1.0 / March 25, 2013
(3.4/5) (354)


Rhythm Box is here for you to have funwithmusic!

We provide simple method that you can draw line on the screentoplay music. It is simple and fun to play!
If the build in sound is no match for your need, you can recordyourown sound to play. With the build in recorder you can recordanysound you can imagine so be creative and amaze your friend!Besiderecording with phone, you can also connect your phone tocomputerand copy sound file into game folder to gain richersoundexperience!

For you who don't like to play the same rhythm over andoveragain, we implement the free play mode. Sound will be playedonlyonce under free play mode so you can try any combinationanytimewithout doing all the erasing!

We also provide 16 save slot for you to expand the length ofyourmusic. It is possible to play the full song now!

Welcome to visit our FB if any problem or comment :)

Official site:

App Information Rhythm Box

  • App Name
    Rhythm Box
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 25, 2013
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    遊樂黨 Yo!DawnLa
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
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打怪!!練功!!衝裝備!!2 1.0.82 APK
警告:開啟遊戲前 請解除安裝各種修改器 加速器 按鍵精靈掛機 還有鈦備份 等軟體也請勿利用遊戲漏洞獲得利益,或者接收來路不明大量支票 如果被鎖, 經查證後是漏洞一律不解鎖公告:私人交易的部分請玩家確保網路環境暢通穩定再進行交易!不然物品很有可能因為網路不穩或者斷線就消失了建議盡量在穩定的WIFI環境下進行交易!如果因為網路不穩導致物品消失~我們也無法還原再次警告大家請務必保持網路順暢穩定!交易中請勿離開交易場景 務必等交易正常結束才離開(可以先買些便宜貨測試交易看看)再次提醒玩家勿收取來路不明大量金額支票!以免被系統拒登!如有任何問題 請到Facebook上留言或者私信給客服人員Facebook專頁: http://goo.gl/tMmCG巴哈姆特討論版: http://forum.gamer.com.tw/B.php?bsn=23626是的!打怪練功衝裝備回來了!現在加入了更多的強化要素,更多的掉寶要素讓你在手機上也能享受RPG打寶的快感!!而且更重要的是,現在我們支援多人連線闖關跟交易可以跟你身旁的朋友一起冒險打怪當你打到好寶的時候還可以高價的賣給你的朋友!!世界上還有什麼事是比壓榨好友更棒的事情呢!?另外我們也引入的全新的線上交易系統所有玩家的買賣將會直接的影響到物價所以如果要當個黑心商人也不是夢想拉!趁著低價時趕快大量收購物品,等到價格水漲船高之後在趕緊脫手!只要有心,人人都可成為大富豪!還在等什麼呢,趕快加入打怪2的世界吧!Warning:Please uninstall various modifiers accelerator QuickMacro hangthere titanium backup software before opening gameAlso, do not use loopholes to benefit the game, or to receive a lotof unsolicited checks if the lock will be subject to verificationthat vulnerability is not unlockedNotice:Some private trading network environment, please ensure smooth andstable players again traded!Or items likely to break due to network instability ordisappearRecommended to carry out transactions in a stable WIFIenvironment!If items disappear because the network instability leads to ~ Wecan not restoreAlways keep warning you once again smooth and stable network!Do not leave the scene trading transactions and other transactionsmust be completed normally before leaving(You can buy cheap first test transaction to see)Players once again reminded not to collect a large amount ofunsolicited checks! System to avoid being disapproved!If you have any questions please leave a message or on Facebookprivate letter to the customer service staffFacebook page: http://goo.gl/tMmCGBahamut discussion boards: http://forum.gamer.com.tw/B.php?bsn=23626Yes! Daguai practice punching equipment back!Now add more elements to strengthen more elements of losttreasureSo you can enjoy RPG on the phone to play treasure pleasure!!And more importantly, we now support multiplayer pass through withthe transactionCan tell your friends beside adventure DaguaiWhen you hit a good treasure when it comes to expensive to sellyour friends!!Is there anything else in the world is something even betterfriends than squeezing it!?The new online trading system We also introducedA direct impact on the sale of all players will be to priceSo if you want to be a sinister businessman nor a dream topull!Taking advantage of the large number of acquisitions quickly whencheap goods, the price soared to wait until after the rush to getrid of!If we really want, everyone can become a big spender!What are you waiting for, come and join the world's two Daguaiit!
