultimate sniper shooters to the test, as the deadly beasts ofnature roam the wild with terror and authority. There is only yourshooting gun between you and certain death, and being midnightsupper for a deadly gorilla is not a good way to go.If you are anavid fps shooter gamer, then taking up this challenge against theangry gorilla squad is just right dose of game for you. Beingthrown in a hostile and crazy ape environment, survival is ofutmost importance, along with an ultimate shooter killerinstinct.COMPLETE VARIOUS CHALLENGESGorilla Hunter phases playerswith 6 challenging levels of angry gorilla hunting spread on thewild jungle environments. Survive ambush by guessing angry gorillaattack patterns and making swift kills before you are as good asdead, to using the in built night vision capabilities while thecrazy gorilla groups try to sneak up on you. AN INTRIGUING SHOOTINGEXPERIENCEGorilla Hunter is not your average day sniper shooters.It forces you to bring out your ultimate sniper killer instincts asyou are clearly outnumbered by the angry gorilla company. So beready to face these wild beast and bring out your expert animalhunter and shoot down all the gorillas using animal sniper hunterrifle you have and save the people from these beasts.
Jungle Sniper Rogue Guerrilla 1.17 APK
ImpTrax Games
Jungle Sniper Rogue Guerrilla is a free guerrilla commando snipershooting game in which you have to play as a jungle sniper andstake out the enemy targets from long range. Take the enemy agentsdown with well places shots and make sure that none of them surviveyour lethal strike as they are all high profile targets. Assaultthe enemy rogue base and destroy it. Use your advanced weaponry& gear and make this counter terror mission successful.DownloadNow.! The enemy from the rogue nation is preparing for the secretattack on your country from a remote island near the border area ofthe country. Being the best jungle sniper on the jungle snipersquad, you have been assigned the task of making your enemy agentsfail in their destructive thoughts of attacking your nation.Counter terror to make lethal strikes on enemy rogue base and bringpride to your nation by winning the war of blood and glory with oneman army terminator. This is a stealth counter terror mission, soyou have to take well placed shots to take out high profile targetswhich are present in the commando nest. Don’t forget to equipyourself with advanced terminator weaponry and gear like marksmanrifle, deadly assault rifles and heavy artillery like rocketlaunchers, throwing knives, medical kits armor as you may need themduring the missions because the enemy base is well equipped withlatest security devices and modern weapons. They might be using thedrones for surveillance purpose. The drone have night visiontechnology and may detect motion using infrared, so you have to bevery careful. As soon as the drones spot you, the enemy attackerswill be on the way to hunt you down with their assault rifles andblood hounds. This sounds like a missions impossible, but theterminator army higher officials have faith in you that you canmake any mission impossible possible. So, get it done soldier, andaccomplish another counter terror mission.Features:- Thrilling FPSshooting game- HD Graphics - Variety of levels in counter terrormission- Upgradable weapons for long range shooting game- Virtualcurrency to buy new weapons.Thanks for playing Jungle SniperCounter Terror game. Write us your suggestions, your feedback isvaluable to us.
SWAT Sniper: Elite Killer 1.2.1 APK
ImpTrax Games
SWAT Sniper: Elite Killer is a free sniper 3D game where you testyour shooting skills by playing as the last sniper left and killthe terrorists using your sniper 3D rifle. You mission is to becomea stealth sniper and take out all the major criminals one by onewhich are spreading terror in the country. Be wise while using theammo, taking a headshot should be your first priority so that thereare no chances of survival of your target. This is a war you arein. Get a brilliant FPS Black Ops Sniper game available on storewith HD graphics and cool SFX. DOWNLOAD SWAT SNIPER: ELITE KILLERNOW..!!There are 2 different modes:1. SWAT Sniper Campaign Mode2.Elite Killer Wanted ModeYou will have four major locations for thetermination of the targets.1. Russian Airport Sniper Mission.2.Subway Station Mission.3. Terrorists Base Camp Sniper Mission.4.Community Park MissionThanks for playing SWAT Sniper: Elite Killer.If you like our game, please don’t forget to rate and review us.Write us at our email to give us your suggestion regarding the SWATsniper game: elite killer updates, your feedback is valuable to usand will help us to improve our upcoming blockbusters.
