1.1 / September 29, 2016
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There is a little Ripper boy named NozAlamplaying at the park. He wants to jump across from one bigballoonto next one and want to pick all fruits from garden. You canhelpthe boy to have some funny time jumping around. To play justTapthe screen to jump and try to collect fruits. The more fruitsyoucollect, the points you get.
This is an easy game. it's free and optimized for allandroiddevices.
Naughty Noz supports both mobile phones and tablets.
*Nice color combination.
*Different concept.
*Lot of fun to play.
*Compatible with all Android devices.

App Information Ripper boy

  • App Name
    Ripper boy
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    September 29, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 1.6 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Manar Abo Safia
  • Installs
    10 - 50
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  • Developer
    Email samtal7rea@gmail.com
    Google Inc. Al Jalaa st. Gaza,972 Israel telephone: +972 599 405 798
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Ripper boy 1.1 APK
There is a little Ripper boy named NozAlamplaying at the park. He wants to jump across from one bigballoonto next one and want to pick all fruits from garden. You canhelpthe boy to have some funny time jumping around. To play justTapthe screen to jump and try to collect fruits. The more fruitsyoucollect, the points you get.This is an easy game. it's free and optimized for allandroiddevices.Naughty Noz supports both mobile phones and tablets.Features:*Nice color combination.*Different concept.*Lot of fun to play.*Compatible with all Android devices.
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بفضل "كيفية استخدام سناب شات" يمكنك أنتتعلملتحقيق الاستفادة القصوى من هذه الشبكة الاجتماعية، وكذلك تعلمكيفيةاستخدام سناب شات آثار الرسومالمتحركة.وهناك الكثير من الحيل لسناب شات في انتظاركم. إذا كنت تريد أنتكونشعبية أو الحصول على أتباعه، كنت فقط اتبع الخطوات دينا في"نصائحوالخدع لسناب شات" المقطع. تعلم كيفية تحسين درجاتك وتصبحنجمةاعلامية حقيقية.دليل سناب شات 2017مميزات التطبيق1-الغة العربية2-الشرح الشامل ل سناب شات3-شرح انواع السناب في السناب شات4-شرح طريقة حظر المستخدمين في سناب شات5-شرح طريقة ارسال سناب في سناب شات6-شرج معاني الرموز في الدردشة في سناب شات7-شرح اضافة صديق في سناب شات8-شرح كيفية مشاهدة السنابات الخاصة وسنابات الاصدقاء فيسنابشات9-كيفية زيادة النقاط في سناب شات10-سهل التعامل مع التطبيقالتطبيق بتجدد بعد كل تحديث ل سناب شات ويتم شرح كل جديد فيهاذاالتطبيقاي حدا عندو اي اقتراح نعملو علي التطبيقفقط يقوم بارسال لي رسالة وان شاء الله راح نعملولا تنسو تقيم التطبيق ووضع رئيك في التطبيقThanks to "How tousesnapchat" You can learn to make the most of this social networktotake advantage, as well as learning how to use snapchateffectsfeesAnimated.There are a lot of tricks to snapchat waiting for you. If youwantto be popular or to get followers, you just follow the steps inour"Tips and Tricks for snapchat" section. Learn how to improveyourscore and become a true media star.Guide snapchat 2017Application features1-Arabic Language2-comprehensive explanation for snapchat3-explain types Alsnab in Alsnab chat4. Explain how the ban users snapchat5. Explain how to send Snape in snapchat6-baste the meanings of the symbols in the chat in snapchat7-explain Add friend in snapchat8-explain how to watch Alsnabat own Snabat friends insnapchat9-how to increase the points in snapchat10 easy-to deal with the applicationApplication renewed after each update for snapchat areexplainedevery new application in HamaAndo any end to any proposal on the application NamiloThe only send me a message and God willing claimed NamiloTansu not assess the application and put in the application isyouropinion
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The 15-puzzle (also called Gem Puzzle,BossPuzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square and many others) isasliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tilesinrandom order with one tile missing. The puzzle was "invented"byNoyes Palmer Chapman, a postmaster in Canastota, New York, whoissaid to have shown friends, as early as 1874, a precursorpuzzleconsisting of 16 numbered blocks that were to be put togetherinrows of four, each summing to 34. Copies of the improvedFifteenPuzzle made their way to Syracuse, New York by way of Frank,son ofNoyes, and from there, via sundry connections, to Watch Hill,RI,and finally to Hartford (Connecticut), where students intheAmerican School for the Deaf started manufacturing the puzzleand,by December 1879, selling them both locally and inBoston,Massachusetts. Shown one of these, Matthias Rice, who ran afancywoodworking business in Boston, started manufacturing thepuzzlesometime in December 1879 and convinced a Yankee Notionsfancygoods dealer to sell them under the name of "Gem Puzzle".Inlate-January 1880, Dr. Charles Pevey, a dentist inWorcester,Massachusetts, garnered some attention by offering a cashrewardfor a solution to the Fifteen Puzzle.