史上最實用的APP應用程式 1.0.67 APK
你現在即將見證史上最實用的APP應用程式!目前的遊戲功能有:按摩(按得越快分數越高吃冰棒(最短時間內吃完冰棒搔癢(用最快的速度養死目標泡沫紅茶(用力的搖可以瘦手臂XD大眼瞪小眼(比賽不眨眼睛你能贏媽?多種超實用APP:燙睫毛、健康檢察、退熱貼、暖暖包、除濕、光合作用分手安慰程式(失戀的時候最需要的!)電蚊拍(看到蚊子就用力打下去)耳溫槍(來看看你發燒了沒有)刮鬍刀(男人每天刮鬍子必備!光速刀(跟朋友來場星際大戰吧!龍五的槍(還可以補子彈喔!手榴彈(千萬不要真的丟出去黑XD按摩棒(痠痛的時候最需要嚇人按鈕(18禁 小朋友和老人千萬不要點 很恐怖的!轉酒瓶(派對遊戲專用 轉到誰 誰就XXOO香菸盒(交際應酬必備!打火機(有時候點不起來!?電擊棒(遇到壞人的時候就電他魔術硬幣(讓身邊的朋友大吃一驚跑步機(看看你可以跑多快數羊(睡不著專用花瓣占卜( 他愛我~他不愛我煎蛋(小心不要燒焦風鈴(清靜一下扇子(天氣很熱可以扇一下月餅禮盒(不用愁沒禮物送人了XD衛生紙(每天都會用到丟硬幣(拿捏不定主意的時候最好用丟骰子(請勿拿來賭博!龜派氣功(哈咩哈咩哈!!鋼鐵人光束(帥氣的光束大聲板手(你是在大聲甚麼拉!讀心術(超神奇的拉螺旋丸(一個人拿著 一個人負責集氣神奇海螺(有任何問題都可以問海螺喔節拍器(滴答滴答 超有節奏感的!等等各種神奇又實用的功能應有盡有。如果有想到新奇的實用功能想分享的話,也可以在評錀上或官網上推薦給我們。你的點子就有機會出現在史上最實用的APP裡面喔!心動嗎? 還不趕快拿起你的智慧型手機,趕快下載!本APP純屬博君一笑,切勿認真對待如果實用純屬巧合。有任何問題的話歡迎到我們Facebook上留言。Facebook專頁:http://goo.gl/tMmCG官方網站:http://yodawnla.com靈感來源 感謝 "This Group Of People 這群人"的爆笑APP應用程式影片這群人官方粉絲:http://ppt.cc/kIsm=======請無視以下文章========本遊戲是根據"這群人"的爆笑APP為靈感所作出來的惡搞休閒小遊戲,裡面的內容相當的簡單卻相當實用,不管是拿來打蚊子或者用光劍砍殺討厭的人都是一絕,裡面的暖暖包更可以讓你在寒冷的時候拿出來溫暖雙手!想知道搔癢遊戲的正確玩法嗎?對著熟睡的朋友,在他耳邊播出惡魔的笑聲,如果造成友情糾紛我們不負責喔。You are now about towitness the history of the most practical applications APP!The current game features include:Massage (by the faster the higher the scoreEating popsicles (the shortest time eating popsiclesItching (the fastest goal to raise the deadBubble tea (thin arm can shake hard XD大眼瞪小眼 (do not blink you can win the game mom?A variety of ultra-practical APP: hot eyelashes, healthinspections and cooling paste, Nuannuan Bao, dehumidification,photosynthesisComfort break program (lovelorn when most needed!)Mosquito (see swatted mosquitoes)Ear thermometer (to see if you do not have a fever)Razors (men shave every day essential!Lightspeed Knife (Star Wars games with friends now!Five Long guns (you can also make bullets Oh!Grenade (Do not really throw out black XDVibrators (sore when most neededScary buttons (18 ban children and the elderly, do not point veryscary!Turn the bottle (party game dedicated to anyone who will XXOOCigarette box (socializing necessary!Lighters (sometimes point is not up!?Electric shock stick (the bad guys when it came to power, heMagic Coin (let her friends by surpriseTreadmill (see if you can run fastCounting sheep (sleep dedicatedPetals divination (he loves me - he does not love meOmelette (Be careful not to scorchCampanula (quiet aboutFan (hot weather what can fansMoon cake gift box (do not worry not a gift of the XDToilet paper (used every dayThrow coins (just the right idea when it is best to useindefiniteThrow dice (Do not bring gambling!Turtler Qigong (ha baa baa ha ha !!Iron Man beam (beam handsomeLoud wrench (you are what pull out loud!Read minds (super magical pullSpiral pill (a man holding a person in charge of the gasgatheringMagical conch (have any questions you can ask conch OhMetronome (ticking over rhythmic!So a variety of magical and practical features everything.If you have thought of new useful features like to share, youcan also recommend the official website or give us in the commentRoentgenium.Your ideas have the opportunity to appear in the history of themost useful APP inside Oh!Heart it? Do not hurry to pick up your smart phone, quicklydownload!The APP is purely Bo Jun smile, not to be taken seriouslyIf the utility is purely coincidental.Have any questions, then welcome to leave a message on ourFacebook.Facebook page:http://goo.gl/tMmCGOfficial website:http://yodawnla.comSource of inspiration thanks "This Group Of People group ofpeople," the hilarious movie APP applicationThe group official fan: http: //ppt.cc/kIsmPlease ignore the following article ======== =======This game is based on "these people" inspired by APP's hilariousspoof of casual games out, the content inside is quite simple butvery useful, whether it is used to fight mosquitoes or stabbed witha lightsaber is a nuisance absolutely, inside Nuannuan Bao more canlet you out in the cold when the warmth of your hands! Want to knowthe proper game play itching it? Against sleeping friend, the devilin his ear aired laughter, friendship cause disputes if we are notresponsible for Oh.