Mummy Raider Tomb Hunter -Free 2.0 APK
ImpTrax Games
Mummy Raider is a free ancient tomb raiding relics hunting gamewhich gives adrenaline rush by taking you through an epic adventuretrip in ancient pyramids and evil buried cities of the past. Beready to face the wrath of risen evil mummy and load your weaponsto kill the army of the rising dead mummies.Download NoW.!Ancientevil has risen from the prehistoric pyramids of Egypt, mummies thathad slept in slumber for thousands of years have risen when thegreat NUMWARA's pyramid is raided by archaeologists. The search forNUMWARA's prized treasures mummies has woken the great EgyptianLord as he has unleashed a plague of the dead upon the deserts.Gearup your guns to fight against ancient evil dead, the favouritemummy plague has spread and it is you, the great tomb raider, whocan stop it from spreading. NUMWARA's army has been unleashed andhis power is growing with each second. Travel through the abandoneddesert city of the Tomb and raid villages and pyramids, raid tombsto find lost treasure and artifacts, which are the key to defeatingthe Mummy Lord and put him back to sleep you fool mummies. UNCOVERTHE SECRETS OF THE ANCIENT RUINSIn this tomb raiding game, Raid theabandoned city of the walking dead to uncover the secrets of thismummy apocalypse, find ancient artifacts that hold the secret todestroying NUMWARA and his army of dead minions. Use your tombraider instincts and solve deadly puzzles inside the great pyramid, unlocking new paths and discovering lethal traps before youbecome midnight snack for the walking dead. Lead the perilous pathto NUMWARA's chambers and find a way to get rid of the evil.EPICBOSS BATTLE WITH THE KING OF THE EVIL DEADEvil has never been morebadass than the Egyptian Lord NUMWARA, awoken from deep slumber,who has unleashed greater evil on the world than ever before. Hispower lies in the ancient artifacts kept inside the pyramid bounds.Destroy each mummies of the artifacts to weaken his spirit and thensend him back to the underworld in an epic finale showdown.
Army vs Aliens: Invasion Earth 1.0 APK
ImpTrax Games
Ready your alien attack team to battle against an alien spaceshipand the extra terraria soldiers sent to Earth for the ultimatealien abduction mission of army sniper shooting. It's going to bethe sudden attack of biggest alien vs predator battle on Earth andyou have the alien gear to lock and load against these alien creepswith your real sniper monster rescue mission. You also need toprotect your castle storm as the counter terrorist war heroes ofagent aliens. Hillwood used to be the city of bliss and colors offront line shooter, the last remnant of battlebox in best spacegames, what is now a city on the verge of a plague and is slowlymoving towards complete devastation. It's been months since thefirst space alien creeps landed on the town, and the alien shooterhas spread to the depths of the town, destroying everything intheir path. So, the army super war is begun against counterterrorist attack on space battle simulator in which the earth hasfallen again.But when the time called for galactic attack, our armyheroes have lifted up their guns and gunshots to stand up againstthe agent aliens invasion and the best space alien shooter of armycounter attack. The army alien killer squad has to search anddestroy all the ancient aliens creating havoc in the town. So, useyour military assault and Packed with serious firepower in thisgalaxy soldier vs aliens battle will decide the fate of humans.These special forces galaxy soldiers perform their duties perfectlywhen the earth has fallen in this USA army: ww2 battlegroundsurvival games. Get Ready For The Ultimate Army vs Ancient AliensBattle. Get your army squad ready for the ultimate battle betweenhumans and ancient aliens in the Warfield shooter game. Pack youralien defender weapons like the gunshot, alien’s robots snipers& machine gun and fight in this third person alien shooter. Thealien swarm is relentless in its attack so be careful and destroyeach and every one in this alien battles before they take you