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مسجاتي_Msgatiيحتوي التطبيق علي اجمل المسجات :1-مسجات عيد الاضحي2-مسجات عيد الفطر3-مسجات حب وغرام4-مسجات عيد الام5-مسجات الاصدقاء6-مسجات عيد الحب7-مسجات الصباح8-مسجات المساءMscati_ MsgatiThe application contains the most beautiful trowels:1-Msjat al-Adha holiday2-Msjat Eid al-Fitr3-love messages and g4-Msjat mother holiday5-Msjat friends6-Msjat love feast7-Msjat morning8-Msjat evening
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This is an easy game. There are manyvarietyitems in game screen. The beetle wants to eat the eatableitems andavoid the bad items by rolling over and over forward. Theforwarddirection is controlled by leaning the device to right orleft. Theforward speed is on the decrease gradually. Then it ispossible toincrease the speed by releasing the gas of beetle.
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برنامج المسبحة الالكترونية هو برنامج صغيرالحجم يشبه خاتم التسبيح على الهاتفالمواصفات :-خاصية الصوت عند اللمس مع امكانية الالغاء-خاصية الرجاج عند اللمس مع امكانية الالغاء-تصميم بسيط وغير معقد-خاصية الوضع الليلي-خاصية تغير لون الخلفية=======================================Prayer Counter is a small application similar to tally counter onyour phone-sounds and vibrations-simple and not complicated-SettingsElectronic rosary programis a small-sized program looks like a ring of praise on thephoneSpecifications:-khasih Sound when touch with the possibility of cancellation-khasih Shaker to the touch with the possibility ofcancellation-Design Simple and uncomplicated-khasih Night mode-khasih Change the background color=======================================Prayer Counter is a small application similar to tally counter onyour phone-sounds and vibrations-simple and not complicated-Settings
مسجات رأس السنة 2017 1.2 APK
تطبيق رسائل رأس السنة 2017 تشمل أجمل وأروعرسائل التهاني برأس السنة 2017 التي يمكن أن ترسلها لمن تحب،اجملمسجات التهنئة بالعام الجديد 2017 .. رسائل وعبارات رأس السنة2017حيث قرب عام 2016 من نهايته لذا نقدم لك هذه المجموعه منعباراتومسجات التهنئه 2017 واهم المسجات المنوعه بكافة اللهجاتلتقديمهاللاحبه والاهل والاصدقاء بمناسبة راس السنه الميلاديه التىاصبحت علىالابواب.يمكن ارسالها عبر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي، ثم تصميم التطبيقخاصةللعالم العربي بشكل بسيط ومفهوم للجميع مع مراعات تيسير الوصوللأغلبالخدمات.- مميزات تطبيق رسائل رأس السنة 2017 :✓ يمكن إرسال الرسائل بسهولة✓ يمكن نسخ الرسالة✓ يمكن أن يعمل بدون انترنتنحن نرحب بإستفساراتكم وإقتراحاتكم لتحسين هذا التطبيق، ونتمنىأنلا تنسوا التقييم لتشجيعنا. وشكراًThe application of theNewYear 2017 Messages include the most beautiful and mostwonderfulcongratulations messages with a 2017 year that cantransmit to thoseyou love, the most beautiful Msjat greeting theNew Year 2017 ..messages and expressions of the New Year 2017,where, near the year2016 draws to a close so we offer you this setof phrases and Msjatcongratulatory 2017 trowels and most diversein all dialects to bepresented to the loved and the friends andfamily on the occasion ofthe head of the calendar year, which hasbecome on thedoorstep.It can be sent through the means of social communication,andspecial application of the Arab world in a simple designandconcept of taking into account all the easier access tomostservices.- Features the application of the New Year Messages 2017:✓ Messages can be sent easily✓ the message can be copied✓ could work without the InternetWe welcome your inquiry and suggestions to improvethisapplication, and we hope that does not forget the evaluationofencouragement. Thank you