Monster Trainer 1.0.1 APK
You might have played VPet when you are young,now it's back again! Train your VPet and have a battle with yourfriends now!There are 36 creatures in the game. The creature will evolve todifferent looking according to your way of training. The attributeof creature might grow slower if you don't respond to thecreature's call. Take good care of your creature and it will payyou back by wining every battle for you!There's no separation between VPet and battles! The gameprovides Bluetooth battle mechanism for you to fight your friends.One person host the game and another one join, it's as easy asclicking a button!There are three type of elements of the creature and theirskills : fire, grass and water. Fire>Grass, Grass>Water,Water>Fire. If you use the skill that is the same element as themonster, the attack will be more powerful! Since you need topredict what type of element your opponent will use to attack inorder to win the battle, keep using skill that easy to guess willput you in a disadvantage position.You gain skill by training successfully. Higher the skill level,high the damage it cause; however, the side effect and energy costis also greater. It's up to you to select the best skill that fitsyou!It's a good way to interact with the creature by playing toyswith it. Petting it will make it happy and hitting it will make itsad. The mood of creature is not link to the battle so there's noworry about sad monster might cause bad side effect to thebattle.This game is linked to our YoWallet, which you can purchase morecoins with it (and it's FREE!). Please refer to the side link formore detail(or you can get it in game also)*** FAQ ***Q: How to evolve my monster?A: The monster will evolve in a day or two in real time. The growthof monster will not be paused even you leave the game via Home/Backbutton on phone. The monster will send notification to you once itneeds help.Facebook:http://goo.gl/tMmCG
遊樂錢包 2.1.2 APK
六角消除 1.0.3 APK
這是一款會令人不可思議上癮的魔性小遊戲,也就是六邊型消除,玩法簡單有趣。玩法就像俄羅斯方塊一樣簡單,只要任意一條直線上擺滿就可以消除六邊形!如果能夠同時消除越多條線,得分就會越高!趕快下載讓有強迫症的你一玩再玩,不斷瘋狂上癮!This is a will incrediblyaddictive magic games, which is hexagonal eliminated, play simplefun.Like Tetris gameplay as simple, as long as any one filled hexagonson straight line can be eliminated!If you can while eliminating the more lines, the score will behigher!Quickly download lets you have OCD playing playing constantly crazyaddictive!