down.Kill flying robots, alien war Androids, and alien worm to reach thesource of this alien invasion, the mega boss, the "AlienApocalypse".Choose Your Aliens Shooter Squad from Army Schoolagainst monster battle. Save the army defense zone from infectedzombie aliens and robots. So, arrive on each mission in armywarzone by assembling your army squad of elite alien defendersoldiers. Choose from the heavy MACHINE GUNNER, the pinpointSNIPER, the swift ASSAULTER or the alien killer ROGUE to clear outeach alien zone and save civilians from alien invasion and alienabduction in this army battle.EPIC BOSS FINALE: EXTRA TERRARIAMADNESSStay true to legend and combine each alien shooter beforeyour confront the epic boss "APOCALYPSE" in an epic finale mission.Hide in the alien spaceshooter as the agent aliens and Recognizealien attack patterns and destroy when APOCALYPSE is out of breathin this aliens games. The challenge is immense, but if there issomeone who can drive them back to the alien planet (the earth hasfallen), it's you!Features:• Team Up with Army heros and fightagainst space terrorist attackers• HD Graphics Display Environmentof alien’s UFO and Galaxy attack.• Realistic Space Attack Soundwith amazing rescue strike missions.• Helping special forces armywarriors auto AI control characters. • Free to play as army defensezone against alien space attack.Download Now! If you like shootingdown the alien creeps, or aliens robot drives you crazy enough, dodrop by to give it a go and rate our game.
Animal Hunting - Wild Africa 1.3 APK
ImpTrax Games
Unleash the wild killer instinct in you, as you venture upon thedeadly turfs of dangerous and challenging hunting grounds in anaction packed FPS Animal Hunter 2016▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 THE ULTIMATE ANIMALHUNTER 2016 Take on the wild killer beasts of the jungles, as yougear up your arsenal of profession grade sniper rifles to begin theadventure of a lifetime. March on into the depths of the jungle, ona wild killer streak to take down the beasts of nature and collectvaluable hunts as trophies, or simply to fill up the urge to beknown as the ultimate animal hunter. PLAY IN 3 WILD KILLER MODESPlay in 3 wild killer modes of Animal Hunter 2016: 🏆🏆🏆 TROPHYHUNTING 🏆🏆🏆 🐎 🐘 SURVIVAL HUNTING 🐎 🐘 🕐🕐🕐 CHALLENGE HUNTING 🕐🕐🕐 Eachmode bringing in a set of new hunts and trophies to be collected,and a bundle of tough time, bullets and survival based challengesagainst the most fierce of wild killer animals. STEP OUT WITH THEBEST SNIPER RIFLES OF 2016! Go toe to toe against giganticelephants, rhinos, dinosaurs to quirky rabbits and speedy wolvesand horses. Gain the upper edge with state of the art professionalSNIPER RIFLES to choose from.و︻̷┻̿═━一 M-2016╾━╤デ╦︻ APR 338▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一SVD Dragunov ANIMAL HUNTER 2016 FEATURES ↷ Brilliant high octaneFPS shooting ↷ 3 wild killer modes of FPS sniper shooting↷ Intenseand engaging objectives, time and survival based challenges ↷Superior graphics, highly detailed jungle environments and bulletkill animations↷ Choose from numerous professional SNIPER RIFLES tohunt with, all for FREE!!!↷ Share your game progress on Facebook
Army Assassin Sniper Strike 1.0.7 APK
ImpTrax Games
Army Assassin Sniper Strike is another installment to our excitinglineup of sniper games. Step into the action filled FPS series, oneof the best Army Assassin game available on Android. There is noarmy squad to assist you in this sniper strike, there are noexplosives, so it’s up to you to resurrect the city from a surge ofdestruction.Take out all the criminals in the city and the save thecity from a blackout that these criminals are planning. Most of thecriminals are ex Russian militants and marksman warfare criminals,so you have to be very careful before opening fire. Once you havetaken the first sniper strike, you will be spotted and thesedictator militants will start shooting at you. As all thesemissions are in the city, there will be no air strike, tanks,helicopters or heavy weapons like, shotguns, rocket launchers, orassault