1.0.0 / March 1, 2017
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Moto play the important role as we goout,brings to you one of the most compelling and satisfyingtrafficracing experienc!

Ride your motor in the endless traffic and race as fast as youcanto become the best new moto rider in the world! Jump on yourracingbike and complete the challenges to make trafficmission.
Better graphics, real moto life recorded bike sounds.

The essence of smooth arcade racing is still there but in theshellof the next generation. Upgrade and buy new motor to winthecompetition.

Ride Motor Features:
-Real moto traffic racing
-Easy to control
-Tilt your motor to speed down
-Great 3D graphics
-Awesome background music
-Slect the motor you like
-Free to play in google

Ride your bike with the fast speed in city traffic, racingwillsatify your racing suggestions.

App Information Ride Motor

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Ride Motor 1.0.0 APK
Moto play the important role as we goout,brings to you one of the most compelling and satisfyingtrafficracing experienc!Ride your motor in the endless traffic and race as fast as youcanto become the best new moto rider in the world! Jump on yourracingbike and complete the challenges to make trafficmission.Better graphics, real moto life recorded bike sounds.The essence of smooth arcade racing is still there but in theshellof the next generation. Upgrade and buy new motor to winthecompetition.Ride Motor Features:-Real moto traffic racing-Easy to control-Tilt your motor to speed down-Great 3D graphics-Awesome background music-Slect the motor you like-Free to play in googleRide your bike with the fast speed in city traffic, racingwillsatify your racing suggestions.
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Police Car VS Thief 1.0.0 APK
Best unique endless thrilling police carthiefgame!Police furious car riding is an exciting city drivingsimulator,challenge yourself as a perfect police officer and enjoythe brandnew police chase thief game and take down the criminaldoubts asfast as possible.Drive amazing, super-fast police cars. in this Real PoliceCriminalChase addictive game you are the best police officer it’syour jobto stop the bank robbers. drive the police sports car inheavytraffic to perform exciting, amazing ride and maintainfuriousspeeds. Don’t let the robber escape from the police chase.Capturethe robbers and hunt them down.Police Car VS Thief Features:-Free to play in google-Real Police Car Drive HD 3D simulator-Drive and drift on the streets of the city whilechasingcriminals-Racing as fast as you can to chase the thief-More police cars to choose-Smooth to control your police car-Run left or right to avoid the obstacle-Amazing sound effectsPolice car vs. thief are the newest of police chase games thatwillgive you the chance to play police!
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Fast speed highway racing is the best carracerdrift adventure games.Endless car racing and more graphics to choose!Easy to play and smooth controlsDrive your car with fast speed in the city highway feeling likeadrive as in real life and satisfying with your car desires. topnewfast speed car is drift based drag simulation for lover tothecar.Keep the best state, concentrate your spirite when racingintraffic, drift or speed up in regular, not to rely onemotion.Extreme fast racing vehicles on dusty killing tracksthroughmountains, hills, desert, off road and highway. try to getas fastas possible.Collect more and more coins to unlock other cars, enjoydifferentcar performance. There are many ways to collect coins,such as playmore and more games to win the reward, buy coins or getfree coinsto watch TV.Fast Speed Highway Racing Features:.Free to play in google play.Highway racing themed car game.Endless fast speed car racing.Easy and smooth to control.Realistic 3D quality graphics.Extremely fast and addictive.Realistic 3D car driving simulation.Amazing car sound effects.More cars to choose.Drive in car and feel like a drive as in real lifeGet behind the speed one car and take part in the fastcarschallenge of classic and modern prado collection! Playthistremendous speed car drift to become a best car racer!