你是在確認什麼拉-是紳士就撐過60秒 1.0.15 APK
請詳讀使用規章之後再安裝遊戲使用規章0.你會被遊戲惡整,無法接受請不要玩。1.任何由本遊戲造成的友情糾紛本公司概不負責。2.因為遊玩本遊戲造成腦羞而導致的硬體損毀同樣不負責。3.你還在看這規章嗎?真令人驚訝。4.玩了本遊戲後必須到市場上替我們作五分的評價。6.你也許會想說這規章是怎麼回事?所以繼續往下看了。6.是說世界上最大的謊言就是按下我同意條文的按鈕。7.是說你有注意到第五條規章不見了嗎?8.你剛才確認一下對吧。9.然後第二條規章事實上也不見了。10.哈!騙到你了!11.我想應該沒多少人會看到這行。12.按下我同意之後必須將所有財產捐出去給孤兒院。13.然後捐款50給我們買午餐。14.之後了解到上面那些事實上不照作也不會怎樣。15.看到這行的你太認真了,不適合玩這款遊戲,請解除安裝。16.如果真的很想玩看看的話也是可以啦,人家才沒有想要你玩呢,哼!17.廢話到此結束,好好享受這讓人腦羞的遊戲吧。如果有任何問題的話也歡迎到我們Facebook上留言。Facebook專頁:http://goo.gl/tMmCG官方網站:http://yodawnla.com======= 請無視以下文章 ========以下為迴避官賤字的系統檢查用?雖然這個只是個很簡單有趣的休閒小遊戲,但是相信很多紳士都已經打破了60秒的極限並且加速到了更快的世界去了。本遊戲用到了體感跟水平儀的功能,遊戲中更有許多不同種惡搞跟kuso的元素,除了詭異的笑臉,搖滾的香蕉,馬利歐的香菇都出現了!不時有各種搗亂的視窗跳出來干擾你忍耐的界線,各種大叔跟美女圖的背景更是亂到不行,遊戲中有計時間跟計分數的排行榜可以使用喔。本遊戲推薦給喜歡搞怪或者想整人的你,因為內容充滿了各種開發者的惡意,拿去惡整朋友也許也是一絕,要是一個不小心眼殘或者手殘就會落得分數歸零或者直接遊戲結束的下場,不過只要能撐過60秒就有機率出現脫衣選項!究竟你的集中力跟專注力夠不夠呢?Please read through theuse of regulations and then install the gameTerms of useYou will be the game the whole evil, can not accept, please do notplay.1 any friendship disputes caused by the game the Company takes noresponsibility.Play the game as a result of brain shame hardware damage is notresponsible for the same.You still see this regulations? The really surprising.Play the game for us to market evaluation fifth.You may want to say that this regulation is how it? So continue tolook down.6 is the biggest lie in the world, I agree with is to press thebutton of the provisions.7 is that you have noted that Article V regulations gone?You just confirm it.Then the second regulation is in fact disappeared.10 Ha! Fool you!11 I think it should not many people will see this line.12.Press I agree to donate all property must go to theorphanage.13. Then donated 500,000 to buy us lunch.14. Learned above after those who in fact did not have to take asit will not how.15 see the line you too seriously, and is not suitable for playingthe game, please uninstall.16 If you really want to play look also can be friends, others itdid not want you to play with, oh!17. Nonsense ends, and enjoy people brain ashamed games.If you have any questions, welcome to leave a message on ourFacebook.Facebook Page:http://goo.gl/tMmCGOfficial Website:http://yodawnla.comPlease ignore the following article ======= ========Avoid the the official cheap word the system checks?Although this is just a very simple and fun casual game, but Ibelieve many gentleman has broken the 60-second limit andaccelerate to faster world. This game uses the the somatosensoryContact Level function game in many different kinds of spoof withthe kuso the element is more, in addition to the smiling faces ofstrange rock banana, Mario mushrooms appeared! All kinds of troublethe window from time to time to come out to interfere with theboundaries of your patience, Uncle background with the image of thebeautiful chaos to not count the time in the game can use! Rankingscores with the meter.Recommend to the game like Funny you think of the whole person,because the content is full of all kinds of malicious developerstake a prank friends may also be a must, if one does not holdgrudges the residue or hands residue will end up with scores tozero or direct game the end of the end, but as long as we can makeit through the 60 seconds have the chance to strip option! whatyour concentration with enough attention?
史上最實用的APP應用程式2 1.0.58 APK