rifles for you. Your armor is designed to save you fromgunshots but be careful, it won’t stay for long and exposure tobullets will damage the armor and eventually get you killed. Thisis the time for you to prove that tactical ops are not onlyeffective in battlefield, but a major adversary in marksman warfareas well.This Army Assassin Sniper Strike game is designed keepingin mind the modern warfare techniques and combat style. Theblackout will not affect your missions as you have the night visionand other tactical equipment to make your mission a success. Therewill be civilians around so be very careful and do not kill anycivilians. Try to take headshots in all missions as it will saveyou ammo and will kill the target in one shot.Download ArmyAssassin Sniper Strike and more exciting sniper games FREE NOW..!!-: Game Play:- You would be assigned targets in the differentlocations of the city where you have to conduct the undercover armysniper missions and kill the criminals using your sniper strikeskills. -:Level 1:- There is a secret meeting going on in theopposite building. The army assassin has to shoot both of them tocomplete the mission. Do not let them escape from the room or yourmission will be failed. -:Level 2:- An international criminal isgoing to meet the mafia head at the park. You have to identify theterrorist and shoot him before he reach the mafia head and give himthe information about the bombings in the city. -:Level 3:- A Shiphas just arrived at the port and seven enemies are boarding thatship. The army sniper is aiming at the ship from the nearbybuilding and has full visibility of the ship. The hitman has tokill all of them before they get onboard. -:Level 4:- 3 Terroristsare walking the street for the bombings initiative. Kill them allbefore the get out of sight. Do not shoot any civilian or yourmission will be over. -:Level 5:- A group of criminals are meetingtonight in a dark spot in the city. They are equipped withautomatic weapons, machine guns and pistols. Use night vision andkill them all on spot. -:Level 6:- Kill the drug cartel leader whois trying to escape the city in this ship. His security is veryhigh as he heard of the killings by city sniper. Kill him before heleaves the city. -:Level 7:- City School is under attack byterrorists. They are trying to enter the school building but guardshave closed the doors. Kill all the terrorists before they enter inthe school building. -:Level 8:- Gun down the Mafia leader while heis trying to escape the city in his helicopter. Be very precise andquick in shooting as the helicopter will get the target out ofrange in seconds.And many more interesting levels.If you like theArmy Assassin Sniper Strike, please don’t forget to rate and reviewus. Write us at our email to give us your suggestion regardingsniper games and updates, your feedback is valuable to us.
Komodo Dragon Animal Hunting 1.0 APK
ImpTrax Games
Komodo Dragon Animal Hunting is an exciting new animal huntingsimulator for mobile devices. Experience the wildlife up close andpersonal, becoming a sniper shooter animal hunter. This huntingkomodo dragon simulator brings you to a peaceful komodo dragonisland, where your job is to survive the komodo dragon attack andhunt every target with your sniper hunting equipment.The komododragon island plays host to the deadly hunting snipers. Make yourmark as the top animal hunting sniper around, locking and huntingjungle animals. Komodo Dragons are the peaceful jungle animals ofthe island, but when threatened by an unknown presence, they canget awfully dangerous. Survival is must, and the dark nights willmake things even more challenging. KOMODO DRAGON ANIMAL HUNTINGFEATURES,',',' 6 challenging levels of hunting jungle animals',',',Exquisite off shore and island locations,',',' Smooth and realisticFPS sniper shooting controls ',',', Daylight and Night ModechallengesMORE FROM IMPTRAX GAMESIf you an avid animal hunter fanand like hunting jungle animals, try out our hunting komodo dragonsimulator. And if you like our animal hunting games, do drop by togive our game a rating