發掘出APP的潛力,將不可能化為可能!你現在即將見證史上最實用的APP應用程式2!目前功能有:記憶遺忘棒(有甚麼煩惱都給他忘了吧!黃色小鴨(不用出去買 免費讓你玩小鴨髒話消音(逼~~~~~~~~~~萬聖節南瓜(連續打到南瓜會加分打空就重玩立體圖(不用戴3D立體眼鏡就可以感受到立體喔!分裂魔術(這就是MAGIC!無限巧克力(這樣就可以蓋巧克力工廠了XD答對答錯按鈕(叮咚叮咚!恭喜你!答對了!打蟑螂(源源不絕的蟑螂你打的玩嗎?雷神之槌(磨擦槌子還可以集氣喔!手機當機(騙人專用聖誕卡片(給朋友來個祝福吧!美國隊長盾(可以擋下一切的攻擊跨年(跨年專用真心話冒險(超刺激 請找認識的好朋友一起玩Mc美江(斷開魂結!斷開鎖鍊!斷開一切的牽連! 內涵隱藏功能喔燒開水(可以騙媽媽開水滾了XD恐怖氣氛(講鬼故事專用手電筒(停電時超好用!終極密碼(派對聚會拿出最好玩!元宵燈籠(享受提燈籠的快感玉蘭花(掛在車上永保芳香看廣告(提供全屏廣告欣賞貓咪野球拳(跟貓咪比猜拳全民反服貿(不代表本台政治立場的小遊戲 獻給英勇抗議的勇士們造勢喇叭(選舉抗議專用 超大聲!服貿2048(一層一層的揭開服貿真相吧!鞭子(女王的武器閉嘴(希望旁邊的人閉嘴就按下Shut Up按鈕 保證被打Google搜尋引擎(可以找到任何你想搜尋的東西開瓶器(讓你可以隨時隨地開香檳!康乃馨(母親節專用 祝全天下的媽媽母親節快樂!...更多功能持續更新中!!本APP純屬博君一笑,切勿認真對待如果實用純屬巧合。有任何問題的話歡迎到我們Facebook上留言。Facebook專頁:http://goo.gl/tMmCG官方網站:http://yodawnla.comExplore the potential ofthe APP, the impossible into possible!You are now about to witness the history of the most usefulapplications APP 2!Currently features are:Forgotten Memory Stick (What troubles gave him forget!Yellow Duck (do not let you go out and buy free play DuckSwearing silencer (force ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Halloween pumpkin (pumpkin will hit consecutive extra points hitempty on replayPerspective view (without wearing 3D glasses can feel stereoOh!Split Magic (this is MAGIC!Unlimited chocolate (chocolate factory so that you can cover theXDCorrect Wrong Button (Buzz Buzz! Congratulations! Got it!Dozen cockroaches (an endless supply of cockroaches you hitplay?Quake (friction hammer can also set the gas Oh!Phone crashes (lie dedicatedChristmas cards (a friend to a blessing!Captain America Shield (all attacks can DangxiaNew Year's Eve (New Year's Eve specialTruth adventure (please find understanding super exciting to playwith friendsMc Mei Jiang (disconnected soul knot! Off the chains! Disconnectall involved! Connotation Oh hidden featuresBoil water (water can cheat mother rolled XDAtmosphere of terror (Jiangguigushi dedicatedFlashlight (blackout Chaohaoyong!Ultimate Password (party gatherings took most fun!Lantern lantern (lantern and enjoy the thrillMagnolia (aroma hanging in the car foreverSee ads (offers full-screen ads enjoyCats baseball boxing (with cats than moraNational Anti-MAST (political stance does not mean that thisstation dedicated to the heroic little game protest warriorsRally speakers (super special election protest loudly!MAST 2048 (layers of clothing trade uncover the truth of it!Whip (the Queen's armsShut up (Shut up hope that the next person would press the buttonguaranteed to be hit Shut UpGoogle search engine (you can find anything you want tosearchOpener (so you can open the champagne anytime!Carnation (Mother's Day wish the whole world dedicated mom HappyMother's Day!...More features continuously updated!!The APP is purely Laugh, do not take seriouslyIf the utility is purely coincidental.If you have any questions welcome to our Facebook message.Facebook Page:http://goo.gl/tMmCGOfficial Website:http://yodawnla.com
男人只要會射就夠了 1.0.6 APK
※※※※※※※ 警告!遊戲難度極高!技術不純熟者請勿嘗試 ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ 警告!本遊戲需要18歲以上才可遊玩 ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ 警告!內有脫衣畫面!衛道人士請勿購買 ※※※※※※※※※※男人只要會射就夠了是一款超級硬派的動作射擊遊戲!遊戲中有各類型的美女等著你來挑戰!只有男人中的男人才能夠通關!不過通關之後也有對應的豐富獎勵在等著你!還在等什麼呢?馬上就下載吧!現在購買只要30元就好!隨著之後新Boss的加入價格會逐步提昇喔想撿便宜的要趁現在!如果有任何問題歡迎到我們Facebook上留言。Facebook專頁:http://goo.gl/tMmCG問題排解中心http://goo.gl/2jNOf官方網站:http://yodawnla.com***加入Google社團獲得新遊戲測試資格***http://goo.gl/u6MSP※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ Warning!High difficulty of the game! Do not try those skilled technical ※ ※※ ※ ※ ※ ※※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ Warning! This game requires 18 years of age in orderto play ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ Warning! There are strip screen! Humanitarians who donot buy ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※Will suffice as long as the man shot is a super hardcore actionshooter!The game has various types of beauties waiting for you tochallenge!Only a man of men who can pass off!But there are also corresponding rich reward awaits you afterclearance!What are you waiting for? Immediately download it!Buy now as long as 30 yuan fine!With the new Boss After adding the price will gradually increaseOhWant to pick up cheap like to take now!If you have any questions please leave a message on ourFacebook.Facebook Page:http://goo.gl/tMmCGTroubleshooting problems centerhttp://goo.gl/2jNOfOfficial Website:http://yodawnla.com*** Join Google associations qualified to acquire new game testing***http://goo.gl/u6MSP